Metro Redux Walkthrough

20. Metro Last Light Bonus levels

The last 9 achievements relate to the DLC accessed by selecting Chapters on the main menu, pressing cn_X

All the remaining achievements are for completing the DLC levels. They are tough, so make sure to pick Spartan and normal unless you are a sadist. Upon completing each relevant level you will unlock the achievements.

Sniper Team

Credit to DarkCR3W

This is based around LifeExpectancy's solution. We start by following your comrade. Once he opens the door and dispatches the guard, move forward to the edge where you will see 3 sniper towers and some ground troops.

Take out the sniper tower in front of you, the one to the left, and then the one on the right.

Below the right tower are two guards beside a fire pit; take out the one closest to you. Move your sight up and quickly take out the other guard before he moves.

Look to the left where there were 3 guards talking. One should be stood still, one moving up to the back and one to where you just killed the two guards. Take out the right one first. Quickly move to the middle one and take out the one walking to the back.

Now turn to the right and head through the red door. Walk forward and interact with the zip line.

In this room, you will hear 2 guards talking. Let them finish and when one walks in your direction take him out and loot him. Move into the adjacent room and sneak up and kill the guard. Loot him and the safe beside him. Turn right; head through the door; and make your way down the broken stairs looting the body half way down.

Exiting the building switch off the light, crouch and drop down. Head across the first bridge still while crouching and look for the ladder in the distance. Providing you are quick and crouching you can climb this without taking out any guards in this section.

Walk into the next room; turn off both lights. Turn left and in the room to the left is a guard. Kill him.

Two guards will be talking. Wait till one says "I'll check on Alex". Let him walk off and kill the guard on the left near the fire pit. The guard who is checking on Alex will have moved into a room on the left. Wait till he finishes speaking to Alex then kill him, and kill Alex who is sat at a computer desk. Leave this room; turn left and left again. Kill the guard gazing out of the window.

Climb the two make shift ladders and up the stone ramp. Turn right and look for the zip line. Go down this and prepared to be frustrated as you try to climb down some ladders. Once you eventually do, kill the guard next to the fire pit. Put this fire pit out and turn around. Quickly move to the left, hide by some cars and wait for the guard. Approach him and kill him.

Now looking up you will see three sniper towers. Take out the right one first, then the centre and finally the left. Move around to the right, you should see two guards moving boxes. Once they drop the boxes and turn their backs take out the closest guard and then the other one. This will leave just two guards who should be by a fire pit. Quickly shoot the right one and then the left one.

Walk past their bodies, down some stairs, and open the door to end the level and get the achievement.


Complete the SNIPER TEAM level.

2 guides


Credit to BlackDevil990

Firstly hug the right to find a bucket of filters. Now leave the beginning area by turning left and walk to the doors. In the next area interact with the lever. Head through the blast door and turn left. Get your lighter out and burn the cobwebs in the tunnel.

Place your gas mask on and climb the ladders. At the top, turn left and then right into a corridor. Head to the end; turn right and head past a pillar. On the left is an open doorway walk through it and turn left. Look for the open sewer and drop into it. Upon landing turn right or left depending on which way you landed and walk into a small room. If you come to a T junction you went the wrong way. In this small room turn right to see ladders, climb them.

At the top, turn around and head out the only exit. Look for a caged area in front of you and walk into it. Upon entering the caged area turn immediately right leading to some stairs. Walk up the stairs changing to your Bastard gun. At the top of the stairs look left to see and opening in the wall in front of you go through it. As you go through the gap, shoot the vine to prevent it hitting you. Change to your flare gun. Now open the door on your right, turn left and go into the next room. Once in the room look to the right to find a closed door; approach it. This will cause a spawn of Nosalis; use your flare gun to take them out.

You will get soldiers who back you up come through that closed door. Once they arrive leave them clear up the remaining Nosalis and head through the now open door. Walk up the stairs, open the door and move diagonally left. Moving around the room you want to climb the stairs at the back right; jump up and head through the open door. Do not use your medikit. Head along the corridor and turn right through the open doorway.

