Metro Exodus Walkthrough

8. The Caspian

The Caspian

The character that needs to be with you at the end of this mission is... In order to assure this character stays with you and doesn't leave at the end, make sure you gain *moral points* by doing the following:

  • Don't kill the thug who attacks you near the beginning of the mission - just knock him out
  • You may kill all other thugs that attack you but do not kill any that end up surrendering to you
  • Find the photo of Giul's family and bring it to her
  • Free/Rescue as many slaves as possible, and do not kill any slaves throughout the entire mission

If you mess up any of the above, you can reload checkpoint or the whole mission and try again. This page will include all of the sections listed above and how to properly complete them.

By now, you should already have unlocked, or be very close to unlocking:

Silent marksman in Metro Exodus
Kill 30 enemies with Tikhar.
  • Unlocked by 12,977 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 38,750

If not, make sure you're using your Tikhar as much as possible on this mission to unlock it.

After the opening cutscene, Miller will task you with finding the car of thugs. Head down the stairs and exit the train on the left. Immediately in front of you is a building, and on the right side is an entrance that has a blue box hanging on the outside wall. Head in this doorway, then immediately turn around. On the right side wall of this doorway is Postcard #10.

Exit this building and head left towards the end of the train, where Tokarev is waiting for you. Talk to him to be given some incendiary ammunition for your Tikhar. You can also head inside this part of the train to access a workbench (clean your weapons, craft ammo, etc.).

Head to your objective, which is a building with some gunfire inside. At this point, a sandstorm will occur, and you'll be ambushed by some humanimals. Take them out, then head into the building. Head up the rubble to the second floor and go forward until you come across several humanimals trying to get into a door. Take them all out, then interact with the door and head up to the third level.

At the top, open up the door and you will be ambushed by a thug. You'll be given a choice to either kill him or knock him out - make sure you knock him out to gain a *moral point* (killing him will lose a moral point).

Now that you have the thug's keys, take the zip line down to the car and sprint to the door to interact with it. You'll trigger a cutscene where you're ambushed by humanimals, then Damir will save you. Wait for Damir to hop out of the car, known as "the Bukhanka", then interact with it to hop inside, unlocking:

Driver in Metro Exodus
Driver23 (15)
Drive the Bukhanka.
  • Unlocked by 16,689 tracked gamers (43% - TA Ratio = 1.51) 38,750

Once you're in the Bukhanka, make a quicksave. Then, drive forwards and stick to the path as if you're going towards your objective. A short distance into the drive, there will be a few humanimals in the road. Run them over, then continue driving to come across a few watchmen to run over as well. After that, reload your quick save, then rinse and repeat to unlock:

Carmaheddon in Metro Exodus
Make 50 kills with the Bukhanka. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 2,927 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.62) 38,750

Your next objective will be at a cave, but first, stop here:


Enter the building on the right side where there's a couple of torches and a slave. The slave will start talking to you, but he won't turn hostile if you keep your weapon holstered and don't engage him. Keep heading forward to the stairs at the end. Once you're up top, turn right, and behind the first shipping container is a table with Diary 32/71 (First Mate's Diary).

Turn left and proceed to the yellow ladder ahead. At the top, head forward to the next room which contains several thugs. Knock out and/or kill all the thugs to gain a *moral point*, then head up the stairs and go to your right towards a table with a radio. In front of this radio is Diary 33/71 (Leader's Letter). Climb the ladder on your left, then straight into the next room. Around the first corner, on a table, is Suit Upgrade 9/13 (Motion Scanner).

Head back to the Bukhanka and proceed forward towards your objective. Just before you reach it, you'll come across this boat in the sand:


Head inside of the boat, be wary of the trap and interact with the flashlight for Suit Upgrade 10/13 (Extra Bright Flashlight). Get back in the Bukhanka and proceed forward until you reach the objective. Get out of the Bukhanka, and head into the cave.

The next couple of sections must be done in stealth to gain a *moral point*. Furthermore, make sure you only knock out (not kill) the enemies, as some enemies are rebel slaves that are fighting alongside the thugs, and killing the slaves may result in losing a moral point.

