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    Metal Gear has had a long run. The first ever game was released in 1987 on the MSX2 console. While flawed it was a very popular game which started the series of Metal Gear Solid. Because of Metal Gear it created a new type of gaming. Stealth. The stealth genre however is a bit of a hit and miss because most gamers prefer to get into the action instead of waiting for 2 minutes for the perfect opportunity to kill someone. However Metal Gear has always found a way to make itself interesting to all kinds of gamers. Whether if it's the story or the game's whacky charm, Metal Gear has always found its way into many peoples hearts.

    Metal Gear has had many spin-offs but none of them have been particularly good. However Hideo Kojima's latest spin-off, Metal Gear Rising, has been a brilliant success. In this game you play as pretty boy Raiden but however he is no longer the pretty boy we remembered. Did he do something with hair? NO! Raiden is now a cyborg and he is no longer a whiny pussy. Raiden is now a cold blooded killer that just wants to fight his own war but something keeps on getting in the way.

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    The story takes place 4 years after the events of the Guns of the Patriots. Raiden is now working for the PMC Maverick Enterprises in order to earn money and put food on the table for his family. Because of his past he is always angry. He can't let go of the pain and suffering that he had to go through when he was a child where he had to fight for his life. When he thinks that it's all in the past, it keeps biting back. Raiden is disturbed and is finding it hard to focus on his mission without it being too personal. Raiden is out for blood and wants it now.

    In terms of game play this spin-off is very different to the original formula. This is no longer a full on stealth game but there are stealth mechanics in the game if you choose to back stab your enemies instead of slicing and dicing the enemies limbs or you could do both. The game's main focus is over the top action. You will be cutting your foes with your sword and lifting up gigantic robots with your bare hands. If that isn't enough the game introduces and a new feature called Blade mode. In blade mode you can slow down time and dismember the enemies limbs with precision meaning you can accurately chop off an enemy's limb with full control. It's fun, gory and fresh. It literally never gets old.

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    The combat itself is very well done. You can perform an infinite amount of combos without stopping. The game also offers a parry feature in the form of a block. With parry you have to time your light attack at the same time with an enemy attack. If timed correctly you will successfully perform a parry. It's a nice system but the timing is not strict enough to make the parry engaging. You can literally parry 2 seconds before the enemy attacks. Because of this fighting your foes at any difficulty makes the combat relatively easy. Platinum games should've used the dodge feature from Bayonetta rather than the parry feature. However you can't parry every attack so there is at least some challenge during combat. Especially with the epic boss fights.

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    Talking about bosses. The boss fights in this game are absolutely chaotic. The battles always feel epic and offers a great amount of challenge. They are long but the boss fights are set into multiple sequences meaning that each sequence is always different to the previous fight. Because of this the game offers you some of the best boss fights ever introduced into any game. I would say though the last boss fight is a little cheap especially on the higher difficulties. While the fight is epic and engaging, the boss has one really cheap move that he always uses and it so happens that the attack takes away half of your health. If that move wasn't so punishing the fight would've been more satisfying for a great ending.

    On the story side of things, Metal Gear has no problem at creating a story that doesn't actually evolve around Metal Gear itself. The story is fresh and entertaining but I do get the feeling that the plot can be a bit silly at times. The high light of the story is actually Raiden himself. Because of his personality and transformation it makes Raiden one of the most interesting characters ever made. Still doesn't beat Snake but Raiden has gone from a pussy to a total bad ass with a tragic background.

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    In a way this game still feels like a Metal Gear game Despite it not being a full on stealth game. The game still has its charm with its iconic sound design and its wacky sense of humor. This game might be different in terms of game play but the game hasn't lost its charisma. The game's graphics looks a lot like Metal Gear Solid 4 which is impressive for the old Xbox 360. Who knows Hideo Kojima might release a Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Xbox at some point.

    Everything about this game is brilliant. However I find that the game was pretty short. You will only get 3-4 hours of gameplay and 1-2 hours of cut scenes which is surprising because the cut scenes are usually ridiculously long especially in Metal Gear Solid 2. However the game offers plenty of replay value. You can customize your character with many unlockable weapons and outfits. There are also collectibles and VR missions. VR missions are a lot of fun but I find it's a bit hard for extra content. It's sometimes harder than the actual game itself but that keeps you coming for more.

