Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Posted on 30 December 11 at 07:32
Please use this thread to discuss the Metal Gear Solid HD walkthrough
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Posted on 26 May 12 at 10:39
Whoever is writing this walkthrough just message me if you want help with anything, love this game and i have the official walkthroughs for the game so i can look stuff up in them.
Dynamite Andy
Dynamite Andy
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Posted on 14 June 12 at 21:40
Looking forward to this one also!
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Posted on 28 August 13 at 16:43
So.... been over a year since the last post in this thread even and still no walkthrough...
Ergo Me Smart
Ergo Me Smart
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Posted on 28 October 13 at 14:40
Looking for a new owner. Some work done.

If interested, post in this thread or PM me or thirtysmooth
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Posted on 22 August 14 at 14:32
Status of walkthrough?
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Posted on 15 September 14 at 10:56
Filip36365 said:Status of walkthrough?lifebringer23 has just taken ownership of this walkthrough, so he's be better suited to answering this.
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Posted on 19 May 15 at 23:22
Any info on the walkthrough? Just got the game on sale and some achievements look pretty missable.
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Posted on 16 September 15 at 11:05
Any update, will this ever get done?
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Posted on 06 December 15 at 05:38
anything new? I want to start this game but would like a walkthrough.

Can you send me whats done so far as it could help.
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Posted on 06 December 15 at 05:40
I know I was apart of this before, but if anyone takes this walkthrough and needs some help, I can help out again.
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Posted on 18 August 16 at 03:54, Edited on 13 March 17 at 19:59 by IronInfidel47
Alright everyone, I'm now writing the walkthrough, and I've gotta say (no offense to previous owners) I'm surprised how little has been done in the five years since it's been worked on.

If you've seen my Just Cause 1/3 walkthroughs, it should be of that style, and if you have any questions or suggestions you can post it here.

March 2017 Edit:
I've decided to clear up some of my own posts that are redundant with the inclusion of that big list post a few posts down. Basically, everything in the walkthrough will be my own, and I expect the WT to be done in May or earlier. The WT has improved tremendously since the condition it was given to me in, and I look forward to its release. Here's a link to everything I've posted in relation to the MGS walkthroughs so far (I'm also in charge of Peace Walker):
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Posted on 23 August 16 at 10:20
Be sure this thread is followed smile I hope you will finish this WT - no matter how long it takes considering the content to be covered.
Piston Toyota
Piston Toyota
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Posted on 24 August 16 at 04:42
I'm certainly keeping an eye on this. I've probably played MGS2 around a dozen times across all it's releases and I still can never keep track of all those damn Dog Tags, so a complete guide would be a huge help, and I'm in dire need of some VR mission help.

Take your time, if it's as complete as it sounds like it'll be it will be worth the wait.
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Posted on 08 September 16 at 17:45, Edited on 08 September 16 at 17:46 by MattiasAnderson
You are awesome! How much longer do you think it will take? I am a big fan of the series and a walkthrough of this game is really nice.
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Posted on 27 October 16 at 05:01
Looking forward to seeing a Walkthrough posted!
Wanderer128 - See this Thread!!!:
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Posted on 28 December 16 at 21:50, Edited on 21 June 17 at 05:30 by IronInfidel47
I've decided I'm going to just leave a single post here and edit it to show what still has to be done or slightly edited, so this thread is cleaner. I've gotten rid of some of my useless posts as well.

The walkthrough has been sent in for review, this comment will no longer be updated.

Anything that I've made videos of for the MGS series so far can be found here.
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
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Posted on 03 March 17 at 01:44
Looking forward to seeing this, holding off on starting till there's a decent hub of information to use at the very least.
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Posted on 06 June 17 at 23:07
If you ever come across any Calorie Mate in a Japanese store like Marukai or something, I only recommend the cheese flavored ones.
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Posted on 21 June 17 at 05:34
The walkthrough has been sent in for review. I still don't know how the review process works but Peace Walker took about a week; this walkthrough has a lot more in it so hopefully it won't take even longer than that.

I guess this is my last comment in here until someone else comments something post-publication. If anyone here has actually been following the updates then I appreciate that someone's actually been paying attention to these and it wasn't just useless. I hope that you all find the walkthrough to be better than you expected, and better than any other walkthrough out there for these games.
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