5. Metro: Last Light Levels 11-15Update notes


This level has achievements related to both a stealth and full combat path. You will need to do two runs of the level.

For this mission you will have to do it without killing or being seen and then do a run through killing everyone.

You will drop down and grab your gear, search the area for supplies and above all air filters. Turn off the light and open the door, use the right wall as cover and move close to the metal detector. As you get close duck to the right to avoid detection. Start heading over the table and knock out the standing guy in front. Then the guy looking at the table and head downstairs to see a soldier moving into the a nearby room. Loot the locker room and listen to the conversation for a moral point, once he has done talking you can knock him out. Grab the diary on the desk to the left (Artyom Diary 14/43) and play the instrument behind the desk (Musician 8/17).

Now exit out of this room and turn off the fuse box to your right and head to the left. You will hear a soldier grinding away, knock him out and a guy trying to light a fire, knock him out as-well. Loot the supplies here and go back to the right of the room. Sneak past the crane operator fitting a vent, feel free to blow out the light and loot the supplies in the vent on your way. Sneak around the crane avoiding it’s light. A soldier will pass you and now you will see a group of them talking about getting the others working. Sneak around to the right, be careful going near the grate as the soldier there might see you. Go into the area where the guy was seen sitting on a chair, turn off the fuse box. Hide and wait for him to go investigate. Knock him out when he shows up and pull the lever nearby to open another area.

A guard will investigate so be careful when he returns to his fire knock him out. This next area contains three soldiers, take them out in this order once they separate the guy to the right, the one walking away and then the one doing pull-ups. Alter this order depending on which AI is closest. The diary is in this area just past the desk (Artyom Diary 15/43) and the piano is where the first guy was knocked out (Musician 9/17). Don’t touch the lockers as one is wired to blow.

Now go into the area to the right where two guys are in the supply room discussing the Frontlines mission from Metro 2033, listen to this entire conversation for a moral point. Now go all the way back to the room with the armoured train, head to the right sticking to the wall and duck behind the debris while the crane operator talks for a moral point. Now you can go to your right into the green door to progress.

Hide behind the green canisters once you enter this area, let them complete their first check and then move to right to turn off a fuse box. Climb the ladder here and move along the pipes, stop when they start doing the next check. At the end of these pipes grab the Tikhar and to the right is a ladder, go down and drop into the opening to the underground area. Go forward, right, straight and then left. Climb the ladder that should be there, go across the room sticking to the right wall. On the other side is another ladder, climb it and wait for the moral point that occurs once they finish their last check and go for a smoke break.

The guard in the middle room is a very tricky guy even on the lower difficulty, wait until he isn’t looking in your direction and sneak over. Knock him out and grab the diary on the desk here (Artyom Diary 16/43) and pull the lever next to it to stop the fan. Sneak in through where the fan is to enter the next area and climb down the ladder on your right.

Listen to the soldiers talk for a moral point and wait for one of them to leave, knock out the other soldier and grab the diary on the desk (Artyom Diary 17/43). Stick to the wall on the right and cross to the other side of the room to get find a shifty looking ladder. Climb it and get onto the pipes, follow them across to the other side and on the right may be a soldier. Carefully slide down over the edge when the guard has gone and sneak to the right before exiting open the locker, play the accordion (Musician 10/17). Now open the door and exit.

This area has a machine gunner in the centre, sneak along the left and let him talk to the other guy for a moral point. Now cross the room to the left of the gunner and stick to the left wall and duck behind some canisters. A large group of soldiers will pass, now you can enter the area where they came from. Hide to the right and wait for the soldier to turn around, knock him out and exit the level through the vents.

You should get the achievement if you didn’t kill anyone or raise any alarms:

 A video guide if you get stuck:

Credit: WikiGameGuides

For the derailed run:

From the start exit the room and kill the 3 enemies to your right. Go downstairs and go to the left through the doorway, open the door. In this area there are a lot of enemies and we will want to raise the alarm to spawn the extra enemies. There is a crane operator who won't fight back that will be hiding in one of corners to your right.

Go to the right in this area and at the back is a lever you can pull. This will open up the barracks area, shoot the first guy and then the few enemies in here. Go in and to the right past the supply room is an entrance into the garage. In here are three more enemies to kill. Go back into the main room and go right through the doorway into a room with gas, put on your gas-mask. Kill everyone in here and go upstairs to pull the lever, this will stop the fan allowing you to enter the warehouse room.

In the warehouse room are two alarms that set off unleashing two heavy's each time, once the room you can go through the door at the back on the right. This area has a heavy gunner and one other enemy, shoot the turret guy from behind. A large door will open revealing a large group of enemies, kill them all as-well to get:

  • Derailed

    Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements.


