8. Metro: Last Light Levels 26-30Update notes

Dead City (City of Phantoms)

You will enter the dead city and a hole on your right leads to ammo and a trapped room (Trap 12/10). At the back left is another building, go upstairs and open the door in the area here to see a table with a red tablecloth. Behind this table is a desk with a diary (Artyom Diary 35/43) and some shadow people. Exit out into the next room grabbing a filter before exiting out the window into a pre-war playground (Vision 1/7) now listen to the Dark One and get a filter from him.

Now go past the playground area and drop down into a hole at the back of the area. Go through the building to the left and upstairs is a tripwire (Trap 13/10) as-well as a rancher cache. There is another area to the far right with supplies once done go up the ramp to come out on the other side.

Enter the building to the left where piano sounds can be heard and go upstairs to find a scene with a piano (Vision 2/7). Play the piano (Musician 17/17) here once the Dark One has gone for an achievement:

Now exit the building and go right through the tunnel to a new area, behind some dumpsters to your right is some supplies. Drop down and see a ghost car run you down (Vision 3/7) but instead it turns out to be a Watchman. Kill it and listen to the Dark One, then go left into a building and upstairs. You will find an empty room and a vision will occur (Vision 4/7). Loot the corpse and exit, go to the back left of the area now. In here upstairs is a room where another vision takes place (Vision 5/7), the Dark One will talk.

Now go to the window and there is a pallet you can walk across to drop onto the van below. Use the building on the left, go upstairs to your left and disarm the trap (Trap 14/10). Loot the ranger room here for supplies. Exit the building out the way you came, loot the truck and continue on. Do not shoot the blue highlighted Watchmen for a moral point.

Now go up the ladder at the back of this area, do not shoot the Demon or her baby she is protecting up here. Approach the nest and you will aggro the Demon however you will have access to the diary in the nest (Artyom Diary 36/43).

Go downstairs and into the room to the left for a vision (6/7) and a conversation with the Dark One. Now you can leave and drop down the hole for a moral point for not killing the Demons earlier. There is a small crawl hole to the left with a supply box if you need it, drop down the shaft now. Enter the subway to get your final vision (Vision 7/7) for:

Go to the right before the ticket gates for supplies then walk your way through here ignoring the Watchmen that run past. The hole at the end will mark the next level area.

Red Square

You will exit the tunnel now and follow the pathway taking the diary (Artyom Diary 37/43) on the ledge to your left past a corpse with supplies exit up towards St Basil's Cathedral. Let the Watchmen go away for a moral point and get a negative moral point for entering the cathedral before they leave. Go towards the cathedral, the bus on the left contains a corpse with supplies and the stairs to the right lead to the cathedral. As you enter to the left some arms will show up and promptly disappear for a moral point, once they are gone you can loot the bodies in both rooms for supplies.

Now exit and drop down the ledge and the storm will hit so rush for the ledge in front for supplies and cover. Once the Dark One starts move follow her from cover to cover to get through safely. Go past the creepy arm scene and ignore the Watchman for a moral point once you go past the dead Demon. Go around the hole in the ground and as you enter the hallway it is filled with arms. The Dark One will lead you out of here so stay close, watch the Demon fly off and go upstairs to the right. Let the Nosalis run off, go down the stairs near where it ran off. Loot the supplies and follow the ramp down, go immediately left where the Nosalis from before continues to run off into. Once through here there is a red door that is open, go left and upstairs into Lenin’s Mausoleum.

Grab the diary by the mausoleum (Artyom Diary 38/43), loot around here for a weapon and supplies in an upstairs area. Exit out the way you came and go through the sewer ruins now, leave the Watchmen alone for a moral point. There is a body in a hole here for a moral point however taking too long will cause the Watchmen to attack.

Go up the debris to the left and enter the boss battle area, entering this area will start Pavel talking and lots of green infrared sights, duck behind the car to the right. A soldier will hop in from the right so knock him out then a little further for the next, one will be in the middle. Heal up and move onto the next in the middle. Now take cover behind the car as before, heal if needed. Look for Pavel’s red beam and shoot him twice so the door below him opens.

This will be bad for you, on Ranger Hardcore I recommend dropping claymores before it gets to this point and then rushing in just after the explosions to knock out the survivors. Heal up and to the right Pavel will shoot down on you. Hit him once or blow him up so he retreats and head up the stairs. Head to where he was and peak left with a frag up the stairs, so he retreats. Exit out the stairs and watch right. Again, use a frag so he retreats or shoot him, he is now done.

