Metro Exodus Walkthrough

3. Moscow


Pick "reader" or "easy" difficulty for your first playthrough. You'll be going for the "good" ending here, along with all of the collectables and several level-specific and miscellaneous achievements.

The game starts out with a train ride and Artyom narrating the events that occurred last two games, and his plans for the future. You may skip this scene if you'd like. Once the train ride ends, you'll be in control of Artyom.

Proceed forward and pay attention to the hints that appear on the screen, such as turning on your flashlight with cn_left. Head all the way up to the cart that has some corpses on it. To the left of this cart is a green door - interact with it. Head a bit forward and you'll learn that holding cn_LB opens up your equipment menu. While this menu is open, press cn_X to take out your lighter. With your lighter out, you can walk forward and burn cobwebs that will otherwise slow you down a lot. You'll be utilizing this feature multiple times throughout your game.

Turn left and head forward, then enter the open door your right. On your left is a corpse that is glowing green, and you should interact with it for some ammo, then continue forward. When you get to the ledge, jump with cn_A, then progress through the abandoned train to the exit. Keep going forward, following the glowing green mushrooms on the ground until you encounter a QTE (quick-time event) with an enemy known as a "watchman".

After this, proceed just a bit further then look to your right to see a candle-lit desk. Resting on top of this desk is Diary 1/71 (Half-Torn Notebook). Kill the other watchmen that appear, then head forward. Go inside of the blue train car and head all the way down to the exit. Go up to the door that has a flickering light above it, and interact with the door to trigger a series of cutscenes.

Once you're out of bed, take just one or two steps forward, and on your right is a desk with Diary 2/71 (Patient File). Continue forward, then when you reach a bunch of desks with 2 guys talking, take a right into a small room with a green door. Before interacting with the door, look to your right. Hanging on the corner of the green locker is Postcard #1. Interact with the green door to trigger a cutscene and you'll eventually be outside with Anna.

Once in control of Artyom again, swap your filter with cn_down then head forward with Anna until you reach some stairs. Head down this first small set of stairs, but instead of turning around to continue descending the stairs, head down the corridor. Go into the small room on the right and go towards the window. Hanging on the wall next to the window is Postcard #2. Turn around and into the room that's connected to this one. Inside this room is a couch with a corpse on it, and beside it is a small table with Diary 3/71 (Dusty Diary).

Continue following Anna until you get ambushed by watchmen. Once it's clear, look to your left where there's a small room, and right at the entrance is a dead soldier. On this soldier's corpse is Diary 4/71 (Shopping List). Follow Anna down the escalator and into the blue bus. Right when you enter the bus, look to your right. Resting on a seat is Diary 5/71 (Shura's Note).

Continue following Anna and she'll tell you to hide as there is a large pack of watchmen incoming. Hide behind Anna and do not engage the pack. Once it passes, continue on and you'll eventually enter a vehicle. This triggers a series of cutscenes that end up with you alone and heavily wounded.

Once in control of Artyom again, run forward and crawl under the logs and you'll grab a med-kit. Use the med-kit with cn_up. Directly ahead of you is a small rock structure with a bunch of tree roots connected to it. Resting on this structure is a corpse that's buried in snow with Diary 6/71 (Crumpled Letter). Continue running through this ravine and at the end is a light that's next to a tunnel. Interact with the tunnel to crawl through it.

Once you drop down, head through the exit then continue on until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder, then head right, and progress through this linear area. Once you make it to the barrels, you'll trigger a small cutscene with an older soldier being put into a cell. Eventually, he'll tell you he wants to help you find Anna, and you'll exit this room.

Head straight to the green control panel and interact with it to turn off the lights. While crouching, move forward and stay in the dark shadows to avoid being spotted. Head up the ladder that's in front of you to advance up to the catwalk. Progress along the upper catwalk and knock out the soldier (cn_X), then interact with the lamp to extinguish it (to help avoid being spotted in the light).

