8. Meet the Robinsons Story Part 6 - Clean up and Magma IndustriesUpdate notes

Part 9 – Clean Up


By the end of this section you will have:

14/16 Havoc Puzzles

127/130 Scans (no more scans for a while.)

All VR Discs collected.

There are two Havoc Puzzles in the final section of the game.

Our first port of call is the Transit Station. When you arrive, from the monorail head to the left of the building in front of you to find the next Havoc Puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 9/16: Go down and right to unblock the path going right. Be sure to move out of the way of the rock before it drops. Use the switch to blow up the mine and continue right. Push the rock down the gap, continue past the gap and dig straight down as soon as you can to find the yellow switch. Hit it and then continue to where the yellow bombs exploded. Dig under the top rock to drop it and move out of the way then continue left. Dig down after the last of the four rocks in a diagonal line to find two more mines. Push the top one next to the gravel block and dig out a few squares to the left to find the green switch. Hit this switch and then proceed to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

You get a blueprint for completing this one.

Go into the building and go all the way to the end where the receptionist is. Use the transport tube on the right to go to where you played the champ at Chargeball. Go up the slope that you came down in the Protectosphere to find the next Havoc Puzzle at the top in the near-right corner of the square platform.

Havoc Puzzle 10/16: This puzzle features running bombs that chase you and explode to try and kill you. You will also need to use them to blow up gravel blocks to proceed. At the start, head right to the end and then wait until the bomb above you jumps off, then quickly move back left. He will open the way for you to proceed. Dig right then up and you will come to two red bombs. Dig between them to find the switch. You need to move both bombs away from the switch so you don’t die when you hit it, so clear the area, push the bombs, then hit the switch. Carry on up to find two yellow bombs and a switch.

On the left is the way forward but first, you will need to drop the rock at the top into the hole and then move both bombs left so that they open the way forward. The first bomb will drop in the hole and the next bomb should be pushed on top of it. If you don’t drop the rock in the hole, the explosion won’t open up the way forward and you’ll have to restart. Hit the switch when the bombs are in position.

The next bit can be a pain. You have to wait for an opening to get past the red ants. The easiest way is to time it so you get past the first two ants, then go through the middle gap and dig straight into the next bit of earth when the other ant is on the side furthest away from you. If timed right, he will drop to the floor, so dig upwards and you are safe.

When it’s safe to proceed, go left and up, then dig under the first rock, moving quickly left then quickly right to avoid getting crushed. Continue up and round to the right to find some green bombs and a switch. Much like the red bombs earlier, hitting the switch will kill you. You need to push the rock above you to the right destroying the gravel blocks, and then move the green bomb away from the switch and blow it. Do not dig below the rock otherwise you will have to restart. Once you blow up the bomb, go through the gap to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Now it’s time to return to the Robinson House, so go back to the monorail car. When at the Robinson House, you may want to grind out components to get some of the blueprints to make the last part of the game easier. It’s entirely up to you and shouldn’t be necessary.

The first Havoc Puzzle is in the middle of the room you arrive in just to the left of the main entrance.

Havoc Puzzle 11/16: Dig up and unblock the rocks to make a way forward. At the top, continue to the left and past the rocks, then down to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Make your way to the dining room to find the next puzzle. It’s at the end of the corridor to the left of the big central stairs if you are facing the monorail car.

Havoc Puzzle 12/16: Dig up around the two rocks above you, then go right to avoid the falling rocks in a row. Once you are safe, head back left and up when you can. Dig under the first rock, then push the loose rock above you off of the gravel block to proceed. Get past the next set of rocks being careful not to get crushed, then drop a rock through the gravel blocks below you. There are two rocks positioned to make this easy.

