1. Mekabolt Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Mekabolt is a simple platformer developed by Somepx and published by Ratalaika Games. If you are unfamiliar with Ratalaika Games, they have become infamous in the achievement hunting community recently from publishing games by small developers that have extremely easy achievements, with most games not even requiring you to even beat the game, including this one.

I would like to note that there are no missable achievements in this game and that if you just play through the first 48 levels on your own, you'll unlock everything. This is just a helpful guide to get through them.

To get all of the achievements, we need to play through 48 levels of the game, where each level has a battery to grab to complete the level. There are three types of achievements in this game, but they all come from essentially doing the same thing.

There are achievements for encountering enemies. Upon loading into a level that has a new enemy, you will receive an achievement. If you play through just the first two worlds, by the time we get to the 41st level / 17th level in the second world, you should have all of these achievements.

The second group only has two achievements in it, and they are for unlocking the second and third world. These again will come just playing through the levels, and you'll unlock the first after the 12th level, and the second after the 36th level.

The last group is for collecting batteries. They'll unlock after completing 12, 24, and 48 levels, respectively. You'll unlock one of these at the same time as an achievement from the second group, and I'm not sure why they are separate achievements considering they are for doing literally the same thing, but I'm not arguing against some easy gamerscore.

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