In the next room go down the stairs immediately on your right. Run past the vine and drop down into the next room. Keep aiming diagonally right and you will see a partially open doorway, squeeze through it.

Move forward along the corridor and at the end; turn left and then right. Head to the end of the room and turn right into the adjacent room. Take the first left and then immediately left. Go forward until you see some stairs to head down. At the bottom of the stairs switch to the Bastard gun and turn right. In this room hug the left side and shoot any vines to get them to retract. Move forward to the end and take a left. Go past the bookshelves and at the end is a gap in the wall; disarm the trap in front of it. Move forward through the gap and turn left, then right and left again.

Look for the doorway leading to an elevator shaft and some stairs heading down. Go down the stairs getting ready to jump the gaps. When you are at the bottom, walk to the edge of the ledge and drop down. Keep going forward and when in the small room turn right to find some ladders climb them. Turn left and climb the next set of ladders this leads to a vent, enter the vent and follow it around.

At the end of the vent drop down and walk to the end. Look to the left for a ladder and climb down it. Turn left and left again and at the end of the corridor is a doorway to the left;go through it. Turn right and climb the ladders on the right side. Turn left into a small room and turn left again. Hug the left side, drop down onto the small ledge, and drop into the room. Look into the distance and you will see a Librarian asleep next to a doorway. This is your destination. Run forward past the Librarian into the room and turn right and climb the ladder.

Into the next room go past the hole in the floor and you will see a doorway on the left; enter it. On the floor you will find the Metro map'; pick it up. Exit the room and aim your gun at the Librarian. Run past him and go into the doorway directly behind him.

Go into the caged area. Turn right and through the opening and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs go into the lit room and climb the next set of stairs. When you see a red door open it.

Turn right and continue forward. You will see a red door on the left side. Just before this red door is a trap to disarm. After disarming it go through the door. Turn left, climb down the ladders and through the pipe. At the end turn right and see the blast doors in front of you. To the left of them is a green button. Press the green button and you will now have to defend yourself against Nosalis; use the flare gun. Once the blast doors are open run in and through the sliding doors.

Hand the map to the vendor on the left as you enter. Turn around and aim for the metal gate. Open it to finish the level and unlock the achievement.


Complete the KSHATRIYA level.

3 guides

Heavy Squad

Credit to WTFSexyHeadphones

So this is a battle that will take around 10 minutes and it is based on the last level in the game. On the left side is an ammo box that you can't open to start with but when you can take full advantage of the unlimited ammo and health packs. Moving left to right remaining in cover does really help as well.

Essentially it is split into 3 sections, the initial attack, snipers, and the tank. You will be handed the Hellbreath to take on the snipers so utilize that. The next part is a heavy machine gunner surrounded by shield guys and more snipers. Use grenades and the mini gun to take out the shielded guys and use your Hellbreath to destroy the snipers.

The third and final part is after some troops you will get a tank on the right side of the map. By this point you will have the grenade launcher. What you want to be doing is aiming approximately 1cm above the tank to allow the grenades to drop onto it. Providing you do this it will take no more than 12 grenades and upon destroying it you will finish the level.

Hail Reich!

Complete the HEAVY SQUAD level.

Hail Reich!
2 guides

Tower Pack

There is a little trick identified by xHARBINGER v1. Basically select Tower and go through the level until you get to select your weapon. When you go into the simulation hold cn_LB and tap cn_X when the timer is counting down to glitch this, repeat this through the next 5 rounds to easily complete this. Not exactly morally correct but it's up to you.

Test Complete

Complete the TOWER level.

Test Complete
2 guides

Spider Lair

Credit to Lil Miss Cherry

This is probably the hardest bonus level to complete as the Tower one can simply be glitched around. I have wrote a guide to the most direct way of completing this bonus level. It does not include how to find all of the ammo, fuel etc. I would highly recommend searching for these as it will make the large hordes of spiders so much easier to deal with.

