10. Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLCUpdate notes

This is Faction Pack, the second DLC with 3 new missions, 3 different characters, new weapons, 2 to 4 hours of gameplay and 6 achievements worth 90 gamerscore.

See the description of Xbox Live:

Experience 3 original Metro missions as a specialist from the different factions. Play as a Special Detachment Sniper of the Red Line, a Polis Ranger, and a Reich Heavy Squad Soldier. This pack also includes 3 new deadly weapons including the Hellbreath, Medved, and the Silent Sniper Rifle. Note: This purchasable item is included in the Season Pass

To access this DLC and others too you'll need go to Chapters and press cn_X for New Missions. This DLC have 3 missions, with 2 achievements and 1 faction each.

Sniper Team: Red Line Level

The mission begins with you creeping up some stairs, feel free to blow out the lamp at the top of the stairs. Your comrade will open the door and take out the sentry.

Now begins a game of sniping people, first guy is up high in front of you he will marching around on top of a bunker. Wait for him to stand still and hit him with a headshot or the alarm will go off as with every enemy in this level. (1/10 headshots)

Look to the far lower left corner, you will need to aim around your comrade who has a strangely large hitbox which will block your shots. There is a guard tower down there, pick this guy off (2/10 headshots). Now look to the right until you see a guard tower with our next guard, kill him (3/10 headshots) then we still have two areas to clear. Turn to the left and wait for the group to split up, let them walk for a little then kill the guy on the left (4/10 headshots), the one by the fire (5/10 headshots) and finally the one walking to the right (6/10 headshots). Now look to the right of the last guard tower we cleared and you will need to quickly kill two enemies around a campfire (7/10, 8/10 headshots). At this point you should have around 5 or 6 headshots at least but we have a few more opportunities.

Your comrade will say that you are clear and will open a door to your right, get on the zip line to the next area. Once here, crouch walk forward and listen to the guards having a conversation, from your position behind the rubble you will see a Reich soldier move to the window. Use your sniper rifle to get another headshot (9/10 headshots), then headshot the guy in the next room (10/10 headshots). At this point if you have headshotted everyone up to this point you will get:

  • Sniper

    Kill 10 enemies with headshots using your sniper rifle.


If you missed someone somewhere; no worries plenty more opportunities. Loot the safe and bodies for ammo. Look to the right of the safe for a door to open, head down these stairs and crouch walk through the door. Head to the right down more stairs and drop down into a new area, immediately shoot out the green light in the distance with your second weapon. At the end of this bridge is a ramp that leads down to a body with more ammo. To your left at the end is some boxes to hide behind, wait for the Reich soldier to be walking away from you. You can kill for a quick headshot (11/10 headshots) then look right for another green light in the distance. Shoot the light and crouch walk to that green light across the walkway you are on. Climb the ladder into the area where you sniped all those Reich soldiers before, to your right is a switch. Turn it off and look to the left wall to see a rusted car that you can use as a ramp. In this area move to the building to the right and take out the light next to a ladder, climb it.

You can quickly kill the two guys in the room on the left before they can react or wait for them to split up after the conversation (12/10, 13/10 headshots), kill them either way. Feel free to grab the throwing knives and taking out the light in this room. Now leave the room and move down one room and knife a guy looking out a window. Blow out the light and move out that window, for this next bit as your proceed you will see some ruined window sills with two Reich soldiers talking around a fire. Move carefully past them or wait for one to move to the ruined window sills and kill him then the other one at the back (14/10, 15/10 headshots). Otherwise move past them and there will a different window, wait for the guy to move away from it and kill him. Go down the hall and kill the one guy in the room on the left (16/10 headshots), then head back to the middle area and wait for their conversation to end.

Once he has moved off to talk to the radio operator, kill the other guy waiting by the fire (17/10 headshots, I will stop counting now you get the point) and then move in on the room down the hall to the left. Wait for him to finish the conversation with the radio operator then kill him and then the radio operator. Now move to the next room on that side of the hall and kill the guy by the window. To his left is a ladder, climb it and then look to the left in the next room for another ladder. Climb it as-well and to your left to go up a rubble ramp, turn around to find another ramp leading to a zip line.

Don’t use the zip line yet, instead make sure your main sniper rifle is equipped and quickly check each of the three guard towers. Now it is important to check that the guy on the tower nearest to you is always the last to turn around. When they are all turned around, go from right to back then to the front. Now look below the back guard tower, slightly to the right is a guard walking to the left. He is tricky to snipe but easier to take out there and then, remember to put an extra bullet or two into him if you are unsure as some of the heavier enemies in this area might not go down if you miss a headshot. Look to the left of the zipline tower and a guard will be by a fire, kill him then look below the front guard tower and you will see two guys talking. Quickly kill them both and then look below the right guard tower for another two enemies, kill the guy closest to the alarm first. Now the area is clear you can zipline down and run to the exit in an opening to your left, down some stairs and in through a door.

