Metro Exodus Walkthrough

5. The Volga

The Volga

The character that needs to survive this mission is... In order to assure this character survives, make sure you gain *moral points* by doing the following:

  • Do not get spotted or kill any enemies at the Church in the beginning; knocking them out is okay (and sometimes necessary to proceed)
  • Do not kill any of the villagers you may come across in the level
  • You may kill as many bandits as you'd like, but do not kill any that end up surrendering to you
  • Free as many prisoners as you can who are being held in bandit camps
  • Complete the bridge section at the end in stealth, only knocking out enemies when necessary

If you mess up any of the above, you can reload checkpoint or the whole mission and try again. This page will include all of the sections listed above and how to properly complete them.

During the Moscow mission, you likely unlocked an achievement to patch the gas mask:

Martian in Metro Exodus
Martian5 (5)
Patch the Gasmask.
  • Unlocked by 35,952 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 38,639

If not, you'll definitely earn it on this mission. cn_LB usually wipes your gas mask to clear it, but after you've been shot a few times, the gas mask will crack open, then pressing cn_LB patches the mask instead of just wiping it.

Play through the opening scenes and you'll pick up your Journal and Backpack.

Journal: Pressing cn_back takes out your journal, where you can see your location on the map along with the location of your objective, marked with a white "X". When you press cn_RT you flip the journal over, where you can read about your current objective(s). Pressing cn_LT zooms in on both your journal and the map.

Backpack (Crafting): Access your backpack by holding cn_LB and pressing cn_A. The 'crafting' menu of your backpack allows you to craft items such as medkits and filters. This is accomplished through chemical resources and consumable resources, which you can find through stashes spread throughout levels, and from looting bodies. On reader/easy difficulty, there is a plentiful amount of resources for you to find. You can also dismantle some items to regain a small number of resources.

Backpack (Weapons): The 'weapons' menu of your backpack (cn_RB) allows you to view the weapons you have equipped and to add attachments to them as well. You can find attachments spread throughout the levels, and by looting enemy weapons with cn_B. As you play, your weapons will naturally get dirty, which is caused by stepping in water and being exposed to poor weather conditions. When weapons become dirty, their performance will significantly decline. Once you come across a workbench, you can use chemical resources to clean your weapons.

Once you exit the train, proceed forward with Anna and go down the slope. Head into the abandoned train car on your right and explore it to collect some ammunition and resources. Head back out to Anna and follow her for a while until you reach a boat. Inside the wooden building to the left of the boat are some more resources to collect. The wooden building on the right side also has some resources, along with the Bastard gun on a table. Take the Bastard over your revolver, and make sure you obtain at least one kill with it for your 4th weapon kill towards the "Professional" achievement.

Head into the boat, where you'll unlock:

Regatta in Metro Exodus
Regatta17 (15)
Get into a boat.
  • Unlocked by 31,421 tracked gamers (81% - TA Ratio = 1.10) 38,639

Take the boat all the way to the marked location on your map. As you approach it, Anna will tell say you've been spotted - this is a scripted event, so keep heading to the building. Once you reach the building, sail through it, where a sermon is being held. Bring your boat all the way to the end and get out. From this point forward, I won't be pointing out every resource stash location, because there is a lot. So make sure you're always looking around for them as you play.

During the next section, don't get spotted in order to gain a *moral point*. To do this, crouch-walk everywhere, sneak up behind enemies to knock them out, and reload your checkpoint when necessary.

First, head up the stairs and into the door where you'll meet Katja and Nastya. Holster your weapon with cn_right, then head through the window. Squeeze your way through the panels, then head left down the wooden staircase. At the bottom, knock out the soldier and loot his body and the weapon attachments - equip them on your Bastard.

Head into the open door and take an immediate right. Stick to this right wall and head around until you reach the open door on the other side. Once there, look into the room on your left, and wait for the soldier to turn his back so you can knock him out.

Then, head to the yellow ladder that's next to a fireplace and leads up. Once you climb it up, head forward to the toy elephant on the ground. Directly to the right of this, up on the wall, is Postcard #3. Head back down the ladder and into the area where you knocked out the guard, then take the yellow ladder down.

Inside the next room are two guards talking. Wait for them to walk away, then carefully go inside. Reload your checkpoint if you get caught. Go to the right side and knock out the soldier in this area, then go through the open doorway to the docks outside. Turn left, head up the stairs, then go right to reach a hanging boat. Interact with the wheel to lower the boat, then enter the boat and head towards the marker on your map. Eventually, Anna will radio you and you'll be rewarded a *moral point* for not killing any enemies or being spotted.

