Metro Exodus Walkthrough

12. The Dead City

The Dead City

On the Aurora, play through the opening scenes and follow Miller through the train. You'll eventually reach Anna's room and can comfort her on the bed if you wish. Then, head to the workbench.

You are now able to swap the Helsing (crossbow) over the Tikhar, so do that. You'll also have unlocked some pretty useful attachments for the Helsing, so make sure to equip those as well. Use the rest of your resources to clean weapons, craft filters, and stock up on ammunition (including crossbow bolts). Once you're ready, continue to follow Miller to the back of the train, then enter the passenger side of the car.

Play through the car ride for several minutes, then you'll end up continuing on foot for several minutes. Once you and Miller fall down to a train car, interact with the doors in front of him to open them and head inside. Continue forward until you're blocked by another train car, then interact with the green box on your left to squeeze through, where you'll be ambushed by watchmen.

Make a quick save, then kill them all with your crossbow. There will be ~10 that spawn in, and you can pick up the bolts off their dead bodies if you happen to run out. Once it's clear, reload your quicksave, then rinse and repeat to unlock:

Robin Hood in Metro Exodus
Robin Hood32 (15)
Kill 30 enemies with Crossbow.
  • Unlocked by 8,594 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.11) 38,750

Once it's clear, follow Miller down into the room with a power box. Right when you enter this room, there are a couple of blue lockers near the stairs. In between the two lockers is a gray box, and hanging on it is Postcard #20. Interact with the power box to turn on the lights, then continue following Miller, eventually traversing through some deep water.

Once you've made it through the water, you'll be in an area with some cages and a lot of corpses. Head up the path on the right, then turn right towards the open door. Right in front of the partially-opened door is a desk with Diary 64/71 (Radiogram Transcript).

Follow Miller for several minutes until you reach a large door and are ambushed by watchmen again. Once they're all dead, interact with the wheel alongside Miller to open the door.

Continue following Miller for a couple of minutes until you reach a room where Miller checks out a map and says "Look around for something useful". Look on the right-side wall for four blue lockers. Directly across from them is a table with Diary 65/71 (Weathered Report).

Continue following Miller until he tells you to check a grate. When you open it, a boy will jump out and run off. Chase the boy until you eventually lose him, then interact with the gray barrel to find him. The boy, named Kirill, will take you and Miller back to his room. Along the way, you'll be ambushed by some more watchmen. Kill them, then Kirill will take you to his safe house.

When you enter the main part of the safe house, head forward to the board that's filled with maps, notes, and Diary 66/71 (Orders). Immediately turn around and go towards the workbench. On the left side of the workbench is a white-tiled pillar, and hanging on it is Postcard #21, your final postcard for:

Old world pictures in Metro Exodus
Find all 21 post cards.
  • Unlocked by 1,860 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.55) 38,750

Miller and Kirill will talk for a while, then Miller will say you can take his weapon, the Railgun. The Railgun is actually just an attachment to the Tikhar, but it's an insanely powerful attachment and is by far the best weapon in the game (this weapon is your bread and butter for your next two playthroughs). It's sitting on the desk to the left of the postcard. Use the workbench for anything else you may need, then interact with Miller to continue.

Once you're done crawling, immediately in front of you is an abandoned settlement. Head up the wooden stairs and follow the path around until you enter the blue train car. Right when you enter, immediately to your left is a corpse, and on the seat above it is Diary 67/71 (Notebook). Turn left, then exit the traincar and kill a couple of watchmen here, then head to the blue train car that's on the other side.

Head through the train car and into the next section that's full of wooden planks that keep breaking under you, along with a bunch of watchmen. Take the stairs on the right side, then run forward and drop down so you're near a wheel that's underneath a blue light. Make sure there are no watchmen around, then interact with the wheel. Once that's done, turn right and head through the train car.

Exit the end of the car and head forward to a boat. Jump onto the boat, turn on the lamp in the front, then begin paddling. Head forward for a little ways, then dock your boat here:


Go through the doorway into this area, which contains a new enemy called "Leeches". They stick to the walls and spit at you, dealing a considerable amount of damage, but they die easily. Make your way to the end of this area to a partially opened door you can interact with. On the other side, climb through the hole, and you'll be in a small area with a desk that contains Diary 68/71 (Worn-Out Diary). Open the door here then head back to the boat. Continue paddling forward, killing leeches when necessary, and at the end of this narrow tunnel you'll unlock:

Putrification in Metro Exodus
Pass the putrid tunnel.
  • Unlocked by 11,884 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 38,750

Just after this, a cutscene will occur with giant leeches attacking you. Kill them, then continue on until you reach some stairs. Dock your boat, then loot the corpse at the bottom for some filters and ammunition, then head up the stairs. Follow the path into the nasty-looking train car on the left side, sprint to the end where there's an exit your left.