Start off watching a cutscene in a bar. Once this has finished you will skip forward two days and wake up in the Spider Lair. After dropping down, use your lighter and follow the path around. You will come to some stairs go down them and loot any bodies you can. Make sure that if you see any lights, switch them on to help out in particular at the beginning area when weapons are sparse or you are low on ammo.

Head through a control room and take a left. Look to the right and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs turn right and the left. Follow the path till you get into the room, switch the light on that is on the floor and prepare for two spiders. Once they die loot everything in the room and open the door.

Turn right and head through along the path. Turn left where there is a lamp hanging up, switch it on to defend against spiders. At the end take a right and head up the wooden slope and into the vent system. Make your way through the vent; drop down and prepare to sprint. Keep sprinting till you drop down into some water.

After pulling yourself out of the water, continue forward. Eventually you will locate a dead colleague where you will loot his light and knife. After fighting the spider off look for the door and open it. In here are three spiders, firstly two and then another will join in. Try to trap them in the corner causing them to flip over and stab them. After killing all 3 head through the rooms and out of the door.

Turn right and look for the corpse near the open doorway to loot a gas mask. Head into this room and interact with the door to finally get a gun. Move into the next room and look to the table to turn on the light. Next to the open doorway is a battery area; interact with this to charge up the generator and kill all of the spiders easily.

Head through the next room and open the gate. Interact with the lever on the opposite side and put your gas mask on. Head through the now open blast doors and drop down. Turn right and be careful for both an ambush and a trap halfway down. Kill the spiders and continue forward.

Climb the ladder and prepare to be attacked by 2 spiders. Dispose of them and move forward. Look on the floor for a bomb; light this and run back to the ladders to avoid damage. Use your compass to navigate to find your other dead colleague; pick up his flamethrower.

Turn around and look to the left. Use the flamethrower to burn the barrier and head into the elevator. Once the elevator stops, step out and activate the eggs. Head back into the elevator to let the spiders come to you easily funneling them into your light. Kill them all and climb the ladder opposite to the elevator.

Head through the tunnel and then go to the right up the ramp. At the top you will have to fight 4 spiders. As you get to the top there is a room. At the entrance of this room is a trap, disarm it and head in for a serious amount of ammo and other goodies. Exit this room, turn left and on the right wall is a lever to press. Pressing the lever will drop the metal ledge and cause a number of spiders to spawn, kill them.

Once the spiders are dealt with head across to the opposite side and open the door. Head up the stairs and in front of you will be a switch to interact. This opens two metal ledges. Walk out onto one and flamethrower the ledge that is struggling to open, once down make your way around to the ladder.

After climbing the ladder move around the platform and flamethrower the barrier. Go inside and on the right is an open doorway. Look for the wire trap to disarm and loot the contents within. Leave this room, turn right and head into a room with stairs go up them and open the door at the top.

In the next area look for another barrier to burn with the flamethrower, then climb the ladder that is revealed. After climbing the ladder turn left and look for the door on the left to open. Inside is a large spider ambush and also a trap to the left leading to the adjacent area. You can either kill these or run to the left and make your way through the room to find a battery charger, which will switch all the lights on. Once the spiders are killed, exit these rooms.

As you exit the room look in front of you for another small lever. Interact with it to drop the metal ledges. this also opens the door to the left of you. Step inside the area where the metal ledges dropped and take out the first wave of spiders. Next, go into the room where the door opened to the left of you. Inside this room is a lever. It is located in the middle of the room on the right side attached to a console. Pull this to get an elevator to drop down and this starts an endless wave of spiders.

Defend this ambush until the elevator turns up in the middle room where the metal ledges dropped, run to this and this takes you to freedom and unlocks the achievement.

Through the Fire

Complete the SPIDER LAIR level.

