Metro Exodus Walkthrough

10. The Taiga

The Taiga

The character that needs to end this mission without getting wounded is... In order to assure this character does not end up in a wheelchair, make sure you gain *moral points* by doing the following:

  • Sneak through enemy camps undetected
  • Do not kill any human enemies
  • Do not kill the Admiral

If you mess up any of the above, you can reload checkpoint or the whole mission and try again. This page will include all of the sections listed above and how to properly complete them.

You need to play this entire mission without ever getting spotted or attacking any human enemies (this includes knocking them out) for an achievement - You ARE able to kill animals. If you do get spotted or accidentally kill/knockout anyone, immediately reload your checkpoint. By doing this, you will naturally earn the good ending for this character, which will be your third and final character required for the "Full Strength" achievement.

When enemies say something like "what was that?" it doesn't immediately mean you're spotted. Just figure out if you need to stay still, backtrack, or go forward to make them "forget" about you. You'll know you're spotted once the music starts playing and you're getting shot at. It's also a good idea to make some quick-saves every once in a while in case you get a bad checkpoint.

Play through the opening cutscenes until you're in control of Artyom. Head forward and you will automatically pick up the crossbow. Continue forward, but don't enter the blue house. Instead, head into the wooden shed on the right. Inside the back room, hanging on the dresser is Postcard #15.

Head back outside, go past the entrance of the blue house, and continue on to the back side of the house. Up ahead will be a wooden gate with a door slightly open. As you approach it, a bolt will be fired and stick to the left side door. Interact with the bolt for Diary 45/71 (Note on a Crossbow Bolt).

Continue forward to the bridge and take it the other side. Right at the end, immediately turn right and head down the path in front of the building - ahead of you will be a statue. Go to the base of the statue and melee its foot to unlock:

Decommunization in Metro Exodus
Destroy the biggest statue in front of the children's camp on the TAIGA level.
  • Unlocked by 4,377 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 38,750

Continue up the stairs and into the blue and white building on the right. Right when you enter, the desk in front of you contains Diary 46/71 (Unsent Letter). Exit this building and continue forward where you'll be stopped by some pirates (this is a scripted event and does not count as being spotted). Rather than crossing the bridge to go towards them, head off the left side where there's a dead soldier.

Once at the bottom, stick to the left side and follow the path up until you head through a broken gate and into the next building. Once inside, head into the room ahead of you, and directly in front of you will be a dead soldier against the wall. Immediately to the left of him, on the bookshelf, is Postcard #16.

Head back to the bridge where you encountered the pirates, then cross it to the other side. Once on the other side, immediately turn right and go down the path until you reach a ramp that leads into the building on your left. While crouching, head up this ramp and into the room. Without leaving this room, head forward, and the desk at the end has Diary 47/71 (Little Kid's Note).

Head into the next room, which contains 3 pirates. If you head all the way to the right side and are careful, they will not spot you. Sneak your way around this room into the next one, then take the exit on your right. Once outside, turn left, then head forward. Rather than going to the left and taking the stairs up to the gazebo (which will likely get you spotted) continue down the path to the right, then jump on the broken ledge up above.

Immediately turn right and head forward, up a small set of stairs, then turn left. Follow the fence into the broken down building on your left. You'll be able to sneak by the guards in here because they won't change their position. Once inside, head up the tall staircase to the very top. Once you reach the top, you'll see a zip line - to the right of it on a crate is Diary 48/71 (Solemn Oath). Take the zip line, and you'll be awarded a *moral point* for sneaking through the section undetected (and obviously for not killing anyone or knocking them out).

At the bottom, you'll see a small scene of a bear attacking some wolves. Once that's over, continue on the main path and look for the treehouse on your left:


Climb up the ladder of the treehouse, and in front of the fire on a table is Diary 49/71 (Dusty Diary). Turn around and cross the bridge until you reach a zip line but don't take it just yet - make a quick save before you do. At the bottom, a short distance ahead of you and on the left is a small hut with a guard outside. Unfortunately, there's no way to enter into this hut to grab a collectable without alerting this guard, which would void the "Forest Child" achievement. To bypass this, simply enter the hut, alerting the guard, grab Diary 50/71 (Alchemist's Log) on the bed, then reload your quicksave. This will save the collectable while also keeping you on pace for "Forest Child".