Now you have a choice spare him and rescue him from the damned souls for a moral point or more fittingly leave him with the damned souls for a negative moral point. Also get this for killing him on your bad ending:

Anyway, the cutscene will play out walk up to Pavel to grab him out and rescue him, also giving him a filter. Now hop down the ramp to the left to end this level.

The Garden (Level)

Watch Artyom climb the fence then drop into The Garden and once in control walk along this pathway. Loot the corpses as you go at the end go right into a swampy area, remember flags denote safe paths. To the right is a path leading to a hole in the wall on the right into a flooded store area. You get a moral point for entering here and a safe to loot.

Go back out and take out the shrimp in the middle of this area, then go left across a log then a pipe. Disarm the tripwire (Trap 15/10) and you will get a moral point for entering here as-well as some supplies to loot. Kill a shrimp and backtrack to continue through the central area. As you go to your right is a Demon that flies off, plenty of supplies here before continuing on.

Enter the pathway in the other direction and hide behind some roots. The creatures will run by and you get some supplies from behind the roots. Continue forward for a way, there will be a tree forming an entrance across the pathway. Duck to the right to let more creatures run by, grab the supplies to the left of the path before continuing. Go far enough forward to spawn the Watchmen then flame and shoot them until they are all dead. You can sprint past them on your redemption run for a moral point. There are supplies near the wall and the stone slab near the stairs contains some supplies on a corpse. Continue to the right looting corpses as you go. Then crawl through the roots in front watching the scene play out, after exiting there is a diary on a corpse to your left (Artyom Diary 39/43). Loot supplies and prepare yourself for the boss fight, when ready drop down into the boss arena.

Unload a magazine before the first attack and before a stab QTE on her, shoot her again and some Watchmen will come to your aid. The Dark One will reveal a weak spot so just survive Watchman attacks and shoot her back when the x-ray vision shows up.

Soon enough The Mother will retreat, and you can follow her, for a moral point shoot the Watchmen on her quickly not worrying about damaging her and you will get an achievement:

For a negative moral point leave her to die.

Now leave the area, loot the corpse on the left and move through the tree roots. Go upstairs to the left once at the top is a diary on the guardrail (Artyom Diary 40/43). Move through all the cutscenes and the level will end once the revelation that Dark Ones are in D6 happens.

Polis (Enforcement of Peace)

Watch the cutscene and watch them wave you through the decontamination chamber. The diary is on your left after exiting the decontamination chamber on a brown couch (Artyom Diary 41/43). Keep following Khan and the Dark One through the level, watching all the sights as you pass. You will enter a court and after some talking will enter the mind of Chairman Moskvin. Open the red doors revealing each conversation until you exit his mind and upon getting the revelation you will get:

Now the plot of the Reds is revealed, watch the cutscene play out and the level will end, the shortest one yet.


After watching a whole lot more cutscenes where you can’t really do much, you will reach the final stand area. While they talk you can arm up with whatever preferred weapon you want, I suggest weapons you haven’t killed with before if playing on Ranger Hardcore. If you need suggestions I recommend drum mag on Saiga 12K and AK-74M so reloading doesn’t become a problem. You can get this achievement once you fully customize the Saiga 12K by using each attachment:

Grab the diary on the right of Miller on a table near a radio (Artyom Diary 42/43) before beginning the battle.

Once the battle does begin for D6, a train full of explosives will crash through the barrier with Reds not too far behind. If you are doing Shadow Ranger, just hang back and let your comrades do the work while you stay crouched on the left. Heal up before you retreat and then crouch until the Reds retreat.

First Reds will attack your front before you are alerted to a train on your left. Now you can get a kill with the Preved, first though shoot the armoured parts of the train that are highlighted red. Then kill some Reds and they will retreat and you will as-well to the final line. On Shadow Ranger just duck down to the left and wait for the train to appear which you have to destroy to progress. At the final line, climb up the platform behind you and over the ledge is the final diary in front of an ammo box (Artyom Diary 43/43). Earning:

This final defence will allow you to get a kill with the Gatling however if you want to simply survive or get Shadow Ranger duck down to the left where you found the diary. You don’t have much choice when the shield wall comes up on either runs so unload the Gatling on them until they fall. You need to shoot at the flamethrower guy until he blows up his friends. A cutscene will play out and you will be rammed by a train.

Depending on your run-through you will either save or destroy D6 getting one of these two achievements:


If you were a shadow ranger you will get:

For holding the platform without dying:

For Ranger Hardcore:

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