    Despite its minor flaws this spin-off is probably one of the best Metal Gear games around and possibly the best hack and slash game I have ever played since Ninja Gaiden. I give this game an overall score of 9/10.

    You'll Love:
    -The over the top action.
    -Blade Mode.
    -Epic Boss fights.

    You'll Hate:
    -The short campaign.
    -The ridiculously hard last boss fight.
    -It's not Solid Snake.
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    LockAndLukePersonally I love that it isn't Solid Snake, since I played Sons of Liberty years ago, Raiden has actually been my favourite character since.
    Good review!
    Posted by LockAndLuke on 23 Feb 13 at 19:21
    TheCampelloGreat Review
    Posted by TheCampello on 06 Mar 19 at 16:43
    McAwesomePTwith the game in gwg, I came here and found 404 on the images. +1 for the review but I suggest to remove the broken links or fix them. cheers.
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 18 Mar 19 at 09:17
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    Once upon a time, in the near future (1999 to be exact) a chap named Snake Plissken successfully Escaped From New York, against all odds, whilst rescuing the President Of the US-of-A in the process (you are the Duke Of New York, you are A-number one..). A few years later, whilst vacationing in Southern California, Snake found himself using his escaping skills once again, this time to leave Los Angeles and save the entire world using only a surf board. So impressed by Snake's actions, gaming god Hideous Koala decided to immortalise his idol in electronic form and thus Metal Gear Solid was created.

    After several successful outings in gaming form, Hideous got bored of Snake's antics and, during a late night bonging session with his dog Raiden, he had a vision. In this epiphany stood Raiden. Not his trusty four-legged bong-pulling counterpart, but a transvestite cyborg ninja with a very, very large sword. Complete with red eyes and high heels, Raiden sliced and diced his way through endless hordes of other cyborg-thingys using his superpowers to slow down time and chop them up into tiny little pieces. And thus, the idea of Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance was born.

    Unsure as to why Raiden was a transexual cyborg, or why his vision had been so vivid, Hideous cancelled his membership to and designed a Kinect only title replacing the slightly weird transexual with his Xbox avatar. All was going well until Raiden (his dog, not his vision) pointed out that (a) Kinect was actually a bit shit and (b) that he was Japanese and therefore entitled, and expected, to make his characters however damn freaky he wanted.

    And so work began bringing his real vision to life. A story was crafted that allowed Raiden free reign to slice robotic animals and cyborgs into itsie-bitsie pieces whilst on road of self-discovery. With the help of some friends on his video phone he finds out that he is actually Jack The Ripper, accidentally pulled through time following a nuclear explosion in the future or something, to save the universe from easy hack-n-slash games. Throw in some sub-plot about a robot dog called Wolf (see what they did there?) searching for abandoned puppies - which incidentally there is an Achievement for finding 5 of them in cardboard boxes - and you've got a game that's worth playing at least 3 times just to experience the different endings.

    In search of suitable adversaries for his gender-bending terminator, Hideous turned to real life psychopaths for inspiration. His good pal Josef Fritzl suggested there was no point having unrewarding, brief encounters with these bosses. What you need are battles that will remain in the player's subconscious for many, many years. Not in a 80-foot-giant-zombie-hamster kind of a way, but in a hammering-bamboo-shoots-under-your-fingernails-whilst-forcing-you-to-watch-reruns-of-Come-Dine-With-Me sort of way.

    A little known fact is that Hideous and Josef actually first met accidentally whilst shopping for summer blouses in Monsoon where they both wanted the only size 14 floral patterned Pallavi Kaftan left in the store (resulting in much hilarity but probably not appropriate to go into in too much detail in this review). A homage to that meeting, Monsoon in Metal Gear world is nothing like his clothing store namesake. Although, on a personal level, I'd rather shop in Miss Selfridges as I find Monsoon a little bland for my tastes, I can honestly say I've never wanted to smash the place up, hurl my xBox controller straight into it's face and swear like rabid tourettes sufferer at it. I truly hope I never meet him in real life.

    Not content with making the bosses fiendishly difficult, Josef suggested that each battle (not just the boss battles) should be ranked, and that each battle should be completed on the highest difficulty, without damage, in order to receive highest rank and associated Achievement. It should be pointed out that Josef spent many years in his basement playing the tactical challenges in Vanquish with his family, over and over again - you know, just for fun.

