Metro 2033 Redux Reviews

  • StiltongrenadeStiltongrenade608,027
    04 May 2019
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    I liked the original Metro 2033 but I felt certain design flaws let it down in places, the Redux version is a far superior update, incorporating the mechanics from Last Light to make the game accessible.

    Such improved mechanics include: Stealth takedowns. A light on the protagonists wristwatch to indicate visibility and being able to choose weapon attachments. (Originally, if one wanted a weapon with a scope or a suppressor, they would be sold as two separate weapons or both on one if lucky.)

    The story is a desolate tale across a radioactive Russia, human life being stuck in the underground Metro, showing the hardships of life, the hideous mutants prowling the toxic areas and the more stupid humans killing over ideology.

    A flawed debut vastly enhanced for a new generation.