 A video guide if you get stuck:

Credit: WikiGameGuides


You will start the mission talking to a guy who will then introduce you to Regina. We will drive Regina until we come to our first stopping point on the left, a light will show a staircase. Go up the stairs and burn the cobwebs. The room here will give you a moral point, an accordion (Musician 11/17) and some supplies for later. Exit the room and get back on Regina.

Ride the railcar for a but longer until you see the next lighted area, this room  will be very dark however the bodies here provide supplies. Use your light on the Spiders to continue towards that achievement, beware they will swarm so shoot some to keep their numbers down. Once at the back of this room to the left is a red lighted room with a fuse box upon entering you will get a moral point. Loot the room and carry on, you can loot the first room now as-well without Spiders bothering you.

Get back in the railcar and drive on for a little bit longer this time. The Spiders will leave you alone, the next room is again on the left look for a green light to spot it. Enter and turn on the fuse box. Explore here to find a Spider and a room that gives you a moral point. Upon leaving you will be ambushed by a Spider.

Drive on to the next area, which happens to be behind a door that isn’t open. Try the lever then head to right grabbing some filters for later on the way. Open the door with your light on hand, more bodies with supplies here. Lots of Spiders here, clear your way through them and reach the Fuse to clear them out and allow you to progress. Exit out into the tunnel and open the large door, put on your mask while you are at it.

Drive through the barrier ahead and collect a moral point, loot the corpses and boxes. Another moral point for opening the box next to the dead body. Now back up and hit switch on the left wall. Progress along the left path now until the path splits again, stop and enter the train carriage on the left path. Turn around and shoot the Watchman, enter the last carriage now to get the moral point.

Exit and drive down the other now, remember that we don’t Watchmen attack us after we slam into the carriage. First we will stop just short of the carriage and enter the door on the right to get a moral point, free filters/mask as you enter. Shoot the five Watchman that ambush you and proceed to the left. Go around, loot the area now for a safe and loads of ammo. Now exit and ram the carriage to start the achievement section.

Use a shotgun for close range and a rifle of some kind for distance shooting after 4 or so Watchman stop. A door on the left should be there if not drive forward more, in here is a makeshift hospital with some ghosts. Sticking around will give you a moral point, you can loot the supplies and carry on.

Reload and prepare for the next wave after three or so stop and look to the right for a green tunnel. In here is a moral point once you reach the end, shoot two Watchman and three that come from behind. Loot the body for a diary (Artyom Diary 18/43) and move on to the next ambush. There will be two that attack as you exit.

As you drive, reload and shoot the final 6 Watchman, hit the switch on the right and watch the cut-scene that finishes the level. You should get:



As you wake up head to the back of Regina to find a corpse and a moral point. Get back into the railcar and drive on it isn’t wrecked yet, go through the wall and you will find some Redline refugees including a trader we will use later. For now, once the confrontation is over, listen to all the conversations here for another moral point. Sprint down the tunnel now and look for an entrance to the right where all the screaming is coming from. We need to be quick here to save woman from the rapists, go into sneak mode and take down the first and the second guy to get the moral point. Another guy will be coming so duck to the right after exiting the carriage. Knock him out ASAP about when he is about to enter the carriage otherwise he raises the alarm.

Go down the tunnel and use a silenced weapon and take out the light on the left. Now head over and knock out the guy where the light was and go around the fire, knock out the guy on the carriage by creeping from behind it then the bandit in front of you standing near a fire. Head down the tunnel knock out another bandit, take out the light in front. Quickly knock out the seated guy then the guy standing. Someone will run off but you can’t save him, untie the refugee that didn’t run off to finish this section off.

You can listen to his conversation for no point then go the right for a dead-end and supplies. Now head back and retrieve Regina now the guy has cleared your path. Stop at the light section to your left for loot and then drive through the irradiated tunnel. At the end to your right is a diary in a bathroom area with the diary on the floor (Artyom Diary 19/43). Alternatively, you can clear the first area out for weapons and sell them at the trader for large amounts of MGR then pick your weapons back up from where you dropped them.

Anyway, at the main bandit camp head into the right. Wait at the entrance for a bandit to walk past, knock him out and then wait for another bandit to start whistling. Use this cue to knock out the one by the fire and then the one that is whistling further down the hallway.  Blow out the light then rush bandit leaning against the wall, move forward and another will be standing in your way so knock him out. At the end in a corner to the right is another bandit sleeping so knock him out. You can now loot this place and exit the way you came.

Now head across the tracks and ignore the sleeping bandits, a guy will be seen in the distance staring at the tracks. Knock him out and blow out the torch. Move forward to the last carriage where you must perform a tricky series of knockouts, first to your right as you enter then rush the other before he sees you. Now you can knock out all the sleepers, loots the place and sell all the gear you found at the trader from earlier. Pull the switch at the back of the right area when you are ready to move on.