Keep paddling forward and you'll have an encounter with a large enemy called "the catfish". Once this sequence is over, you'll be with Duke. Head a bit forward to find a crashed plane. Head over to the left side to enter it, then go all the way up to the cockpit. On the floor of the cockpit is Suit Upgrade 1/13 (Compass). There will also be a Kalash on the ground just in front of this with a 4x weapon scope attached - pick this up.

Next, head here:


At this broken down camp-site, next to a corpse is Diary 12/71 (Mouldy Log). Then, make your way to the marker on your map where you'll regroup with Anna and the others. Talk with Miller to advance the story and you'll get a new objective, which is to go to the port. First, head to the back of the train where Tokarev is waiting for you. Head inside with him and he'll hand you a new weapon called the Tikhar.

This is a pneumatic weapon that equips to a special third weapon slot that you access by holding cn_Y. Pneumatic weapons require pressure, which you manually pump by holding cn_X and then repeatedly pressing cn_RT until it's full. The ammunition the Tikhar uses is steel balls, which you can craft through your backpack at any time (i.e., you don't need to go to a workbench to craft ammo for it).

Make sure you use the Tikhar as much as possible to work towards an achievement to obtain 30 kills with it.

Head out the exit where Sam and Damir are, then take a left down the slope. You'll see some big barrels floating on the water, which you can run over to cross the water safely. As you proceed forward, you'll eventually come across a big, run-down building. When you enter the doorway to this building, a cutscene occurs with a new enemy called a "humanimal". Kill the humanimal, then loot the entirety of this building for a decent supply of ammo and resources.

Next, head here:


You'll come across a set of stone stairs that lead underground. At the bottom of the stairs, melee the padlock off the door then head inside. Once you enter, a humanimal will be inside for you to kill. Once it's dead, head forward to where it died, and on a shelf is Diary 13/71 (Faded Note 1).

Head to your objective and you'll hear Krest tell you to find a way up to the roof. First, go towards the big tower on the right, then go behind the big tower to find a broken down building. The right-side entrance of this broken-down building is a garage. Inside of the garage, behind the car, you'll find an Ashot weapon next to a corpse - grab that.

With the Ashot, go to the building and interact with the doors. There are around a dozen or so humanimals inside, but the Ashot usually kills them in one-shot (and should be your 5th weapon kill towards the "Professional" achievement). Once it's clear, loot this area as there are a lot of resources and ammo around. If you'd like, you can follow the ladder underground to loot some more. Then, head up to the top and follow the linear path all the way up to the roof.

On the roof, there's a few more humanimals to take out, but Krest helps you kill most of them. Once it's clear, head up the ramp towards Krest. He'll talk for a long while and will hand you a pair of binoculars. With the binoculars, look around until you hear a little *click* sound. When you hear that sound, it means you're looking directly at a point of interest. If you zoom in right at this point of interest and hold it there for a second or two, that point of interest will now be marked on your map. Do this with as many points of interest you can find up here.

Climb down the ladder to enter Krest's home. He'll introduce you to a workbench, where you can craft ammo, equipment, med-kits, filters, upgrade your suit, and clean your weapons. Make sure to equip the compass you found earlier, clean your weapons, craft 1-2 Molotov cocktails, and the rest on ammunition and full filters.

Exit out of the workbench, and behind you is a bed. Here, you can replenish your health, and change the time of day (changing the time of day is very helpful in Ranger Hardcore mode). Go towards the exit on your left, and look at the window. Hanging on the wall to the left of the window is Postcard #4. Head out the exit and take the zip line.

Once you drop down, you'll be told Anna has gone missing, and the objective on your map will change. Head to the new objective, and you'll see a hole next to a small blue light. Run to the hole and you'll drop down next to Anna. Once the cutscene with Anna is over, make a quick save.

Once you've made a quick save, open up your backpack and dismantle all of your gas mask filters. You'll be left with one filter that has under 1 minute remaining. Exit out of your backpack and wait for the timer of your last filter to run out. Once it's out, you'll begin suffocating. Open up your backpack again and craft a filter to unlock:

Last Breath in Metro Exodus
After running out of filters in a hazard zone, craft a new one while suffocating.
  • Unlocked by 7,657 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.24) 38,639

Once that's unlocked, reload your quick save. Take out your lighter and head into the entrance to your right. A little bit forward and on your right is a door that is padlocked. Either shoot or melee the padlock to unlock it and open the door. Once inside, the table in front of you has some attachments you can put on your Kalash. Then, turn right and head forward. On your left is a crate with Diary 14/71 (Water-Logged Note).