    Beta testing carried out by Josef and family led to the inclusion of "wonky-cam" as he felt a layer of randomness would help level out the playing field as things just weren't tough enough. Activated or de-activated by pressing a secret button (possibly RB, not really sure) wonky-cam throws the gamer into disarray allowing enemies to get sneaky No Damage Bonus-killing hits in when you least expect it. Particularly effective on Revengance difficulty on the quest for S Ranks.

    Just as an aside, Urban Dictionary lists Revengeance as "the act of gaining revenge at a rate of at least 2.54 times greater to that of standard revenge and 1.61 that of standard vengeance." So now you know.

    Graphically Hideous was obviously heavily influenced by Disney Pixar, drawing key elements from Toy Story and, rather bizarrely Finding Nemo, to create a believable post-apocolyptic landscape. It looks top class but you can't help wondering how much dissection actually featured in the Japanese version of Finding Nemo (Sushi Edition?).

    Playing this masterpiece is a bit like getting naked and smearing yourself in Marmite - you're not going to please everyone in the playground, but at least you're having a good time.

    I've played a lot of games, but none have made me feel the need to put down my controller and type up a load of utter tosh to distract me from the pain of having my ass handed to me on a plate time after my brain is ground into little pieces whilst constantly failing another S Rank No Damage battle on Revengeance difficulty. Maybe I suck. Maybe I'm just getting too old for this gaming lark. But I will not let Hideous and Josef get the better of me. I am immune to dying. You can take my life, but you cannot take my freedom.

    5 stars out of 5.
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    There are quite a few reviews for this game and probably more to be expected, haven't read them all in depth but i will try not to go on and on and hit all the same exact points.

    Platinum Games meets Konami, ever play Bayonetta? Vanquish? Both beautifully over the top action games, Bayonetta being a hack and slash, Vanquish being a third person shooter, both amazing examples of their own genres respectively, and with MGR:R i can't help but feel that both Bayonetta and Vanquish had a love child.

    The hack and slash style of Bayonetta (albeit a combat system not AS complex/varied as Bayonetta admittedly, but i am a fan of the phrase "keep it simple stupid") and the futuristic setting that Vanquish had, obviously majority of this comes from the Metal Gear universe itself, but you can definatly feel Platinum's unique twist on the series.

    This brings us to another point, the whole debate regarding if its a true Metal Gear game or not, and many long time Metal Gear fans seem a bit turned off with the pure action style, but to that i simply say this; we have plenty of "real" Metal Gear "SOLID" games, MGS1-4, Peace Walker, the new one that was announced (heard it was delayed or canceled no idea if those were just rumors/whatever), they made a very conscious decision to rename it Metal Gear "RISING", this is not to downplay how awesome the previous MGS games were, but change is always welcome, as far as game play is concerned at least.

    The story will honestly be hit or miss with most people, i will try not to spoil anything but if you want zero spoilers, i suggest not reading any further and skip to the end for the score/summary.

    The bad guys are pretty obviously over the top evil, and somehow represent the government/big brother, they want to literally harvest children's brains to train them into killers, and have no qualms about disposing of large quantities of useless children. Here's the thing though, its pretty clearly meant to be over the top, i mean first of all its Platinum Games, it's what they're known for, and on top of that they were given the METAL GEAR universe to mess around already crazy vision of a future war torn earth, with an even more crazy cast of characters, from invisible ninjas to a random fat guy who loves pretty much knew what to expect....

    Personally i really enjoyed the story, however if you don't like sitting through large sections of text/audio via the Codec calls, you can easily miss a ton of story, one thing to note before you play is always check your Codec for new lines of dialogue, it really does add a lot to the story to help flesh it out without having the need for really long cut scenes which is what MGS is known for, not that long cut scenes are bad, but Codec calls are 100% optional for the most part, and are easy to either read through quickly or fast forward through. A lot of the games humor comes through the various Codec conversations with the various characters, always use the Codec on every single boss/different stage of the boss, for either tips or humorous observations.

    As far as the game play goes it starts off pretty tough and unforgiving, but the instant you learn the needed skills/moves, you're pretty much set for the entire game, Blade Mode, Block/Parry, Combos/Weapons and lastly different types of enemies. Be sure to try out the VR missions whenever you unlock them as can be good training for the game.