To start, take the zipline to the other end, where a thug will soon bleed out (don't execute him). Stealthily continue forward where a soldier is comforting a dying thug. Knock him out, then look immediately to the left on some rubble for Diary 34/71 (Letter to Son). The rest of this cave is fairly linear and only has a few more thugs to knock out - make sure you do it stealthily, and reload your checkpoint if spotted.

Once you make it outside, continue on until you encounter a firefight. A bunch of enemies will be shooting at the lighthouse, where inside is a woman named Giul. Sneak your way around, knocking out the enemies while remaining undetected (reload checkpoint if you're spotted). There's around 8 or so enemies here, but it's fairly easy to sneak up on them since they're so focused on shooting Giul.

Once all of the enemies are knocked out, Giul will say "Is everything quiet? Are they all dead? Come up here then." Before you do that, run around to the knocked-out bodies and look for a new weapon, The Bulldog. Equip the Bulldog so you can get a kill with it later on in the mission. After that, go to the lighthouse and wait for Giul to drop a lift for you. Once you activate the lever on the lift, you'll finally gain your *moral point*.

At the top of the lighthouse, go through the doorway, then immediately turn around and look to the left side of the doorway, and hanging on the wall is Postcard #11. Use the workbench here to stock up/repair as necessary, then head back to the lift with Giul.

Follow Giul to the stairs and into the underground area. She'll tell you to turn on the power to open the door - the powerbox is in the room to the left. This next section will consist of enemies called spiders. To defeat them, make sure your flashlight is on and is always at a full charge (hold cn_left to charge it) then aim your light at the spider for a couple of seconds until it flips over, exposing its belly, then shoot it to kill it or approach it and a prompt will appear for you to stab it.

As you take the elevator down, Giul will mention a picture of her mother, which we'll find for a *moral point*. At the bottom, go to the left wall and under the numbers "01" is a small hole. Head through it, then exit the next room and take the stairs down on your right. At the bottom, make your way over to the other staircase, then up top through the "02" door.

In the next room, drop through the hole in the ground, then head towards the flashing red light beside a door. Take a left at this door, and you'll see a clock on the wall. Head into the room just ahead and to the right of this clock, and on the desk is Diary 35/71 (Memo). Continue forward to the next power box, which will turn on the lights and open up the door you passed earlier.

Head through the door and all the way down the stairs, then Damir will open the door at the bottom for you. You'll end up in a large control room with a big map on the wall. To the right of the map is an entrance. Go through the entrance and head through the bathroom until you reach the corridor with a door at the end. This time, Damir can't open the door for you, but he'll talk over the intercom system to assist you in what to do.

On the right-side wall is a small opening, so crouch down and head through it into the room on the other side. In the top right-hand corner of this room is a desk with a computer and Diary 36/71 (Image Analysis). From the desk, turn around and head through the green door that's partially open. Interact with the corpse in here to retrieve the picture for Giul. Head back to the previous room and go through the doorway on the other side.

Kill the spiders in this next room, then proceed forward until you reach a vent. While you're in this vent, several spiders will attack you, so make sure you have your flashlight on and charged to kill them as you progress through the linear vent. Once you're at the exit, drop down into the room below, then immediately turn around and go through the open door. In the room to your right is a large table, and at the end of the table in front of a corpse is Diary 37/71 (Last Orders). Head back to the previous room and go to the end where there's a sign of numbers listed 2010 through 2019 - interact with it. Once Artyom finds the maps, you'll unlock:

Complete road map in Metro Exodus
Find maps in the laboratory.
  • Unlocked by 15,909 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.55) 38,750

Head back to the room where you picked up diary 36, then interact with the wheel next to the door to open it. Now just sprint back until you're in the big control room with the large map on the wall. Head to the elevator and kill the spiders as you wait for it to arrive. Once you're back up top, you'll be with Giul and Damir. Just follow them until you're back up top, and you'll automatically hand Giul the picture of her mother and gain a *moral point*.

Hop into the Bukhanka and look at your map. In between your current location and your new objective is a small white "?". This is Anna's location - head there. You'll have a small chat with her and she'll mark a few side quests on your map, which you'll be doing later.

Get back in the Bukhanka and head back the way you came, crossing the bridge just north of Anna's location. Then, take a left to the ravine area where there's a ruined ship in the distance (follow the blue path in this image):


Head inside the ship, climb the ladder and make your way all the way to the other end and up the stairs until you meet a man named Hermit. Holster your weapon and use Hermit's workbench for whatever you need. Directly to the left of the workbench, on a crate, is Diary 38/71 (Diary Fragments). Head through the doorway then interact with the ladder on the side of the ship to head back down.