Once you're out of the train car, head up the stairs ahead of you until you're in a room. Head through this room and exit out the other side, then immediately in front of you is a lever. Pull it to release the stairs, then take them down. At the bottom, immediately turn around and follow the path into the open doorway, then head through this area to the end where you can interact with a tunnel.

Crawl through the tunnel, then follow the catwalk to the machine with another lever. Interact with it to lower the machine which will drop the boat in the water below you. Keep paddling forward, stopping occasionally to shoot at the giant leeches, then into the tunnel ahead. Throughout this tunnel, the radiation gets really bad. Keep paddling forward to the light and your screen will eventually go black.

When you wake up, head straight. During this section, your screen will be flashing and you'll be in a very hallucinatory state. You'll also be going through filters rapidly, so make sure to craft some if you're running low. Once you reach the escalator, head up, then take the left side around to the long hallway. Continue down the hallway to the open door on your left. In this room, on top of the television is Diary 69/71 (Browned Note). There's also some filters and resources in here as well.

Exit this room and continue along the path. Head up the stairs, then through the next room to a door you can interact with to kick open. Go up the stairs to the top where the wall is busted open, then head outside. Head along the path until you encounter a cutscene/flashback with some tanks, then continue on and drop down the down the hole.

Right when you drop down, immediately turn left (the opposite direction of where the tank gun is pointing) and head this way until you reach a dead end with some loot boxes and corpses. Resting on one of the corpses is Diary 70/71 (Dusty Notebook). Turn around and follow the path down to the other end, then continue on the natural path until you reach the entrance to the building on your left.

Your goal is to get up to the roof. The path to get there is very straight-forward, but you'll encounter a lot of hallucinations along the way. After you climb up your first set of stairs, continue through the building until you reach a room with some music and animating objects. Once you exit this room, the doorway on your right will be blocked with some icy debris that you can interact with to crawl through. Once on the other side, turn around, head up the icy slope, then forward to the ladder.

During this section, you will encounter an enemy known as a "Blind One". They are big, gorilla-looking mutants that resemble the Librarians from Metro 2033. There are several Blind One's in this section, and you need to not kill a single one for an achievement. You can get spotted by them, just don't kill any.

At the very top, you'll encounter a cutscene where you fight with a Blind One. Once in control of Artyom, don't kill it, and just sprint to the open doorway behind it. Head down the stairs and through the open door, then head to the other side of this room and interact with the power box. Once that's done, head back towards the stairs, but a Blind One will block your path. To avoid it, you can either sneak around it and try to remain undetected, or you can grab its attention to have it come after you, then wait for an opening to pass it. Once you're up the stairs, interact with the control panel to open the gate on your left.

Head up the stairs and into the next room with a Blind One. Again, either sneak by it or lure it towards you to open up a path. There's some broken glass on the ground that when you step on it will alert the Blind One. Head into the next room, and at the end of it is another staircase on your right. Continue forward and you'll trigger a small cutscene of you putting a gas mask on "Anna".

Once that's done, head forward off the ledge into the next section of the building, and a Blind One will soon enter. Stick to the right side for a few steps to a small open area on your right with an open door. Head through the doorway and off the ledge to the stairs below, then interact with the door. Immediately in front of you is Diary 71/71 (Shipping List), your final diary for:

Librarian in Metro Exodus
Librarian182 (40)
Find all 70 hidden Diary pages.
  • Unlocked by 1,870 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.54) 38,750

Head through this room and interact with the path full of corpses to crawl through. On the other end are two more Blind One's. Immediately turn right and stick to the right-side wall until you reach a power box - interact with it. You'll then need to go through the entrance that's on the left side from where you originally entered, and there's likely a Blind One patrolling it. Choose your method of passing the Blind One, then head through the entrance into the next room.

In the next room, head up the stairs on your left, then walk along this bridge to reach a control panel at the end - interact with it. Head back down the staircase and continue along the path, then take the stairs all the way up top to the next area labeled "Section 02".

Go through the open door and head down the path. Once you have another small cutscene with "Anna", head forward and interact with the doors to trigger another cutscene. This time, a Blind One will attack you, but you have to kill this one. Simply follow the QTE's on-screen to take care of it and unlock:

Guide in Metro Exodus
Guide99 (40)
Pass the Research Facility without killing a Blind One on the DEAD CITY level.
  • Unlocked by 6,290 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.47) 38,750

Once that's done, you'll be back with Miller and eventually, Kirill. Once you're tasked with driving, follow the straight-forward path ahead until your screen goes black.

All that's left now is to watch the ending scenes, then you'll unlock:

Full Strength in Metro Exodus
Duke and Damir stay with the crew, Alyosha doesn't get wounded. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 3,964 tracked gamers (10% - TA Ratio = 3.11) 38,750

Your Destination in Metro Exodus
Assume command of the Order. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,215 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.31) 38,750

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