Metro Redux Walkthrough

17. Metro Last Light levels 16 - 20

Level Sundown

We start off the level climbing up a ladder. The plan is to make it across the ferry to the Church. However we need to get fuel for the ferry, either from the station or a plane.

Make your way down the slope, go through the concrete barriers and check to your imeediate right for a white truck. Go around the back of this truck where there is a trap to disarm and 4 fire grenades. Be careful of the water as these are infested with Shrimp. Ignore the ruined building on your left unless you want some ammo and filters. Instead head to the complex in front of you and slightly to the right. Inside this immediately on the left is a small tower, inside this is a sniper rifle if you want it. Look for the car that on its side in front of a red garage. There is a trap to disarm and some ammo concealed behind this car.

Now it is a case of following your compass through this small complex for a short distance and until you come across a large fuel tanker. Make your away around this so it is on your right side and walk over the dead Shrimp bodies. Go past the white truck on your left side and you will see an opening with a vine that is trying to hit you. Look to the right of that vine for a doorway; shoot the vine to make it recoil and head in. To the right on top of a wooden bar is a diary.

Turn around and pick up the fuel canister which is on the floor to find all of them are empty. Look to the right for a way up to the roof of the gas station. Be careful for the Demon as you loot the broken panels for 90 MG ammo and a fresh gas mask. Follow your compass again, cross the log and look for the small flags on poles to indicate how you get across to the plane. There is a Demon in this area as well as Shrimps to make crossing all that more fun. Just before entering the plane go up the wing and then across to the other side. Now hop down and find a full supply of shotgun shells. Walk back around and enter the plane and at the end are fuel canisters; interact with them and prepare for an attack by a large Shrimp. Sit this attack out and he will eventually leave you alone.

Exit the plane and return the way you came. Run alongside the bus with it on your right side. Again use your compass to navigate through the swamp. You will come across a small wooden ferry type contraption. Interact with this to replace the fuel and start the engine. It is time to defend yourself against Shrimps. After a while the engine will cut out; restart it to get the ferry across to your location.

Once the ferry has arrived, jump on it and interact with it to move across the swamp and finish the level.

Level Nightfall

Begin the level by jumping off the ferry. Head left and look for the large piece of machinery. There is a building behind this. Use the rubble ramps to climb into the 1st floor of the building; be careful for the traps upstairs. As you climb the ramps you will see a bath tub and a washing machine. At the top of the ramp, look to the left of this room to see the open sides of two rooms. You can walk along the very edge of the building to reach the rooms. Disarm the trap and open the door to find a diary within. Go back the way you came and turn left into the adjacent room to where you obtained the diary, careful for the trap. In the corner of the first floor is a pair of night vision goggles; pick them up.

Get your compass up and start following it, this will eventually lead you to an abandoned mall. Head up the escalators. There are a few traps up here so you can work on the disarm trap achievement. To your immediate left after getting to the top of the escalators in the bathroom there is a stash here for you to loot. Once you are satisfied you have everything, look towards the large floodlight and drop down to continue on, check the back of the white truck for a large stash. Walk towards the Church. Cross the log and you will have to fight a large Shrimp and his entourage. After killing these wait till the log is pushed back across and cross it to get to the Church and end the level.

Level Undercity

This starts off fairly simply. Listen to Anna and follow her. Purchase any ammo etc you need. It could be advantageous to purchase 5 claymores to assist with killing the Rhino at the end of the level. You'll be pleased to know there is no diary, but unfortunately a number of moral points. Follow Anna to the door, which leads to a cutscene.

After regaining consciousness turn left and head down the spiralling passageway towards the Catacombs. You'll enter a room with 3 wooden boxes on fire and a soldier dead on the floor, he is pointing towards a tape player. Interact with this tape player and listen to the message for a moral point.

Make your way along the tunnels using your lighter to burn cobwebs and light torches. You will come to a room where you will see ghosts and hear church bells ring. Stand still until the ghosts disappear for another moral point.

Continue forward until you come across an elevator cage. Switch off all lights and interact with the elevator to head down deeper into the Catacombs. This will automatically gain you a moral point. As you head down you will be ambushed by a number of Nosalis. Attack them and there will be a point where you are thrown out; be prepared to tap cn_X. Head through the tunnel.

Eventually you will come to a room with blue pools of water. A Nosalis will drop down from the ceiling. Sneak through this and the following room. Do not attack the Nosalis as following it will get you a moral point. You will see as you turn a right corner a herd of Nosalis running around, watch them pass for a moral point. If you enter the tunnel from the direction the herd ran from you will find a shrine, approach this for another moral point.

Time to follow your compass again, this will lead you past a waterfall and into a large room, feel free to kill any Nosalis you find. Look to the end of this room for a small light, there is a corpse and next to it is an Azbats. You will have to survive an attack from 3 Nosalis here. Next to the body where the Azbats was found is a wooden cog, interact with this to open the door.

Head down the small wooden lift; turn left and make your way down the ramp. Drop down two levels and prepare to fight hunter Nosalis and the bat like Nosalis that let out a sonic blast which make your ears ring. Once you've killed these, you will see a wooden ramp near to the flashing light. Don't make your way up the ramp yet instead, as you are facing it. turn left and look for some cobwebs. Near to these cobwebs is a corpse holding a 4 barreled duplet; approaching this earns you a moral point. Now head up the wooden ramp.

After heading up the ramp, drop down the other side and prepare to fight more Nosalis. Make your way through this area where you will find a large dual wooden water turbine. Interact with the large level on the left side. This causes a large ambush of Nosalis. Once you survive this, interact with the centre of the wooden structure to be carried up.

