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Posted on 12 April 10 at 02:22
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Mega Man 10 is the latest installment in the long standing Mega Man series. Like Mega Man 9, this game retains all the the nostalgia of the original NES games with graphics, sounds, and gameplay almost exactly the same as the first 6 games, before the series moved onto the SNES and PS1/Sega Saturn. The story this time around is that a virus known as Roboenza has inflicted robots everywhere, even Roll! The usual culprit Dr.Wily says he has no involvement, and that he was working on a cure, but that some robots stole pieces of a machine he was working on to cure the virus. This installment is different in that now you can go through the game as either Mega Man or Proto Man from the start.

It's unfair to judge this game based on graphics because it's trying to emulate the NES's graphics from more than 20 years ago. Fans of the classic games will enjoy the throw back, though people not previously fans may not particularly enjoy it as much.

The same thing that is said for graphics can be said for sound, in that all of the sound effects take root from the NES games. Now any fan of Mega Man games knows that the games always have an enjoyable and interesting soundtrack to go along with the games. In my opinion, the soundtrack overall isn't as good as 9's was, but there are still some tunes that are really enjoyable (Nitro Man's track is my favorite), and a couple are really quirky (Sheep Man's in particular).

The heart and soul of any classic game, especially Mega Man games, is the gameplay itself. It's the standard affair with Mega Man games, you can choose from any of the 8 robot masters and then go through their level so that you can fight them at the end. After you defeat them, you are able to use their weapon. Once you defeat all 8 robot masters, you then proceed to a labyrinth that includes a very special set of bosses in the first stage for any Mega Man fan that will make their jaws drop. Different in this game, is the ability to play as Proto Man from the beginning, and the ability to play as Bass once you pay the oh so hefty fee of $1. Proto Man plays very much the same as Mega Man in the latter games, with the ability to slide and charge up his Proto buster for more damage. He can also use his shield while jumping to deflect various projectiles (Including some boss ones), though this is offset by the fact that he takes considerably more damage than Mega Man. Bass has the ability to shoot in 7 directions not just left and right. Like in some games, you can collect bolts in the levels to buy items in the shop that you can use to aid you: Energy tanks, Weapon tanks, Mystery tanks, and other such commodities can be bought here. The list is the same as 9, except you can't spend(waste) 200 bolts for Roll to change her outfit. For Proto Man Bass, there are some slight changes to the shop, as well as having different shop keepers. New to this game is an easy mode, which was included to allow the game to be more accessible to people who might not be as good or have played the games before. If you've played and beaten previous games, I would not recommend using this mode other than to get some achievements, as the game's difficulty is severely reduced, one such example being the game gives you a Yasichi (A throwback to the original game), an item that recovers all your health and weapon energy right before the Robot Master's rooms. Like in 9, an observant eye can notice throwbacks in the levels themselves from previous games. For example, if you were to look at Commando Man's stage, you can see that it bears a very striking resemblance to Pharaoh Man's stage from 4. A newer addition known as challenges make their way into this game. Challenges are little skirmishes that can range from fighting a boss or mini boss, to going through a gauntlet of enemies or perilous platforming to reach the goal.

This I feel is an appropriate thing to discuss for a Mega Man game. My opinion is that the stages themselves are easier than 9's stages, and the bosses tend to be a bit tougher. Overall, the game retains the Mega Man difficulty, while still being beatable. The achievements reflect this quite well. They range from simple tasks as destroying 1,000 enemies, to the very challenging MR.Perfect, which requires you to complete the entire game without getting hurt. The achievements seem less daunting seeing as how you can earn them in Easy mode and with Proto Man (Save for Superhero for obvious reasons). As of writing, I am unsure if you can unlock achievements with Bass, but I would think you can.

Overall, Mega Man 10 is a worthy addition to the Mega Man series. It's very enjoyable and has a good mix of difficulty that will allow different people different experiences.
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Posted on 05 April 10 at 16:50, Edited on 04 July 10 at 16:46
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Smokin' Gamer here again with another quick review. With each review I look at six areas: STORY, GAMEPLAY, GRAPHICS, SOUND/MUSIC, REPLAY VALUE, AND PRICE VALUE.

