7. Meet the Robinsons Story Part 5 - The HiveUpdate notes

Part 8 – The Hive

Missable Achievements Requirements:

27 Scans – 127 at end of section

1 VR Disc

3 Havoc Puzzles – 8 total at end of section

Start off by getting the scanner out and scanning the big purple thing in front of you for The Hive Lights scan (Scan 101/130). Then move forward to initiate a conversation with Melvin, a guy dressed as an ant. He wants you to turn off the force field so he can get back… somewhere. After the conversation, scan Melvin (Scan 102/130). Keep an eye out for yellow beetles in these areas as you need to collect them. If you walk over a yellow beetle, it will cause a beetle counter to pop up in the bottom left hand corner.

For now, use the Havoc Gloves to get under the force field. There is an ant in front of you carrying a crate so scan him for the Crate Ant scan (Scan 103/130). Also scan The Hive Conveyor Belt (Scan 104/130) too. After this, head to the right of the ramp in front of you to find the next Havoc puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 6/16: When the way is clear of ants, head up as far as you can go then head right as far as you can go above the rocks, then down. There will be a row of rocks above three hollow columns with ants in. Time it right and dig under the rocks to kill all the ants then head down to where the rocks landed. Dig out the earth above the gravel block and make one of the other rocks fall through it opening the way forward.

Down and to the left are some red mines so we need to find a red switch to blow them up. DO NOT DIG UNDER THE MINES or it’s instant death and a restart. The switch is on the bottom most row between where the ants are. You can use the rocks to kill the ants to make this easier.

Once the mines have been blown up, head left to where they were. The exit is above you and there are some ants blocking the way. The best way past them is to dig a gap for them to go through which takes them to where you just came from, giving you more time to clear the level. There are two ants that are in the way so when they are heading towards the left of the screen on the ceiling of their enclosed areas, clear the way for them and get out of their way. The exit is on the left side above you. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Back in the ‘real world’ there are more scans to collect. Firstly, go up the ramp and scan The Hive Main Door (Scan 105/130). Then, go the left of this area and you can sidle to an object which is Monolith 1 (Scan 106/130). You need to do this to progress so make a note of the symbols that appear on the scan. You can always check the Scannerpedia to see the symbol again. Scanning the Monolith will open up a way to the control panel to turn off the force field. Go here and scan the Hive Code Terminal (Scan 107/130) before using it. You will need to enter the symbols from Monolith 1 to shut it down so do so now.

Before talking to Melvin, go past him to the right and into a dark cave with a crystal. Scan it for the Subterranean Luminomium scan (Scan 108/130). Now go back and talk to Melvin. Melvin will now tell you about the yellow (Golden) bugs. I had six at this point and I don't know how many you need to get in to the throne room, but there isn't a need to go looking. They should all be on the path, just keep an eye out for them. Melvin will also open the way forward so head up the ramp and through the door.

Immediately to the left is another crystal thing and a Monolith piece. You need to hit the crystal with a Havoc Glove shock wave to turn it on in order to scan Monolith 2 Component (Scan 109/130) and this will also spawn a Giant Ant which you will need to kill using the underground Havoc Glove attack.

This place is a bit of a maze unfortunately but easy to navigate once you know your way around. Firstly head through the back of this room next to the Elevator which we need to activate. Scan the Elevator Generator (Scan 110/130). This should unlock:

Past the lift, scan the laser which is the Hive Security Scanner (Scan 111/130) then go under it and stand on the switch to turn it off. Go into the next room and get out the scanner to scan the purple Energy Storage Tank (Scan 112/130) and the Havoc Lever (Scan 113/130) in the middle of the room.

With the scanning out of the way, you need to pull the Havoc Lever so go underground and jump out underneath it to reach it. This will activate half of the power to the lift and cause the door to lock and two large ants to come out. Kill them and the door will open. Go back to the lift and go right around the front of it and into the next room. Before repeating the process of pulling the Havoc Lever, go to the right and into another dark cave. Activate the crystal and scan the Monolith 2 Component (Scan 114/130). Now pull the lever and fight another two ants. We just need the last part of the code to proceed to the next floor.

Go back but this time go down the slope and sidle around the hole in the floor and go left to find a crystal and Monolith 2 Component (Scan 115/130). Go up and scan the Subterranean Elevator (Scan 116/130) then enter the code to head down. Before heading down, I had 13 Golden bugs.

