7. Metro 2033 Redux Chapter 4Update notes

Level Frontline

Right this level has three specific achievements linked to it. Two can be obtained in one sitting and the other in another sitting.

I will first describe the one where you get the two achievements. This is for not killing anyone (you can knock them out) and for saving the red army prisoners. Some people report that you have to do the level without reloading any checkpoints for the achievement with no kills to count, however I did personally reload after a number of mistakes, so don't be put off if you have to reload. You can always come back when you've completed the game to do these achievements. The important parts are the moral points and the diary.

For those who prefer videos, the one linked is again from Maka91 and although doesn't show the moral points it does show how to sneak through the level.

When the level starts, turn the light off to your left and sneak up to the railcar in front of you. Hide behind it and listen to the entire speech for a moral point.

Now turn around and make your way to the end of the tunnel, switching off any light on the way. You will see two guards, one is heavily armed. Hide to the left in an alcove for the light armoured guard to approach and knock him out. Wait for the heavily armoured guard to walk away, then crouch and sneak towards where the guards originally were. You will see a red box on the wall. Open this for a moral point. If you are quick you can open the box on the table below the red box to get night vision goggles. Now turn around and return back to the beginning of the level.

Look to the left to see a stairway leading down. Head down and hide next to some sandbags and listen to the two guards having a conversation, at the end of which you'll receive a moral point.

Turn around as soon as the conversation ends and move forward until you see a bridge on your left. Make your way over this and turn the light off on the pillar. You will hear an officer and guard torturing someone. You can't do anything about this, so turn left and make your way up the metal stairs. As you get to the top of these stairs you will hear guards talking. Listen to the conversation for a moral point.

One of the guards will walk off. As you move forward you can interact with a generator. Switch this off and then quickly knock that guard out. Move into this area and look for a safe key near a pillar on the right side. Head through the door on the right and look to the left for a breaker. If it is showing green switch it off and head down stairs. Put on your gas mask and enter through the gate, getting you a moral point and also a safe. There is also a decent silenced weapon down here for later in the game if you want to take it.

Return to the area where the officer was torturing the prisoner and be careful for any guards. There is usually one on the bridge if you are quick knock him out and turn around to see another that you can quickly knock out. You will see the prisoners body on the floor. Move around the pillar and look to the right for a broken railing that you can jump over. You will then see some pipes that you can sprint jump onto. Make your way along the pipes and these will eventually lead to the ground floor. Feel free to use night vision goggles to help navigate.

Once on the ground floor it can get a bit difficult to find your way around, but essentially once you land on the ground floor from the pipes turn left and keep moving forward. Be very careful as there are 4 trip wires that need to be disarmed. If you don't you can void the achievement. Make your way through this area to a large pipe with ladders within; climb up these. Go through a gate and up the ladders on the left, making sure you crouch as you get up the ladders.

Now at the top of the ladders, look to your right to see a guard shouting at 3 prisoners. Sneak up quickly before he can kill any of them and knock him out to get a moral point and also to unlock:

Rescue Ranger

Save a group of Reds from Fascist captivity.

Rescue Ranger
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Turn around, move forward slightly and look to the left on the wall near the cell for a red box. Open it to get another moral point. Turn around and walk forward. On the wall to the right a little further up is a fuse board; switch it off and turn around and crouch. Open the door and crouch. Sneak your way up the stairs and switch off the light. Head out onto the track and turn right and immediately right again to go into a pit running alongside the track. Sneak along this to prevent the guards seeing you.

When you get to the end of the pit, get back onto the track and turn right. Hug the left side of the wall and run. Aim for the 2nd alcove on the left; get in there; and hide before the armoured rail truck appears. Let it go past you, then sprint to the opposite side and crouch. Make your way to a sandbag on the right side of the track. Don't worry about the guard patrolling, as he doesn't spot you.

Turn right at the sandbag and head up some ladders. This leads to pipes above the room. Sneak across the pipes turning the lights off as you go. When safely across turn right and climb down the ladders. When you get down turn right and there will be a guard in the distance. If he has his back facing you, walk forward and turn right, then right again. You will see some boxes on the right of the track. Hide behind these because a guard will be making his way past. Knock this guard out, however ignore the one next to the fire. Just before the fire you will see an entrance on the left side. Head into this room and a guard will be patrolling the bookshelf. Wait and knock him out at the right opportunity. This room may also contain more guards. You will need to knock these out as in the far corner is another diary. When you approach the exit, open it and run down to the next room and open this door. If you've got through without killing anyone you will unlock:

Invisible man

Complete FRONTLINE level without killing anyone.

