Merv Griffin's Crosswords Reviews

  • felkadelicfelkadelic196,417
    12 Dec 2009
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    Merv Griffin's Crosswords (XWords) is probably one of the worst XBLA games available today. Since I'm not willing to put more effort into reviewing a game than the developers apparently did making it, I'm just going to list some bullet points

    --Awful, last-gen graphics. In fact, there are plenty of PS2 and even Gamecube games that look better than this. The characters are blocky and misshapen, with poor facial features and animation.

    --Horrendously lame AI opponents. The vast majority of the time when the computer answers incorrectly, the letters they guess are correct, but they're in the wrong order. For example, if the answer is "RESET" the computer will guess something like "REETS"

    --Dead multiplayer. shows only 1976 people having played this. It's hard to criticize this too much, but the fact is that there are 3 multiplayer-only achievements. This is definitely one game that will need boosted (which is, luckily, easy to do)