Exit this room and continue forward, making your way to a crack in the wall that you can interact with to squeeze through. This section consists of a few humanimals to kill as you make your way through. Progress forward until you reach the yellow power box, then interact with it to turn on the lights. Keep progressing forward until you reach a door with a wheel on it. Looking at this door, look immediately to your right to find a wheel hanging on the wall. Interact with this wheel, which opens up the door, and you'll be back with Anna and some others.

Head back to Miller, who's inside the train. After some dialogue, you'll be tasked with infiltrating a bridge. Krest will warn you about bandit camps and also electrical anomalies that spawn at night (and deal a lot of damage). Regarding bandit camps, which you'll come across several during this mission, kill anyone who is actively shooting at you. Once there's one or two left, they'll sometimes surrender. If this happens, just holster your weapon and don't kill them.

Head downstairs, where Tokarev will inform you on the workbench he's built. This workbench has a special feature that allows you to swap your weapons with any other weapon you've collected throughout your game. However, this is a unique feature to only this workbench on the Aurora (i.e., other workbenches you encounter will not allow you to swap weapons). Tokarev will also inform you about new attachments you can equip to the Tikhar. Clean your weapons, get some ammo, and make sure you have a couple of med-kits, some filters, and 1-2 Molotov cocktails. At this point, you've probably already unlocked, or are very close to unlocking:

Handyman in Metro Exodus
Handyman21 (15)
Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting.
  • Unlocked by 18,901 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 38,639

Next, head here:


There will be a bandit camp here, and a villager who is being kept prisoner in a cage. Kill the 4-5 bandits, then once they're all dead, interact with the villager to free him and earn a *moral point*. After that, climb the tower until you come across a green door. Inside this room is a ladder; climb up and head out to the ledge and you'll see a guitar - interact with it to pick it up.

Next, head here:


Interact with the door on the shipping container to enter it. Inside are some cobwebs, so use your lighter to remove them. On the chair is a corpse, and to the right of it, on top of a small stack of books, is Diary 15/71 (Dusty Workbook). Look to your right, and the desk at the end has Suit Upgrade 2/13 (Extended Filter).

Next, head here:


This is another bandit camp. Take care of them as you please, then go to the prisoner gate. Melee the padlock off and open the gate to earn a *moral point*. This prisoner will give you a key - take it as it is important for later. From this gate, turn directly around, and a few steps in front of you on a crate is Diary 16/71 (Folded Letter). Then, head forward to the wall where there is a door next to a lantern. At this door, look to your left, and on top of a crate is Suit Upgrade 3/13 (Ammo Pouches). At this point, I found enough weapon attachments where I could install a grip, barrel, sight, magazine, and gadget on my Kalash, unlocking:

Gunsmith in Metro Exodus
Gunsmith28 (20)
Install a modification of each category on a single weapon.
  • Unlocked by 20,042 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 38,639

If you haven't gotten this yet, you're likely close - just make sure to loot every enemy body and weapon.

Next, head here:


You'll come across a truck with some blue barrels outside of it. Head inside, and immediately to your right, hanging on the console is Postcard #5. Immediately to the left of this is Diary 17/71 (Torn Page).

Next, head here:


There will be another bandit camp here at the abandoned gas station. Once it's clear, head inside and remove the padlock off the door. Once you're in this small room, you'll see a glowing red object on your left, and it's Suit Upgrade 4/13 (Throwing Weapons Harness). Go into the room that's connected here, and beneath the torch is Diary 18/71 (Weathered Notice).

Next, head here:


Inside this broken-down van is Diary 19/71 (Sturdy Envelope).

Then, head to your objective, which should be on the bridge just near where you are (where it is in the image above). Once you arrive, enter the door to have a small scene with Duke. Next, head to the bandit camp located here:


From the entrance where the blue truck is located (left side of the image above), head into the small building on the right. Resting near the fire is a helmet. Interact with it to obtain Suit Upgrade 5/13 (Reinforcement Helmet). Next, head Northeast until you reach the water. Look around this shoreline until you find a boat. Then, head to the small island here:


In the middle of this island is a dead soldier, and beside him is Diary 20/71 (Bandit's Note). On the gun of the dead soldier is a few attachments as well. Get back in the boat and make the small journey to the next island here:


This area is filled with villagers, not bandits, so holster your weapon and don't kill anyone (or you'll lose a moral point). Head over to the green, rusted shipping container. On the outside of this is a blue fuel cannister - pick it up, then head in the shack and interact with the generator. Now, head inside of the main building and interact with the small yellow switch on the wall. Open the door beside it, then head all the way down and up to the roof. Once on the roof, go to the small opening and drop down it, then interact with the yellow power box. Turn around and open the red door, then head back to the first room with the yellow switch. On the other wall, you can now interact with this yellow switch to open the door beside it. Enter this small room, then interact with your final yellow switch to electrocute the body on the table. Once it's over, you can finally go up to the body and pick up Suit Upgrade 6/13 (Battery Charge Controller).

