6. Meet the Robinsons Story Part 4 - Industrial District and Old TownUpdate notes

Part 6 – Industrial District

Missable Achievements Requirements:

6 Scans – 86 at end of section

Starting off in this area, look to your right and you will see two crates hanging from ropes. Use manual aim with the disassembler to drop them to the floor then jump up and over them to progress.

In the next area, kill the ants and follow the gap around to the right. There will be some ants which respawn and a crate that you need to grab and push so that you can climb up to the ledge above you. Jump the gap onto the next platform and push the block into the lava so you can jump the next gap. Sometimes this block won’t immediately fall off so if this happens just keep grabbing and pushing until it falls in.

When you jump the gap, a Flame Ant (Scan 81/130) will pop up so scan it first then kill it. They take two charge glove shots. Kill the three Flame Ants below you too and then drop down and proceed. This next area is a bit of a puzzle but relatively straight forward. You have to extend platforms over the lava to get a small block on to the small square on the floor which is a switch to extend the bridge.

If you look up, you will see more blocks on chains. The one nearest you on the left can be dropped into a gap allowing you to climb up. Jump the gap and climb up, killing the Flame Ant that appears and then push the tall block onto the pressure pad on the other side of the block you dropped down earlier. This will extend the bridge and let you push the small block on to the small pressure pad. This will extend the next bridge over to the next area.

Immediately scan the Jacoby’s Junk Speaker (Scan 82/130) and the door which is Jacoby’s Junk (Scan 83/130) then use the speaker for a brief cut scene and a mission to kill some Sniper Ants. Cross the bridge that opens up but don’t go towards the ants yet. Instead head to the right and use cn_RB to find a hidden Activator Switch. Uncover the switch by pressing cn_A on the wall in front of it and then use a charge glove attack and follow the path that opens. At the end of this path will be Magma Disassembler Chest 2 (Scan 84/130) so scan it and then disassemble it for an Action Figure.

Now come back up and look up to see another block you can drop using the disassembler. Do this, then you need to push the block to get up to a higher level. Ignore the Sniper Ants for now as they will just keep respawning. Once on the upper ledge, disassemble the chest for a blueprint, push the nearby block off the ledge and use the disassembler on the other block being held by ropes. This will destroy the nests the ants are coming from. You may get hit a few times while doing this but if you’ve been following the guide, you should have more than enough health to survive. Once the nests are destroyed, take out the Sniper Ants (Disassemble then Charge Glove) and Jacoby will open the door. After the ants are dead, you can scan the remains of the nests for the next scan – Ant Spawner (Scan 85/130).

Warning: Once you talk to Jacoby in the next scene, you will be transported straight to Old Town so make sure you’ve done everything here before doing so.

Take care to scan Jacoby (Scan 86/130) before talking to him. There are loads of components available in this room, so if you’re not full, destroy all the stuff to max out your components.

Part 7a – Old Town

Missable Achievements Requirements

5 Scans – 91 at end of section

Move forward and take out the ants that appear. There is a fence on your right than can be disassembled so head down here for a quick cut scene where ants kill robots and climb on to the roof.

Head into the corridor killing the ants and dissembling a chest to get another blueprint. Now go back to where you entered the alley way and push the dumpster behind the truck so you can climb up onto the roof. Kill the ants that appears and then disassemble the silver boxes on the left across a gap. You now need to sidle around here so get in line with ledge to your left on the edge of the building and the sidle prompt should appear. Once around, climb the ladder for another cut scene.

Once on the roof, walk around and jump across to the next roof. This can be tricky for no other reason than bad mechanics. A lot of the time, Wilbur will just walk off the end and grab the ledge, so pull yourself up if this happens and try again. It’s more effective if you approach it closer to the left edge of the roof. Kill the ants on the other side and scan the Power Box (Scan 87/130) on your left from where you jumped across. Also scan the Old Town Hotel Sign (Scan 88/130). With the scanning down, disassemble and charge glove the power box to cause the sign to fall down. Cross this to get into the hotel.

Scan the Elevator Power Box (Scan 89/130) and then activate it. The room on the left has an Aid Station and a chest with concept art in it so grab this if you want. When the doors open, Scan the Elevator Pully (Scan 90/130) then disassemble it to drop to the ground floor. Follow the path round and down a ladder to the street and kill some ants.

Climb down another ladder then progress through the sewer killing a Flame Ant and sidling to get to another ladder. Climb up for a cut scene and we now need to take out the large ant. Scan him when you can for Sarge Ant (Scan 91/130) then take him out by disassembling the sign above him. Pick up the item he drops to end this section and return to the Industrial District.

