6. Metro: Last Light Levels 16-20Update notes


We will be outside now; our friend Khan says his goodbyes for now and Artyom will shut the grate after he drops down. Collect supplies and drop down, go to the dead guy as you walk forward for filters. You can now run into the swamp water repeatedly and reload the checkpoint as need until:

Enter the compound in front, red flags help denote safe paths through the swamp area. To the left as you enter the compound is a guard tower, go up the stairs and loot the table in here (Equipped 1/16). Also use the Valve if you still need to on a nearby Shrimp. Exit the watchtower now and go across and to the right to see behind a wrecked car an open red building. Disarm the trap (Trap 2/10) and loot the supplies in here (Equipped 2/16) including the Lolife and exit.

Follow the flags to your left and carefully navigate to the back of the truck here. Disarm the trap here (Trap 3/10) and loot the inside of the truck (Equipped 3/16). Also, you will want these grenades to use on the Shrimps. Now backtrack and head towards a fuel tanker, follow the flags to some wrecked buildings.

Second opening on your left after disarming the trap (Trap 4/10) has a Kalash 2012 and some supplies (Equipped 4/16). Go back to the fuel tanker and head to the left to enter the gas station be wary of the vines that will attack you. In the area with the fuel cans is the next box with supplies (Equipped 5/16). On the desk in this area is the only diary for this level (Artyom Diary 24/43). Interact with the fuel cans and the next objective will pop-up.

Now head back out the way you came, and you will see a beam on the left leading to the roof. Head up and look for a hole in the roof containing a supply box with MGR (Equipped 6/16). Drop down to the right and cross the lamp post. Move onto the plane following the red flagged path to your right and enter it for a cutscene and to achieve the objective. While you wait for the shrimp to leave you alone search the front of the plane for a supply box (Equipped 7/16).

It is worth pointing out that this achievement has some issues with it, firstly that incendiary grenades do not work and secondly that it has to be done in the same life without a checkpoint reset.

Now move on outside and prepare your grenades. We are going to get our 5 shrimp kills with grenades, so hop into the swamp changing position where you jump in so you don’t die. You will be swarmed by shrimps, throw your grenades at them until your run out or you get:

Now hop onto the plane wing and go right over the plane body onto the next wing and drop down to the left. In a corner is a supply box (Equipped 8/16), loot it for loads of shotgun ammo and use the plank on the right to get back across. Duck under the wing, run a bit forward and follow the red flags to a wrecked bus. Go past it until you reach where you call the ferry, instead grab the supplies next to the dead tree (Equipped 9/16).

Fuel up the generator and activate the switch, duck back towards the bus and up a ramp in a ruined building. The button will stop after a short time so prepare incendiary grenades and put MGR rounds in your gun. The Demon will distract the larger shrimp however about 5 or 6 small shrimps will attack you giving you another chance at that achievement. After killing the smaller shrimps get on the ferry and get out of dodge.


Get off the ferry and grab the filters in front of you as-well as the body to the left. Run forward and to the left is a building, in the downstairs area is a heavily irradiated zone with a supply box at the back (Equipped 10/16). Head back out and go upstairs to your left and towards the far left door. There is a tripwire here that needs to be disarmed (Trap 5/10), now open the door and near some jerry cans is the supply box (Equipped 11/16). Next to an over-turned desk at the back is the diary (Artyom Diary 25/43) and a fuse box to turn on. Go back out to the right and another tripwire is in the middle of the room (Trap 6/10), now go over to the night-vision. Pick these up to make the level a bit easier and to get the next objective.

Head out of the building now and go across the way past a wrecked building to find a destroyed bus. Inside the bus is an open supply box with MGR (Equipped 12/16). Now go across the open fields you may be attacked by Watchmen or shrimps. You will see a collapsed highway section, go under it grabbing the filter near the fire and to your right follow the highway to reach a wrecked car. From the wrecked car you will see a wrecked truck, head over and in the back you will find supplies (Equipped 13/16).

Now head back towards the mall, you will go past wrecked buildings with supplies, some Watchmen and a big shrimp will attack you. Defeat them and go towards the flooded area following the red flags to reach the mall entrance. Go up the escalators for a moral point and to your left is a room with a red box containing supplies (Equipped 14/16).

Across the way is a tripwire on the left of the escalators (Trap 7/10) and a room with a tripwire at the entrance (Trap 8/10) with supplies near some bookcases (Equipped 15/16). As you exit to the left there is another tripwire (Trap 9/10). Loot the kitchen, go to the exit grabbing the filter on your right before dropping down. Enter the back of the truck here for your final supplies (Equipped 16/16) to get:

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Now back out and do a running jump into the water towards the end area. You will pull yourself out on the other side to do battle with the giant shrimp. Bring the shrimp towards the rangers so they can help you out. On Ranger Hardcore you will want to hit it with MGR and incendiary grenades, keep shooting until it is dead. Don’t worry about the small shrimp the rangers will kill them, now walk across the tree trunk to end the level.


In the starting area you will want to turn immediately left and play the balalaika near a sink (Musician 12/17). Now head forward and buy up ammo plus claymores from the trader as the next area is tough, you cannot go back either to this trader as you will see in a second.

