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Mega Man 9 and 10 and Beat'n Groovy are now Backwards Compatible

Following on from the news earlier this week that seven new games had become backwards compatible, Microsoft has today added three new titles to the program.

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XBL Sale Roundup: August 9th, 2016

In this week's sales we get a fairly random selection for Deals with Gold, as well as a Capcom publisher sale for everybody and a Spotlight Sale on Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

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XBL Sale Roundup: December 15th, 2015

This week's Deals with Gold focuses on a recent release that's part of the franchise of a little film that's due out this week. Personally, I've never heard of it. Along with that, we also get a han

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XBL Sale Roundup: April 28th, 2015

With Star Wars Day approaching, as well as the recent release of the Episode VII trailer, we get a special Star Wars themed Deals with Gold. The offers include Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II in r

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XBL Sale Roundup: August 5th, 2014

This week's Deals with Gold is a fairly limited affair, with a few titles discounted across the different platforms, all of them fairly unrelated. Xbox One Games • Angry Birds Star Wars - 50% off Xbo

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Sales, Sales and More XBL Sales: July 16th, 2013

While Microsoft's "Special" sales don't happen every week, sometimes they try to make up for the lack of sales by having weeks with more reduced content than you can shake a stick at. This week we ha

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Deal of the Week: January 29th, 2013

The recent collaboration between the Street Fighter and Tekken franchises is the main focus of the latest Deal of the Week offerings. There are reductions on both Games on Demand and several DLC pack

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Capcom Cancel Mega Man Universe

Capcom originally announced the intriguing, ambitious Mega Man Universe back in July, but it has been confirmed today that the game has been cancelled. The game's official page on the Japanese Capcom

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Mega Man Universe Announced

Capcom just announced Mega Man Universe for the Xbox Live. What is Mega Man Universe... well we are not quite sure either. It appears that Mega Man Universe is the classic type of Mega Man game but w

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