Part 7b – Industrial District 2

Missable Achievements Requirements

2 Scans – 93 at end of section

1 Havoc Puzzle

Note: At this point, I traveled back to the Robinson House to check which blueprints had been acquired. One of these is a carrying capacity upgrade which I would recommend getting now to get some other upgrades later. This isn’t totally necessary but every little bit helps to make the game go easier. You can get some other upgrades too if you want, but you will need to grind components and this isn’t necessary at this stage.

At the industrial District, walk through the now open tunnel in front of you and scan Julia, the Warehouse Manager (Scan 92/130) then talk to her for a cut scene. You will then need to clear out the ants in the warehouse. Go in and get killing. There will be Grunt Ants and Sniper Ants so take care of these.

You will notice a wall with a load of blue lights on it and a platform on the floor. Stand on the platform and it will raise up. You need to activate the right combination of switches at once using manual aim to open doors in front of you.

You will notice that the wall is broken up into three sections, each containing four blue lights. To open the first door, hit the top leftmost, top rightmost and top middle light. The three lights will go green and the middle door will open. This contains a chest with components.

Now looking at the wall again, we can make a square by hitting four lights that will turn red. This is the lowest two lights and the ones above them that will make a square. This opens the door on the left which contains a load of crates that can be turned into components.

Now hit the remaining five blue lights and you will be lifted up to the next level. Hit the activator switch above the door in front of you and collect the Havoc Gloves:

We now need to learn how to use the new toy. There will be a brief tutorial and you will now need to weapon swap from here on out. After this, an Army Ant (Scan 93/130) will appear so scan him. To kill the large ants, you need to use the new Havoc Gloves and hold cn_LT and cn_X to go underground. Approach the ant to automatically pop out of the ground and punch it, putting it on its back. Repeat this move to kill him. You will be doing this a lot for the rest of the game.

Exit this room and head right for another chest with components in it, then head left and use the havoc gloves to destroy the rubble piles. (just press cn_X while facing them) Head down the ramp and more big ass ants will spawn so take care of them. There will also be Grunt Ants so it’s helpful to have the charge glove and havoc gloves equipped here.

Once the ants are done, there is a pile of rubble at the end of this room with the first havoc puzzle underneath it. Destroy the rubble and Press cn_A on the Havoc Seal to enter the puzzle.

Havoc Puzzles are mini games where you dig through earth in a 2D plane to find the exit. The early ones are easy with very little to be aware of, but here is the gist for these:

  1. Rocks – you can dig under rocks as long as you don’t stop. If you stop under a rock, it will drop on your head and fail the puzzle. You can push rocks if they are not blocked.
  2. Explosives – These are silver bomb-like things. If you dig under these, you will die and fail the puzzle.
  3. Ants – easily the most irritating thing in the Havoc Puzzles. If they catch you, you will fail the puzzle. Ants can be killed by explosives or by dropping rocks on them.

I strongly suggest to just have a go at these yourself as trial and error is probably quicker than following the solutions I’ve written.

Havoc Puzzle 1/16: The first puzzle only has rocks. Dig straight down, right then up under the rock and move left before it crushes you. Dig up in the next section and under the rock that’s blocking the path, then left again to avoid being crushed. Push the rock into the gap and push the next rock as far as it will go then dig down to the exit hole. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Part 7c – Old Town 2

Missable Achievements Requirements

7 Scans – 100 at end of section

2 VR Discs

4 Havoc Puzzles – 5 total at end of section

When you emerge, scan the Ice Cream Vendor (Scan 94/130). He wants you to clear the area of rubble and ants which we need to do to progress. Scan the Debris Pile (Scan 95/130) then start destroying the other piles. You will see counters in the bottom left hand corner telling you how many more things you need to destroy.

Go to the far left of this first bit, destroy the debris and use the havoc gloves to go under the force field (you will be prompted about this). Stand on the switch to lower the force field and proceed to kill all ants and destroy debris piles.

You need to get the big ant on the floor to kill him so you need to press the switch connected to the platform he is standing on and them punch him to death. Scan the big Ant Communications Tower (Scan 96/130) in the middle of the central area. Destroy all the debris and press one switch at a time and take care of the ants. Fighting the two ants at the same time can be a pain as they seem to have some cheap tactics if they hit you and may keep you pinned to the floor. Death doesn’t carry a heavy price though so it’s not a big deal if they do kill you.

Once the four ants are dead, we can do the Havoc Puzzles here. The first is at the far right of the central area if you have just entered it from the Industrial District. It’s under some rubble in front of the hotel sign.