Head down through the gap. You need to do the same thing with the gravel blocks here, so dig under all three rocks and quickly move back the other way to avoid being crushed. Now do the same for the two rocks to your right, though you won’t need to move back as you can hide in the gap between the two gravel blocks. Now follow the gap down to the level exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Open the chest to unlock:

You will also unlock:

From the dining room, head to music room which is the first door on the left when you go back into the corridor. Go through the opening on the left or right to be teleported to the balcony above. Climb on the statue, then sidle around in front of the purple curtain to reach the next puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 13/16: Head right under the rocks then up. You need to drop rocks here and move past them. Once at the top, head left between two sets of two rocks. On the third set, drop the rock and move out of the way. You need to drop the top rock down the gap beneath you then push the lower rock into the gap. You can’t push a rock surrounded by earth. Now dig down and to the right to avoid disturbing any other rocks. When you reach the bottom, head right under another two rocks to reach the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

This will unlock:

Use the transport tube to return to the music room floor. The last Havoc Puzzle we need to complete before proceeding with the game is in the Train Room. To get there, head to the Transport Tube in the main hall. The puzzle is on one of the upper balconies – the one that doesn’t have a chest.

Havoc Puzzle 14/16: Go left and push the rock to get through. Dig under the rock above you to drop another four rocks, opening the way right. Go right and dig from the bottom of the three stacked rocks to the top. This will cause them to fall without crushing you. Do the same on the next stack. Now go right and dig all the way to the bottom and do the same thing to stack of four rocks on the left. This will open the way to the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Take the transport tube back to the Living Room then take the monorail to Magma Industries.

Part 10 – Magma Industries

Missable Achievements Requirements

15 Scans – But I won’t highlight these after the achievement

2 Havoc Puzzles – 16 total at end of section

Go up the stairs to the gate and scan it for Magma Industries Bridge Gate (Scan 128/130). You can also scan the Eruptor (Scan 129/130) from this side of the gate too. You need to use your new Lev Gun on the gate to raise it, so do this and go through.

At the end of this bridge is another gate. Scan the Boiler Lock on the right (Scan 130/130), unlocking:

(If this doesn’t unlock here, keeping scanning until it does. You may have unlocked it sooner if you picked up some scans I didn’t find.)

The Eruptor enemies are key to the next section. You will need to get them to chase you into positions where you can use them to blow things up. The first example is this gate, and you need to use the Eruptor to blow up the Boiler Lock. This first one is easy. To blow up an Eruptor, hit it with a disassembler shot, then hit it with a Lev Gun shot. The explosion areas are quite forgiving.

Run past the next three Eruptors and in the next area, destroy the two boiler locks using the Eruptors here and cross the bridge. You will get a cutscene with Emperor Stanley who will show you how to get into the building.

Instead of going to the delivery hatch, you need to go in the opposite direction to find the next Havoc Puzzle. Before that though, two robots will spawn. To kill them, use the Lev Gun, then hit them with the Charge Glove while they are in the air. They move about, so you need to time your shots to try and hit them at their highest point.

With them dealt with, you will see two blocks on either side leading up to the grand entrance. One can be pushed and the other can be Levitated with the Lev Gun. Push the blocks together, then use the Lev Gun on the block and climb up both of them to get to the raised section. On the far side will be a place where you can sidle passed some air vents. Do this, but be sure to stop before each vent and only move when it’s not blowing out air.

Once you reach the other side, kill the robot (and the Eruptor if you want) and enter the Havoc Puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 15/16: Go left as far as possible, then down. There are two bomb robots that will try and kill you, but you don’t need to blow anything up, so avoid them if they chase you. Dig under the stone platform where the second bomb guy is, and follow this right, avoiding rocks as you go. You will come to another wall of rocks where you need to dig out to the lava and dig up next to the rocks like in the previous puzzle. This will make the rocks fall into the lava, opening the way forward.

There will be one diggable gap, so dig it and move back allowing the rock to fall. Now go through the gap where the rock was to progress. You now need to dig up. There are three bombs that can kill you. The safest way to get past this bit is to lure them in to jumping, then moving out of the way. Do this to the three bombs, or move past them, and follow the stone column up, you will reach the exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle.