You will get:

Heavy Squad: Reich Level

This one isn’t so tough on easy, just remember to always reload in between waves of enemies and there is no point in grabbing the rocket until the train shows up. Use the railgun on the snipers with the green laser lights just like in the story. Always kill snipers when they show up otherwise they will be constantly injuring you, which you won’t want when the armoured train shows up.

Anyway, when the mission starts a large group of enemies will rush you, your Gatling gun will tear through these first few waves. Only reload when the last group is dead, some enemies may take cover in the rubble in front of you so make sure they don’t get comfy.

Look to your left for the ammo and just to the left of that your railgun, this next wave will be snipers about 4 or 5 at a time. To the left of your barricade is some sort of metal stairway snipers are easy to hit here, in front at the far back they will take cover behind rubble. To your right they will hide on the other platform and in the back of that platform they will take cover in a ceiling area in the left part of that ceiling.

Before all the snipers are dead a new wave will appear with shields, first deal with the three or so snipers that showed up. If there are still some snipers ignore them for now as you don’t want the shield guys getting to close, as they are protecting a flamethrower heavy. Use the Gatling gun to kill the shield guys, you can get two at a time when one shield guy gets chopped down. Then cause as much damage to flamethrower guy, he will only die after all the shield guys are dead and you have poured ammo into him.

With him dead some rockets will rain down and finish off the advancing enemies, grab the rocket from the Reich soldier on your right but don’t use it yet. Switch to the sniper and clear out a few more snipers from those positions mentioned before. Then used the Gatling gun on the next wave of infantry, there will be more elite enemies in this wave so focus on the red lighted guys. They will be tough to kill so feel free to use some rockets to thin them out, just remember to grab ammo after this wave.

Final wave, the armoured train section. The rockets are hard to aim so aim a fair bit above the train, if this isn’t working you can move backwards and aim to your right between guard tower and light just above the pipes to get guaranteed hits. Watch out for the raking machine gun fire and the one hit kill rockets that the train will launch after it takes a few hits. The train will start burning and will after two more hits be de-wheeled. Use this to quickly fire off three rockets to finish it off before more rockets are fired.

You should get both achievements however if you are somehow missing kills you can quickly grind the first wave until you get it:



This mission is probably one of the longest in the DLC packs next to the Developer Pack Arena and Shooting Range.

For this I will give some tips to ensure you survive and have enough MGR to buy any filters, first-aid and ammo you need.

  • Always buy one or two filters before going out after each run.
  • If you fail to find anything in a run into the outside and don’t achieve anything it might be best to reload a save and try something else. This guide should avoid that though.
  • After every successful run into the library make sure you exit into Polis for a time-lapse and save. This is critical to ensuring you don’t lose progress when a Librarian wrecks you.
  • Shouldn’t need to be said but set this on Easy, no reason to do this on Ranger Hardcore.
  • Always have filters and first-aid. First-aid is rarely needed but sometimes you may annoy the Librarians and one punch from them can bring you close to death even on easy.
  • Don’t dawdle in the Demon nest, you can’t kill the Demon so there isn’t much point in getting thrown around the room just to find a few extra MGRs hidden in the chests on the right side of the room.
  • Stick with the starting pistol, it is basically a flare gun and the only other gun I ever used was later on with all the spare MGR you can get a Shambler to deal with the final Librarian areas plus the final horde of Nosalises that attack you.
  • Shoot Librarians if you happened to upset them, they will run away most times giving you a respite.
  • Use the light-bulbs whenever you can as they can light pathways and help you find exits to areas.
  • Save up for the armoured suit to survive in the depths of the library, I will mention when you can afford it.
  • All standard tips apply from the main game.

Artifact Checklist (Why always run back to base to remember what things you are missing?)





Old Phone

Broken Monitor




Pack of Books


Weapon Parts







Medical Supplies




Space Lattice Model

Technical Notes

Welding Helmet


Traffic Light

Science Book


Mechanical Parts

Audio Speaker

Secret Subway Map

You will be introduced to everyone at the start of the mission and be an initiate Polis Ranger sent to scavenge in the library. After all the introductions, go sell the Bastard gun and any ammo for it, use the funds to get filters, ammo and med kits.

As you exit the safe area you will note that enemies can be triggered as you enter either the left or right tunnels. These trigger points also include the area you exit out into and there is a set action sequence where the twins will battle against a Nosalis horde after your first visit to the surface and heading into the right tunnel.

Anyway, head out to the left, kill the Nosalis that show up and loot them for any useful loot. Screw in light-bulbs as you go until the entire tunnel is lit up and head outside to put a few more up. After going up the ladder make sure that your gas-mask is on.