Next, head to a small wooden hut located near the shoreline here:


Inside the hut is a cage with a few rabbits inside. To the left of the cage is a crate with Diary 51/71 (Lost Diary). Next, head straight across the main path to a cave entrance located here:


In the back of the cave, on the table is Diary 52/71 (Dusty Notebook). Continue on the main path until you reach this section with a wolf that keeps howling:


Using your crossbow, kill the wolf (reload checkpoint if you miss). This should be your final weapon kill for:

Professional in Metro Exodus
Make at least one kill with every ranged weapon.
  • Unlocked by 6,457 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.44) 38,750

(If you somehow missed a particular weapon kill, re-check the list on the "General Hints & Tips" page, and you'll earn it in one of your future playthroughs).

Head forward to your objective by climbing over the rocks and taking the ladder up. Enter the cave on your right, then slide down the slope. At the bottom will be a small cutscene. Once that's over, continue forward and head up the hanging ladder on the right. At the top, take the zip line across.

At the other end, there will be an enemy ahead of you. Approach him to trigger a cutscene where you retrieve your backpack (this is a scripted event and does not count as being spotted). Do not execute the pirate, and continue forward.

Continue on the main path until some enemies start walking your way, then turn to your left and hide inside of the tree until they pass. Continue on the main path then veer left to a wooden lodge located here:


Inside this lodge in plain view is Diary 53/71 (Calligraphic Note).

Head back to the main path but stay towards the left side until you reach the entrance to the pirate camp. At the entrance, make sure you extinguish the lamp and cut the trap. Head inside, then immediately turn right and keep to this right-side wall until you reach the hut. Inside the hut, at the end of the table with the white tablecloth is Diary 54/71 (Scribbled Note).

Head back to the right-side wall and continue forward to a ladder just outside. Take it up, and on your right will be an enemy banging on some drums, but he won't notice you. Take the bridge on the left and head forward to the green building. Just before the entrance, on the left is a ladder - take it up. Walk along this ledge until you reach the staircase, where right below you are two guards talking.

You'll have to wait a minute or two for their conversation to end, at which point you should probably make a quick-save, then head down the stairs. At the bottom, turn left and cross the bridge into the hut ahead of you. Follow the bridge into the next hut, which contains a soldier at a desk. To sneak by him, carefully extinguish the lamp above, then slowly crouch-walk to the bridge on the right. He might give out a "huh? what's that?" - but this won't count as getting noticed, and you can continue on.

At the next hut, take the zip line across, then go up the ladder. Sneak into the next hut, which contains two enemies, but you can sneak by them to the other entrance, where there's another zip line. Take it, and you'll earn a *moral point* for getting through the whole section undetected.

Head forward through the linear path until you reach a cave on the right that's illuminated by fire. On a crate in front of the fire is Diary 55/71 (Worn-Out Letter). Continue on through this cave until a soldier falls down from above. Keep heading forward, and in the middle of the path you'll see a dead soldier with Diary 56/71 (Crumpled Note). Go to the end of the cave then up the ladder. Walk up the plank then jump onto the ledge to be back on the surface within a bandit camp.

To get through this camp undetected, stick all the way to the right side and make your way to the long bridge at the end, which leads to the other side. There is a guard on this bridge, so you'll want to time it so that you're sneaking directly behind him until the end. Once on the other side, continue sticking to the right side wall until you reach this building, then make a quick save:


There is a postcard in this building, but there's a couple of guards near the building and inside of it. After you made your quicksave, head inside the window (which will alert the enemies) then look immediately to the right and on the wall for Postcard #17. With enemies still attacking you, exit this building to the ditch in the middle. Follow the path downward all the way to the shoreline, then continue on to the right until you reach a candle-lit table with Diary 57/71 (Dirty Diary).

Reload your quicksave, then continue sticking to the right-side wall for a while until you reach a small path between the rock formation on your right. Take the path up, then turn right and head towards these gates:


Before you interact with the gates, look immediately in front of the gates on the right side for a dead pirate with Diary 58/71 (Hunter's Note). Interact with the gates to head inside the cemetery. Just as you enter, interact with the two crosses on your right that are in front of a lit candle. These crosses contain several regular crossbow bolts and several explosive crossbow bolts, which you'll need for the impending fight with the bear from the beginning of the level.