Next, head to the small island here:


Once in the building, head through until you reach a room where a body is hanging from the ceiling. To the left of this, on a desk, is Diary 21/71 (Patient Ledger). Dock your boat, then head to a small shack located here:


Remove the padlock and head inside. Immediately in front of you on a shelf is Diary 22/71 (Blood-Stained Diary). Immediately to your left, on the green desk, is Suit Upgrade 7/13 (Metal Detector).

Make sure your molotov cocktail(s) is equipped, then head all the way up the large structure that's outside. At the top, you'll notice a purple nest which contains a flying enemy known as a "demon". Quickly go up and throw 1-2 Molotov cocktails inside the nest, incinerating the demon and unlocking:

Firebird in Metro Exodus
Firebird36 (15)
Kill a demon with fire.
  • Unlocked by 6,685 tracked gamers (17% - TA Ratio = 2.40) 38,639

Right in front of this nest, resting on a briefcase is the teddy bear. Pick it up and you'll unlock:

Friend of the Crew in Metro Exodus
Find the guitar and teddy bear on the VOLGA level.
  • Unlocked by 15,757 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 38,639

Next, head here:


Head up the ramps on the shipping containers, then progress forward until you reach a ladder. Immediately at the top, beside a dead soldier, is Diary 23/71 (Faded Note 2). The soldier's gun also contains some useful attachments.

Next, head here:


Go to the small shack with a green door and head inside. Immediately in front of you, on the wall, is Postcard #6. There's a crafting bench in here as well.

Go to your objective, which is a small dock on the shoreline. Get in the boat and head forward into the building. Once you're inside, paddle your way through the building for a while until you reach the dock with a bonfire. Dock your boat here, then head up the ramp and run through the linear section until you reach this door:


Interact with it, and you'll use the key you obtained from the prisoner earlier, and head inside. Immediately to your right, on a table is Suit Upgrade 8/13 (Night Vision Goggles). Then, head out the same door, and up the stairs in front of you. Go down this path and activate the lever at the end to rotate the structure ahead of you so that you can cross it. Keep going until a scripted scene occurs where the catfish returns and attacks you.

At this point, go to your inventory and equip the 4x scope on your Kalash, activate night vision goggles, and equip your gas mask. Follow the path so that you are ascending the building, and you'll encounter several humanimals. Kill 3 of them while night vision is activated, your gas mask is equipped, with a gun that has a 4x scope all at the same time, and you'll unlock:

Kaleidoscope in Metro Exodus
Kill 3 enemies using sniper scope while wearing the Gas mask and using the Night Vision goggles.
  • Unlocked by 5,628 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.61) 38,639

Continue on killing the humanimals, staying at the top level. From the area where there's a bonfire and a ladder, follow the catwalk until you reach the area where you can descend the stairs next to a blue barrel. Go down the stairs and there will be a big red shipping container in front of you. Interact with the bottom of it to crawl under it and advance to the other side.

Once on the other side, go right, and then take a left and go down the ladder. Turn around, then head towards the next ladder that goes up. Once you're up top, the catfish will destroy part of the catwalk. Proceed forward, ignoring the ladder on your left, until you reach a giant red door. Turn right, then continue forward down the stairs. At this point, a lot of humanimals will spawn, so it's best to just keep sprinting and don't bother engaging them. Head up the stairs on the right side and continue heading straight all the way until you reach the glowing green tunnel.

Once you're on the other side, head up the stairs in front of you and you'll be by a giant red door again. To the right of this door is a small room you can enter. Go inside, and on your left, sitting on a chair is Diary 24/71 (Thick Ledger).