Look forward of your position to see the first artifact, a broken monitor and now head left to get some more artifacts from this area. Head forward and ignore the radioactive sign and area for now and head right. Light up the lamp and grab the book in front of you for your second artifact. Turn left and disarm the tripwire. Now turn on the generator and behind you is the switch to turn on the lights in this area.

Head back out into the main area and hang a right to get our third artifact, head down the hall until you get to the end and turn left to find a painting on the wall (There may be gasoline here). Otherwise we will need to grab this in the area with some other artifacts, this will be further into the building on your right. In here are the keyboard and old phone as-well. Now we need to turn around and head over to the dead Nosalis which depending on how your game turns out is the second location for the gasoline. To your right is a gate, open it and head down both sets of stairs, this our new opening but we will create a better one soon. Anyway, remove your gas mask and loot this area and light the three torches in this area. We will come back here to loot some more items on our way through, go to the entrance where the twins have killed a load of Nosalis. Loot them and put in the bulbs around the entrance and go inside to grab a new lot of light-bulbs. Enter the area and give whatever 5 of the 6 artifacts you managed to find to our friend. Use the MGR gained to buy two filters, a Shambler and buy as many med-kits as you can then exit through the door on your right to save.

We will leave now and head right upstairs, may have to battle Nosalises on your way. As you go down the path light torches and put lightbulbs in as needed. At the end is a locked door on the left and a dead-end to the right. The dead-end contains a toy we can back track upstairs to the right as we leave the dead-end. Go upstairs and grab the missed artifact from earlier, go out into the open area and jump down the well here.

You can take off your mask now, go left down the tunnel and right in the dark tunnel here. Loot the corpse at the back, then go in the opposite direction to kill a Nosalis and open a door. Now that entrance is open for later, backtrack and go through the green tunnel on the right again. We will exit out the opposite way. Screw in the two light-bulbs here and head up the ladder, put your gas mask back on. Loot the bookcases and corpses here, go to the very back for one of rare spawns for the glasses on a corpse, don’t worry if it isn’t there. Now we don’t want to hang around as mutants will keep attacking you.

Now go to the opposite end of the room for a staircase, there are three here so depending if you got the glasses means you may need to backtrack for one of them. Turn to the right, you can shoot the tentacles and loot the corpse for weapon parts. Move away before they hit you and continue down this path past the tentacles. At the end of the left path is the pack of books, the second artifact in this area.

At the end of both parts is a corridor with two tentacles which you can shoot, then past them is the tricycle which will spawn three mutants behind you once picked up. Loot them and move down the left path, there will be a corpse here with the second location for weapon parts. Go downstairs and to the left back down the ladder. Go left and once out of the tunnel, left again. Head back to the base and press the green button. Survive the attack by 5 Nosalises. Another 8 or so will attack so retreat as soon as you can. Hand in the artifacts, restock on supplies especially med kits and save before heading out again.

Pull the lever near the door and exit, you can loot the corpses that are still there. Put on the gas mask, head right deal with the Nosalises that attack. Go all the way back up the ladder as before. Once you go upstairs, head into the hole on the left where you will find the clock and on the desk to your left is the second location for the glasses. Open the door and look right to remove a barricade. Open these doors and grab the icon on the wall near you, loot all the bookcases. Some mutants will attack so finish them off and help the twins out with killing them all. Loot the corpses and bookcases, also the corpse in the window before leaving.

Exit out into the area the twins burst through for lots more looting, at the back to the left of the stairs are the tools on a trolley. Turnaround and to the left of the door you entered through is location one for the poster on the wall. Otherwise enter the previous room and on the wall to your left will be location two for the poster. Make sure you have the item you are missing from a second location, so you should have five artifacts before leaving.

In the area where the twins came from to the right is an open window, go through and press the prompt to get the ladder to go down. Drop down, without the radiation suit we must hurry to the right, killing mutants as we go and down into the sewer. Go back to the base, press the green button and fight off any Nosalises that attack. Hand in the artifacts, resupply and save as usual. Make sure to buy the armoured suit seeing as we have enough MGR to get it by now.

Now we leave the base again, head back through the sewer we were at before killing Nosalises. Go up the ladder and upstairs through the doors remembering to gas mask up. Now to the right is the next double doors, then upstairs through the double doors into the more dangerous part of the game.

Don’t hang around in the Demon’s nest, loot as you go and on the left of the room on the ground between some desks are the drawings. At the end of the room go upstairs and the left path contains the suitcase. Heal up and turnaround up the ramp and to the left is the medical supplies. Turn right and through the door, turning left to go down this corridor. At the end turn right and go downstairs avoid the tentacle.

