13. Metro: Last Light Chronicles Pack DLCUpdate notes

This is Chronicles Pack, the five (and last of cronology) DLC with 3 new missions, 4 different characters, 2 to 4 hours of gameplay and 6 achievements worth 90 gamerscore.

See the description of Deep Silver:

Discover how Anna, the unflinching Polis Sniper, tried and failed to rescue Artyom from the Reich forces in the ruined botanical gardens. Put the irrepressible Pavel’s deadly skills and ingenuity to the test as he attempts to escape the Bandit Lair beneath Venice. And guide Khan and Ulman through the forgotten, haunted tunnels of Polyanka in a chilling supernatural tale that reveals a dark secret from Khan’s mysterious past…

Really doesn't matter which order you prefer.


This level starts off where Ashes ended, you will need to do some button pressing with X to get through the climbing section.

Now wait for Artyom to hop down the ledge like in the story and remember where those Nosalis showed up last time like so:

  1. They will crawl over the crater to the right of Artyom, he might get one or two however there are more than enough to get this during the later waves.
  2. Then a group of four or more Watchers will show in front of Artyom, dropping down into the level. Snipe them as they appear and you can get three or more before they start moving towards Artyom.
  3. Another group of four or more to Artyom’s left, they will get close to him and will kill some however by this point you should have far more then him.
  4. Again, in front, the final group will emerge kill a few of them and Artyom will get one or two of them.

Once they are all dead we will have some conversation and you will get:

Moving on to your left, press the prompts as they appear on screen, easy enough and when you get up to this next area change your filter. You will need to snipe the Dark One, of course just like in the story you cannot hit it until the last part of that area. The Dark One will stop and have a blue aura around it, shoot at him a total of three times. Once you fire the final shot the Dark One will be injured and things will progress.

Look slightly to your left for a zip-line to the next area, you will have to duck down behind some cover to the far right. Some Reich soldiers will be search area, wait for the nearest one to stop near you and knock him out or kill him. Now just move stealthily to your right and onto the next area.

In this section, the enemies will be moving again to sweep the area, move to the left and wait until the guy on your right is closest enough. Take him out and move to the left to knock out the remaining soldiers. At the end of this area is an officer and another soldier talking, you can kill them or simply run to the left of them up the ramp to end the mission.

Quick and easy:


In this level, you won’t actually be playing as Khan rather Ulman another guy who should be familiar from the story. One of the Spartan Rangers, this will play after the level Chase when the train blows up and Artyom wonders off outside. Instead Khan on the other side of the train when it gets blown up is with you.

After the cutscene plays and the train is blown up, head towards the wrecked train to meet Khan and if you want the dialogue slowly follow him. If you don’t run ahead you will get exposition and then have to pull a lever to open up a door. Squeeze through and follow Khan as he talks, you will enter a train.

As you go down the train, check some of the bodies for ammo and when Khan disappears there is no need to shoot the guy running at you. The scene will play out and Khan will snap you back to reality, more linear level stuff happens. Sit still behind him and wait for the Anomaly to pass and then carry on following Khan.

He will hop down from the train and enter a doorway to your right, follow him and wait while he opens the garbage chute then slides down the chute. Follow him down, now if you are afraid of rats or simply want to survive stick as close to Khan as you can.

Anyway, the grate in front of you as you go down has a dead guy in it and some ammo plus other essentials. Grab those and crawl through the vent with your lighter out. I forgot to mention spiders but you will never need to kill any of them, so no worries. At the end is a jump scare, that body also drop some much-needed ammo for you, so double back and grab it.

Khan is now ahead of you and will knock you down to your right when a huge swarm of rats comes barrelling down the tunnel at you. Continue to stay near Khan unless you want to open one of the doors and see the gross death scene. Once he lights up the path ahead, that is when you can open the doors.

Turn around and head through the door on your left, again be prepared for a jump scare once you activate the lights. Have your flashlight on which should already be the case and head down the corridor, open the door on your right and sprint to the light switch in front. Once Ulman has turn on that light, a Nosalis will jump out behind you and scare you. Shoot him and his two other companions for the first of the Nosalis kills. Ulman will kill the rest, now head to the door across the way and open it.

The area to your right has a body with ammo, go down the other path for a red door on your left. There will be another Nosalis to the left of the light-switch snacking on a corpse, kill him and activate the lights to complete the objective. As you head out, the path to your left will have a Nosalis waiting for you. Kill him and head outside, go to Khan for some more exposition.

Another Anomaly will show up and fry all the rats allowing you to move onto the objective. We no head to the station Polyanka abandoned like everything else, follow Khan until you can enter the station. In the station, run down the linear corridor past the carriages and you will reach two guys sitting around a fire. A cutscene will play out and you will see the fate of the station.

In this part, you will need to guard the station from being overrun by Nosalis, if you don’t get the achievement for Nosalis kills here you will get it when you need to arm the bomb. A guy will jump over the barrier and you must fend off a large wave of 30+ Nosalis, use the Bigun until someone dies so you can grab the Shambler. Eventually you will be pushed back by the Nosalis so just let the AI take the brunt of the attack and heal up. Once they are dead you will get word from another person that the station has been overrun and the entrance needs to be blown up.

Run along the corridor and the other guy will save you then get promptly mauled by a Nosalis, kill the Nosalis and enter the main part of the station. To your left, drop down onto the tracks and run down to your left to find a bomb on a table. Grab it and kill all the Nosalis that show up, achievement will pop by this point:

Now just sprint across the station back onto the platform and at very end should be a large opening with a place to put the bomb. As you exit, a Nosalis will wound you and a cutscene will play out. Surprise you were Khan and he had to sacrifice his friends to survive the Nosalis horde. This will end the mission when Khan says we best just move on.