As you exit, move to the left and you will encounter the Rhino. Use the stone pillars to hide behind. He will charge into them, and when the last one is gone he will run off. Follow the Rhino through the doorway. In the next small area loot the ammo and move on into another large room. This is the final encounter with the Rhino. Use grenades, mines, everything you can to take him down. Killing him/her will unlock:

Big Momma

Kill the Rhino.

Big Momma
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Watch a cutscene to end this level.

Level Contagion

For moral points in this level it is important not to kill anyone. Also to get the level specific achievement you must remove your gas mask when you approach Lesnitsky before he counts to 5.

After waking up, head forward and into the building on the right. Climb the ladders up into a vent to see Anna. Move right and along the vents. You will see prisoners being executed. Continue to the right and drop down. You will hear the guards say "what can't you hit anything even at close range"; quickly get into this room and knock out both of the guards before they kill the injured man for a moral point. Listen to this injured man for another moral point.

If you didn't get night vision goggles before opposite the now dead prisoner is a desk. A box on top of this has some within. Exit this room and turn left to see a railcar. Three guards will be talking, and one will tell them to get a move on. Wait till the guards separate and head along the track into the railcar. Wait for the guard to drop a box into this railcar. He will turn around. Sneak through this railcar, switching the light off. Exit the railcar and hug the right to move around undetected by the officer. Sneak to the right of him and knock him out. Being careful for the guard in the next area, sneak back to take out the previous two guards.

Look to the first area on the left. A guard is trying to push a box and an officer is doing a stock check. Once the guard pushing the box turns around, knock him out and then the officer. Look to the right where you knocked out the first guard in this room for a piece of corrugated iron covering a hole. Sneak through this and to the left. Move to the opposite side of the room and look into the ditch containing water. There is a silver metal box containing ammo. Opening this ammo box will net a moral point. In this room is also a trap half way along the room; disarm it to work towards that achievement.

Move forward from where you disarmed the trap and you will see an opening to the right and hear a guard talking about scavenging from a dead body. Once you hear him saying how it is a shame there were no bullets he will move close to the opening, sneak behind him and knock him out. Make your way across to the blue door and head in.

This bit took me a lot of tries so don't get frustrated. You will see some wooden ladders leaning against the room in front of you. Climb up it and knock out the guard in front of you, check the room ahead for a Helsing and some ammo supplies. Now head down some stairs. Switch off the light. Now listen and watch the two guards talking about how one is infected. Don't get too close. When the guard says "have it your way captain" and kills him you'll earn a moral point; quickly knock out the executioner.

Turn around and interact with the lever next to the door; you will see 5 guards outside. These guards will eventually start torching areas of the building. Take the one out on the left first, next the one in the middle, then the one on the right. Where you knocked out the second guard sneak through the gap he burnt; turn left and look for a blue stair sign. Head up the stairs and be careful for the guard. You can ignore him. Head into the building at the top of the stairs and go to the end to find a diary on a desk.

Go back through the building. Look on the right where a lightbulb is and there is a hole to drop down into the level below. After dropping down make your way through this area. There will be two guards; wait till they finish talking and then carefully knock them out. Head through the corridor surrounded by flames until you hear Lesnitsky talking to a guard; drop down into the opening and sneak along.

You will find yourself in a small greenhouse, there are a number of guards in here. Wait till one guard moves up the stairs and the other throws a flame grenade, when he does that he will walk to the corner, knock him out. Go upstairs take the guard out and move into an adjacent room to knock another guard out, don't cross the bridge instead head back downstairs.

Go into the room where they are burning the corpses; knock out the guard immediately to your left. Unless he is still watching the bonfire, then wait till the man runs out of the fire alive and this guard will slowly walk to the left. There are two more guards throwing bodies on the bonfire. Wait till they say "this one is heavy". They will after some time. Turn around and walk away. Take the guard out on the left and then the one on the right.

The next room has three guards standing around a fire chatting. Let them finish talking and they will go their separate ways. Take the one out on the left first. Hug the wall to the left and go up some stairs to take a guard out up there.

Go back down the stairs and move around to the left; head through the gap and the ceiling will collapse behind you. Look in front and see a guard leaning against a wall facing you. Hug the wall to the right and quickly sneak up to him and knock him out. Approach the final guard with his back to you and knock him out. Look for a small shack in the room (it would have been to your left just after you entered tthrough the gap) to find a large box of various ammo.

Enter the red door and find Anna with Lesnitsky. He will demand you take off your mask in exchange for Anna; do this before he counts to 5 to unlock:


Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it.

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You will have saved Anna. Watch the cutscene to finish the level.

Level Quarantine

After getting down and dirty with Anna, head down stairs and make your way past the makeshift quarantine tents and into the lab. Continue through the lab where you are forced to head into a small room. The other door will eventually open. When you get into the next room, look to the desk on the right and at the back is a diary to pick up. Now progress through the lab until you pass the crowd of people and up some stairs.

In the next area, move down the stairs and follow the area until you meet up with Khan. After speaking to Khan you will hear a man begging to go back as he needs to get insulin. After he finishes his rant, approach him and he should ask you for a bullet, give him this for a moral point.

Follow Khan until he stands in front of a red door. Turn right and head across till you see another diary on top of a desk next to a metal door.

Return to Khan and go through the red door. Purchase any ammo. To the left of the vendor are 3 people talking, wait till they end their conversation to receive a moral point. Once this conversation is over, move on to end the level.

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