Head towards the door once you are ready, the scene will play out and you will be knocked unconscious waking up to find everyone dead. Go downstairs and play the tape on ground next to the dead ranger for a moral point. Loot the area, you will pass a dead guy with a Bastard Gun on your way out.

Follow the corridor lighting torches and burning cobwebs as you go passing a dead guy with a Duplet, once you hear church bells stop. Let the scene play out with the bloody ghosts and once they disappear you will get a moral point. Now proceed to the elevator and loot the area before descending into the depths. A moral point is gain once you enter the elevator, now descend and a Nosalis ambush will be triggered so use a shotgun to clear them out the spawns tend to be hard to predict. Anyway, you will get overwhelmed, hit X and get dragged to a new area, follow the corridor to your right. Remember you have night vision from earlier, anyway you come to a corner where Nosalis sounds are coming from. Crouch and watch the Nosalises retreat to get a moral and a negative moral point is gained for shooting at this horde.

Follow the cave tunnels and you will watch a very large horde pass by for a moral point, heading to the right entrance will lead you to a shrine with candles and lots of supplies for a moral point. Follow the compass to a waterfall, on Hardcore Ranger you might want to use a throwing knife on the distracted Nosalis for an easy kill. The Nosalis will once again ambush you with around 5 of them, kill them with incendiary grenades and if you have the DLC there is an Azbats among a pile of dead bodies. Grab it for later so you don’t have to reload as much.

Now interact with the wheel to the right, enter the next area and to your right is the lift to the bottom. We want to be stealthy here, so we can avoid some misery drop down the broken stairs. Go down the staircase, then behind them is some supplies. Now crouch walk forward and to the left is a sleeping winged Nosalis on the roof, throw a knife at him. Behind the demon is a sleeping Nosalis do the same to him and turn right. Take out the feasting Nosalis and then the sleeping winged Nosalis on the roof. Crouch forward and on the elevated section is another Nosalis to take out, now you can loot the area for your knives and other supplies.

Finding a skeleton with a custom quad duplet will give you a moral point in this area, head upstairs now looting the dead Nosalis for your knife back on your way. You will soon come to the next combat area so turn off your flashlight and use your throwing knives on the two nearby Nosalis. Now creep to the left and you can take out at least two before you have to blast the last of these three.

Loot some ammo and pull the lever, back into the right corner and shoot or burn the incoming Nosalises. After about 14 of them are killed they will stop attacking, now you can enter the lift and exit this area. The slow elevator ride will end, and you will follow a pathway towards a bridge, you will have the first encounter with the Rhino. The bridge will collapse, and you will enter the first phase of two for this boss fight.

Use the claymore and lure him into charging so he hits it. The Rhino will run off opening up a new area to follow him into, grab supplies in this opening. Now drop down into the second phase area and immediately pick off three Nosalis. You can drop a claymore now and lure the Rhino into charging into it. Part of this boss fight is tricking him into destroying the supports, so let him knock out a couple while dodging out of the way. Hit him with another claymore trap and let him go beserk on the supports. Now for a final claymore to finish things off or some bullets in his face to end the fight. You will get:

And the level will end with you being knocked out. You will at this point have gotten this achievement as-well:


Starting off where you got spat out, run forward a ways and to your right is an entrance with a body containing ammo. Climb the ladder and exit into this vent to witness a scene play out, now crawl to the other vent and witness two Reds executing prisoners. Drop down in the next vent hole and quickly knock out both soldiers to get a moral point. Listen to the dying man you just saved explain things to get another moral point. Now loot the table behind you and exit out the door onto a railway track, head to the right for supplies. Now go left and duck down behind some pallets to shoot out the three lights here.

The next bit is tricky, wait for the soldiers to split up. You can do this without interacting with the soldiers, one will go down to the end of the platform and another will head back inside after loading some boxes. Once he does hop up onto the train and blow out the light. Now quickly crouch and walk your way behind some boxes in the room where the box guy went. One will be busy looking at gas masks, another will be at a table and another the box guy will head back outside. Quickly crouch your way into the green room with your final tripwire disarm for (Trap 10/10):

I will point a few more as we go, anyway go to the water and loot the supplies for a moral point. Now head to the door and wait for the conversation to end. A guy will loot a bookcase near you, sneak around him and enter the area across the way. You will need your gas mask here so put it on. Head up the stairs and knock out the soldier burning the rooms. The last room here contains a guitar (Musician 13/17), loot the supplies and go into the next room for more supplies. Go downstairs and watch the execution of the “diseased” soldier before knocking out the executor for a moral point.

We can now enter the next area where a soldier is setting fire to the station with a flamethrower and another is using incendiary grenades. Knock out the flamethrower guy first and then the other soldier. Shoot out the light above where you came from, now go to the other side of the room. Wait for one of them to bash the door down, then knock out the leaning guy. Wait for the soldier on the right to look away and knock out the soldier that bashed the door down. Let’s go back now to the stand in the middle and under the counter is a guitar (Musician 14/17).