Grab Regina and drive down the tunnel a little bit then get out as you will hear a patrol. There is a convenient little area to the right you can hide in while they pass. Knock the guy at the back once he stops then catch up with the front bandit, he may change positions on hardcore so sneak behind him and knock him out.

Loot the filter near where you parked Regina and drive on, we want to go down the left tunnel so ignore the switch. At the end is a railcar with loads of bodies that will net you a moral point and loads of supplies scattered everywhere. Now drive back and hit the switch to go down the right tunnel. Enter the door on the right and follow the hallways until you have a chance to duck into a nook on the left. Wait for the bandits to finish talking then follow them through some plastic and knock one then the other.

Now head down the hallway until you reach a lighted area, head forward and knock out the bandit that is sitting. Head out and turn off the light then look to your left for a doorway, wait for the conversation to finish with “How about some tea?”. Now knock out the one doing dishes and then the one sitting there. Head back through the area to the doorway on the right, you should see a bloody corpse. On the table behind him is a diary (Artyom Diary 20/43), now open the door and knock out the bandit in there for a moral point and an achievement:


  • Commando

    Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.


 A video guide:

Credit: HappyThumbsGaming


Now once again you can loot all the bodies for weapons and sell them at the trader before finishing up the level. You can now ram through the barricade at the end of the lighted tunnel, wrecking Regina. Exit and walk to the left and enter this carriage, looting as you go until you reach the end. Now this area contains an easy way to complete it without wasting all your hard-earned ammo on Watchmen. When you are ready ring the bell and use the stairs on your right following the left side drop down onto a wire. Sit in the middle and wait for the ferry to arrive and then race to it. That ends this level.


Dark Water

Right in front of you from the beginning is a diary (Artyom Diary 21/43), this level is mostly scenic however once you hit the Shrimp lair there will be some action. You will be ambushed by two Shrimps, so perform a take-down on both. Grab some ammo and start using explosives on the Shrimp hordes. Shoot any that try to board the boat. Once the battle ends you will be hit by a large wave after that settles you will get a moral point.



This is an exploration mission, I will guide you through the mostly linear level once we get off the boat and the fishermen stop talking we can begin. On Ranger Hardcore we are going to annoy the fisherman sleeping on the boat to the left and steal his MGR for your shopping spree so we can survive the outdoor heavy sections later. Also gain a negative moral point for your efforts, move forward as you exit the pier and a box in front of you contains a filter.

Feel free to take in the sights before moving on, once done we can move into the market area of Venice. You will see some people loading a pig onto a boat, near them is a beggar who you can give a bullet to for a moral point. Head through here around some barrels, past some fishermen talking around a boat. There will be a guy who will play his guitar and give you a moral point when you give him a bullet. Go back into the market and look for another alley with children drawing on a wall, the third beggar is here. Give him a bullet for a moral point.

Now use the compass to pass across the river where the guys are loading a pig up and look for stairs on the right. Talk to the station master and while listening grab the diary to the left of the desk (Artyom Diary 22/43).

Now we can enter the bar and talk to the bartender, first time trying “The Bullet” will get you a moral point. For some reason getting black out drunk and then paying to fix the bar gives you another moral point. So, keep buying them until you black out and if you are on Ranger Hardcore might as-well ignore the 100 MGR repair fee. Head out the bar and go to the right, look to the left here for a box with supplies. Now head back and to the left past the creepy old guy taking a peep. Tasty roasted rats that we can’t buy and a trader if you want to do business. Now head to the shooting range.

Keep paying MGR and winning three rounds of rat killing. Eventually after shooting lots of rats you will win… a teddy bear! Now to find the child and give her teddy bear back. Just head in the opposite direction and find the crying kid. Give the bear back for a moral point and an achievement:


You softy, now for the last chance to load up on ammo before you head into the unknown. Continue backtracking and enter the club past the strippers, go downstairs. Once the strippers are gone, look on the tank with baby spiders for a diary (Artyom Diary 23/43). Now listen in on the conversation then hide with the stripper until they go. You can get a dance if you want before leaving otherwise follow Pavel out. Exit the club and follow them to a secret back entrance.

Loot the box to the left and enter here to find lots of bandits. Go back to the left for more supplies then to the opposite side to turn off the fuse box. You can sneak around behind the shelves to the right until you get to two guards chatting. Wait for them to split up, take out the one walking off to the left and blow out the light. Go towards the mushroom farm and knock out another guard, then blow out a light. Sneak around to the, on easy you can knock out the guard before he detects you. On Ranger Hardcore you will need to rush him and knock him out before he raises the alarm.

Now enter a conversation with Pavel that ends badly and you will meet up with a friend called Khan who will help you out. We will have to go the opposite way to the surface, put on a bulky rad suit on your way out.

Exit to finish this level, I highly recommend playing the Pavel DLC mission if you have it before continuing the story missions as it ties in nicely here. 

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