12. Metro: Last Light Developer Pack DLC

This is Developer Pack, the fourth DLC with 2 new levels, 2 to 4 hours of gameplay (more 3 hours for one achievement) and 4 achievements worth 60 gamerscore.

See the description of Xbox Live:

Experience Metro in a whole new way with the Developer Pack! Visit the Shooting Range to test every weapon, and complete challenges. Explore the Museum, and study the Metro's mutants and characters in maximum detail. Then pit man against beast in the AI Arena. Also included - the Spiders' Nest. Use light and fire, including your torch, lighter and the new deadly Flamethrower to escape a Spider infested nest in this chilling solo mission. Note: This purchasable item is included in the Season Pass.

With this DLC you can access two levels, one is the Developer Pack which consists of three areas: Shooting Range, Arena and Museum (the latter has no achievements attached). The other level is called Spider Lair and is a short story mission where you'll need get out of the Spiders Nest.

For the Developer Pack you'll need spend at least 3 hours at once to get one achievement. You can rubberband your controller and use a plug & play kit or play by yourself. If you just leave a wired controller idle, after 10 minutes the screen will go black and the game will freeze (Will only freeze your game, to resolve just press any button) causing the hours until this point to be erased and you'll need to start the 3 hours over again. You will get:


Spend 3 hours on the DEVELOPER level.

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Now you'll need to enter in Shooting Range, in there you have to complete 10 challenges which consists of shooting 25 targets before the time runs out. You can use up to three weapons and can go without too much effort until wave 8. On wave 9 and 10 you'll need shoot undead soldiers, which are more stronger and will thus take more damage to die. In these waves use three Medved weapons (13th weapon on the list) as it will cause the most amount of damage and you can simply change between weapons when you run out ammo.

Pay attention to your right to see the ammo. If you need to leave the game you can save your progress by pushing the lever on the wall, close to the ammo and the door to the exit. Do this after every wave is complete to avoid losing progress.

The AI Arena is shaped like a rectangle with multiple obstacles in the middle for Reich troops to hide behind and for mutants to sneak up on you. The challenges go from 20 to 65 kills, not being much of a challenge for most parts. There is a save point behind the controls to spawn creatures which is the only entrance/exit from the Arena, save after every challenge if you don’t want to re-do things later. To the right of the entrance and spawn controls is one of those weapons select menus that allows a wide array of weaponry plus upgrades to be used in the Arena.

Your load-out for the arena (Equip three):

Gatling Gun - Five barrel assembly, Gatling suppression and Gatling engine. Equip two of these for the first 8 waves.

Heavy Automatic Shotgun aka Abzats - Muzzle brake, laser sight, ammo box and auto-fire adapter. When two Gatlings no longer cut it.

Saiga Shotgun - Extended magazine. If you need an alternative weapon to try out.

Flamethrower -If the Gatling isn't up to snuff then this beast will certainly set the pace during the last wave. This requires pumping to remain useful.

Valve Sniper Rifle - Good in the early round if you equip three of them, can make short work of human enemies with head-shots negating any armour they have on.

Assault Rifles - Good to have in the third slot during early waves to make them end much quicker, not much use later on.

Medved - Again good early on, useless later especially if camping.

There is a trick for the last level on the far side of the arena when entering you can find a little corner which will cause large shrimp to get stuck on the right wall of the corner. Using this tip you can remove him from your worries, the occasional Nosalis or Watchman will sneak through however you will mostly be killing curious humans.

A video guide to the last level:

Credit: TheBrothersGrim666

Finishing wave 10 will finish this level and get an achievement:


Complete the SHOOTING RANGE and ARENA.

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Spider Lair

Watch the cutscene and you will wake up in a spider lair as the name of the level suggests. The path is linear at the beginning. Exit downstairs always look for webs to burn, you will reach a room with a lamp you can turn on. Grab shells, med kits and filters as you exit onto the other side of the room. Go downstairs and follow the path forwards, you will enter a room with spiders, but you don’t have a gun yet so use your light to kill them. Loot the area and then open the door, go right and down a corridor.

Burn spiders and turn on lamps as you go, grab the fuel container and go right for more fuel plus filters. Go up the ramp, crouch through here burning webs as you go, drop down out of the vent to begin a running scene. Run to the right until you enter a cutscene with you entering a new section of the lair. At the end of the corridor you will enter a cutscene where you loot a fallen comrade, spam the X button to kill the spider. Go left, opening the door and burning the spiders in this area or melee them. Burn the web and continue on your way, looting the area especially for 9 fuel.

Exit out to your right and burn the webs, you can only go through the door on your right. This gives your first weapon and lots of loot including 21 fuel. Turn on the fuse box in here and unleash a whole pile of spiders. Most will die from the light however you will need to shoot a couple. Press the button above the door to open it and flip the lever in front of you to open up a new area.

In this area you will need your gas mask on, you can kill any spiders before dropping down and grabbing more loot. Fight a small group of spiders once you drop down and then go right. Up the ladder now, kill more spiders then head through the tunnel. Enter a round room, killing another group of spiders. Enter the tunnel with a large number of dead spiders, killing spiders as you go.

At the end is a roadblock, if you look to your left you will see a comrade that killed all these spiders. Pick up his flamethrower to burn the roadblock and conserve all fuel for female spiders. These spiders have a fat body and don’t look like the ones you have been fighting for the last while. Anyway, grab 27 fuel in the middle and get on the elevator to reach a new area. When you get out try and not burn all these male spiders despite the game clearly wanting you to.

Shoot and burn them with your lighter then progress, look for a ladder and burn away the webs. You will reach a round platform which leads into a tunnel with many webs. Go through and onto another round platform, go around on the right burning the web pile in your way. Make you’re your flamethrower is fully pumped up. Then progress up the ramp and flee the numerous spiders into the tunnel on your right. Disarm the tripwire and loot all the ammo here, pull the lever to drop some platforms.

Now you might start to see female spiders here however they may not count towards the total either so let’s not burn them. Shoot your way to the right, grabbing 27 fuel here and kill a whole lot of spiders. In the middle of this area is a door you can open up and behind the stairs is 18 fuel, go upstairs now. Fight off the female spider and continue upstairs into the open doorway. A little to the left in the front of this area is a button you can press to open two platforms however not the rest.

You can burn the webs around the on the right to get the rest to drop, will also trigger an ambush. Burn 4 or 5 females during this ambush for the tally then go up the ladder on the left. This is the area where we can grind out the female spider kills, just watch above and burn a little ahead of them. Alternative location is later in the level, decide on which you prefer.

Enter the tunnel here and the room on the right has a tripwire plus 13 fuel for your troubles. Go right and upstairs and before the doorway is 13 fuel among other things. Open the door and go forwards into another level of the platform area. Burn the webs across the way and go up the ladder into a new area. On the left is a gas mask and filter as-well as the right, go back left and through the door here.

Burn the females and shoot the males, grab the fuel here then once clear turn on the fuse box in here at the back. Leave this area and once you do in front is a switch you can pull unleashing spiders, burn the fleeing females. Go across the way into the control room to pull a lever, this will unleash more spiders. Clear your way through them and you can continue to grind out female spider kills here until you unlock:


Kill 20 spiders with your flame thrower.

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Now once that unlock you can leave via the elevator in the main area, look for a green light to exit this level enter and pull the lever. You will unlock:

Through the Fire

Complete the SPIDER LAIR level.

Through the Fire
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