Invisible man
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You will get a cut scene ending this level. The other achievement for this level is for killing everyone, including the red prisoners you previously saved. I would personally just wait till you've completed the game and then select this level from main menu to mop up the last achievement.

Again for those who like, a video from Random Chievo's.

At the start turn around and kill the two guys at the end of the tunnel and then just go as loudly as you can. The first missable area is where the first machine gun nest is. Directly behind this is a small area. In this small area to the left are two guards sleeping on roll mats. Make sure you open up on them.

The second missable area is where the Russian prisoners are that you previously saved, you must wait for the guard to kill the first one. Once he is dead kill the guard. Finish off the remaining two prisoners. Just progress through the rest of the level using as much noise as possible, which should result in you killing everyone. If successful you will unlock:


On the level FRONTLINE kill all of the enemy Red Army and Fascist Soldiers.

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Level Trolley Combat

You wake up and watch a small cut scene. After being rescued follow them to an armoured railcar. You will now be in control of the gun for this next section. It can be a little awkward to get used to, but essentially you are now going to be shooting all enemies including other armoured railcars. Always aim for the gunner and they will eventually explode.

The only really difficult part of this comes after you hear him shout about a Panzer tank. You will come to a stop and then you are ambushed. Unfortunately there are no secret tricks to this part it comes down to a combination of accuracy and luck. My tip is to find where the guards pop up from, aim for the heads and just move the gun left to right continually. Eventually you will get through this hell hole. Also be careful of the gun overheating.

Once you get through the area, you follow your new friend to another railcar. In one of the rooms (just before the railcar) there are a number of filing cabinets on the left side of the room with the diary on top of them. Turn around and make your way through a door. Look for a safe key straight in front of you and the safe is directly to the left with 150 'military' ammo within. Now make your way on to the railcar by returning the way you came and interacting with it finishing the level.

Level Depot

You start in the railcar. This will go around two bends, first to the right and then to the left. While it is doing this hold cn_Y and select a weapon that allows you to use 'military' ammo. After you hear your friend say, "Should be deserted but be ready for anything", look in the distance for a shadow and shoot away. If you kill the person in front you will unlock:


On the level DEPOT silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.

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Now reload the checkpoint to save your ammo. You have to defend the railcar against Nosalis and human enemies. There is an ammo in a box next to you. Feel free to ignore the human enemies, but kill the Nosalis that try and get into the railcar. Eventually the railcar will crash.

After crashing proceed forward till you see an abandoned train. Head down the right side and be careful for trip wires. Once you've reached the end look for the entrance and jump in the train. Walk to the very end of the train car and find a diary near a corpse. Pick it up and make your way out of the train and back up the side. Look for a broken pipe in the floor and drop into this and head left. The other way does lead to some ammo. Making your way through the pipe leads to the next level.

Level Defense

Approach a group of humans called the Children of the Underground and help them defend their camp against the Nosalis. There is an ammo cache if you are running short.

Once the battle is over make sure you approach the captain. Listen to him and take the emergency broadcast tape by interacting with him when he holds his hand out. This gives you a moral point. You need to now continue playing until you at least get to the tape player to broadcast the message otherwise you won't unlock that specific achievement, as reloading chapters for that achievement doesn't work for some users.

After collecting the tape walk through and look for a wooden ramp to walk up. Make your way up there and a diary is on top of the bunk beds. Progress forward through the flames to the point where you will find Lurkers. Take a left and then a right. Walk forward through a small room with sandbag barriers. In the next area keep walking forward till you can walk left through an area well on fire, then turn left again.

Walk along with a building on your right till you see a small wooden staircase to your right. Walk up these stairs into the building you were walking along. Walk all the way to the end and on the floor on the right side is a diary.

Jump through the gap and use your compass to point you in the right direction. Keep following the compass till you hear a kid crying and you'll listen to him talk to his uncle. Eventually you agree to get this kid back to his mum. In this room is a diary which is found behind where the kid is.

Now just make your way through the level until you end up delivering the kid to his mum. When she offers you a magazine decline this for a moral point. Follow the old man into the next area and look to the train car immediately in front and to the left of you there is a diary here.

The armoury here is a place you can buy a VSV if you need to, but again hold off till you complete the game to save your 'military' ammo. Make your way to the blast doors to end the level.