    If you've watched Angry Joe's review of Metal Gear Rising you'll remember he mentioned about the block mechanic being pretty much broken, basically attack is pressing X or Y, and blocking is pressing X + towards the enemy, but lets say you input X + towards an enemy, unless the enemy is attacking or about to hit you, instead it will attack, so effectively if you keep mashing towards the enemy with the left stick and attack, you can continue to attack and still block pretty much everything.

    The block cancels most moves and can itself be canceled by an Evade i think, and overall the timing for the block is definitely VERY lenient, i did notice it in the demo but its honestly not an issue with the game, but it literally needs to be that way because of the way the game play is designed. Meaning enemies that attack really fast and without pause sometimes, not to mention multiple enemies attacking at the same time, and its worth noting that the higher the difficulty you play the more aggressive the enemy AI is, even using new moves or just using them far more often for devastating results.

    As i mentioned before once you learn the few essential moves/skills, the combat becomes pretty simplistic, Bayonetta had a much deeper combat system overall and more varied weapons and even far more combos, but honestly its not knocking MGR because it works fine, its meant to be fast paced so you slice an enemy a few times to weaken him and then enter blade mode to slice him up and rip out his juicy cyber spine for all the health/electrolytes you may need. You have a few sub weapons that you obtain after each major boss, typically human/cyborg hybrids like Mr. Lightning Bolt, all have their specific uses and add a nice variety other than the standard sword. Multiple swords to unlock via beating certain difficulties/VR missions etc. You also have items like the iconic cardboard box from Metal Gear Solid, used for some sneaking to either weaken enemy numbers before engaging directly or the few minor "stealth" sequences, don't expect Metal Gear style stealth, because you will be disappointed.

    An entire play through (my first time was on hard difficulty) is roughly 7 hours, although my time of 7 hours 30 minutes roughly i am sure included the various VR missions i played and time spent exploring everything, so actual game length would be closer to 5-6 on average i guess, short yes, but quality over quantity.

    Since it's so short i rented it for 1 week and already beat it twice through and got through about half of a no damage/s rank run on the highest difficulty "Revengeance", so it's definitely difficulty to justify a £40/$60 price tag, but in retrospect to me as a fan of the original MGS games, and a fan of the previous Platinum Games titles, AND a fan of action games in general, it could be worth it just so that they continue making awesome games and to show the developer support if you enjoyed their product. If you're on the fence just rent it/wait for a price drop, its simply not a game you want to miss out on.

    The highlight of the game is without a doubt the boss fights, oh my lord the boss fights.......take notes developers, this is how you do boss fights, the intro boss fight ALONE hands down beats if not equals any boss in a game worth noting, lets just say in action genre. Not to mention achievements for beating each "real" boss and take zero damage, 2/5 of which i have angry, very fun to just try yourself and not watch videos, like i took hours upon hours to finally beat the 2nd boss Monsoon with zero damage, the fight itself lasted a while as i was damaging him slowly and it was on the highest difficulty, but after watching a video i can now beat him in a few minutes with zero damage, with only a few attempts.

    I missed 1 little sub chapter right before his boss fight so missed out on the S rank for the entire chapter, but managed to no damage kill him within 2 attempts within minutes, once you know the best strategy, but the fun was figuring it out for myself, words cannot explain the euphoric feeling of finally beating something for yourself after hours of trying and many moments of frustration and many much needed breaks in between, really the Monsoon battle will hurt your thumbs not to mention your eyes if going for a no damage run.

    The game gets a 5/5 from me, as in whatever types of games you like just try it out anyway, its a must play, but maybe not at the full price tag for everybody, can easily beat it multiple times just by renting it. Great over the top action, amazing boss fights that will be hard to top, not to mention HOW ALL HACK AND SLASH GAMES NEED TO BE IN THE FUTURE, sorry for caps. laugh The soundtrack is pretty much perfectly fitting for the game and i swear all of the songs themselves are programmed to crescendo/break into a sick guitar solo/vocal mix at the perfect time during boss fights.

    Seriously, the worst thing i can say about the game is it ruins most other games, forever i will be thinking....."why can't i just go slow motion and slice this guy up into a million pieces?", throw Raiden from MGR into ANY game, ANY setting, ANY time, and he would make it freaking awesome.

