9. Metro: Last Light Redux (Win 10) Levels 26-30

Level The Dead City

Time for another level specific achievement, this is to see all of the visions in the Dead City. A video courtesy of Maka91 but again this will not include the moral points or diary locations.

At the start of this level you can work on the Master Thief achievement quickly. Head to the building to the left and look for the doorway which has a stairway leading upstairs. Go into the the first room in front of you and enter the open doorway on the left to find a bathroom. The safe key is hanging up. Now go back to the stairs and head up them. You will find the safe up here to unlock. Keep reloading the checkpoint till you get the achievement.

When you are ready to move on, go through the blue door adjacent to where you found the safe key and on a desk in front of you is a diary. Walk through the open doorway; jump out through the gap to have vision 1 - The playground.

Once the vision is over, drop down the hole in the ground next to the slide. Check the far back of this flooded area for a small room with a Helsing, new mask and some supplies. Go through the gap and turn right and hug the right wall. Go past the pillar so it is on your left side and up through another opening back to the surface. As you get to the surface turn around and look to the far left corner for an open doorway. Enter this and go up the stone staircase. At the top of the stairs turn right and right again and approach the piano for vision 2 - Man playing the piano.

Head back down the stairs and you will have the opening on the left. Move through the archway and move to the right and forward to have vision 3 - The moving car.

Stay still and kill the Watchmen. Turn left 90 degrees and walk forward where you are looking for the open doorway. Enter the doorway and head up one set of stairs. Turn right and right again to see vision 4 - The empty room.

Go back outside and turn left. Head forward till you can enter another building. Kill the 2 Watchmen that you pass. Go up the stairs; turn right and then left into a room for vision 5 - The family. (They are looking out the window)

Jump out of the other window and ignore all the enemies; just sprint to the ladders so you can climb on the roof. You will get a moral point for not killing the Watchmen. Once on the roof quickly head diagonally forward and to the right to find a Demon nest. Don't kill these and just before the nest is a diary, pick it up quickly to avoid being attacked. Look to the left for an opening to run into leading to stairs heading down.

After heading down the stairs, turn right and move forward. Go past the other stairs on your right and look for the next room on the right. Head into this for vision 6 - The child on the floor.

Go down the stairs which will be on your left side and if you leave the enemy alone you will get another moral point. Drop down the elevator shaft and through the door with radioactive mushrooms on the left side. Move into this next room, and after moving forward slightly you will get the final vision - The subway. If you got all 7 visions you will get a moral point and also unlock:

Back to the Past

See all Visions in the Dead City.

Back to the Past
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

Check to the right for an ice cream box, look in the room here for some supplies. Follow your compass to get to the light and end the level.

Level Red Square

Straight at the start of the level move forward; burn the cobwebs and look at the skeleton on the left this has a diary.

Move up to the surface and follow the baby. On top of the cathedral are a pack of Watchmen. They will start growling at you. If you leave the Watchmen and don't shoot them. You will receive a moral point when they head inside. Look to the left to see a beat up bus; move to the side of this so it's on your left side. Look to the right for some stairs head up them and as you come across a mound of corpses approach it for a moral point.

Return to the bus and drop down in front of it. A storm will start. Follow the baby and listen to his instructions to progress. As you make your way you will here the baby say "he is afraid" just carry on till you drop down; leave the Watchmen be and you will get another moral point.

Basically now follow your compass and don't attack any enemies to progress, go past the weird tunnel of arms. Go up around the building via the stairs; use your compass to navigate (During your immoral playthrough, during the storm kill the creeping Watchmen and you will find a decent supply stash behind them). You will drop down into a courtyard with a number of broken pillars. Look to the left for a small tunnel with cobwebs. Head into this and make your way to the end of the corridor. Take a left and then right up some stairs. At the top take a right and in the middle of the room on the floor is a diary.

Return back via the tunnels you just went through and follow the compass to drop down into an area with a number of cars. This is an ambush; use the time Pavel is shouting at you to set up mines. The baby will also slow down time use this to your advantage and kill the enemies. This is hard and may take a few attempts.

Once you've disposed of the enemies head into the building. Keep wounding Pavel and progress until he is laying on the floor. Approach him for a cutscene. On your morally good play-through make sure you approach Pavel when he is being grabbed to save him as this gives you a big moral point. On your next play-through or on repeating the level after you finished the game let him be killed by just standing still and watching him to unlock:


Kill Pavel.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Follow your compass to end the level.

Level The Garden

There is one level specific achievement, this is to save the bear at the end of the level. Video courtesy of Maka91, doesn't contain diary or moral locations.

