9. Meet the Robinsons Mini GamesUpdate notes

Part 13 – Mini-Games

At this point you should have 8 Achievements left to get. 6 are from playing Chargeball against the characters you’ve unlocked during the game and the other two are for playing another game called Security System.


At the main menu, select Chargeball. Use the cn_LS to move right through all the characters starting with Art, the guy with the red jumper. Play the tutorial each time as this is a one-game match and takes a lot less time. The matches are fairly easy to win, even if you play badly.

You should unlock the following achievements after six matches:

Security System

This game is essentially a shooting gallery where you follow the bowler hat guy around the Robinson House shooting him and his bowler hats to get points. There are four rooms and the bowler hats will destroy the rooms in various ways unless you shoot them. Each room has a 'life bar' and when one room is fully depleted, it's game over. You can restore the rooms, by shooting the things that bowler hat guy does damage to. For example, he destroys plants in the garden but you have a water gun, which restores the plants.

There are four monitors at the bottom of the screen which show where the bowler hat guy is and you can use cn_LT and cn_RT to switch between rooms, shooting him and his bowler hats as necessary. The difficulty increases the more you play, but it will be slow going to get to the required scores for the achievements, so it’s not too much to worry about. You get the first achievement at 25,000 points:

And the last achievement at 100,000 points:

And if you’ve followed this guide up to here, then you’ve just got 1,000 Gamerscore and fully completed Meet the Robinsons. Well done!

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