Once you're back with Yermak, he'll tell you to pick up some of the garbage next to you, which work like decoys. Throw a decoy in front of you to the spinning fan to distract the guard, then continue on with Yermak. You'll end up triggering a few cutscenes and end up in a control room.

Once in control of Artyom again, look on the center console for Diary 7/71 (Official Note). You'll reunite with Yermak and end up on the ledge outside. Here you'll be introduced to a function on your watch known as the visibility indicator. When you're out in the open or in bright areas where enemies can see you, the light on your watch will glow blue, meaning you need to find cover/dark areas quickly. You should always be paying attention to this.

To get through this section undetected, head down the stairs, turn left, then head to the crates on the right side and take cover behind them. Wait for the two guards to pass, then proceed forward and up the staircase on the left side. Knock out the guard up here, loot his body, and turn off the lamp. Turn left on this ledge and follow it to where you can drop off below. Here, there will be a fire beside you and you'll want to immediately interact with it to extinguish it. Bigger fires like these take a bit longer to extinguish than lamps, so just wait a few seconds until it's out.

Once the fire is extinguished, keep crouch-walking forward and knock out the guard in front of you. Then, continue left and sneak up behind the next guard to knock him out, or hide behind the crates until he passes you. Once you're in the clear, interact with the red door that has a green light illuminating it.

Once you're inside, head forward and you'll see a green desk with a lamp on it. Sitting on this desk is Diary 8/71 (Memo). To the left of this desk is a green locker where you can get some ammo. Head forward and interact with the red door. While crouch-walking, head right and extinguish the lantern you pass, then descend the ladder that's directly next to the lantern.

At the bottom, move counter-clockwise while hugging the wall, making sure you extinguish the fire then knock out the guard. Turn around and follow the wall clockwise, passing the original ladder, all the way around until you come across another ladder near the train. Take this ladder up then turn right, towards the area near the back of the train, where a soldier is guarding Yermak. Silently knock the guard out then interact with Yermak. You'll be back with Anna, and a firefight will ensue.

Kill the enemies as you progress forward until you end up in a control room. Try to get at least one kill with your revolver so you can get your 3rd weapon kill towards the "Professional" achievement. In the control room, interact with the switch on the console to start the train, then continue killing more enemies. Eventually, a small cutscene will occur and you'll end up on the floor below surrounded by fire. Continue around to where you rescued Yermak earlier, then interact with the wheel alongside Anna to trigger some more cutscenes.

Watch the cutscenes for a few minutes until you're attacked by another train, and Artyom will be tasked with infiltrating it. Once you're on the enemy train, head towards the door, but interact with the gap to the right of the door and you will climb along the outside of the train. Progress forward to a window with a soldier and knock him out. Once you're inside the train, look immediately to your left, crouch down and sneakily head through the gap. Ahead of you is a soldier, but don't knock him out. In front of this soldier, on your left is a table, and on it is Diary 9/71 (Official Letter). You'll be able to grab this and sneak back without alerting the soldier.

Head forward to the green door, but don't open it yet. To the left of the door is a red and white sign, and below it is a red lever. Interact with this lever to detach the train car behind you. Head through the green door and into the next section. Go to the right side and interact with the gap behind the crates to squeeze through them without being detected by the enemies.

At the other side, you'll come across another green door. Again, interact with the red lever on the left to detach the train car behind you, unlocking:

Brakeman in Metro Exodus
Brakeman46 (15)
Detach all train cars on the MOSCOW level. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,072 tracked gamers (11% - TA Ratio = 3.07) 38,686

Open the door and take out the enemies inside however you'd like. Once they're dead, walk past the turret into the next area, then immediately on your right on a crate is Diary 10/71 (Crumpled Note). Go through the next door and head towards the boiler. This triggers a series of cutscenes, eventually ending the level and unlocking:

Exodus in Metro Exodus
Exodus16 (15)
Complete the MOSCOW level.
  • Unlocked by 35,368 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 38,686

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