Once you arrive, you will need to fight three sniper ants and a giant ant. Take these guys down and return to the lift. Facing towards the big hole in the floor, you can scan the Auxiliary Elevator in front of you (Scan 117/130). Now head past this elevator to its left to find the Hive Disassembler Chest 1 (Scan 118/130) and the next Havoc Puzzle:

Havoc Puzzle 7/16: This is potentially the hardest puzzle. In this first section, find the red switch which is two squares below the rocks. Hit it to blow up the gravel blocks. Go up and dig between the rocks and the ants to kill the ants below. You will see yellow bombs in the next section. The yellow switch is under the piece of earth sticking out and guarded by an ant. Dig out the area so the ant goes out the way you came in on the ceiling. Hit the switch and quickly move right all the way to avoid rocks that will fall.

The next bit is the tricky bit. Move up and you will see three gravel columns with ants on them. You can’t kill the ants and you have to time it right to get past them. Another ant is circling the outside of this area so first you want to dig out dirt so he won’t get in your way – this is almost essential as he will interfere with the ants and still be able to kill you.

The best course is try and time a run up the far right gap. This is basically trial and error, but if you can see an ant coming down towards you, try to get out of the way and keep trying to get up until you get past. It’s easier to follow an ant up. If he hits another ant, he will turn which gives you time to get out of the way.

Once you get past this bit, you might want to drop the rocks here onto the ants below. It made me feel better. After this, move to the left. There will be another ant here and you will want to dig out the entrance to his hole and wait where it’s safe for him come out and pass you. Then dig to the end of here under the rock, sealing off all the ants from getting you.

The exit is down slightly and to the right. You don’t need to drop any rocks so dig around them as you move. There is one more ant guarding the exit and once again the best way to get past him is to dig out an area where you can let him out and move past him safely. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Exit the Havoc puzzle and follow the wall round to the right. Go under the lasers here and stand on the switch to turn them off. There are three large ants in this room. Take them out and then open the chest at the back of this room to unlock:

Head back to the central room and keep going past the lift through a cave in the back. Go over the bridges avoiding the lasers as before. Go through the dark cave and to another Havoc Lever. This time go underground to avoid the lasers and jump out under the Lever to pull it. Kill the ants that appear.

Go under the force field here and take the elevator down. At the bottom, follow the path around to the left, kill the giant ant and sidle past the hole. A sniper ant will attack so kill it once you reach the other side. There is Hive Disassembler Chest 2 here so scan it (Scan 119/130) and collect the goodies. Head right to find the last Havoc Puzzle of this section.

Havoc Puzzle 8/16: Head up one square, hit the switch and await for the explosion. Go up and dig out under four of the five rocks, leaving the one on the far right. Go down to the bottom and exit this area through the gap on the right, avoiding any ants that didn’t get killed by rocks. Dig all the way up and right avoiding the rock and then dig under the two rocks on the right causing them to fall. Make your way down the opening avoiding any surviving ants.

Once at the bottom go around the rocks to the right. You need to find the yellow bomb switch here and it's below the lowest right-most rock so you will need to drop the rock to get it. Hit the switch to kill all the ants in the next section and make your way left to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

From the puzzle, go into the dark cave on the right and scan the Monolith Component 3 (Scan 120/130). There is another Monolith 3 Component (Scan 121/130) in the next room. When you activate the crystal you will have to fight a giant ant. There are some climbable ledges to the right of the monolith so go up here. You will need to fight another three ants then you can collect Monolith 3 Component (Scan 122/130) in the cave to the right. Then take the elevator back up to the central room.

There will be a ramp behind the elevator with the purple electricity coming from it. Follow this up the spiral and sidle when prompted. At the top is Monolith 3 Component (Scan 123/130). This will open the elevator to the final level so go down and enter the four symbol code you’ve collected to get to the bottom level.

Go under the force field and scan the Hive Egg Machine (Scan 124/130). There is also a transmogrify machine here so get whatever upgrades you want and can afford. Health upgrade 3 is good if you have enough components. Then speak to Melvin who is behind you, stuck in the wall. I had over 20 bugs at this point which was enough for him to give me the key. Now it’s time for the boss. Go through the now opened door for a cut scene where you meet Lizzy.

First thing's first – scans. Scan the Lieutenant (Scan 125/130), the big purple ant who pops out of the ground. Deal with him the same way as other large ants, however when he goes down, Lizzy will try to hit you with a laser. Position yourself so that the laser hits the giant ant. Do this until he explodes and then you can turn your attention to Lizzy. Scan her when you can point the scanner at her for Queen Lizzy (Scan 126/130). You need to use the charge glove manual aim to target the 8 electric things around the outside of Lizzy. She will also throw small red ants called Infant which can be scanned (Scan 127/130) but these can be tricky and you don’t need it to get the achievement so don't worry too much if it becomes painful trying to scan one of them.

Rinse and repeat and killing the giant ant and shooting the nodes with the Charge Glove. If you need health, step on the small purple bugs that come out of the giant ant when you knock him down. Once you’ve destroyed all 8 nodes around Lizzy the fight is over and you will unlock:

After the small scene you will also get:

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