3. Metro: Last Light Levels 1-5Update notes

For this game, we will be doing two playthroughs one on Easy to get the Redemption ending and as many achievements as possible without killing any humans. The second playthrough will be on Ranger Hardcore and will be similar in that you will want to avoid as much combat as possible, also preserving filters. On the second playthrough you will want to kill instead of knocking out enemies, when making decisions make the bad ones as pointed out, avoid optional visions in Dead City and so on.

As such this walkthrough will assume you have the DLC otherwise the second playthrough isn’t needed as you can play through the last few missions. Also ignore any mention of the DLC weapon known as the Abzats Shotgun, which I will mention a few times where it is available as it is one of the better shotguns in the game.


Load up the game and you will be playing through the Introduction otherwise known as the nightmare sequence. You will have to kill your team-mates who look like Dark Ones, once you stab the last guy this sequence will end.

Khan will wake you up and the game will begin. Once Khan and Ulman have both walked off, feel free to press cn_X on the guitar (Musician 1/17, also moral point) to your left after you picked up your gear on the table.

Moral Point: Listen to the guitar music for a few minutes from across the hall.

Moral Point: Leave the room now and you will hear two Rangers discussing D6, listen the entire conversation to get the point.

Continue down the hall and you will see to your right recruits exercising.

Moral Point: Listen to the instructor berate the two new recruits.

Head around the corner and you will see two Rangers playing checkers.

Moral Point: They will talk about a Ranger squad getting wiped out in the marshes, listen to this for the point.

Moral Point: Go past them and play the balalaika (Musician 2/17).

Now head on through the door and listen to the armourer as he hands out the gear. You should have an idea of what each does: first aid gives health but is limited especially on Ranger Hardcore, gas masks filters are and absolute necessity (Limited amount you can accumulate on Ranger Hardcore). Always search for those and then guns. I would recommend any gun loadout as these won’t stick although on Ranger Hardcore you can find these guns without ammo in the prison level near the periodic chart left of where the release lever for the prison is. So, pick a shotgun like Abzats or Saiga 12K with some scopes and other attachments, a Preved rifle for long range combat and a Kalash for medium range.

Once it is all to your liking. head to the right and go through the tutorial firing range, on Ranger Hardcore it would be best to avoid this as ammo isn’t always in the box on the right. Once complete you will get:


Moral Point: Stay at the firing range until the moral point shows up a minute later.

Now exit through the doors next to you and enter what appears to be a cafeteria.

Moral Point: Listen to the conversation taking place here.

Now meet up with Khan and Ulman, keep following them onto a lift that goes down to the next area and get some plot development from some Rangers on another lift. Once you reach the destination follow them again through the doors and towards the briefing room.

This is a rather long conversation where you meet Miller and Anna the sniper while discussing the mission of the Dark One. After Khan is ushered out of the room, stick around for:

Moral Point: Gained by listening to Miller’s concerns about Lesnitsky.

Now you can leave to your right and before getting on the elevator is the first of the diaries sitting on a chair just to the right of the elevator. (Artyom Diary 1/43)

Listen Anna talk for a little while, then get off the elevator and wait for the train to show up. Follow Anna onto the train and depart for the next level.


Moral Point: As soon as the level has loaded, walk to the other end of the train once at the very back you will get this point.

Now walk back to where Anna is still talking and wait for the train to stop and the doors will open. Head to the left to a door, Anna will say she is covering the entrance so pull the lever to the right of the door and then enter.

You will need to head up some stairs full of bodies, enter through the doorway and open another door. Anna will move towards a ladder, ignore her and head to the right where a creature will run off. At the end, you will see cobwebs to your left up-dpad to equip the light and burn them to reach a corpse. The corpse will have a note on him (Artyom Diary 2/43) and some supplies, grab them and run back to the ladder. Follow the instructions and put a gas mask on, then climb the ladder and head out into the wasteland.

Run past the HIND helicopter wreck, and follow Anna towards an arch which you will climb as Anna in a future DLC level.

Moral Point: Stay next to Anna and listen to her whole conversation for the final point in this level.

Move on and to the left will be a rusted bus with a corpse in the back left of that area, you can get some supplies off the corpse there. Move on down the level into a large area, for this part you will want to not take damage.

Don’t take damage here, reload checkpoint if you get hit.

There will be Watchers your second mutant encounter so far (The Lurker that ran off earlier being the first). Note their attack pattern as follows:

  1. They will crawl over the crater to your right, on easy Anna will kill one or two of them. Use the Kalash you to kill them before they get close, switch to a shotgun if they get close.
  2. Then a group of four or more Watchers will show in front of you, dropping down into the level. These don’t pose much of a threat given their distance to you.
  3. Another group of four or more to your left, they can get close quickly so use the shotgun to make short work of them.
  4. Again, in front, the final group will emerge however they are mostly killed by Anna. Once those are dead you are in the clear.

Run forward now and take the path to your left, follow the dark one through here. The game will instruct you to crawl through some hole. Once through, you can loot the corpse and run on towards an obstacle you can jump over. Keep on running down this path until you reach a dead-end where a wounded Baby Dark One will await you.

