4. Metro: Last Light Levels 6-10Update notes


You will exit a vent after watching some scenes unfold, keep crawling until you exit. Walk forward and blow out the light. Crouch and move forward, listen to this scene for a moral point. Once they finish talking move to the right and blow out the torch on the stairs. There will be some boxes in front of you go behind them and listen to the conversation between the two. Wait behind the boxes while one stairs at a switch, once he walks on take out the guy boxing. There are knives on the wall behind where he was boxing.

Go back the way you came now and just past the switch is a green door you can open. Knock out the guard rummaging in the lockers in this new area. Loot the pistol here for this achievement and a moral point:

Loot this area before moving on, once done exit and head upstairs and listen to the soldiers talk. Once they start walking away you should get the moral point. Use the switch they were near to turn off the lights and head backwards behind some boxes. One of guards will slowly walk over and stare at the lights. Knock him out and move across the middle to knock out the other soldier. Head down the stairs on the other-side and there is a red door to your right. Open it and knock out the soldier puking, also the light can be taken out.

To your right now a soldier will come out for a smoke break, knock him out and watch the guy walking around the middle area. Stick to the left and slip around him to knock out the guard eating. Another soldier will be tinkering with something on the far side of the room, knock him out as-well. Now move to the left of this guy and there will a bench with an accordion, play it (Musician 3/17).

Now head back to where the smoker was and to the left is the level exit, don’t touch the guy cowering in the meat locker. Ignore him and move on, of course on Ranger Hardcore feel free to execute him for a negative moral point. Exit out the vent at the back for a moral point if you left him alone.

Move past all the bathtubs and you can grab some ammo from a ranger stash to the right before entering the next area if you want. Head to the left once they are done talking and hit the light switch, move back to where you came from and wait in crouch for the soldier to slowly walk over to the light. When he gets there knock him out, now move across the dodgy bridge to your right and wait for the next soldier to move. Once he starts looking at a diagram knock him out and blow out the torch. Go to the area where he came from and knock out the guy on your right in an armchair. Blow out the light as-well and then go to the corner and wait for another soldier with a clipboard to walk by. Knock him out and then knock out the guy sitting on the crate.

Now go back to the armchair and go down the vent for a moral point and some ammo, head the other way to exit and go down the stairs to the next area. Loot the lockers if you want and drop down into the sewer entrance underneath the stairs you went down. Follow this and you will be below some guards talking about the hanging, stay for a moral point. Now continue on and knock out the soldier down here.

Now head back a little and to the left is a small alcove with a ladder leading up. Head on up and check the two soldiers behind you and cross the walkway to your right. Duck to the right and blow out the light plus knock out the power. You will see a guy in the corner here sleeping, knock him out and the guard that goes to check out the power outage. Now go back across the walkway and knock out the guard leaning on the barrels to your left. Now go forward and hide in the corner and face the walkway, wait for the other soldier to go back out of the light then knock him out as-well. Take out the light on the nearby sewer entrance for later.

Head back to the walkway and up the stairs to the left and go forward, to the left is some stairs wait for the soldiers nearby to finish talking. Knock out the one to your right and head across the ways using the barrels to avoid detection. Knock out the guard using the workbench and drop into the sewer. Go forward and grab some MGR then move to the left and left again, find the exit at the end. A soldier will be here knock them out and the power as-well as the light nearby. Duck around to the right and knock out the soldier as he approaches the power box. Now head across and up the stairs to knock out the final guard for this area. Where he came from on the desk to the left is the diary (Artyom Diary 7/43).

Now we can exit the area by pulling the lever which you’ll see after leaving the room with the diary. Exit out of this area now and drop down to right. Disarm the tripwire in your way (Trap 1/10) and you will get a moral point for not killing anyone as-well as:

Now exit through the crack in the wall and save your friend from hanging. Do this by waiting for one to walk backwards, knock him out without alerting the other guard. Then knock the guard to your right and then finally a pallet to Pavel’s left will contain the rope you need to cut.

Exit with Pavel to end the level.

A video guide for Invisible Savior if you get stuck:

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Starting from where we left off we will follow Pavel for the most part in this level. As you are walking along loot corpses for supplies. The Reich will turn off the lights and you will get a tutorial on using the lighter to burn webs. Burn the webs and follow Pavel, he will drop down a hole. Follow him through here to an elevator, go left through the webs for a moral point and some supplies. Now get into the elevator for another moral point. As the elevator ride goes on you will need to use your light to fend off Spider attacks for yet another moral point. On Ranger Hardcore leave your flashlight off during the ride for a negative moral point.

Once you exit the elevator a Spider will jump on Pavel, saving him will earn a moral point while not saving him will get a negative moral point. He will now open a door, while he does that grab some supplies from behind the barrel and also once through the door take the right path for even more supplies. Now follow him once again and he will lead you to the bridge. However, there is a dead end stopping your progress across the bridge.

At this point Spiders will attack from behind you both left and right. On the lower difficulty you can let them get up onto the bridge to work on Tortoise which is getting them to flip onto their belly. On Ranger Hardcore we will just beam them off from left to right without wasting ammo.

