6. Metro: Last Light Redux (Win 10) Levels 11-15

Level Revolution

There are two specific achievements for this level, one to get through without killing anyone or raising the alarm and the second to kill everyone. We will be going for the non-killing one on our morally good play-through and mop up the killing one after finishing the game or on your second play-through. I will be including in brackets the extra areas or where to look specifically for the enemies you need to kill when you are going for the kill achievement.

Video courtesy of Maka91, again this does not make mention of diary locations or moral points.

After looting the room, open the door. In the corridor there are three guards and a metal detector. Wait till the guard at the end walks down the stairs, then move to the right of the metal detector and knock out the two guards. Head down the stairs and listen to the guard on the intercom for a moral point. As soon as you hear "copy that carry on" knock the guard out.

In the room you came from is a safe key pick it up. Head back to the room with the intercom to find a diary on the desk. Now open the door; look to the right for a fuse box and interact with it. Exit the room and see a guard walking left, he will start to grind some metal, take him out. Turn right and you will see a guard walking on your left, he will walk up to the far corner and start smoking, sneak behind him and take him out.

(When you are going for the kill achievement there are a few which will be in vehicles in this area make sure you check every vehicle and corner within this room to ensure you don't miss anyone.)

Make your way to the front of the train and sneak across the right side of the room, being careful not to be caught by the single patrolling guard. Now hug the right wall and make your way to the boxes to stay hidden (making sure you keep them on your left). You will hear the boss who was previously on a crane telling someone to get the others working. When he does that, wait till the guard starts talking to the others to encourage them to work and use this as your opportunity to turn off some lights, switch off the light on the small crane and the lamp on the box adjacent to the crane. Now you can carefully move back and start taking out these guards to make moving easier. Wait till the guard who was patrolling has his back to you and take him out. Follow the guard walking towards the room where you switched off the fuse box, he is next to remove (if he has sat down, hug the right wall to be able to knock him out) and then to the left of the front of the train is the next guard. Now look to where you switched off the light on the crate adjacent to the crane, he is the next guard. Patience is the key here.

So now the right side of the area of the train should be clear. Edge forward staying in cover, hugging the right wall so you can hear the guards talking, eventually one guard will walk towards the fire where 2 other guards are stood.

Keep hugging the right wall and you will see a large metal grate dividing the room with a guard sat on a chair on the right of this metal grate; sneak past this area. Head to the right and follow the wall around and on the right wall you will see a fuse box to interact with it. Back off by hiding behind the shelves opposite the fuse box as the guard will investigate why it's switched off. Time it right to knock him out. Behind you are a set of large metal doors. Look to the right of these metal doors to see a lever; pull this to open the doors allowing you access to another area. A guard will initially be interested but go straight back to the fire. Head in and knock him out. You will find three guards in the adjacent area. Look for the two guards in the other room. Wait for one to start doing pull ups then knock out the guard to your right. The second guard starts walking away quickly knock him out and then watch the third guard doing pull ups. Once he drops to the ground quickly deal with him. (This may require you dealing with them in a slightly different order depending on how the guy doing pull ups reacts)

Do not open any lockers in this area. One has a trap and if it goes off you will set off the alarm.

On the shelving in this area is a diary. Also in here is a safe key on a desk. Where the guy was doing pull ups, behind him is a small corridor that leads to two guards. Listen to their conversation. Wait till one guard says "now thirty guys that's too complex" to get a moral point. Take out both guards and look in this room for a safe. If you exit this area and turn left there is a door. This leads to an area with three guards. This is not important for the non kill achievement but you must visit this area when going for the kill everyone achievement.

Now head back to the fuse box you switched off, move into the large room hugging the right wall. You will see workers on a little crane. Hide behind the large wooden reels and listen to the worker complaining. Wait till the guard says "time for a smoke break" and you will get a moral point. This guy will walk to your right. Take him out when you get an opportunity. Hug the wall to the right and knock out the guard sitting down.

Look for the door with a green light above it, enter this. Move into the next room and hide behind the gas canisters, wait till the guards finish doing their inventory check and hug the wall to the right and look for the fuse box and interact with it.

Now look for the ladder to the left of the fuse box and climb it; sneak along the pipes. Listen to the guards do their second inventory check and then make your way down the ladder which is to the right as you sneak over the pipes. Immediately in front of you after climbing down the ladder is an opening on the floor to drop down. Walk through the underground area--this needs to be done quickly. Turn right, go straight ahead and then turn left. Look for a ladder and climb it. Now you want to sneak across the room. Be careful for guards and you will see a ladder in the the corner; climb it. Stay near the edge of this until the guards finish their fourth and final inventory check. When they talk about a smoke break you will get a moral point.