Make your way back past the vents to the middle section and arrange the blocks on the other side to climb up. Move past the vents again here to reach the Pizza Delivery Hatch. Destroy the robot here and use the disassembler on the hatch, then climb down.

In this next area, you are introduced to suckers. There is a pipe on your right with a cap on it. Use the disassembler to get rid of the cap and the nearby Eruptor should get sucked up to the level above. Climb the ladder and use the Eruptor to blow up the boiler locks. If you are quick and get the Eruptor as soon as it comes out of the tube, you can take out both locks with one blast. This opens the door below, so go through and follow the corridor for another cutscene with Stanley.

After the cut scene, to the left and right of the door you’ve gone through are floor switches which reveal Boiler Locks. Pull the big statues of Stanley to your immediate left and right onto both switches. Now go to the left side of the room if you're facing into the room from the doorway you entered from. Use the Eruptor to blow up the revealed Boiler Lock and move the crate so it’s in line with the others. Use the Lev Gun on the slightly different block and climb up to the top. Use the Havoc Gloves to pull the switch.

Now go to the right side of the room. Do the same again, this time you don’t need the Lev Gun to climb the crates. Now move to the raised platforms in the centre of the room. The second platform will raise up when you stand on it. You need to use the Lev Gun to raise the boxes below and ahead of you, so approach the edge of the platform, look down at them and use the lock-on to get them both. You can’t jump until they get to their max height, but once they do, jump across quickly (it’s not the end of the world if it you don’t make it) and kill the robots on the other side.

In the next room is probably the most convoluted puzzle in the game. You need to use the suckers to move an Eruptor through various tubes to get it to the Boiler Lock to open the next door. Start by going into the ground floor and moving the two movable crates down here so that they are next to the crates you can use the Lev Gun on.

Go up the first set of crates near where you entered the room. Go to the end of this platform and disassemble the sucker cap. Now lure the nearby Eruptor into the sucker. This can be frustrating, as the Eruptor has two attacks which it alternates. Charging at you, which we want, and shooting explosives, which we don’t. To make matters worse, the bridge to the sucker is narrow and the Eruptor will stop charging at you if it grazes the wall. Patience is key here, but the goal is to lure the Eruptor into the sucker. Once you’ve done this, he will appear on the ground floor. Go down there and lure him to the Boiler Lock near the door and blow him up. Lock 1 of 2 done.

Before going back up, there is another sucker on the ground floor, so remove the cap now. Go back up and repeat luring another Eruptor to the sucker, then go down and lure it into the now opened sucker on the ground floor. Climb back up to where the Eruptors spawn and opposite the spawn tube is a teleporter that takes you to the top level. Go through it and use the disassembler on another cap and lure the Eruptor into the sucker.

Return to the ground floor and climb up the other set of crates near the exit door. Hopefully the Eruptor is next to the Boiler Lock and you can blow it up, but don’t take any chances, otherwise you will have to start the whole lure process again.

Proceed through the now opened door into the next room for another cutscene and a fight with some robots. Kill them and the ramp will raise, letting you enter the next room. After the cutscene, head to the right through the gap next to the door and you will find the last Havoc Puzzle.

Havoc Puzzle 16/16: Head right and dig above the bomb. Leave room for the bomb robot to jump off the edge. As soon as he does, move out of the way to blow open the way forward. Head right and dig down to the side of the four bombs below and do the same thing, getting the bomb robot to blow up the floor.

This next bit involves some manoeuvring of the red and yellow bombs to progress. Ignore the bombs for now and dig down to the left of them. The objective here is to get the two rocks sitting on the bottom row on top of the stone and you don’t want any gaps so you can push the bombs close to the other bombs. Dig down below the lowest rock to get it where we want it, then fill in the hole you make with the other rock. Dig out the whole area up to the column with the yellow bomb in it, then push the red bomb off the edge.