MEGA MAN 10[censored]warning: HOLY [censored]!!! MEGA MAN IS BACK IN 8-BIT AGAIN...AGAIN!!! Mega Man is my favorite video character of all time. So I almost had a heart attack the first time I heard Mega Man 9 was coming and it was going to be 8-bit. So I was even more shocked that they were doing a Mega Man 10 that was also going to be 8-bit. But is it any good? So lets down an E tank and get into Mega Man 10.

STORY: am I going to approach this? Let's be honest, back in the NES days did we ever care about the story. No. Does MM10 story serve it's purpose. Yes. In MM10 robots get a sickness called Roboenza which causes them to flip [censored]. Roll, Mega Man's sister, even comes down with it. Also Dr. Wily says he has nothing to do with it and wants to help Dr. Light find a cure. Protoman also offers his help. And that's pretty much it...go blow the [censored] out of robots again. Now I can't give the story a perfect 10 cause it's just not at the level, but I will give it an A for effort.
(STORY: 8/10)

GAMEPLAY: It's Mega Man. What else do I have to say? You go through 8 levels, kill everything in sight, fight the robot master, take his power, and move on to the next. Only this time you can play as Protoman from the get go, who has a shield, the ability to slide, and charge up his shot. But be warned he also takes twice as much damage. One thing I keep hearing people say is that this game was too easy. I guess everybody [censored] too much about MM9 being too hard so Capcom toned the Normal setting down and even added a "Easy Mode". I did find it easier than part 9 (which I still haven't beat), but I thought it was nowhere "a walk in the park". It is fun to play, but not as fun as say Mega Man 2, 3, and 9.
(GAMEPLAY: 8/10)

GRAPHICS: I love 8-bit. It will never get old in my eyes. But Mega Man 10 at times just looked kind of funky. The most noticeable was the water level which was all brown and puke green. It just wasn't the usual colorful and eye catching experience that most Mega Man games are known for.
(GRAPHICS: 7.5/10)

SOUND/MUSIC: The music in Mega Man games are just, if not a little more, popular as the gameplay. But yet again, I feel the music felt flat. Not as many "gotta go" songs on this one. I do have to admit this is what disappointed me the most about the game. The sound effects are the same as always.

REPALY VALUE: Replay value all depends on how much of a Mega Man nerd you are. There are different difficulty settings and some [censored]ING RIDICULOUS HARD achievements. But at the end of the day it's going to be the same game with some minor differences. Now all MM games are like this, but only the truly great ones will make you want to play them over and over again. Unfortunately, this to me is not one of them. I enjoyed it about as much as MM5 and was ok.
(REPLAY VALUE: 5.5/10)

PRICE VALUE: Ok the game cost 800ms points ($10). Is it worth it? Yes, it is. The $10 price is perfectly fair. The game isn't going to blow your socks off, but it will keep you entertained. If you are a die hard Mega Man fan like me than you have to play it.

(OVERALL: 7/10)

But one last thing I will say is that I hope this is the last 8-bit Mega Man game. When 9 came out, everybody was so shocked and excited to play a new 8-bit Mega Man game. You can tell Capcom put their hearts and souls in that game and wanted to show that they really do care about their fans. Then when 10 came out it seemed Capcom was back to their old strategy of milking a good thing to death (which is the #1 thing I can't stand about them). I would have been 100% happy with having Mega Man 9 as being the Blue Bomber's 8-bit swan song. Please Capcom, don't start killing a good thing. I will be perfectly happy not to have a Mega Man 11, 12, 13 etc. Of course I say this now, but if they were to release them I would more than likely buy them on the first day. I know...I'm part of the problem.cry Stay tune for more reviews here at and look for new episodes of "The Smokin' Gamer" on YouTube [UNcensored]( this May.
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