Sneak across to the room in the middle; be very careful here. Knock the guard out and crouch so you don't get spotted. In here is a diary. Also look for a lever to interact with to stop a large fan. This is your next destination. Sneak over to it and look for the gap to the left; jump into this.

(In this next area, when going for the kill achievement make sure to check every corner. Armed guards will also turn up so ensure they are not missed)

Turn right, climb down the ladder and listen to the guards for a moral point. When they finish their conversation look on the desk where they were stood for a diary. Knock out the guard facing the wall. Hug the wall to the right and move along till you see a makeshift wooden ladder; get to it and climb it. Sneak across the platform and pipe switching the light off as you go. Get to the end look below for the guard. Wait till he moves to the left and drop down onto the pipe then onto the boxes to the right.

Now look for another makeshift ladder in front of you and climb it. Jump onto the pipes and hug the wall to the left and get over to the other side. Halfway along you will see a safe, open it using the key from the beginning of the level. Jump back onto the pipes and walk forward till you get to the end of the pipes. Hug the left wall and as you get to the edge look down to make sure the guard has moved into the room beneath you. Look for the doorway leading out of this room, hug the left wall and edge slowly over to drop down the corner of the wall, as you do pull backwards and you should catch the corner of the building stopping you from alerting the guard. If you do happen to alert him be prepared to quickly knock him out. Head to your destination, do not open the locker.

Open the door, edge forward and hide behind a disused rail car to listen to the guards. When one guard finally says "it's the only way to keep that damn watch there" you will get a moral point. Hug the wall to the left. As you approach the fire, cross the room to the opposite side and again hugging the left wall move forward and around to the left to find some blast doors. As you approach them they open, hide behind the gas canisters on the left tightly against the wall until they pass. Move forward and the hide to the right as there is another guard here. Wait till he turns around and knock him out.

Follow your compass through some vents, leading to the end of the level. As you drop down if you have been successful in not killing anyone or setting off an alarm you will unlock:

Invisible Soldier

Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm.

Invisible Soldier
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

If you successfully killed everyone you will have unlocked:


Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Level Regina

There is one level specific achievement here, I will make mention of it; however, I don't recommend doing this on your first play-through. Do this after you finish the game or during your second play-through.

We begin this level chatting to Andrew the blacksmith. After listening to him climb onboard Regina. Follow the onscreen instructions on how to control the car. As you leave Andrews home head forward a short distance and keep an eye out for the open doorway on the left. Exit the car and walk in to the room with the lamp. Approaching this gets you a moral point.

Return to the car and head a short distance till you see another doorway on the left with a light flashing, enter this. This area has a significant amount of spiders. Work your way around until you find a room with a red light. Going into this room will net you a moral point. Interact with the battery point to turn on the lights and fry the remaining spiders. Head back to the car and continue on.

Keep an eye on the left again for a doorway with radioactive mushrooms and water flooding it; head inside. Look for the fuse box and switch it on. Make your way to the end and into the room on the right with a skeleton for a moral point. Return to the car.

Continue along the tracks until you get to a blast door. Interact with the lever on the left although this does nothing. Head into the room to the right of Regina; switch on the lamp found on one of the walls. Follow the rooms around and beware of spiders. Eventually you will find a battery charger point. Interact with it and return to the lever next to Regina. Use it to open the blast doors.

As soon as the blast doors open move forward only slightly and jump out to move the tracks by interacting with the signal on the left hand side. Drive Regina through the barricade for a moral point. Search the area for ammo and jump back in Regina, reverse back and switch the track again to continue along the tracks.

When the tracks split, exit the car and walk to the left towards an abandoned train carriage. Enter this carriage and half way down you will be ambushed by a Watchman; kill this and walk all the way to the end where a corpse is to get a moral point. Return again to Regina and make your way along the tracks.

As you approach an abandoned railcar look to the right for an open doorway and enter it, getting you a moral point. Clear all of the Watchmen in this area. As you go through this area there is a small room to the right this has a safe within and the key for this is found on a corpse near some metal detectors a bit further on. Return back to Regina and use it to push the railcar along the tracks.

This is the point where you have the level specific achievement. Basically load your automatic weapon with military grade ammo and use flame grenades. You will see why I mentioned earlier about not doing this on your first play-through as you will miss out on a diary and moral points. If this is the first play-through skip down past the video. Anyway you just need to kill the hordes of Watchmen that will be attacking you without taking damage until you push the railcar into a dead end, doing so will unlock:


Kill the Watchmen attacking the Railcar without taking any damage.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Video of this courtesy of Maka91:

Moving along the tracks you will have to defend yourself against Watchmen. Keep an eye out to the left for a doorway as you approach it you will hear whispers. Exit the car and enter this area, this room has a lot of ghosts inside. Don't worry about them just move forward through the room earning you a moral point. Return to Regina and keep pushing the railcar.