Head all the way to the doors, which you can't open yet. Turn to your left and grab the molotov cocktail that's resting on the leaves. Then, craft as many crossbow bolts as you can, switch to your explosive bolts, make sure Molotov cocktails are equipped, then make a quicksave. Once you're all set, cut the rope to spawn the bear.

Once the bear spawns, shoot it with your arrows until it charges you, then dodge out of the way. Then, throw a molotov cocktail at it, making sure it's a direct hit to engulf it in flames. From there, repeat the process. Shoot it with arrows, dodge out of the way when it charges you, and repeat. You'll deal more damage to shots that hit its belly when it stands up and exposes itself. Overall, this took me 1 Molotov, the 6 explosive arrows, and around 10 regular arrows. You know the fight is over when the bear goes away from you and exits out the fence of the cemetery, and you'll unlock:

Master of the Forest in Metro Exodus
Stand your ground against the Bear at the first encounter.
  • Unlocked by 10,025 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.96) 38,750

Interact with the rope again to cut the ladder, then head up. Climb the stairs all the way to the top and head through the open door. In this room, collect the crafting materials, use the workbench if necessary, then interact with the gated door to trigger a cutscene with a woman named Olga. Follow Olga then take the ladder down. Head along the main path down the stairs until you reach this section:


Follow the arrow into this area, then look on the right side for a gazebo with a campfire inside. Just in front of this fire, on a pillow is Diary 59/71 (Weathered Notice). Take the zip line here, then continue on the path for a while until you reach the end with a ladder on your right. At the bottom, look to your left and vault over the rocks to continue on the path. Keep heading through the path until you reach the bandit camp.

You'll see a ladder leading up into the fortress, but don't take it. Instead, pass the ladder on the left side, and a few steps ahead of you is a dock with a boat. Before you enter the boat, look up to make sure the guard isn't looking out your way. Wait for him to walk away, make a quick save, then head on the boat. Take the boat forward, reloading checkpoint if you happen to get spotted. Once you can see the next section of the bandit camp, make another quick save, and try and stealthily park your boat here:


To do this, slowly head forward until you trigger some dialogue between two soldiers on the bridge, then back the boat up a little bit. Wait a short while for the dialogue to end, then the soldier on the bridge will walk away to the right. Once he walks away, head forward and dock your boat. Once you exit, immediately head into the little entrance to your left. Once you're hidden, make another quick save. This may take several attempts, so just keep reloading your quicksave whenever you're spotted.

Take a few steps forward and into the room on your left. Immediately in front of you is a table, and at the end of it is Diary 60/71 (Folded Note). Head up the ramp in this room, but be wary of the soldier that's above you. Wait for this soldier to exit the room, then immediately sneak behind him into the room he was just in. Interact with the lever here, then immediately turn around and jump over the ledge so you're back on the ramp in the previous room. Once here, make your way back to the boat you docked, then make another quick-save.

This section is very difficult and will likely take several checkpoint reloads. Lightly proceed under the bridge ahead of you, then immediately take a very sharp left. From here, it's a straight shot forward to the end, but you'll likely get noticed by the guards above. You'll need to figure out the timing of the guards in your game until they are looking away so you can get through undetected. Here are some tips if you're really struggling with this part:

  • Don't hold cn_RT down all the way. Either hold it down about halfway or just tap it every second or two
  • When you get to the bridge, try your best to stay hidden underneath it, then look up to try and see the soldier that patrols the room with the lever you activated. Once he makes his way back into this room, proceed forward
  • Whenever an enemy says "what was that?" or something similar, this doesn't immediately mean you're spotted. Try and figure out if you need to stay where you are, backtrack, or proceed forward to make them "forget" about you
  • If doing this during the night (I did it during the day), you might want to try and sneak around the camp to turn off some lights that might be causing you to get spotted

Once you've made it through this section, you'll earn a *moral point* for making it through undetected. Continue as far up as you can on the boat, then get out and head along the path.