Before going further loot the bookcases here avoiding the tentacle on the left and right. Check you have three artifacts and go further downstairs, note the Librarian patrolling this area. Crouch and there is an artifact either on the far left or right wall. Wait for the Librarian to move away or stare you down then move off. Use your sights to track his head and don’t move, he will tire and leave. On the left wall is location one for the plate, at the back is a corpse with a doll for location one. Now go to the back right for a corpse on a chair. The doll is near him for location two and turnaround to see the second location for the plate behind you.

Exit out the door near you to the right which you will have to melee, there are some artifacts here but we are full so head down past these two entrance and head to the right at the end. There will be a drop-off allowing you to exit this area, follow the ramp down and to the right is the entrance into a building. Continue past the locked red door and right is a tripwire we need to defuse as-well are some place to screw in light-bulbs. Open the red door on the left and through it to the left and down the ladder. Go back to base from here, kill the Nosalises as usual remembering to take off your mask. Once in hand in the artifacts, grab supplies and save. We have one more row to go.

Sell all ammo and just buy 74 fire shells for the Shambler instead, grab 2 filters and any med kits you need. Exit and backtrack the way you came from earlier, kill any mutants you encounter. Before going back up the ramp, look to the right and grab the traffic light you may have seen them earlier. Head up the ramp and to the left, enter the room on the left side. Take the welding helmet from the corpse near the bookshelf back right. To the left is a wooden desk with location one for the space lattice model, if it is not there go into the opposite room and in front of you is the second location for the space lattice model on a metal desk.

Go back down the corridor and the doorway on the left has a desk just near the entrance containing the technical notes. Loot this area and at the back right is a hole in the wall, exit out through here. The toilets are to the right, once in there look to the left for the balalaika and a scripted jump scare involving a Librarian. There is a Helsing on the right however it isn’t very useful, we will backtrack now out of the toilets and all the way back to base as before.

Kill Nosalises once you press the green button and retreat back into base where you can hand in the artifacts. Resupply with shotgun shells, med kits and two filters the usual. Save and prepare yourself for the last outing into the library. Backtrack to where we last were just don’t enter the toilets, we are going beyond them this time. Before reaching them turn left to see some staircases and descend them into the basement.

The first floor you reach has a light box on the right, turn it on and go right into the new room. Go along the right past all the shelves to a table where the first location for the science book is. Don’t go slapped by the tentacle here and go to the end of the room for another table with the second location for the science book. The corpse to the left of here has night-vision goggles so pick those up as we will need them soon.

Opposite side of where you found the science book is a hole on the other end of where you are, disarm the tripwire and enter the hole. Go left and at the back of this area is an elevator shaft that leads to the Librarians sleeping grounds. Jump over the hole and the next then remove your gas mask. Jump over another hole and descend, screw in a lightbulb and proceed.

At the bottom is a ladder you can climb, you will see the first location for the terminal here. Grab it and go into the new area with all the Librarians. One of them will approach so slowly back up and keep your crosshairs on him, stop after going through the doorway. He will get all macho then leave, alternatively run for it through this area. Go down the ramp and all the way to the end and climb the ladder on the right near the glowing green light. You will be safe up here, go right and through here to find the second location for the terminal then left and up a ladder into a vent that leads you down into a new area.

On your right is a door, open it instead of entering go left and down a ladder near some corpses. Turn around and crouch through the entrance on the left to go where sleeping beasts lie. There may or may not be two sleeping Librarians there. Go right for some corpses with the first location for the mechanical parts. If not there then you must go past the sleeping Librarians, these two can kill you so be careful. Either stare them down or shoot them so they leave, heal up and go through to the right for the second location for the mechanical parts.

Now back to the left and up the ladder, go to the right and use the ledges on the left for a safe drop. Go forward and head towards the sleeping Librarian at the back, you can either stare him down or shoot him to get him to leave. Head behind where he was and there is a ladder leading up as usual. Pull the switch and enter the final area.

There may be a Librarian up here so shoot him or star him down, so he leaves or let him leave without disturbing the beast. Be careful of holes in the ground and enter the first room to find the audio speaker on the wall for the first location. If not go in the right room for the audio speaker on a filing cabinet for the second location and you might get attacked by a Librarian. Shoot him away and go across the way into the lighted room.

This is from Metro 2033 where you found the D6 plans, on the floor are the subway plans. Now we need to return but first shoot or stare down the Librarian to exit the room. Go across into the other room and head right. Go upstairs and to the right is more stairs, follow them to a red door which you can open. Put your gas mask back on and back to the right, down the ladder. Take you gas mask off and follow the tunnel back to base.

One last fight, you will be swarmed by mutants so do whatever is needed to survive. Use all med kits and flee into the base when it opens up. Hand in the last artifacts for:

Then as it ends with you exiting into Polis, will get you:

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