7. Metro: Last Light Levels 21-25Update notes


Not much happening when we first come in or for most of this level. Really just follow Khan listening to his long conversations. Eventually he will go through a door and in front is a box with supplies that you can loot before you exit. Follow him out of this area and through three fan sequences where you don’t do anything.

You will leave this area and approach a drop off, instead go forward and a body to the left contains MGR and a diary (Artyom Diary 29/43). Open the gate near the skeleton and Khan will open a door so follow him. Loot the supplies to the left and search the skeleton then follow Khan, dropping down to the right. Follow Khan across the pipes, enter the new area.

There will be about 10 nosalises in this area for you to kill before moving through the door to your right. Search the corpse on the right then exit to follow Khan again. Duck down and drop into this new area, through a door and burn some webs to open the door here. Burn even more webs and search the corpse here. Back out again and help him by burning the webs then pulling the grate apart.

Now you will move through the water section of this game, after you put your lighter on and follow Khan through a tunnel you will see a phone. Answer it for a moral point and an achievement:

Not continue on past some creepy skeletons that stand up, you will follow this path to enter the river of fate and gain moral point. The river of fate will take you to the ending of Metro 2033, follow Khan through this sequence and the start of Metro Last Light. Then through a train wreck where you will see the Dark One plummet with you in tow.

Now you will surface out of the river of fate and follow Khan through a tunnel leading to a place full of corpses. Search the place for supplies, a Valve is sitting on the desk pick it up if you have no assault weapons for the next section. Get on the railcar to end this level.

You may want to play the Khan level from the Chronicles Pack if you have the DLC as that mission takes place after this one.

The Chase (Train to the Future)

There are two ways you need to do this level in separate playthroughs one is for Shadow Ranger and the other is killing everyone for the Bloodlust achievement.

For your first run-through you will not kill anyone and thus will be the easy difficulty. On Ranger Hardcore you will kill everyone as it is easier and gets you an achievement.

First enemies are two carts on your right, take out the lead car gunner first then driver so they don’t drop out of view. Take out the car behind, I recommend assault rifle or the Valve you picked up from earlier. Another 2 railcars will show up with 4 men in them, so repeat like before. Keep restarting checkpoint until you are sure you have these 4 railcars.

Now a gunner will show up snipe or riddle him with bullets. You pass to the left of the train and have three guys pop-up. Kill them and watch the scene where you leap onto the train. This part is easy just progress through the train and kill as you go. Cannot miss any of these attacks, use the shelves as cover as you enter the carriage and as always loot corpses for supplies. The second carriage contains the only blue tarped box on your right which contains a diary (Artyom Diary 30/43).

After clearing the carriages, you will get this achievement if you killed everyone:

Entering the last carriage will enter a cutscene and end the level.

Shadow Ranger run:

Duck down and let the four railcars ride by. Heal-up and wait for the gunner to pass, you may or may not need to heal up before facing the men firing from the back of the train. You will leap onto the train now.

Wait for the soldier in front to reload and duck down behind a barrel. Knock him out and his buddy to your left. Then rush forward and take down the next two, heal up if needed. Enter the carriage and use the shelves and doorways as cover so you can move up. Knock out the soldier in the next carrier then progress to the next soldier by the blue tarped boxes. Knock out the soldier behind him and use the blue tarp-covered box to your left for cover.

Heal up if necessary and knock out the next two while they reload. A heavily armoured guard waits at the end so rush him when you have a chance. Go back and grab the diary on the blue tarp covered box (Artyom Diary 30/43). Go into the next carriage to end the level.

The Crossing (A Child)

A cutscene will play out of you rescuing the Dark One, once you have control put on your gas mask. The Dark One will run off and you will have to follow her downstairs, looting the corpse as you go.

Loot the broken pipe and kill the Watchman on your right. Follow the path to be ambushed by two more Watchmen. The Dark One will light up the Watchmen, kill the three that run towards you. They will flee, and you can cross through the bus. As you progress a bus to your right has a body near it with supplies. Progress downstairs now and down to the left towards the water. Loot the supply box in front and near the wall is a corpse to loot. Go across the ice, you can crouch walk to the right to avoid the scrimp or just kill it.

Anyway. you will see the Dark One on a billboard listen to talk about clothes for a moral point and go upstairs. Before continuing upstairs, to your right under the bridge looting the corpse for a filter. The dead Demon triggers a moral point and going to the very back triggers two Watchmen from behind and one in front.

You will see a corpse propped up on a pillar, there is a Helsing for you to pick-up to help with an achievement and some supplies. Now backtrack up the stairs, grab some ammo for the Helsing by the entrance and go to the right. Enter this area and see some large stairs to your right, go left around the rubble. Now go up through another entrance and open another door. More stairs that lead to the outside area, hang back and shoot the Demon perched on a fence for:

You can backtrack for your weapon if you want it back, loot the filters on the ground and the various corpses. Now you can follow the railway track and the Dark One will appear in clothes you will get a moral point for listening. Now once you exit the train carriages by being unceremoniously dumped onto the ice head towards the ship ignoring the pursuing shrimp.