    Edit: Will mention a few more negatives, a few camera issues, overly difficult VR missions (just try to beat them all with a gold medal and you'll soon find out), although i enjoy a challenge and probably too used to the easy games of today. One really annoying section is an easily miss-able sub chapter that involves spending like 10 minutes throwing 1 EMP grenade followed by 1 rocket repeated like 30-40 times because you literally can't get near the Mech and the only way to kill it with zero damage is really slow and boring, not to mention difficult to perfect while taking zero damage, which makes it far easier to get an S rank, not really complaining about difficulty just mentioning it for completionists/people who really enjoy a challenge, just that one sub chapter is so poorly designed its just pure annoying.
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    "Never have I cut so many people up in such a short amount of time"

    Video Review


    Produced by a dream team collaboration between Kojima and Platinum, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was destined for greatness. Kojima enlisted Platinum for their expertise in the hack 'n slash genre, being the creators of the unique and sexy Bayonetta. They felt that Platinum would be their best shot at being able to create a game solely based around the infamous blade wielding Raiden character. I must confess that I have actually only played Metal Gear Solid 4, but from my basic understanding of the franchise Raiden hasn't been a playable character since Metal Gear Solid 2. It is also my understanding that Raiden wasn't a very well received character until MGS4. I must say though in this new game Raiden is the epitome of awesomeness.


    As previously mentioned this title focuses on Raiden, and his own little solo story. On the timeline of the Metal Gear Franchise this game takes place after the events of Guns of the Patriots. While the actual story is a bit lackluster and over the top. The gorgeously animated cimematics and the level of character given, saves the story from becoming dull and boring. For anyone curious though the basic plot revolves around Raiden trying to prevent the creation of child cyborgs. Everything about this game is fast-paced and the feats Raiden performs are absolutely insane. From jumping off the tops of missiles heading towards you, to literally running down sides of buildings dodging bits of debris. Level designs offer a decent amount of variety, but usually range from fighting in the streets of a city to the confines of indoor advanced looking facilities.

    The game is presented with a very gritty, dirty, faded colors look. Which allows the game to look realistic, something that is very much needed considering the game is based around a futuristic version of our own world. In the game there are actual references to catastrophic events that have already happened. While I feel the overall presentation of the game had a very good vibe to it, the actual detail put into the graphics was a bit inconsistent. At times I was impressed especially with the level of detail put into Raiden himself. Then there were other times where certain things just failed to look anything more than decent. I do have to say, that I was delighted with the quality and length of the many cut-scenes strewn through the course of this game. Along with the beautiful in-game animations accompanied by the combat.

    Gameplay/Fun Factor

    Combat is where this game truly shines, which taking into consideration that this is a hack'n slash game makes this ideal. Anyone who has followed anything about this game has probably heard about its (in my opinion) most desirable feature. That feature is known as Blade Mode, which grants the player the ability to cut foes and many environmental objects any which way. Meaning, want to cut just a guys foot off?, well you're in luck because with one well aimed slice that foot can be severed, not only that but the severing is done at exactly at the same angle, direction, and placement directed by the slice. This allows the player to be able to decimate any enemy into little tiny chunks. It also allows the player to say slice a car in half or turn it into a convertible by cutting off the top. The ability to cut the environment is mostly just added in to give the user a bit of fun. At times though it can also advantageous, say to cut the support beams holding up a platform of enemies, or to cut a fence or doorway blocking ones path.

    Blade mode is activated by holding the left trigger after the meter is sufficiently charged, and using the dual joysticks to aim and direct the slicing. When activated time slows down allowing the player to begin their decimation. The developers were very smart with the inclusion of this feature and turned it into a fun necessary action, instead of just a chore. I wasn't joking when I said its necessary because performing a specific move called a Zandatsu whilst in blade mode, will replenish your health, along with the meter used to perform Blade Mode. A Zandatsu is performed by slicing an opponent in a specific area displayed by a red box surrounding said area. If sliced correctly the player can then press the button prompt flashing on the screen to rip out the core of the enemy and restore themselves to pristine condition.

