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Posted on 18 March 11 at 15:15
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I believe that Metal Slug needs no introduction. This is a series that has been kicking ass since 1996, and is still going strong. Currently somewhere on its 10th or so installment (I think?), the fast and frantic arcade side-scroller still holds up.

Metal Slug 3, originally released in 2000, as well as being the last Metal Slug game made by SNK before they reformed as SNK Playmore, is considered by many to be the best game in the series. Thanks in no small part to multiple paths, huge levels, frantic action, and a brutal (yet motivating) difficulty.

Taking place across 5 distinct levels (with the 5th being longer than the first 4 COMBINED), Metal Slug 3 clocks in at about an hour length, or shorter if you're more familiar with the game. You'll fight everything from killer crabs, zombies, soldiers, and even killer plants. Luckily for you, you've got several different weapons to slaughter them with, including a machine gun, laser, and the awkwardly pronounced rocket launcher (as "Rawket Lawnchair").

You've also got a good deal of vehicles at your disposal to deal death, including a camel (with mounted machine gun), submarine, and of course, the classic Metal Slug tank. All while blasting through hordes of enemies and saving prisoners of war that look like homeless guys. I still call them hobos to this day.

Like any good arcade game, Metal Slug 3 was designed to kick your ass so you'd pump quarters into it constantly, and that theory holds true here. Unless you're in a vehicle, anything will kill you in one shot, and there's no way to get extra lives. Thankfully, you do have the option of infinite continues, so it's more than possible to beat the game.

Is there anything wrong with Metal Slug 3? Aside from the inhuman difficulty, not really. The lack of a stage select or save state option hurts. Metal Slug Anthology, released in 2007 for the Wii, PSP, and PS2 had that. That version also had blood, where as this version has... uh, sweat. It's not a gamebreaker by any means, but it's an odd design choice for this version. Online co-op is also hysterically laggy, from my experiences.

If you're an achievement whore, stay the hell away from Metal Slug 3. Half the achievements alone require you to beat each of the levels without a single death ("Without any miss" is textbook engrish), and unless you have some serious skill (and a lot of luck too), you'll never pull it off. The remainder of the achievements are simple by comparison, but there's a high likelihood you'll never finish the game without nerves of steel.

At an entry price of 800MSP (10 bucks), Metal Slug 3 is a bit of a head-scratcher. For a 45 minute long game, you might think it’s not worth the money. However, if you take into consideration how many times this game will kick your ass and force you to continue, the cost is nothing. More features, such as unlockables, would have been welcome additions.

It's not the definitive port. Metal Slug Anthology did it a year earlier and did it better: It had save states, blood, and additional unlockable extras. Here, all you get is the great game that destroyed your confidence when you played it in the arcade. If you think games today are "too easy," play Metal Slug 3 and prepare to lose whatever confidence you had.

- Killer Arcade Action!
- No more wasting quarters!
- Intense pacing
- Challenging, but not always frustrating
- Co-op action!

Not so good:
- Price point a little steep
- Lack of a save feature/stage select
- No blood
- BRUTAL difficulty
- Laggy online co-op
- Nightmarishly hard achievements

- Nah.
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