Grab a fresh mask off the body and a diary (Artyom Diary 32/43). Exit the ship past the corpse of a massive Demon, use the bus wrecks to cross the ice. On the other side you will find a corpse to loot and an aggressive shrimp. You can ignore him and run to the left so he goes back in the water. Loot a corpse by the water with a VSV and go up towards a ladder, watch the Dark One for more conversation before climbing. As you climb and reach the end of the level you will get a moral point.


After the cutscene ends, go back down the ramp and enter this room for a moral point as-well as to loot supplies. Now you can backtrack and wait for the vision sight to end. Crouch forward, one Watchmen on your left and two on the right. Sneak close and only start crossing when the one on the left starts to move.

Look for a rubble on your right to get up on, wait for the Watchman on your right to pass by and drop down. As you move forward you will see a green glowing room below you on the left, so drop down into it for a moral point and watch the demon carry off a Watchman. Pass to the right and loot the bodies in this room. Now you can go up the ramp in the original room to the left and cross the next section of the bridge.

As you move to another section, the vision will flash, and you can go left and back for a corpse with a filter. Continue forward still hugging the left through the main section, to your right at the end is collapsed room with a filter. Now pass towards the escalator and enter the room before it to the left. In here is supplies and a diary (Artyom Diary 33/43), now leave and go up the escalators.

This area has 3 Watchmen, wait for one to go out the window on the left and another to stare out the opposite window. Cross to the left, hugging the left wall past the booth with a Watchman. Go around the pillar to the left. As you move around to the right, let a Watchman run to a pillar and howl. While he is busy grab the filter and go to the left around the pillar. Crisscross around the next two pillars and you will see a body be dragged off in a lighted area. Go here and the left corpse has a filter as-well as the room near him containing supplies plus the exit ladder.

This ladder takes you to the top section of the bridge, loot corpses and scooch past the feasting monster. Get on the zipline and at the end get knocked off by a Demon. Watch the cutscene and go to your right for a safe and left to exit the level following the Dark One through the tunnel.

You will get a moral point and an achievement for not killing anything:

Depot (Road for Two)

You will start outside so make sure your mask is on, look to the left for a building with supplies. Exit out of this building now and go to the left of this train depot to see a 2-door garage. Keep walking to the end to see a ruined section of this building. Enter here and disarm the tripwire at entrance to the next area (Trap 11/10). You will get a moral point once you enter, loot the box here and leave the building.

Go around the train carriages to the left and once past two head right to watch the Dark One disappear. Go past the carriage on your left you will see building, loot the dumpster on the right of the entrance. Enter here past the locker full of dead rats and you will open a door into a cutscene.

There is a trader here so arm up as literally across the room is a whole bunch of enemies. Once you are done go upstairs on the left and across the walkway. Drop down and head into the train carriage and watch the vision thing looting the box near you.

Go further along the walkway out of the carriage and you will see enemies shooting at the ground, wait for them to move to the back. Go downstairs and across the way to knock out a soldier searching the left area. Loot the supplies and go forward, as you exit this room there is a box in front. Drop down the hole to the right to get a moral point, go forward now and you will reach a hole you can exit out of.

Wait for the light to be away from the hole and go up and to the right into another hole. Use this as cover listen for the footsteps and wait until they start fading away. Poke your head up and once the soldier is walking away move to the right. Use this area to duck into the exit and through to the next area.

Before opening the door put your gas mask on and head upstairs to have another interaction with the Dark One. Open the door and head to the left, in the back corner is a small hole leading to the area the Dark One was in. The diary can be found here on the ground (Artyom Diary 34/43) and wait here for the conversation to finish. One soldier will eventually exit and the other will enter the kitchen, you can duck around the right of him.

Go to the right out of this corridor and knock out the soldier guarding the exit. Now follow the stairs down and to an entrance. Navigate this vent area until you reach an exit and can hide to the right after exiting, then forward left for the next bit of cover while they stare down a hole. Once they leave, knock out the one crouched by the hole. Drop down for a moral point, loot to the right and move forward to knock out a soldier.

Climb up at the end and move far right into a small building with a soldier, you can hide in an alcove to the right while he passes. Then move forward to knock out a soldier to your right, move through the exit to knock out another soldier. Follow this exit to a door you can open into the final area.

Move through the back to the very last train carriage, there is a soldier to the left so go right until you drop down. Watch the soldier back off to your right and go up the stairs near you to knock out a sniper. Go along a bit of metal to your right and drop into the hole, blowing out he light and moving to the right. Drop down where the dead soldier is and move along here until you see the stairs. Once the soldier moves go forward and behind the pillar.

Once he moves back downstairs you can sneak behind him and upstairs, knock him out if you need to. Once upstairs loot the room and open the door at the back to enter a cutscene. If you spare him, you get a moral point and if you kill him you get a negative moral point, either way the level will end.

You will gain a main story achievement no matter your decision:

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