Dig down on the right side of the yellow bomb (do not dig underneath it) and dig through to push the red bomb all the way to the other bombs. If done right, the yellow bomb should be sitting on a single square of earth. Push it off and push it towards the other bombs, then hit the yellow switch.

Go through the gap and dig down to where the purple bomb is, being careful not to open the area to the bomb robot. You want to dig out the area to ground level here so that you can dig above the purple bomb and push it to ground level from the right side of it. Dig through under the bomb robot area when it is as far away as possible so that it doesn’t jump off and kill you. Quickly push the bomb off and dig out all the earth under the bomb robot except for the single layer holding him where he is.

Again, timing it so the bomb robot is as far away as possible, push the purple bomb to the far right against the gravel blocks. Now dig up so that the bomb robot will jump at you and when he does, move out of the way. The explosion will clear the gravel so dig down and immediately left to reach the level exit. Press cn_A to complete the puzzle and the achievement will pop immediately:

Now we need to get past the invincible door. Return to the entrance and face the door. To your left is a cap on a sucker, so remove this now. This is also a switch above the door you came in, which can be activated by the Charge Glove. Hit this now, and an Eruptor will pop out. Lure him into the sucker you just opened, and he will be launched at the invincible door, damaging it.

To get another Eruptor, take the elevator up above the invincible door. It’s on the floor to the left of the door. Open the nearby sucker with the disassembler. The Eruptor Spawner is on the top of the door and you have to lure it off the edge and into the sucker. You then need to follow the small pathway on top of the invincible door and drop down to where the Eruptor has come out, then lure it off the edge on to ground level. Before luring it into the sucker, use the Charge Glove to open the chute again. Now lure him in and the door should break allowing you to continue to the boss.


This boss fight is very predictable and easy once you get his attack patterns down. The first thing to do is equip the Lev Gun and Havoc Gloves. Take note of the four chains on the platform you are on that surround the boss.

Prometheus will slam one fist into the ground, causing rocks to fall. Avoid the ones that fall on your platform, but notice the ones that land in the lava and stick out. You need to lock-on to these, Lev Gun them, then use the Havoc Glove shockwave to launch it at Prometheus. When you do this, make sure you are standing near one of the chains and that the boss is facing you, or close to facing you. He will then spit lava at you. You need to avoid this and have it land on a chain. The chain will turn orange if done correctly.

Prometheus will then either do the same again, in which case, repeat the process, or he will slam both fists on your platform and sweep them around, covering the whole area. To avoid it, simply hang off the outside edge of the platform. You can also hang off to avoid the falling rocks and his single fist attack if you are struggling.

The battle will then repeat, following this pattern of attacks. Each chain takes two hits of lava spit to break. Once you break all four chains, you will win and unlock:

Part 11 – End Game

When you are back in the Robinson House, you will have time to do any of the four Havoc Puzzles in the house (though if following the guide, you won't need to). The rest are all locked out now which is why they needed to be done earlier.

Anyway, go to the lab and talk to Carl to start the final boss fight.

Mega Doris

This last fight consists of two stages.

During the first stage, you need to shoot the small red orbs on the outside of Doris with Charge Glove shots. To do this, use the coloured switches on the floor by hitting three of the same colour (green or blue) to distract Doris, then you shoot the orbs. Do this once with green and once with blue which should give you enough opportunity to hit all of them. If not, rinse and repeat.

The second stage consists of the same again, except this time Doris attacks more and you have to disassemble the outer shell enough that you can shoot the core with Charge Glove shots. You can use the colour switches to temporarily distract Doris, and if you need health, you can Charge Glove the mini bowler hats that appear at each end of the stage. The image in the top centre of the screen will show your progress if you can’t see enough of the core, showing you where to hit. It’s all about timing your Charge Glove shots so they miss the bits of the shell you can’t destroy. Once you win, you will unlock:

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