Again as you progress you have to defend yourself. Keep an eye to the right for a doorway with glowing mushrooms. Enter this and follow it around. You will receive a moral point in here. Keep moving around till you find a Watchman stood next a corpse; kill it and any others that appear. The diary is to the left of it of the corpse. Return to Regina and keep pushing the railcar where you will be ambushed again. Kill the Watchmen and when the track forks off push the railcar to the right, back up and use the signal to move the tracks. Smash through the barricades to end the level.

Level Bandits

There is a level specific achievement in this level and that is not to raise an alarm whilst rescuing the women and children, so use stealth and knock out the enemies. For those who like a video courtesy of Maka91, again this video will not show moral points or diary locations:

Thanks to BiGPaPaRu for pointing this out - When you are going for kills this level is great for the 10 knife kills in a row due to how spread out the guards are, getting the 10th will unlock:

No shooting allowed

Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives.

No shooting allowed
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

First thing to do is turn around and head through the collapsed area leading to a corpse. As you approach that you will get a moral point. Make your way along the track and jump back into Regina. Continue forward and crash through the barricade. Sit through the cut scene and exit Regina. If you sit through all the conversations from the refugees, ending with a lady saying "a hero, a real hero, of course", you will earn a moral point.

Time to abandon Regina and walk along the tracks to avoid detection. Run and you will hear a women screaming for help. Move forward until you see a light blinking on the left side of the track. Just past this blinking light on the right side is a tunnel, head into it but make sure you are sneaking, As you enter some railcars turn right and quickly knock out the first guard and get to the second one before he kills the girl to earn a moral point. Head back along the railcars and you will hear another guard, hide until he enters and knock him out.

Return to the main track and in the next area are three guards to contend with. Take out the one on the left first. Sneak around the back of the railcar on fire; make sure the patrolling guy turns around and walks away, then take out the guard sitting on the side. Finally take out the patrolling guard. Make sure to switch off the lights as you go. Approach the next area. A guard will be at the end of the railcar. Do not switch off the light on the left of this railcar. Instead hide behind it and wait for the guard who is checking on the welfare of the guards you previously knocked out. As he gets to the end of the railcar knock him out. Sneak around to the left of the railcar and creep towards the guard, as you get closer to him wait for the prompt to be able to knock him out. Be careful as if you go past him and he spots you, you will have to start this area again. Now switch off the light and sneak into the next area.

Look to the right and knock out this guard and then untie the prisoner. He will move the railcar. Now run back to Regina and jump in. Drive along the tracks until you hear guards saying "what's taking them so long". Exit Regina, parking her away from the doorway (otherwise the incoming guard will spot her) and look to the right for a toilet. In the cubicle on the right is a diary. Wait in the entrance way to the toilet, hugging the right side until you see a guard pass the entrance and knock him out before he spots Regina.

Walk along the track and look to the left for a railcar that is brightly lit; enter this railcar. To the left is a guard lounging; knock him out. Next to the guard is a safe key; pick it up. Turn around and just up from this guard is another sleeping on the right hand side; knock him out. Continue along the railcar until you see an opening on the right with a guard stood outside. Knock him out and switch off the light hanging up. Return to the railcar and knock out the sleeping guard on the right. In the final railcar, hug the right side and take out the two remaining guards.

Return to near the toilet area and you will see a lit room that you have to jump up to get into. Edge forward and you will hear two guards talking. Once they stop, quickly walk forward and take out the first guard. You want to be fast in taking out the next guard, and then progress through this corridor taking out the remaining three guards. In the last bit of this corridor is a safe and also a lever you must interact with to be able to progress. Continue along the track on foot.

As you head along the track you will hear guards talking; hide in the area to the right. Allow the guard to pass and follow him for a while then knock him out. Hug the left side of the track and sneak behind the other guard to knock him out. Continue along the tracks, when it splits head left until you see a railcar full of corpses, approach it for a moral point. Return to where the track splits and head down the opposite side; this is the main bandit camp.

Walking along the track you will hear a women pleading. Look to the right for an opening leading to a doorway, head into this. As you enter the room you will see two guards talking, hug the wall to the left and move behind them allowing you to hide in the corridor. Let them finish their conversation then quickly knock out the guard walking to the left, now take out the other guard and continue around the corner.