Succumb to the vision and the level will end with you being captured by the Fourth Reich aka Russian Nazis. Also, you will get:


I recommend playing the Anna DLC level before continuing if you want to play through chronologically.


This level will act as a tutorial to stealth, when prompted always press cn_X to knock them out. Any other action will result in a kill and a restart of the game however I will point out at the end a trick to get this if you do accidentally kill a human during the game.

Anyway, listen to the Officer interrogate the ‘Mutant’, after a measurement and summary execution, they will move onto the Communists. Another guy will be executed and the other-one will agree to give information. They will move onto you and then after more talking you get a chance to grab the Officer. Your new friend Pavel will stab the officer and talk some more. Eventually you can leave this room through the garbage chute after Pavel opens the chute and follow him to the prison section of the level.

When following him stick to the shadows of the fan-blade moving around, follow him across and wait for him to give up on the gate. Help him get up the ladder, so he can drop it for you. Follow Pavel, listening to his instructions eventually you will reach a pipe and be told to take the guard out on the right. You will split up, sneak up on the soldier and wait for his friend to check out a noise. Knock the guard out and pull the lever in front of him to drop a ramp to your right. Go up this and immediately in front of you will be a light, press X to unscrew the bulb. Go left across the bridge and knock out the guard that is on the other side berating prisoners. Move back a little and climb the ladder up to the next area and into the vent to reach a new area.

Crawl through the pipe, no need to listen to the conversation for points and drop down. Your character will grab a new weapon, throwing knives however we won’t be using these. Turn around after picking up the rest of the knives and on the other side of the room is a note (Artyom Diary 3/43) on a box. Unscrew the light to your right and when the guard is not looking in your direction take him down. Unscrew the light at the end of this corridor as-well, and go up the ramp to push the green button. As soon as you do this run to your left and duck down to the right of the dead guard, wait for a guard to come out and see what the fuss is about. When he goes onto the catwalk in front of you, sneak up behind and knock him out.

Now you can meet up with Pavel in the area the guard came out of, he will chuck you a silenced revolver and the new area will open up. Look to your right and pull the lever, unscrew the light-bulb and hug the right wall. Move up while crouched and as you move up, the guy to your left will be killed by Pavel. Go up the ladder to your right and move along cat-walk, take a left up here and drop down to the right at the end of the bridge. In the left doorway, a guard will be on a chair knock him out and then the guy taking stock to your right. Unscrew and blow out any light then go across the small river. To your right you will see some stairs, use those then take out the first guy in front and then the guy to the right. Once they are all knocked out on Ranger Hardcore you can grab your weapons from before in a red box below the periodic chart, you will need them. In front will be the table with the knocked-out guard, pull the lever on the left part of the desk for a moral point and an achievement:

Go to where Pavel is waiting once you have done looting the bodies, pull the lever on right to open the large doors and exit the level.


Follow Pavel, grab the diary on the desk in front of you before sprinting up the escalators to your right (Artyom Diary 4/43). Up the escalators and follow Pavel through the crowd who are listening to the Führer’s speech. Do not follow Pavel, instead stop and listen to the Führer’s speech for a moral point. Now follow Pavel again once the speech has ended and as you get near the end of this area, the Führer will be alerted to the escape and Pavel will shoot his revolver in the air. Run after Pavel and jump over the gap when he does, at the end of this area you will roll under a closing door and be injured. Don’t shoot at the soldiers once in the cart and instead flee to the end of the level. For a free negative moral point on Ranger Hardcore kill the surrendering soldier to your right. You will get this quite easily:

Video if stuck:

Credit: WikiGameGuides


At the start, Pavel in his infinite wisdom will go through the vent and end up getting himself in trouble. Meanwhile some patrolling guards will come out to see if there were anymore people out there, you will have some time to duck into cover near where Pavel fell through. Left of this is some cover nearest the door, crouch and wait for them to go down the alley. On Ranger Hardcore use them for throwing knife practice, otherwise knock them both out the normal way. Now head into the new area and stick to the left, you will see a convenient ramp of boxes. Quickly crouch up here and drop down on the other side. Unscrew the light near you to attract a guard’s attention, he can be knocked out when he starts muttering at the light. Just move left into the darkness to avoid being detected.

Now we have to quickly sneak upstairs so those downstairs don’t notice us. There are two guards up here, one patrolling the walkway and one inside the building. Wait for the one inside to walk away and knock him out. Then do the same to the second guard. On the consoles up here is another collectable (Artyom Diary 5/43), this is the one facing where you came into this area. At the very back of this area is a stairway leading down. After heading down, to your right is a doorway go through here and blow out the torch. Go around the shelves and there is another staircase leading out of this section.

Once you open this door a guy will surrender you can kill him while on Ranger Hardcore for a negative moral point or leave him be/knock him out for the moral point later. On the desk to the left will be another diary (Artyom Diary 6/43) and some ammo. Now exit this room and to your right is the exit vent, go forward down the stairs and to the left for some MG rounds then exit through the vent.

If you remained stealthy you will get:

A video guide if you get stuck:

Credit: WikiGameGuides

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