Metal Gear Survive Reviews

  • Willie FuegoWillie Fuego466,764
    07 Jun 2019 11 Sep 2019
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    Metal Gear Survive is a vastly underrated game. While it admittedly lacks the enormous ambition and scope of MGSV: The Phantom Pain, that is an unfair comparison. This is simply not a traditional Metal Gear title, but rather a resource gathering base defense game, with some RPG-like elements. In this regard, the survival elements are present to apply additional environmental stress on the player, but are not (and should not) be considered the central gameplay mechanic. Rather, the focus is on building up your character and toolset for performing base defenses, both in single player and online.

    Progression through the relatively short campaign will quickly make "survival" readily manageable. Although your character starts the game with very few tools, skills, and attributes available, a quick jaunt into multiplayer will provide significant resources for quickly leveling up your character's abilities. If you are finding advancing through the campaign onerous or difficult, a few successful multiplayer runs can quickly bolster your character to provide the help you need.

    Further, unlocking base facilities through the campaign will allow you to build more powerful weapons and equipment that you can take back into multiplayer to tackle even harder challenges, level your character further, and obtain new weapon and gear crafting recipes. Perhaps more than most games, Metal Gear Survive is best played by devoting equal time to its single player campaign and its multiplayer system, as success in one significantly benefits you in the other. Konami deserves credit for effectively weaving these two elements together.

    In short, if you have enjoyed gameplay in the Fox Engine in previous Metal Gear titles, Metal Gear Survive is a fun sandbox in which to play with a wide variety of toys. Whereas previous Metal Gear games highly reward stealth (which discourages the player from using explosives and other murder machines), the focus on base defense in Metal Gear Survive lets you take the gloves off, and pew-pew to your heart's content with lots of different weapon types, gadgets, and traps in both single-player and multiplayer coop modes. Given that the game is presently available for only $30, I can easily say that I got my money's worth with Metal Gear Survive, and would encourage folks to give it a try.