Metro 2033 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

There's not much to give you in the form of tips, I've tried to make the walkthrough as straightforward as possible, however there is something information which I need to share and a few tips that might help some users.


We'll be making use of an exploit in the game to unlock all the higher difficulty related achievements and so it doesn't matter which difficulty you play through the game on. With that in mind I'd recommend that you play through on the easiest setting (which is "Easy" - Not "Ranger Easy").


There are 3 achievements which I don't explain much about during the walkthrough. I've purposely left them out as they're known to be buggy and unlock at various points, for example while the last place you can unlock the "Metro Dweller" achievement is in Chapter 6, I unlocked it in Chapter 2. Because of this I'll be explaining what you need to do for a these achievements on this page.

• "Metro Dweller" achievement:

For the above achievement you need to talk to and interact with as many people/objects in stations as possible. When listening to people talk to you, keep listening until they start to repeat themselves. When you knock a door, if someone responds keep knocking until they stop answering or start to repeat themselves.

While I haven't listed every possible interaction throughout the walkthrough what I have done is listed this achievement below the relevant parts of the game. So for example, on the Chapter 2 page under the "Part 1: Riga" it will say; "Metro Dweller Interactions" - Whenever you see this, it means this area has interactions related to the "Metro Dweller" achievement and so you should talk to and interact with as many things as possible.

• "Explorer" achievement:

This achievement is a little more complicated as there's a lot of confusion about how much you need to do in order to unlock it. All I can say for certain is that in every area, explore as much of the area as you possibly can. Always look out for any kind of hidden areas you might be able to access. If you come across a dead body you should loot it. Be on the look out for ammo crates; when you find them pick up what you can (and so on).

• "Enlightened" achievement:

This much like the two other above requires a certain amount of 'points' throughout the campaign in order to unlock at the end. These points are accumulated mainly by activating certain 'Flashpoints' but also every 'good' action you perform contributes. These good actions include: refusing payment for favours, not looting your dead teammates bodies, giving money to the poor, and amongst others respecting every encounter with the 'Dark Ones'. I've pointed out some of these throughout the campaign and as long as you try to follow as many of these good actions as possible you will activate the correct train of events allowing you to unlock 'Enlightened' at the very end of the game.

With the above in mind try to explore as much of every chapter area as possible. If you reload a previous checkpoint, remember to run and explore any sections you might have just reloaded past.

All of these achievements have some great solutions. Generally speaking I don't like advising people to go off and look at solutions when they're reading a walkthrough, as I believe a walkthrough should be the source of all needed information, and that's why I've explained the above. Like I said, no-one knows for certain what is exactly required for these achievements to unlock but for most people they unlock around the end of Chapter 4 for Explorer and Metro Dweller and at the end for Enlightened. If you havn't unlocked those by then don't worry however as you may still have a chance in later chapters if you continue to accumulate 'points'.

With that out of the way, let's crack on with playing the game!

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