Now, make a quick save, then turn around to see a small contraption with three strings on it which are holding up hanging bodies in front of you. To the right of this is a hanging bell, and to the left is a lever. First, ring the bell to lure the catfish over to this area. Then, interact with the three strings to cut down the bodies. Once the catfish swims over, immediately pull the lever on the left to lower the debris, killing the catfish and unlocking:

Fisherman in Metro Exodus
Fisherman28 (15)
Kill the Catfish.
  • Unlocked by 11,305 tracked gamers (29% - TA Ratio = 1.84) 38,639

At the red door, interact with the wheel to the left to open it, then turn around and head back to the trolley and interact with it to unlock:

Railwayman in Metro Exodus
Railwayman21 (15)
Get into the Trolley.
  • Unlocked by 19,297 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.41) 38,639

Press cn_A to turn around, then hold cn_RT to accelerate the trolley. Note that if you're doing this section at night, an anomaly may spawn on the tracks and will do a massive amount of damage if you run into it, likely killing you. If you see one, brake the trolley and wait for it to pass, then proceed forward. Head on until you run into a roadblock, then back up a little bit until you reach see a lever near the tracks. Get out of the trolley by double tapping cn_X, interact with the lever to adjust the tracks, then head back into the trolley and continue forward.

You'll reach another roadblock, but this time you can drive through it. Shortly after, you'll be in a bandit camp. Get out of the trolley and take them all out. Once it's clear, head inside the building and climb the ladder up. Head towards where the trolley is parked and you'll find a lever - interact with it to lower the gates below. Get back into the trolley and ram into the blue train car ahead, unlocking:

Long distance passenger in Metro Exodus
Find the passenger train car.
  • Unlocked by 18,732 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 38,639

The trolley will bounce off the train car and you'll turn around. Just keep accelerating the trolley until you're all the way back to Miller and the rest of the crew. Head inside the Aurora and speak to Miller, then it will be time to infiltrate the bridge. Clean your weapons, load up on ammo/supplies, then head to your objective where you'll meet up with Anna.

You'll want to play the rest of this mission in stealth in order to gain a *moral point* and guarantee the "good" ending for Duke as long as you've gained all other moral points so far. Therefore, only take out enemies by stealthily knocking them out (if necessary) and reload your checkpoint if you're spotted.

Once you're ready, head down to the port ahead of you, crouch-walking the entire way, and staying in the shadows. On the left side are a set of stairs. Descend them, then head forward to the first torch and extinguish it. At this point, Krest will distract the two guards on the ship for you, so wait for them to pass, then progress forward on to the ship. Once there, immediately head right and turn off the generator, then keep wrapping around this right side to the next section.

Anna will inform you there's a raft down below, so jump down to it and immediately extinguish the lamp. Head forward and when Anna tells you it's clear, jump onto the next section of the ship and stay on the left side. Head all the way forward and interact with the small gap between cargo to sneak through it. Ignore the ladder on the other side and continue forward.

Stay on the right side and interact with the door that's cracked open. A small scene will play out with an enemy soldier, Krest, and Duke. After a minute or so, your screen will fade out and you'll be in the next section. Again, you need to do this stealthily and only knock out enemies when necessary. Reload checkpoint when necessary.

Once in control of Artyom, head up the stairs. Rather than going left to the main path, continue straight to another torch and an open door. At the end of this room is a sleeping soldier. Knock him out, then melee the padlock off the door in front of him. In the next small room, extinguish the lamp on your right then open the next door.

Head to the right side, extinguish the lamp, then vault over the crates with sandbags on top. There will be a soldier in front of you - knock him out. On the right side wall is a gap where you can head through and fall to the stairs down below. Head up the stairs, then up the small set of stairs ahead of this, and into the open door. Inside here is a soldier praying. Knock him out, then head through the door. On the other side, just a few steps to your left is an elevator. Head onto it and interact with the lever to take it up. While you're riding the elevator up, make sure to equip a suppressor to one of your weapons.

Once at the top, immediately head to the path on the right and knock out the guard. Vault over the tires and head forward to the door in front of you. It's locked, but you can use your suppressed weapon to shoot the padlock from this side without being spotted. Enter the door and progress forward until you're here:


Wait for the guard to walk the other way, then head up the stairs and knock him out. Then, refer to the image above and collect Postcard #7. Go back to the stairs and head all the way up. There will be two guards at the very top, but if you're quick enough you can just take out the one closest to you, and the other guard won't notice. Head up to the green door and interact with it.

If you gained all of the moral points listed on this page, Duke will jump onto the train with you (if not, he will get shot and die, meaning you did not gain enough moral points for his "good" ending. If this occurs, you need to immediately quit to the main menu, load up the mission again via chapter select, and make sure you gain every moral point).

Play through the ending cutscenes, finishing the mission and unlocking:

Duke in Metro Exodus
Duke79 (40)
Duke survives. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 9,830 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 1.98) 38,639

Lower the Bridge in Metro Exodus
Complete the VOLGA level.
  • Unlocked by 17,855 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 38,639

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