Go back to the Bukhanka and head to your objective - the Aurora. Head into the building where your crew is and interact with Miller, then he'll task you with obtaining water and fuel. Tokarev will also inform you of another attachment to the Tikhar, one that automatically pumps air into it (rather slowly).

Get back in the Bukhanka and grab the collectable located here, which is Diary 39/71 (Baron's Letter):


Head forward into this area (the white "?" on your map) and kill all of the thugs. Once they're all dead (or surrender) a ladder will drop here:


Once you climb the ladder, directly in front of you on a barrel is Diary 40/71 (Death Note). There's also a workbench here, and directly to the right of the workbench is Suit Upgrade 11/13 (Armoured Glass). Get back in the Bukhanka and head towards your objective to reach Damir.

Follow Damir and you will slide down a steep, rocky slope. At the bottom, just in front of you is a red barrel, and a few steps ahead of this is a makeshift ramp that heads up and to the left. Follow this ramp all the way to the top, and on top of the radio is Diary 41/71 (Letter to the Artist). Directly behind you is a ladder. Take it down, then head left, and on your left will be a rusted cabin. Enter the doorway, then immediately turn around, and hanging to the left of the doorway is Postcard #13.

Keep following Damir until you enter the cave. Once inside, keep going forward until you get ambushed by a few humanimals. Kill them, then proceed forward until you reach another group of humanimals to kill as well. Continue onward until you take your masks off and crawl under a rock.

You need to do this next section stealthily and cannot kill any slaves for 2 separate *moral points*. Make a quick save here, and reload it in case you're spotted.

Turn off your flashlight, crouch, and head down the left path. At the bottom, a thug will be talking to a slave near some stairs. Wait for him to finish talking, then he'll head up the stairs. Shortly after this, the slave will turn around and walk back to the hut, and this is your moment to head forward and interact with the bucket lift, unlocking:

Roller coaster in Metro Exodus
Use the bucket lift on the CASPIAN level to reach the Oasis.
  • Unlocked by 4,520 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.92) 38,750

At the top, immediately turn around so you're facing the bucket lift. Look slightly to your right at a very long truck with its lights on. Stick to the left side of the truck and follow it around to its backside. Once you're at the back of the truck, continue a few steps forward to a target board that has a couple of throwing knives stuck in it. Pick up the throwing knives, equip them, then use them to kill the dog that's in front of you. This dog was guarding a cage that has a slave inside of it. Melee the padlock off of the slaver's cage to gain a *moral point*.

From the cage, continue moving along the wall until you reach a staircase that goes up. Head up the stairs, avoiding the guards as you make your way up to the very top. Once you've ascended all of the stairs, sneak up behind the guard that's sitting in a chair and knock him out. Then, turn around and head across the wooden bridge that's covered in barbed wire. At the very end of the bridge is a lever. Interact with the lever to gain another *moral point*, which triggers a cutscene where you'll eventually fall asleep.

When you wake up, you'll be in a fight with your crew. Approach this section however you'd like until all of your enemies are dead, then head back to the rest of the crew, where Miller will give you your next objective.

It's now time to do those side quests that Anna marked on your map earlier. First is to infiltrate the large tower which nests an enemy sniper:


Head to the tower and kill the thugs at the bottom. Then, head up the stairs to the sniper's nest and pick up the sniper, called the Valve, which has some useful attachments such as a sniper stock and a 6x scope. Keep heading up the tower until you reach the top with a workbench. Interact with the workbench and craft some sniper ammo and equip some attachments to it, then make a quicksave.

Exit the room with the workbench but don't take the zip line yet. Look out to the base of the bridge and a car of thugs will come in. The thugs will stay there (a considerable distance away) and won't cross the bridge to come after you. Kill all of them with your sniper, load your quicksave, and rinse and repeat until you unlock:

Stand back in Metro Exodus
Stand back67 (15)
Kill 50 enemies at long distance.
  • Unlocked by 1,935 tracked gamers (5% - TA Ratio = 4.46) 38,750

(The Valve should be your 9th kill towards the "Professional" achievement, assuming you've already gotten a kill with the Bulldog)

Next, head to a bandit camp located here:


Knock out or kill all of the thugs here, then go to the bonfire area that has a few chairs and tables. In this area is a small yellow ladder. Climb the ladder up, then immediately look to your right for Diary 43/71 (Charred Note). Then, go onto the boat and take the zipline that heads down onto a very large ship at the shore.