Now we can backtrack to where the guy was executed and go upstairs, through this room and to the right. A body will be dragged through a pipe and here will be an opening to the upstairs part we cleared earlier. Collect supplies and go around to the other-side of the area. You will enter another vent which leads to a new area. This will allow you to sneak up on the guy here and take him out. Now we can take out as many lights as we can up here then loot the railcars. The second last railcar contains a diary on the table (Artyom Diary 26/43), the next railcar contains a safe you can return to later and a guitar on a chair at the very end (Musician 15/17). Go back now and head downstairs, one soldier is in the railcars to the left so knock him out. Another two are facing different directions at the end, go through the railcars then take out the one on the left then right. The alcove to your left contains a safe key if you want more supplies from earlier. The railcars contain MGR on a shelf next to a sewing mission, pick them up for a moral point.

Now you can go through the fire and loot some grenades. Now drop down into the hole and crawl your way forward where you overhear two soldiers talk about Lesnitsky, continue forward to exit this shaft. Watch the guards on your left and wait for them to walk away, pull the wire on the generator and go up the stairs blowing out the light. A soldier has his back to you so knock him out and blow out the light.

Let the officer in the next room talk on the radio then back off so he doesn’t spot you. He will lean over a corpse. Once his conversation is done you will get a moral point, knock out the officer and move on. Go back downstairs and knock out the soldier near the supplies which we will of course loot. Turn off the light and go into the next room, a burning man will run at you however the soldier won’t see if you stay in the entrance. The soldier will move to the left once he does knock him out, now wait for one to move to the fire and another in the back. Hug the left side of the area until you get to the soldier at the back. Knock him out and then the one by the fire.

Grab supplies and move into the next room with four soldiers by a fire. One will go upstairs leaving you to wait for the other three to move away. Sneak past the one on the left and knock out the office upstairs then the one we passed earlier. Now move through the fire and sneak along the left side to knock out the soldier facing where you came from. On the right are some filters, move up and knock out the soldier facing away from you.

Exit out the door to the end. You have two options here either remove your mask before he counts to five (Moral point) or attack Lesnitsky after he counts to five (Negative moral point). If you remove your mask you will get:

Follow Anna out and you will reach Hanza before blacking out.

Quarantine (Epidemic)

You will wake up in a quarantine zone, the first part is just a linear sight-seeing walk however we still have a few collectibles to grab and moral points to find.

After Anna finishes talking you will be allowed to leave, listen to the sick father and daughter. Then go down the stairs and listen to the pacing man and masked guard. Go forward and listen to the sick guy facing the wall. Continue on, watch a guy collapse to the terror of the other guy. Then watch the scene to your right, continue on, past the body burning. Another conversation will occur as you continue with an infected soldier for a moral point. A soldier will direct you onward, listen to the doctor talking then follow the guy with the box.

Continue through the corridor until you are in the decontamination area, listen to the two talk and leave the room. Look to your right and a guy on a gurney will be talking, this conversation will give you a moral point provided previous conversations were listened to. Now turn around and look for a desk before joining the large crowd, there will be a diary on here (Artyom Diary 27/43).

Now join the crowd and push through until you reach the exit, you will be waved through and can go upstairs. Feel free to watch the scene play out at the checkpoint before going to the door behind you.

Now to get all those hidden MGR, first move down the stairs a step or two so the door closes. Behind the door is a room with MGR (Forgotten 1/4) on the shelf by a pot, now we can move downstairs. As you move forward to your left is a ladder a little further left is skull sign, the broken window here contains the MGR (Forgotten 2/4). Go around to the left into a red lighted area, if you turn around to the left you will see another railcar with a broken window containing MGR (Forgotten 3/4).

Continue past the fire and to your right is another railcar with a broken window containing MGR (Forgotten 4/4) for a moral point and an achievement:

  • Forgotten

    Find the Hidden Ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level.


Now pass the night-vision wearing Hansa soldier to exit this area and meet up with Khan. Watch the exchange with the soldier and the refugee. This beggar needs bullets for insulin, it may take a little bit but eventually he will talk to you. Give him the 20 bullets for a moral point, go to the right and listen to the soldiers talking. The ranger near him will talk to you now, move on and listen to the guys talking around the fire. Now follow Khan again and once he walks off, go to the right to listen in on the refugee queue. Then to the left the soldiers talking after that conversation ends turn around and guy in a jail cell will talk to you. Listen to the praying woman now and then before following Khan through the door we will do a 180 turn to find the diary on a desk where a few soldiers are (Artyom Diary 28/43).

Go through the red door where Khan went and in front, slightly to the left on ground near a soldier sitting on a chair is guitar, strum it before he starts to play it (Musician 16/17). Now, listen to the soldiers talk around a lighted desk, provided you listened to all those other conversations you will get a moral point once the guy on the chair starts playing his guitar. Go to the traders and stock up especially on Helsing ammo. Buy whatever else you need and don’t forget to grab the two filters on a shelf to your left. The merchant here sells the Ashot which you can use to get a kill on a mutant in the next level, now follow Khan to exit this level.

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