Metro Exodus Walkthrough

4. Winter


Watch the cutscenes for a few minutes until you need to find a radio transmission. Adjust the radio frequency with cn_LSl and cn_LSr until you find the signal. Continue on with the cutscene and eventually the train will be given a name, unlocking:

Aurora in Metro Exodus
Aurora16 (15)
Name the locomotive.
  • Unlocked by 34,094 tracked gamers (88% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 38,686

Once Artyom stands up and goes to the map, interact with it and you'll be given the choice of exploring the train (cn_left) or continuing on to the next level (cn_right). Choose cn_left so you can stay on the train.

Turn around and go to the desk you were originally sitting at, then interact with the chair to sit down. Hold cn_right to interact with the radio again, then adjust the radio frequency until you find some music, unlocking:

Join us on air in Metro Exodus
Find a tune on the radio.
  • Unlocked by 14,290 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.64) 38,686

Next, head down the stairs, and on the crate to your left is Diary 11/71 (Survey Report). Head back to the map and choose to proceed forward, completing the mission.

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