Once on the ship, your goal to take out the enemies inside and free the slaves on board. This is rather difficult to do stealthily, so I recommend the gung-ho approach to kill all of the enemies inside, taking caution to not hit any slaves in the cross-fire. In the back of the ship, there is an armored enemy with a mini-gun, but there is a slave in this room as well. Take your time killing the armored enemy, making sure the slave doesn't die in the cross-fire. Once the armored enemy is dead, head up the stairs to the control room. When you enter the doorway to the control room, look to the right of the yellow control panel on the wall for Postcard #12. Immediately to the left of this, on a console, is Diary 42/71 (Shopping List). Then, exit this room onto the catwalk. In the middle of the catwalk is a lever you can activate to free the slaves and gain a *moral point*.

Your last side quest is located here:


Inside this area, you might be attacked by a demon. However, you should be fairly experienced with the combat by now and have some good attachments on your weapons to dispatch of the demon quickly. Once it's dead (assuming it spawned there), head into the hangar with a partially opened entrance. Make your way to the end of the hangar, where you'll be ambushed by some humanimals. Kill them all, then grab Postcard #14:


When you go back outside, you'll be ambushed by some thugs - kill them. Then, head into the big building. Climb it all the way up to the top and open up the gate. In front of the lamp is a chair with Suit Upgrade 12/13 (NVD Amplifier).

Next, head here:


To the right of the workbench is Suit Upgrade 13/13 (Consumables Carrier), your final suit upgrade for:

Dressed for Success in Metro Exodus
Find all upgrades for Artyom's suit.
  • Unlocked by 3,096 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.52) 38,750

Now, return to the Bukhanka and head to the objective. Once you arrive, you'll meet up with Giul and Damir. After some chatter, follow them until Damir takes the grate off the tunnel, then head inside. You'll be completing this section stealthily, so reload your checkpoint if you're spotted.

Once you've exited the tunnel, sneak your way forward into the area with enemies and burning barrels. Head across to the cement stairs, take them up, then head forward and immediately to the left into an area with some dogs. Head up the ramp on the right side, turn off the lamp, then head across to the other side and jump down. Turn right and proceed through the door.

In the next room, immediately turn right and hug the right wall as you sneak around the room in a counter-clockwise direction. If you stay hugged to the wall as far as possible, you'll always stay in the shadows and won't encounter any enemies. Once you reach the hall at the other end of the room, extinguish the torches on the wall as you proceed forward. At the end of the hall, go through the door on your right and you'll gain a *moral point*.

Head forward and turn right. Go up the stairs ahead of you and you'll be back with Damir. Once he's done talking, wrap around the train and cross the bridge. Holster your weapon, and the Baron will open the gate for you. Walk forward then onto the elevator on the left and you'll automatically ascend.

At the top, head through the linear path until you encounter a thug beating up a slave. Once the thug shoves the slave into a room, head inside and knock the thug out to gain a *moral point* - you won't be spotted as long as you went inside of the room to knock out the thug. Continue on the path all the way up to the top until you meet the Baron and play through the cutscene.

Once in control of Artyom again, kill everyone that comes after you, which will include an armored enemy with a mini-gun. Land a direct impact hit with a Molotov and move in and out of cover as you shoot him until he's dead. Once it's clear, interact with the door alongside Damir.

If you gained all of the moral points listed on this page, Damir will join you on the zipline (if not, he will leave with Giul, meaning you did not gain enough moral points for his "good" ending. If this occurs, you need to immediately quit to the main menu, load up the mission again via chapter select, and make sure you gain every moral point).

Play through the ending cutscenes, finishing the mission and unlocking:

Damir in Metro Exodus
Damir104 (40)
Damir stays with crew. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,727 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.59) 38,750

New order in Metro Exodus
New order25 (15)
Complete the CASPIAN level.
  • Unlocked by 13,751 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.67) 38,750

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