For completing the mission, you will get:


This takes place after Artyom last sees Pavel after his betrayal, this level can be played stealthily however on easy guns blazing works fine.

The level starts with you being tortured, after cutscene head across the generator and on the wall will be the gear you need to exit this area. Power up the gate using the switch on the wall to your left and head on through up through this corridor. Open the door on the other side and engage stealth crouch. Grab the knife on the table in front of you, then approach the guy that crosses the room then take him out. Ignore the safe for now and head down the hall, hit the switches on the right then turn left for the safe key on a table. Head back to the safe where you entered this area and it is on the wall above the table that had the knife on it (Safe 1/8).

You can enter this room guns blazing or not, either way works. In this area to your right is a guy talking, wait for him to leave and then down this dark area and towards the light in a vent. Go up into here and blow out the light. Drop down in here and take out the guy quickly. To your right in this room like area, at the end is a box with a safe key, grab any ammo or supplies then head out of here and go out into the doorway.

Wait for the guys to split up, and then go out from behind the boxes, press X to load the gun on the table. Now head back to your hiding place and one of the guys will be shot by the other, now wait for him to go back into a room. Follow him and take him out, loot the boxes in here for ammo and head back out, grab the silenced pistol on the table. In this area is a light switch hit it and they will freak out. Two will go back to playing cards and another will walk off to the left, follow him and take him out. Now use the silenced pistol or throwing knives to quickly take out these two to access the safe, there is a heavy who will come in if you plan to go in guns blazing. The safe is on the table behind where those two were (Safe 2/8), now we can move back to the lockers to the right of this area and a locker in the back area has some clothes. Wear those, open the door to your left and walk into the bathroom, there will be a drunk guy who won’t do you any harm. Jump through the window where the sinks are to enter the next area.

Move to the left and you will enter a kitchen in front is a Tikhar if you want this gun, then there is a guy who is practicing his knife skills, take him out when the other guy is looking away and then go through the window and take out the guy cleaning tables. There is a door in front of you, enter it after looting the area and you will end up in the shooting range area.

You can head to the left and wait until the guy is in the shadows and take him out without anyone noticing him missing. Go through the door at the back and rush the bandit on left when his friend walks past a ways. Then knock out the other soldier and use the switch in here to open the door however exit back out the other way. As you leave this corridor hug the wall to the right in the main area. Use the containers as cover, grab the safe key on your left. Wait for the soldier to go on the range. When he does press the button he was pressing before.

The Nazi will be gunned down then two bandits will rush to his aid. While that is going on sneak upstairs and knock out the two bandits upstairs. Sneak back down to right and turn around to knock out another bandit. Turn around and you will see the safe (Safe 3/8) just behind the stairs, after looting you can knock out the two bandits on the range from right to left. Go upstairs and take care of the Nazi at the back, pull the switch here and loot the red box for another safe key. Now go to your right for a safe (Safe 4/8) and a custom revolver if you want it.

Now go downstairs and through the doorway in front and to your right is a door you can open. Go through into the tunnel area. Turn right then right through the last entrance and follow the way down here, going right towards a fire until you hit a door you can open. Turn around and go down the opposite way, wait for a guard to light up a torch. He will talk with another bandit, no way around this rush them taking out both of them before they raise the alarm.

Now you can go upstairs to the left into the cavern area. To your left once the guard starts walking to the left knock him out. Another two by the campfire, wait for one to walk off then knock out the first then the one that walked off. Blow out the light and grab the safe key, turn around and go upstairs. Go across this area and a shack will contain the safe (Safe 5/8) to the right. Go back downstairs and go further left to knockout the Nazi sitting down. Blow out the light, wait for the guard near the bridge to go away. Follow him and take him out, turn off the generator while you are there. Before crossing check the guard is on your right, wait for the one in front to duck down. Quickly move left and into the shack to knock him out.

Go to the guard that is talking on the left, let him finish talking and when he walks away towards the outhouses knock him out. Drop down and knock out the other guy then go back up and knock out the guard facing the bridge we came from. Move left of him into a shack for a safe key then exit and hide out until you see a guard move into the shack on your right. Knock him out, you should have silenced weapon by this point. So, headshot the guy in the shack on your left then rush his friend before he raises the alarm.

Now go across the bridge to your right and knock out the guard sitting next to the safe, once he is out loot the safe (Safe 6/8). Now you can go back to the door you saw earlier to exit the area. Go downstairs to get a safe key on an object your right and some ammo in a red box while you are there. Head upstairs and into the room here going around to the right to exit, there is a fuse box in front you need to use in order to access the safe. When the door opens to your right quickly go in and loot the safe (Safe 7/8). Wait for the door to open and exit through the door on your right.

Grab the safe key in front of you and move into the flooded area going around to the right for a take-down on the patrolling guard here. Go back the way you came and a guard on your right can be snuck around for another knock-out. Go back to the right, use a barricade for cover and wait for the guard on the far right to turn around. Knock him out quickly, then continue this way to the far side, drop into the water on the left. When they have their backs to you, go right and knock out the guard. Then left for another knockout, go forward for yet another knockout. Turn left to watch two guards moving around, wait for the long conversation to end a rather entertaining one at that.

Move left now towards the scaffolding, you can headshot the guard that walks in front or use a throwing knife. This leaves the two other guards, you can throwing knife them both from a safe distance. Now turn around and at the back is a door you can open, look left as you walk for a safe to loot (Safe 8/8). You will get:

Now go upstairs to reach the end into the area with lots of entertainment, check them out or simply exit out at the end of this area. Talk to the spy and then go to the railcar to end the level to get:

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