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13. New Game+/Iron Mode

New Game+/Iron Mode - "Bad" Ending

For your second playthrough, choose "New Game Plus". The next screen gives you a list of modifiers that are designed to make the experience more challenging. Choose Iron Mode, then go down to the bottom option that says "No Weapons Modes" and change this to My Weapons.

Iron Mode fully disables the save system other than in-between missions. This means if you die, you'll be reset back to the beginning of the mission. While this may sound daunting, it is actually very easy because you'll be playing on "reader" difficulty, plus "My Weapons" makes this playthrough a breeze.

My Weapons is amazing because it gives you all of your weapons and attachments from your previous playthrough. The best part of all is you get the Railgun for the whole game, which makes any enemy section (humans or mutants) effortless. Plus, since you're on reader difficulty, you'll always have plenty of resources to stay stocked up on ammo and any other items you need. You'll gain access to this feature about halfway through Moscow when you rescue Anna.

In New Game+, there are 3 collectibles that are added, which you need to find and collect for an achievement. They are located on The Volga, The Caspian, and The Taiga, and this page provides their locations (the "teddy bear" collectible is not the same as Nastya's teddy on The Volga).

You'll also be going for the "bad" ending here, which means having just 1 or no crew members with you at the end. To accomplish this, you'll want to lose as many moral points as possible, basically making the opposite of every "good" choice you made in your first playthrough. Below is a list of what you should do for each mission.

In general:

  • Stick to the objectives to get through the missions quickly
  • Just always use the Railgun. It's extremely powerful, plus you can craft the ammo (steel balls) from your backpack, so the workbench is only required to clean it
  • Although you're on "reader" difficulty, don't underestimate enemy sections. Play smart when clearing out areas, because dying on Iron Mode and restarting the mission is not fun and a big waste of time


Fairly quick and straight-forward mission. Simply stick to the objectives and speed-run it.

The Volga

To ensure Duke dies:

  • Kill cultists and soldiers at the Church in the beginning
  • If you come across any bandits that surrender to you, kill them
  • Head to the bandit camp with the prisoners who give you the key and kill them
  • Don't use the stealth approach for the bridge at the end, and kill everyone

The collectible for this mission (Fish) is found in the room where you kill the catfish:



This mission is fairly quick and straight-forward as well. Simply stick to the objectives and speed-run it.

The Caspian

To ensure Damir leaves at the end:

  • Kill the thug who ambushes you near the beginning
  • Execute the wounded enemies in the tunnels leading to the lighthouse, and those just outside the lighthouse
  • Don't grab the photo of Giul's mother
  • Kill thugs that surrender to you
  • Kill slaves, and don't free any

The collectible for this mission (Sun) is located on the ship in the middle of the map where Hermit lives. It's right before the stairs that lead up to Hermit:


The Taiga

You can skip the first bear fight. Once the bear enters, wait for it to charge after you, then sprint to the rope and cut it again then immediately climb up the ladder.

After that, make sure to pick up an enemy gun to make the last bear fight significantly easier/faster.

To ensure Alyosha gets injured (not necessary if Duke died and Damir left):

  • Near the beginning of the mission, where you grab the "note on an arrow" diary, head straight into the woods where a bandit is fighting a wolf - kill the bandit
  • Don't bother doing the entire mission stealthily - kill enemies whenever necessary
  • Kill the wounded pirate where you retrieve your backpack
  • Kill the Admiral

The collectable for this mission (Teddy Bear) is found near the beginning of the mission. When you get to the statue that you destroyed for the "Decommunization" achievement, head up the stairs and into the blue and white building on the right. When you enter, go into the room on your right, then look to your left. Resting on a window sill is a teddy bear, and right above it is the hanging teddy bear:


This is your third and final New Game+ collectable for:

Toy seller in Metro Exodus
Toy seller129 (20)
Find 3 toys in New Game+ mode: teddy bear, sun and fish.
  • Unlocked by 921 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 6.46) 1,064

The Dead City

This mission is very straight-forward and easy. Just stick to your objectives and speed-run it. You can completely ignore the Blind One's as they're not a threat on Reader difficulty, but you could also kill them if you so desire.

For the "bad" ending, you'll unlock:

Eternal Voyage in Metro Exodus
Save Anna by paying the ultimate price. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,929 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.54) 38,745

For completing it in Iron Mode, you'll unlock:

Mutation in Metro Exodus
Mutation185 (30)
Complete the game in New Game+ mode using any modification.
  • Unlocked by 1,017 tracked gamers (96% - TA Ratio = 6.15) 1,064

Iron Mode in Metro Exodus
Iron Mode381 (50)
Complete the game in Iron Mode.
  • Unlocked by 663 tracked gamers (62% - TA Ratio = 7.62) 1,064

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