    There are a few slight issues one could gripe about surrounding the combat. None of these issues really bothered me, but I feel I should shed light on them. First off, due to how pivotal Blade Mode is to the overall combat mechanics, the player is forced to use it a lot. Some could possibly complain that having to activate this feature so often takes them out of the flow of combat. On top of that the Zandatsu animation can become slightly annoying because essentially it's the same animation every time, with only slight variations when performing it on different enemy types. I could see people finding this repetitious although I finished two play throughs and never really felt this way. Another issue, again with the Blade Mode is that sometimes when slicing people, or objects some of the pieces of those objects occasionally will stay floating in the air instead of adhering to gravity. This is a very small issue and seeing as this is the first I've seen the blade mode feature in a game ever, its originality impresses me enough to overlook its flaws. Although if they make a sequel or decide to utilize this feature again in another game I expect it to be further polished, thus eliminating the small glitches accompanied with it. The cut up objects also tend to disappear rather quickly, something that also has to be overlooked seeing as this is done to keep the game running properly. Hopefully the next generation of consoles will allow for more tasks and objects on-screen at once to fix this. The final complaint one could have lies in the strange way the blocking/parrying is handled. Before I get into that too much though I'll explain how the basic combat functions. It's very typical consisting of light and heavy attacks restricted to two buttons, with timing and button combinations being the dictator of combos. All of this is pretty basic and expected in a hack' n slash, but the Blocking/Parrying is handled solely by pressing the light attack button along with moving the Left Joystick in the direction the enemy is attacking from. In the beginning I found my only form of defensive attached to the same button as my light attack to be rather cumbersome. In some ways I still feel that way, but after playing the game more I saw the advantages of having block conveniently mapped to a button that my fingers rarely strayed from. It kind of allowed for the combat to feel more fluid.

    The biggest issue that most people can't deny is the iffy camera, mixed together with a very basic targeting system. Personally I don't mind a game that has a slightly uncooperative camera, perhaps this is because I've spent a lot of time playing games that have atrocious cameras. The camera featured in this game isn't all that bad it just has the occasional fixation with areas or enemies you do not wish to focus on, along with becoming bogged down when fighting near corners and walls. I actually am still unsure whether this issue was completely the camera's fault or if it was aided by a jerky and at times inconsistent targeting system. Now I don't want you to think this game has a terrible camera because it doesn't, but I also don't want you to think it's as smooth as butter. Actually the closest game I can think of comparing this camera issue with is the Ninja Gaiden series. Which, is perhaps why the camera in this game didn't frustrate me because I've dumped well over 100 hours into Ninja Gaiden 2.

    This game doesn't just resemble Ninja Gaiden in terms of camera actually if someone asked me what this game played like, I'd have a hard time not comparing it to Ninja Gaiden. It resembles it through difficulty, bosses, use and activation of sub weapons, basic combat structure, plus Raiden kinda in a way reminded me of Ryu. I'm definitely not complaining that it has some resemblances to Ninja Gaiden, because that's perfectly fine by me seeing as Ninja Gaiden is perhaps my favorite hack 'n slash series.

    Sub-weapons in this game range from Rocket Launchers to 3-D holgraphic devices that display a female model meant to distract enemies. This is where the game begins to give some fan service, by attempting to blend stealth, and making references to the Metal Gear Solid series. I believe that attempting to blend stealth with the over the top action was an extremely smart call. In certain segments, where the enemies are not already aware of your presence. Raiden is able to use his many sub-weapons inspired and taken from previous Metal Gear games to lure and dispatch his enemies stealthily with a Ninja Kill. A Ninja Kill is simply a type of execution that can be activated from above or behind an unsuspecting foe, one that is shown by a quick cinematic. It would have been nice if they would included a few more Ninja Kill animation in order to prevent repetition. That's a very minor complaint though especially because, majority of player probably won't utilize stealth much, preferring to engage their foes head on. As I said including stealth was very smart, but I feel like it could of been expanded on a bit more. Trying to be stealthy in this game is almost too difficult seeing as the AI are very quick to detect you. Because, of this most people won't utilize the stealth. Perhaps I am wrong and thinking this, and they did this on purpose as to make people realize that this is supposed to be a full on action game with stealth being second.

    One thing I have to praise this game for is its awesome boss battles. The bosses in this game particularly the bosses of lesser scale. Meaning the human like opponents, not the huge hulking robots are the most intense, fun to fight, and well thought out bosses I've encountered in a long time. I've always preferred these types of boss battles where your enemy has a similar set of moves as you. Leaving you to work out attack patterns that work. These bosses reminded me of boss battles from older Devil May Cry games and from the first two Ninja Gaiden games. Each boss has a lot of character, and is completely unique. The fights have great pacing, and utilize the Blade Mode in some undeniably smart ways. My only complaint is that there aren't many of these fights in the game.