Turning around the corner you will see a guard, avoid the chains and knock him out. Into the next room which looks like a makeshift kitchen, you will hear guards talking and when they stop head into the first room on the left. This room contains 3 guards. Take out the one on the comfy chair; next is the one cleaning his hands in the sink and finally the guard at the end of the room.

Leave this room; turn left; and take out the guard in front of you. Look to the room where a dead prisoner is tied to a chair and behind him is a diary on a table. Open the blue door and prepare to quickly tap cn_X/E then make sure to move quickly into the guard to be able to knock him out earning you a moral point for saving the prisoners and unlocking:


Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Head through the door. Turn right and sprint back to Regina. Now on the tracks you want to head back to the main Bandit camp. As you approach the area where the track splits, look to the right for a signal to shoot moving the tracks to the right and smash through the barricade finally destroying Regina. Jump out and walk towards another barricade. Look to the left for a gap; go through this and turn left to walk alongside a railcar. Keep an eye out for an open door and climb into this railcar. Turn right and make your way to the end of the railcar and drop down. Stay on the ground floor and look for a small wooden platform with a rope adjacent to it, interact with this to ring the bells. After ringing the bells prepare for an ambush, defend yourself while the worlds slowest boat comes to rescue you. When the chap gets to you move towards the boat to automatically jump on it and thus ending the level.

Level Dark Waters

Immediately as the level starts, to the front of the boat is a diary to pick up. A fairly straight forward level, just defend the boat from the Shrimps. You will get a moral point just for surviving after surfing the wave. This ends the level.

Level Venice

So Venice contains a number of moral points and two level specific achievements. I will make mention of these as we progress and I will also include videos, which are courtesy of Maka91.

Unfortunately for our morally good play-through we will need to avoid the lap dancing and other pervy pleasures Venice has in store for us until our second play-through, as they will give you negative moral points.

We start off by picking up the leader of Venice, after he and Simon talk get off the boat and turn left at the end. Do not take the ammo off the boat with the sleeping fisherman as this results in a negative moral point.

As you walk into the market, turn left and left again to find a beggar. Give him a bullet for a moral point. This beggar will ask for another; this doesn't result in any more moral points.

Turn back around and head past the canteen. To the right are two children. One of the children is drawing on the wall. Turn right here to find another beggar. Give this beggar a bullet for another moral point. Turn around and head right.

Walk a short distance and on the right are some stairs. Head up these and on a box is a diary. Turn around and head right; follow the path along until you reach the bar. This area is for one of the level specific achievements:

Approach the bar and purchase 3 drinks. On your first you will get a moral point; drink your 3rd to unlock:


Drink at every occasion.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

You will wake up outside the bar. Make sure that you pay the bartender for the damage caused to reinstate the moral points you lost for getting wasted.

Keep going through the bar you will see the strip bar in front of you. Turn left and head behind the ammo vendor there are some small steps to the right leading to a firing range. Paying to go on the firing range will get you a moral point, however this won't flash until you reach the actual firing range. You need to do this for the other level specific achievement:

Simply finish three rounds. After each successful round return to the chap to pay for the next round. After the 3rd you win a teddy. Head down the stairs and keep walking forward to find a mother with her distraught child; return the teddy to unlock:


Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Return to the strip bar; put the blinkers on and walk through. Go down stairs to find two strippers arguing. Behind them on a tank containing a spider is a diary. Approach the door where the girls were arguing with the man to spy in on their conversation. You'll end up in a small room with a stripper do not get a private dance on your morally good play through just leave and head upstairs. Use your compass to navigate you in the right direction.

Head through the door. If you want another moral point you don't want to kill or knock anyone out here. Basically you need to stealth through this area. It could be argued this is not worth the time and hassle so it's up to you if you want this moral point. I'll mention how I achieved it.

Head to the left, when at the end of the shelf. Pass the three aisles to see a fuse box, switch off the lights. Turn right and look for some boxes stacked against the left wall; climb over these. Wait for the two guards to walk past and then drop down. Quickly move across to the right hand side of the room and sneak past the guard. You will see two guards chatting. By the time they stop talking the lights will be switched back on again. These guards will split up this is the time to move.

Move across to the left side of the room and follow the shelving in the middle watching the guard move, he will stop and turn around. Move around him and to the right side of the room, continue along the shelves to stay hidden. Keep moving forward and wait for the next guard to start walking to the left, head into the room with the mushrooms. As you leave the room, hide to the right. A guard will walk past you; head in the direction he came from and aim to the right wall to avoid the next guard. The last guard is next to the door. Edge around until he hears you. Wait for him to move from the door, sneak around the opposite side of the shelving unit and open the door.

Once in this area watch the cutscene with Pavel. Now follow Simon and put on the outfit. Go up the ladder to finish the level.

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