Havoc Puzzle 2/16: Right as it starts, rocks will be falling from above you. You want to immediately dig right then left to avoid the falling rock. This will cause it to break through the gravel block below. Once the rocks have fallen, go up to the top where you will see another rock that you can dig around and push off the edge. Do this and it will fall through opening the way forward. Go down to the bottom and dig right under the rock so it doesn’t crush you. Go down and loop back up under the rock, dropping it down and opening the way forward.

Dig down then under the rock with a quick right-left to open the way. In the next bit, dig out the earth to uncover a switch for the bombs. Press cn_A to blow up the bombs then move left one square to avoid being crushed.

Now move up the screen and dig under the rocks moving right without stopping, then the same moving left without stopping. Then get to the exit and Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

You will come out in a room with a chest which can be disassembled for a VR disc and an achievement:

Exit the puzzle and then head right and destroy the remaining debris. The Ice Cream Vendor will move back to his shop and we can progress the game, but before doing so there are another two Havoc Puzzles to complete. Opposite the shop is a fenced off area with the next one.

Havoc Puzzle 3/16: This puzzle introduces ants. Ants can be manipulated by destroying earth and directing them away from you. Bear this in mind if you get stuck.

We want to head through the top exit from this first room so try to get the ant away from where you want to go by destroying the earth. Dig through the earth and move either left or right to avoid the rock that will fall through. Head right here avoiding the rocks and you will come to a stack of three rocks. Dig up next to them, causing the stack to fall and open the way forward.

We now need to head downwards and if you look at where the rocks are positioned, these can be dropped to kill the ants below so dig under the rocks to kill the ants. The next two ants can be easily avoided and left on the earth they are on so they can’t follow you. Follow the linear path down and to the left. Don’t drop any rocks as you progress as you don’t need to. Once you get to the end, dig up around the rocks avoiding dropping these too, and then get to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Disassemble the chest for another VR disc:

Back on the street, you should see the next puzzle in plain site at the end of the road.

Havoc Puzzle 4/16: More ants here. We want to head up so wait for the path to be clear. If you time it right, you can drop the rocks above onto the ants. Move up around the rocks to the right. Go all the way to the end here and you will uncover the bomb trigger. Hit cn_A on this to clear the next section of ants. Go to the far left here, careful not to dig under the rock, and then dig down. You should see the exit to your right so wait for the last ant to be out of the way then make a run for it. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

No achievement this time just concept art.

Now we can continue with the game. Talk to the Ice Cream Vendor and he will open the way to the orphanage via the last protectosphere course so drop through the hole he opens.

This course can be tricky, but be patient and don’t worry about time. Use the steam to get over the gaps and avoid the second lot of steam and just use momentum to get across the gap. Continue to use the steam to progress until you get to some lava. There is a checkpoint here. Be careful going on the platform over the lava and then through the pipe. Avoid the ants along the walkway and drop down into a big room. You need to use the steam ramp here to jump over the lower part of the giant cog in the background and then pull back on the analogue stick to avoid overshooting the landing.

Make your way over the cogs when they line up. The next bit requires momentum on the half pipes to jump up to platform at the top. In the last room there will be blocks sliding out on the right side of the room. You need to make your way past them to the cog, then use the cog to get on top of the blocks, then make your way back across the top of the blocks to the exit. Ride the elevator up to unlock the following achievement:

We are now at the orphanage so before doing anything else, scan the orphans; Jonathan (Scan 97/130), Camila (Scan 98/130), Hendy (Scan 99/130) and Bacon (Scan 100/130). If you’ve got all the scans so far, you will unlock:

There is a chest here which contains a blueprint. After getting the scans and chest, use the Havoc Seal for the next puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 5/16: Push the rock to the left which will kill the ant. Go down and to the right, avoid the next ant. In the next bit, you need to go up avoiding the ant. If you stay on the far left and time it right, dig once up into the earth above and you will be safe. Dig across to the right to drop the rock in the middle then drop the rock blocking your path on the left. Drop the next rock with a quick left-right then push it left to block the ant.

The next bit can be tricky. You need to move up past the ants, but timing can be an issue here so watch and go when you think it’s safe. Go up when it’s clear and move to the far right then up past the ants. There is another ant at the top but if timed right you can go straight up and dig in to the first space in the roof where it’s safe.

Push the rock left then go under the next rock to the far left. Make your way down. Don’t dig directly under rocks unless it’s the only option. The exit is at the bottom of this section. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

There will be a cut scene and then the ice cream shop will be open. Go through it, collect the chest and stand on the platform out the back to get to The Hive.

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