    Another gripe that certain people will care more about than others is that the campaign is extraordinarily short. I prefer to think of it as short and sweet, but that doesn't change the fact that an average normal play through will only range from 4-6 hours. This is only really a deal breaker for people who only plan on doing one playthrough. Luckily the game is designed to be played multiple times. By that I mean that the upgrade system, which is used to enhance the various different weapons along with purchasing costumes etc, will take I'm guessing at least 3 playthroughs to purchase everything. I am unsure of exactly how much extra content can be unlocked in the shop, but doing certain tasks such as collecting things will unlock special weapons, and costumes. Some of the extra content unlocked can make the higher difficulties slightly easier. For example there is a wig that enables an unlimited supply of all sub weapons. Actually I enjoyed my second play through of the game more so than my first. This was mostly because I had more powerful weapons at my disposal. For those of you thinking that beefing up your character will make the highest difficulty a cakewalk would be wrong. The highest difficulty will still be a pain, because from what I played of the Revengeance difficutly Raiden dies in 1 or 2 hits even from normal enemies.

    The voice over work in this game ranges from bad, decent, to great. It really just depended on which character was talking. Personally I loved Raiden's voice over work, while the acting wasn't without flaws, his voice is just so unique. It really helps to define him as a character, if you heard that voice years from now you would instantly know it was Raiden. Honestly, I have a hard time even trying to describe his voice. It's sort of like a deep raspy gay robot sound yet at the same time it sounds bad ass, if that even possible from the way I just described it. The background music that kicks in during the boss fights is absolutely awesome to listen to and help intensify the battle. Much like the music from the recently released DmC. Although, personally I liked the music in this game more. Fans will be happy to know that the infamous sounds for getting spotted, along with the cell phone ring remain in this new entry. All of these small bits of fan service were smartly included. Oh and before I forget yes you can still crawl around under a cardboard box in this game!


    Swordplay has never been so engaging, gory, and fun. Never have I cut so many people up in such a short amount of time. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance successfully creates an over the top action action game. One which is truly deserving of the Cyborg Raiden we saw strictly through cinematics in Metal Gear Solid 4. This is one of the best hack 'n slash games I have played in recent years. The Blade Mode feature is above and beyond my original expectations, and is implemented surprisingly well into the structure of the game. Actually, its going to be weird when I play my next hack 'n slash game, because I won't be able to slice and dice with such precision. It makes me wish every game in this genre would include a similar feature. In-game animations are a truly remarkable sight to behold, so smooth and fast. While the plot itself is a bit lame the amount of character displayed in the gorgeous cinematics save it from being a bore-fest. The game has the occasional graphical hiccup, along with a combat system that some may feel becomes repetitious or lacks fluidity. The most notable issue in this game lies in the inconsistent camera and basic targeting system. Revengeance attempts to blend stealth into its action, for the most part succeeds. Fan service is placed throughout this game very well. Which allows it to remain completely original, but still able to give a few nods towards its source material. The game is undeniably short, but is rewarding enough to keep players playing, which in turn increase its overall length. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is an obvious purchase for fans of the genre or the Metal Gear Franchise. Although due to its short campaign a lot of people could probably get what they want out of it in a rental.


    + Ground breaking Blade Mode feature, that's cleverly implemented into the combat
    + Awesome Boss Battles
    + Fan Service
    + Crazy Action
    + Rewarding
    + Gorgeous cinematics with great character
    + Raiden is a Bad Ass
    + Awesome Animations


    - Short
    - Camera and Targeting Issues
    - Dull Plot
    - Occasional Graphical Hiccups
    - More Execution Animations would have been Ideal

  • CassiopeiaGamesCassiopeiaGames162,562
    08 Apr 2013 08 Apr 2013
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    This review was originally posted on Gamin' Girl which I own

    External image

    The newest instalment to the Metal Gear franchise takes you out on a journey that offers an alternative future where corrupt politicians, controlled media and above all, heavy machinery rules.

    When the game was showcased at E3 it created a lot of hype, mainly due to the new effect that makes it possible for the player to slice up everything into pieces in a pattern that the player almost fully can control.