Start off by using your compass to navigate to an area where there is a giant Shrimp. Kill him or sneak past him. Looking to the right and you will see a path. Head along this path past the Shrimp corpse and on the wooden bridge. At the end or the bridge turn left and into the water. Find the opening in the wall and go in for a moral point. Be sure to check this room for supplies; particularly the hidden, open safe over to the right. Also burn the cobwebs to loot the back room, also noting a locked safe on the ground.

Go back to where you fought or snuck past the Shrimp and turn right. Just after this, but before the impending ambush you'll see a Watchman running toward you who is then grabbed by a giant Shrimp. Go over to the right here and wait for a Demon to fly away, loot the corpse it was feasting on, then turn left to find a safe key and a major supply stash. This key opens the safe in the cobweb room from before. Just after this when you drop down into the stream check the little alcove to the right for a corpse stash, but mind the tenticles! Now continue and you will be ambushed by some Watchmen; kill them. Now continue to follow the compass which will lead you to a large opening where you will be attacked by 6 - 8 more Watchmen; kill them.

Eventually you will sneak through a tunnel leading to a large mother bear and her cubs. She will roar and lead them away. As you exit the tunnel look for the corpse in front of you and slightly to the left, as there is a diary here. Walk up the slight incline and drop down to fight this bear. Her weak spot is on her back. Continue to fight her until she retreats; be careful not to kill her. Once she retreats make sure you follow her closely as you will need to kill the Watchmen that are attacking her to get a moral point and unlock:

Forest Guardian

Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight.

Forest Guardian
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Kill any remaining Watchmen and follow the compass through a small tunnel and up some stairs which lead to a courtyard. Just before you go into the courtyard look to the left at the top of the stairs and on the small adjoining wall is a diary. Continue to Khan and Miller in the building to end the level after a cutscene.

Level Polis

Follow Miller through the decontamination room, and in the next room on the sofa is a diary. Just keep following Miller to the council chambers. The baby will approach Moskvin and this leads to a dream like area. Approach the red doors and interact with them to start a cutscene. Make sure you watch all four sequences behind these doors until the doors shut. On the last sequence, the one where Moskvin is apologising once the door closes, you will get a moral point.

After this you will return to the council chambers and Moskvin's admissions. This will unlock:


Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Watch a cutscene to end the level.

Level D6

This is the last level. Wait till the end of Miller's speech, then when they all advance forward. Look to the right where the guns are, and a diary is on the desk. Move forward to start the end battle sequence. The first part of the sequence is defending until Arytom gets knocked out. Continue defending until they say 'tank'. Look to the left for an ammo cache; next to this is a rifle pick this up. Parts of the tank will be flashing red. Aim for these to destroy this tank.

Now you can turn to the left and jump over the barrier to find the final diary on the floor. Pick it up to unlock:


Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

In this area pick up the Gatling gun. This is amazing to help defend. Keep going until a flamethrower guy turns up guarded by men with shields. Keep hitting the flamethrower guy until he explodes.

Watch the cutscenes to end the game unlocking:

Spartan 2034

Complete the game in Spartan Mode.

Spartan 2034
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty Specific

If you were morally good in the game you will have saved D6 and unlocked:


Save D6.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

If you were morally bad in the game you will have blown up D6 and unlocked:

C'est la vie

Destroy D6.

C'est la vie
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

All you should have left to do is maybe some level specific and kill achievements which you can chapter select to knock them out or do them on your second play-through.

On your second play-through don't forget to select Survivor and do the opposite moral decisions on several occasions to get the one you missed.

The more significant places to lose moral points are:

Separation - Kill the man who surrenders.
Facility - Kill the Nazi hiding in the freezer.
Torchlight - When in the elevator with Pavel leave your torch off, and when you leave the elevator don't help Pavel with the spider.
Echoes - When the herd run past shoot at them.
Venice - Take the ammo off the fishermans boat at the beginning, watch the strip show, have a lap dance and drink 3 drinks and don't compensate the owner.
Contagion - Shooting at Lesnitsky when he has the knife at Anna's throat
Depot - Kill Lesnitsky
Dead City - Before climbing the ladder kill the Nosalis, after climbing the ladder kill the Demon and her babies
Red Square - Shoot the Nosalis on top of the cathedral and letting Pavel die
The Garden - Letting the Nosalis kill the bear

Killing every human and Nosalis will also help you lose moral points.

After completing the game on Survivor you will unlock:

Survivor 2034

Complete the game in Survival Mode.

Survivor 2034
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerDifficulty Specific

You should now have all of the Campaign related and miscellaneous achievements.

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