Stick to the right side and enter a wooden shack with a generator. Interact with the generator to activate it. Exit the shack, then head all the way over to the left-most entrance of the main large building where there's a blue truck. In front of this blue truck, on the wall is a control panel. Interact with the control panel, then immediately turn right and sprint straight to the far wall where there's an elevator that you can take up.

At the top, head forward and interact with the blue door to bust it down and meet the Admiral. Right as you enter, immediately turn to your right and pick up Postcard #18:


Listen to the Admiral for a minute or so, then he'll invite you to sit down for some tea. Interact with the chair, and you'll need to listen to the Admiral talk for several minutes. You'll notice that cn_down has a guitar icon, but you can't use it yet. Play through this scene for several minutes until you can play the guitar, eventually causing the Admiral to fall asleep, unlocking:

5 o'clock in Metro Exodus
5 o'clock32 (15)
Take part in the Admiral's tea party on the TAIGA level.
  • Unlocked by 8,487 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.13) 38,750

Exit the scene with the Admiral, then cut the rope behind him to lower the ladder. Climb the ladder up, then follow the path outside to the zip line and take it across. Once you're on the other side, turn left and continue up the path. At the top, turn right and climb over or crouch under the fallen trees. On the other side, you'll notice the bear climbing up the ledge. Head towards where it was climbing and into the abandoned tunnel.

Head forward through the tunnel, then through the partially opened door on your right. In this area, there is very high radiation, so your flashlight will barely work. However, when you come across empty torches, you can stand near them with your lighter to ignite them, helping with visibility a bit as well as keeping spiders away.

Head up the stairs to the top and you'll likely encounter some spiders here. Since your flashlight doesn't work, just keep your lighter out and stay near a spider until it flips over on its belly, then once you approach it you'll get a prompt (cn_Y) to stab its belly and kill it.

Head through this section until you reach some stairs. Head up them, and at the end is a locked door. You can't open it, but immediately to your left is a crawl space you can go through. On the other end, there will be a few spiders attacking you, but your flashlight will now work which will help a lot to take them out.

Once it's clear, head into the room with a generator and a fuel can. Pick up the fuel can which is, unfortunately, empty. To find the fuel can that's full, exit this room and take the staircase that's ahead of you. At the top is a big red door, and sitting in front of it is the fuel can. Pick it up, then head back to the generator to activate it.

Make your way back up the staircase to the red door, then activate the yellow switch to the right of it to open the door. Once inside, take a few steps forward, and immediately in front of you on the ground is a corpse with Diary 61/71 (Blood-Soaked Letter). A few steps ahead and to the left is a workbench. Use it to craft a few arrows and Molotov cocktails as you'll be fighting the bear again.

Keep progressing forward, then head up the stairs to your right. At the top, turn left and head to the yellow ladder on the far wall. At the top, interact with the door to be reunited with Alyosha. Head forward, sliding down the slope, then continue on until you reach this broken-down building on the right:


Head inside the building, and immediately in front of you is a table with Diary 62/72 (Unfinished Letter). Immediately turn left and into the next room, then turn around and look on the wall to the right of the doorway for Postcard #19. Head back outside and walk with Alyosha for a bit, and you'll end up ambushed by the bear again.

Do the same thing you did for the first bear attack by throwing a molotov cocktail at it, hitting it with arrows as often as you can, and dodging out of the way once it charges you. At the far ledge near a campfire is a dead soldier with some explosive arrows and a couple of Molotov cocktails if you need them. Once you deal enough damage, a cutscene will occur ending with the bear's demise.

If you gained all of the moral points listed on this page, Alyosha will have a friendly reunion with Olga and will not be injured as you take the zipline (if not, Olga will be angry with Alyosha and he will get shot while on the zipline, meaning you did not gain enough moral points for his "good" ending. If this occurs, you need to immediately quit to the main menu, load up the mission again via chapter select, and make sure you gain every moral point).

Play through the ending cutscenes, finishing the mission and unlocking:

Forest child in Metro Exodus
Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or getting noticed.
  • Unlocked by 2,446 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 3.97) 38,750

Alyosha in Metro Exodus
Alyosha79 (40)
Alyosha doesn't get wounded. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 9,764 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 38,750

Sword of Damocles in Metro Exodus
Complete the TAIGA level.
  • Unlocked by 12,270 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 38,750

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