    External image

    You are playing as Raiden (also known as Jack the Ripper). We met him for the first time in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (here’s my review for the Vita version), where we’re told he was one of the best child soldiers in the civil war – he became a platoon leader as a ten year old, earning several nicknames along the way such as “White Devil” and “Jack the Ripper”. After the war he was recruited by the Patriots, who used him to test the S3 plan at the Big Shell. While working for the Paradise Lost Army later on, he was captured and underwent heavy cybernetic experimentation, which explains his current state as cyborg.

    Competition is fierce
    Raiden is now working for a private military organisation, in the game being the working police force. His firm have been hired to secure an African prime minister of a political recovering country, and Raiden have been assigned as the leading head of the dispatched division, also making him the responsible. Problems occur when another private army had taken the job of killing the prime minister – and getting the job done. Injured and furious, Raiden is determined to find the reason as to why someone wanted the prime minister killed, and who.

    External image

    Early in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, you discover that he isn’t just a killing machine, but there’s humanity left, despite that Raiden is more machine than human. He aims for world peace, and through him, you take up the fight. There’s a couple great plot twists along the way, even to the point where you actually can relate to the character and feel.

    The new instalment to the series is getting a seriously fresh paint to such an extent that it feels like it takes distance to the predecessors. There’s only a few instances where you get the option of sneaking through and even then the game encourages you to spring into the action and slice your foes. Most of the game consists of moving from one part to another, meeting a group of enemies, defeat them and move on – of course interrupted by cutscenes and dialogues to give a certain depth to the game.

    Throughout the game you acquire different things such as a whole new cyborg body, weapons and extended life. Your main weapon – which you cannot unequip – is a high frequency blade that you can slice up everything with when in blade mode. A mode that you can turn on and off at will, but tied to a powerbar that will regenerate when hitting opponents. This mode is this games trademark, and it was used to hype up the game already in the reveal trailer – and for most of us, it worked. It’s still a shame that this game got the Metal Gear stamp, as it would have worked fine without it, and it would not have sliced the throat of a beloved franchise, leaving it wounded in the process.

    Meeting all the great and almighty
    The boss fights is actually rage inducing to such an extent that I numerous times wanted to throw my controller at my TV – and I am normally a very calm gamer, not many games can make me rage this hard. Sometimes they felt invincible and unbeatable which was the cause of my frustration, which made several boss fights feeling like the last one in the game. Of course, I eventually figured out the right strategy and was able to make them eat dirt in the end.

    External image

    Graphics are pretty good and with some nice details as well. For example the bodies you disassemble does have some sort of structure inside, giving a vague impression that the bodies have organs. Of course, most if not all, bodies you take on are cyborgs, so it’s more like electrical circuits and processors rather than veins and muscles that are being exposed, but the details still appear.

    Rock on!
    Soundtrack is actually consistent of decent music, suiting the situation you’re in. Boss fights are spiced up with either up-beat heavy rock music or uptown music, depending on what type of boss you’re up against. Voice-over is on par with every other great titles out there, so Platinum Games have done a really great job of casting the right people. Quinton Flynn, who voiced Raiden in MGS 2 and 4, as well as in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has been casted as our overgrowing hero with a furious mind.

    As a hack-n-slash game it is as dazzling as the next triple A title. I just wished the game was a little more fluctuating than it turns out to be – for example in one cutscene, Raiden is driving a car, in another he’s driving a motorcycle. Why not let the player drive for a few minutes? As always, Hideo Kojima have had a hand in the game as Producer, and his humor is shining through occasionally, being it in dialogues or cutscenes. At one point I actually had to pause the game and laugh, coughing my lungs up – though I was sick, so that had a part of it as well. The game delivers the expected, but it still deserves the battering from Metal Gear fans, as the series has abandoned the beloved stealth action that was a trademark of the earlier games in the series. New Game+ and the achievement/trophy list are encouraging players to replay the game, and that affects my score of replayability.

    Hit; The idea of cutting through things in angles directly chosen by the player is unique and Platinum Games has done a marvelous job of making it easy and accessible.

    Miss; It didn’t annoy me, but it might have annoyed others. Slicing through cardboard boxes and containers revealed the shortcut that the developers had taken, no real details to be astonished about.

    Need; More variation could have made this game even more fun, letting the player fly the planes or driving the cars instead of keeping that to not-playable cutscenes only.
    External image