Metro Exodus Reviews

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    Metro Exodus represents a more ambitious approach to the Metro series, mostly forgoing the dark, claustrophobic tunnels of the Moscow Metro in favour of a hub-based, open world game with levels, monsters and enemy factions that are creatively different and larger in scope. However, the game still holds on to some of it's more traditional aspects, specifically at the beginning of the game that leads up to escaping the Moscow Metro and at the end of the game when you explore the dark, grimey, claustrophobic metro tunnels of Novosibirsk.

    One thing the Metro games do a great job at is world building and characterization and Metro Exodus is really no exception. The characters in Artyom's party come across as actually human as oppose to warm bodies carrying assault rifles. You can overhear/listen to each of their backstories at various points in the game. The various locations you come across paint a picture of a place where people actually live, not just survive.

    The gun play feels more tightly designed, I like that you can craft things on the fly and weapon maintenance or lack thereof can seriously hamper you in tense combat situations.

    The controls, overall, still feel a tad clunky and the "sprint" function moves Artyom at the pace of a brisk walk, so trying to run away from enemies is almost pointless.

    The game's voice acting is still not very good, particularly the English dub with questionable Russian accents. The native Russian language is a lot better, especially for immersion.

    Although Metro Exodus represented a departure from it's more traditional roots, it still presents a tense, fun and immersive shooter that is set in a much larger world than it's predecessors.