Level Outpost

Start off by putting on your gas mask. Move forward and look to your right to see a small wooden shack. Use this as an area to hide and start attacking the enemies. Once you clear this part walk to the back hugging the left side and you will find a ramp to walk up. Make your way up this and just before the stairs leading to the top level look to your left and you will see a pipe leading to a makeshift wooden bridge across to the other side. You may get two enemies from the top level attacking you, so kill them and then carefully make your way over the pipe and over the wooden bridge . To the right on a box is a diary. Head back across the pipe and up the stairs.

As you get to the top of the stairs turn right and look for a large gap in the wall to your left where there are some bush/trees. Walk through these and you will see a large JCB. Jump up this and along the arm. Look to the left when you get to the top of the arm and climb the ladder. At the top of the ladder turn right and look for the wooden shack. Sneak to this to avoid attention from the Demon. You will see a tape player within, interact with it to get a moral point and also unlock:

DJ Artyom

On the level OUTPOST reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message.

DJ Artyom
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This is a perfect point to kill the Demon, so sneak around and either throw a grenade or flame grenade and open fire. Once you kill it, reload the checkpoint and make your way back up to kill the Demon again to unlock Inquisitor.


Kill 2 demons.

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Now run past where the Demon was and look for a slope leading to the building below. Head down and exit the room. In the following corridor are two trip wires. Disarm these and look for the room to the left as this contains a diary. Leave this room, turn left and drop down into the floor below and kill the guards.

Now using your compass, follow it to lead you to the end. You will have to fight several enemies and avoid Demons. When you are in the open use the gaps in the ground near the cars to hide. Look for a large single decker bus/coach and a large spotlight and make your way to the tunnel to end the level.

Level Black Station

There is one achievement linked to this level and that is not to kill or knock anyone out. This isn't as hard as it sounds. For those who prefer a video, this is a link from Maka91 although this does not include any diary entries or moral points so will not follow my written guide.

At the beginning of this level if you didn't pick up the night vision goggles earlier you will find some to the left of where you speak to Ulman.

Turn right be careful for the cans on a string and keep an eye for the two trip wires. Disarm them and sneak to the right side of the sandbags. Listen to the guards' conversation for a moral point. Once the conversation ends, sneak to the left and wait for the guard to leave and in the area they were chatting is a diary for you to pick up.

Leave this area by turning right and then turn left. Switch off the light on the wall. Edge forward and wait for the guard to go past then turn right. Hug the wall to the right, edging yourself into an alcove on the right, and listen to the guards conversation for a moral point. Once the conversation ends move to the right and wait for the guard to move past you. Now walk through the open doorway where they were, making sure you turn the light off as you pass it. Move round to the right of this room and using a throwing knife destroy the light on the ceiling. Turn right and jump up on the pipes and sneak across jumping down to leave you at the top of an escalator.

Move forward and switch off the light, then walk through the gate in the middle. This next area has a lot of moral points but also a lot of guards. When you enter the area make sure you are crouching. You will hear the guards talking about Metro 2, a conversation leading to a moral point. Look to your left and you will see a guard leaning against a box. Look to the right of him and switch off the light on the floor now retreat back to where you were.

A guard will now be throwing knives into a board. Wait for a guard to walk behind him. Study the path he walks as that is the direction you want to be heading. Slowly follow him and look in the distance where you will see an open doorway that is lit up. When the guard you were following turns right around the sandbags be very careful not to be detected and walk towards the direction of the open doorway, but hug the scaffolding to the right and walk to the corner. Edge close to the open doorway but stay to the right of it and you will get another moral point. In the mean time you would have already got another moral point without knowing. Now wait till the two guards stop talking about Metro 2 by saying "interesting legend" and you will receive another moral point.

It now does not matter if you get caught as long as you don't kill or knock anyone out, so head forward to the right of the shelves. Make your way round the wooden box to the right into another room with tools on the floor. Turn right into a red corridor and turn right again immediately, looking for a hole in the floor. Drop through this and progress through the tunnel. When you see a log held up by rope, jump over this and disarm the wire trap. At the end turn left up some stairs. Move through some cobwebs and turn left and immediately left to find a corpse with a diary.

Continue through the level. Don't worry there are no guards anymore. When you meet up with Ulman on a railcar you will get a moral point if you didn't harm anyone and also unlock:


Complete the level BLACK STATION without killing or knocking out any enemies.

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You will now have a vision. Make sure you head to the Dark One to get yourself a moral point.

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