4. Metro: Last Light Redux (Win 10) Levels 1-5

Level Sparta

So let's start the game. Select Spartan and normal difficulty.

Now we start off around a fire, leading to a firefight with 4 Nosalis. After surviving this you'll wake up and speak to Khan. Once you get in control, make sure you play the guitar in your room to get a moral point.

Make your way through the double doors and into a lounge type area where people are playing checkers. Look to the end of this room on the left side, in a chair is a guitar type instrument. Play this for a moral point.

Head into the armoury. When you get to pick you weapons, make sure to select Valve, RPK and Abzats to unlock:


Choose three primary weapons that use different ammo.

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Now feel free to replace the weapons to select the guns of your choice, but I'd recommend keeping those weapons for the following level as it makes an achievement easier. Head to the firing range, (right of the armoury) and complete shooting the 3 targets to unlock:


Complete training sequence.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Continue through to the lift with Ulman and Khan and keep following Khan into the control room of D6, eventually leading to Miller. In this conversation you will get another moral point. After Khan is removed you will be told to follow a female sniper, Anna. Follow, her and look to a chair in the room adjacent to the meeting room for a diary.

Follow Anna on to a train to end the level.

Level Ashes

There is an achievement on this level for not getting hit. It is pretty straight forward as you have decent weapons from the beginning and you can also reload a checkpoint if you get hit. A video is provided if you want to see it in action, provided by Maka91:

We start off by departing the train. Don't forget to burn a few cobwebs in this area; head to the door and open it up.

Head up the stairs; open the next door and turn right. Anna will indicate for you to put your mask on. Do this but don't climb the ladder yet. Instead, walk past it and turn left. Burn some more cobwebs and in the far right corner is a diary next to a corpse, there is also a moral point just for collecting it.

Return to the ladder and climb it, stay with Anna and follow her, listen to her entire conversation for another moral point.

Using your compass navigate your way along the level Just after leaving Anna check to the left for a supply stash behind the bus. until you get ambushed by Watchmen. There will be 3 climbing from the right, 3 in front of you in the distance, some to the left and finally some more in the distance. This is the only area in the level where you need to not get hit. I believe it is only 9 - 12 Watchmen you have to kill. Survive this and carry on through the level.

You will eventually catch up with a young Dark One, leading to a cutscene. You will awake to find yourself in a bit of a predicament and this leads to the end of the level. If you didn't get hit you will now also unlock:

Not A Rabbit

Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit.

Not A Rabbit
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Level Pavel

As mentioned in the overview we don't want to be killing anyone unless necessary, so remember to knock people out.

You wake up to find you've been captured. After listening to the Nazi officer, eventually you will be freed. Follow Pavel down the waste pipe, using your lighter to light the area in the mean time. After the two Nazis go up the lift, close your lighter and follow Pavel in the shadows and up a set of ladders. Time to stealth, just listen to Pavel to progress through the level.

When you are instructed to, knock out the Nazi and then interact with the lever to drop the ramp. Make your way up and interact with the spot light on the right to turn it off. Wait till your colleague switches off the flood light, and cross the bridge and knock out the next guard. Climb up the ladders and then through the pipe on your right. Listen to the Nazi soldiers conversation and drop out of the pipe, looting the body for throwing knives. Look to the right and switch off the light and look to the end of this room to find a diary on a box.

Head through the corridor next to the light you just switched off, careful for the guard and once disposed off switch off the light on the wall. Make your way up the ramp and look to your right to push a green button, which opens the door to the next area. Make sure you hide while the door is opening so as not to get spotted. I hid to the left of the door between two prison cages. Wait till the guard moves forward onto the small bridge and deal with him. Now move into the lift and interact with the level to progress.

After exiting the lift, pull the lever to close the door and turn off the light. Hug the wall on the right and in a small alcove half way along the wall is a ladder, climb it and at the right point knock out the guard. Cross the bridge and look over to the right to make sure the guard has his back turned, quickly make your way down the ladders and knock him out. Ensure you switch off the lights. Looking to the right where you can see a guard sleeping on a chair. Make your way out to the main area, sneaking around the wall and creep up behind him to knock him out. This should leave two guards in this area to deal with, both in the far right hand corner. These are easy to knock out. Again just make sure to switch off all the lights.

After you take out the last guard, look on the computer desk in the right hand corner for a lever that unlocks the cages for the prisoners, giving you a moral point and unlocking:


Free the Prisoners.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Walk to the blast doors and interact with the lever on the right side of the door and heading through ends the level.

Level Reich

As soon as you start, move into the next room to see a diary on a desk, then make your way up the escalator. Follow Pavel through the Nazi crowd until he shoots his gun, then just follow his lead and copy his escape. You will roll under a blast door. Providing you copied your friend and didn't get caught, after escaping on the railcar you will unlock:

Clean Escape

Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once.

Clean Escape
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

As you are escaping you will be told to shoot the soldiers, just ignore them as they won't cause you any issues.

Level Separation

You do not want to get spotted on this level or kill anyone. If a guard spots you and raises the alarm just reload the checkpoint. Follow how I've done it to successfully get the achievement or follow this video by Maka91. This video will not show the diary locations, but is significantly quicker than my method.

Right at the start of the level check the right of the wall for a wooden ramp up, carefully cross over to find a lockbox with some supplies.

We start off by having to exit the railcar after it is smashed through a gate. Use your lighter to burn a few cobwebs then help your friend into a pipe. He will get captured. Make sure you switch off the lighter and hide in the left corner. Once the two guards turn their backs knock them out one by one and head to the direction they came from, turning off the flashing light as you go.

Look to the left to see a ramp. Hide up here until a guard moves to the fire, then edge over the ramp and switch off the light. Now drop down into this area. Move forward slowly and you will see a guard leaning against a box. He should investigate the light you just switched off. Wait till he moves near to the light; sneak up and take him out. Now switch off the light next to where he was previously standing. Be careful for the guard on the floor above that he is facing the other way as if he spots you it makes it much harder.

Move into the building where there are 3 guards talking around a fire. Look to the left to see stairs leading up. Head upstairs and be careful as there are two guards, one patrolling the outside and one in the adjacent room. Wait till one guard moves to a computer desk (this has a diary on it) and take him out, then take out the guard outside, switching off the light on the outside while you're there.

After picking up the diary, if you wish to open the safe near to the diary the key is on the ground floor on a table. To continue turn around from where the diary is and move through the 1st floor to see another set of stairs leading down. Move down these, and look to the right for an open doorway You will see a guard sat on a chair. If you hug the right wall and move fast you can knock him out with no issue. Look opposite where this guard was to a set of stairs and go up these to find a door to enter.

As you open the door, you will see a man on a bed. Point your gun at him and he will say "I surrender". As you approach him to your left is a diary on a table. Switch off the light and leave him alone. Move forward to the next area to see a floodlight lighting up an open vent. Head into this to end the level.

If you got through without raising an alarm or killing anyone, you will unlock:

Invisible Intruder

Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm.

Invisible Intruder
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

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