Now pole-vault after Pavel and prepare for another Spider attack. After this help your partner up on top of the train where we will find a diary (Artyom Diary 8/43) to your right. Rush across the train and fend off the female spider that follows you. Now swing across with Pavel and follow him a short way. Fend off yet another Spider attack and then Pavel will light a torch. From here stick close until he reaches the end of this area and lights some junk on fire for a moral point.

Unsurprisingly you are tasked with going off and putting the power back on to get out of this level. Follow the path a short way to find it won’t be so easy, take the dark path and look around to the left for a small room with a body. Take the diary (Artyom Diary 9/43) from the body and continue on, for lower difficulties just sprint through and turn the lights back on. On Ranger Hardcore slowly back-pedal while your flashlight is trained on them, so they won’t attack you. Once the power is back on you can exit to the left (Ranger Stash here for supplies) and down the drop-off you passed earlier. Meet up with Pavel to exit the level.


At the start you will be in a ruined bar, grab the ammo as-well as the diary (Artyom Diary 10/43) on the counter earning:

Then put on the gas mask as instructed by Pavel. He will lead you to the surface however ignore him and go underneath the stairs and around the dumpster into the hole in the wall. In this room is a safe with lots of useful supplies. Now head upstairs and exit outside, while he talks feel free to loot this section of the building for supplies. He will slide down a ramp, ignore him as usual and go to the left of this ramp to find a broken pipe. Crawl into here and at the end receive a moral point and supplies for your troubles. Exit the pipe and follow Pavel towards the tail section of the plane. Go into the entrance here for a moral point and a filter, then follow Pavel to the crossing.

As you go through the crossing Pavel will point out a corpse, loot it for supplies and to get a new mask on Ranger Hardcore. There will be a doorway to your right that will contain another moral point and supplies. Now at the stairway that exits outside once again, where Pavel is standing is another doorway. Follow the tunnel to a room and pickup the Duplet on the table for a moral point as-well as a jump-scare. Kill the Nosalis, pickup your weapon again if you want and head back to Pavel once again.

Pavel will warn you about a herd of Watchmen coming your way stay down and let them pass for a moral point. Attacking them will earn you a negative moral point however on Ranger Hardcore we will ignore this for obvious reasons. If you didn't attack them you will get an achievement:

  • Mouse

    Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.


Now Pavel will lead you to a plane, once inside head to the back for two visions. Once in the next section you will get a moral point for watching the visions. As Pavel reaches the cockpit you will see to your right a diary (Artyom Diary 11/43). Now watch the hallucination and then save Pavlov. Listen to him for a moral point and then follow him to exit the plane.

A Demon will fly down and try to kill you, shoot it and move on around the corner killing the Nosalis as they attack. Once done with all of that you will get boosted into the station with Pavel kill four or so Nosalis shortly after. Rush down the escalators now and fend the Nosalis off until you are overwhelmed. You will be dragged into the station and the level will end.


You will have a conversation with the station guards, after this you will be let free to wander the station. As you exit the checkpoint there will be a diary on the shelf to your left (Artyom Diary 12/43). Keep following Pavel and you will overhear a couple arguing, listen to this for a moral point.

Once you and Pavel part ways look to the right and play this instrument (Musician 4/17) then head out to the station platform and listen to the refugees in the railcar argue with the guards for a moral point. Now there is a theatre critic begging on the ground pay one bullet and listen to get a moral point, then another after he finishes speaking for another moral point. Now head to the bar for another moral point after listening to the patrons talk. Keep walking, play the guitar on the ground just after the bar to your left (Musician 5/17) and listen to the stalkers delivering the bad news to a woman for another moral point. The two girls right near here will also talk giving another moral point for hearing their conversation and following them.

Head back the way you came from and you will pass a shadow-puppet show, set the controller down and get another moral point at the end of this. Now just before entering the theatre to your left is a stand with an instrument on it, play it (Musician 6/17) enter the theatre area and a guy will try to sell you contraband, after failing to convince you he will walk off earning another moral point.

Before entering the theatre we want to go to the merchant and knock out an achievement, you can buy a knife for 2 bullets and sell it for 1 bullet until you have no bullets. Reload a checkpoint and repeat until this unlocks:

We will enter the theatre now and just before you do on a bench to your left is a diary (Artyom Diary 13/43). Now Pavel will get you through and we will want to sit down at the front to the right and watch the entire show for an achievement and moral point:

Exit the theatre and listen to the girls here for yet another moral point and then exit following the hallway. To your right you can listen to girls talking in the shower area for a final moral point in this area.

Before sitting down with Pavel as you enter this area to your right near a table is another instrument on the ground (Musician 7/17). Now sit down and listen to the conversation, what a surprise betrayal.

Korbut (Betrayal)

Nothing to say here watch the long cutscene about the majority of this level is cutscenes. Lenya the son of Moskvin will set you free and point you to the vents. You will unlock the following achievement:

Crawl through and listen to Korbut and Moskvin talk it out for a moral point and some more plot. You can also watch the squad get ready and talk to their leader for no points. And then exit to start the next level.

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