Through the Fire
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Credit to Kicknazz Games

You are in control of Pavel. You can do this one of two ways, either stealth it or just run and gun it through the level. It can be easy to get lost as you do not have a compass to navigate through this level.

Once the guard approaches you, take him out and leave the room, making sure to pick up your headlamp and charger on the way out. To the left of the way out is a battery charger. Interact with it to open the gate. Head up the ramp and through the door.

Immediately pick up the knife from the desk in front of you an wait for the guard to kill him. Once he is dead loot his gun and head down the corridor and through the door. Switch off the light and wait for the guards to stop talking, quickly take out the one who is walking away.

Now either go loud, or sneak around and kill the guards within. Take the corridor leading to the closed door and go through. Turn out the light and sneak along the corridor to quietly take out the patrolling guard. Turn left at the end of the corridor. Be prepared to kill a number of heavily armed guards. Alternatively if you hug the right side of the wall and sneak to the right of the containers you can go into the room at the end. Inside this room there is a fuse board that is sparking. Take the throwing knife out of this fuse board and it will cut out the electrics allowing you to stealth past the guards. You have to wait for the heavily armed guard near the door to move into the firing range to check the results.

Whichever option you chose, once the guards are dealt with, head up the stairs found in the room where the guards were. To the right and to the left are patrolling guards, kill the right one first quietly, then dispose of the left one. In the room next to the left guard you will see a guard stood smoking. Quickly kill him and on the wall is a lever to interact with.

Now walk to where you killed the other guard after walking up the stairs and you should see an open doorway. Go inside and open the door. Edge forward and look for the trap straight in front of you; disarm it. Go into the pipe and be quick as this pipe is radioactive and will hurt you.

After exiting the pipe drop down and take care of the guard below having a smoke. This next area has guards all over the place. It is entirely your choice: either go all guns blazing or stealth. If you choose to stealth ensure that you switch off lights as you go. This option is pretty easy as the guards are well spread out.

Find you way into the next area; where you first drop down from the pipe head across the bridge where the guard is smoking. In the little hut next to him is a small switch on the wall; interact with it. Head across the small wooden bridge leading to an area with a number of guards. As you go across there will be a lookout in the small wooden hut in front of you. Either use a throwing knife or silenced weapon to head shoot him. Turn right and look for the door with the green light above it. This is your destination.

Once you have gone through the door, turn left and follow the room around. Jump a small gap and look to the right to see an open doorway. On the other side of this is a trap so disarm it. Turn left and open the door at the end.

Into the next area, turn left and you will see a room full of guards. Unfortunately not much choice here, you will have to shoot your way through. If you want to make it a little easier though, stealth hug the right wall. Wait for the patrolling guard to turn around and kill him. Staying on the right sneak around and take out the next patrolling guard. Now kill the guards in this room and follow the bridges across to the other side of the room and to the cage door; enter it.

Head to the end of the corridor and take a right. Then turn left and head up the stairs and open the door leading to a bar. Once in the bar feel free to buy a drink, watch a dance and visit the fortune teller. When you are done look for the railcar and when you enter it you will get the achievement.

Heads Up!

Complete the PAVEL level.

Heads Up!
2 guides


Credit to NorT

During this bonus level we control Ulhman. We start off by derailing a train. Turn left and crouch under the debris to meet up with Khan. Follow Khan to the blast door and on the left side is a battery charger. Interact with it and go through the blast door. Now just follow Khan. If you want to see creepy hallucinations look for side rooms and enjoy.

Follow Khan through the train. When you have the hallucination keep walking forward until you are woke up. Continue to follow Khan and listen to his instructions. Drop down the pipe and head into the vent shaft. When Khan shouts 'a lighter now' make sure you light his torch and hide behind him to prevent get killed by the rats, continue hiding behind him when you drop down into next area.

After the barrel is set alight, turn around and look to the left for a door and enter it. Follow the corridor around to another door. In this room there is a battery charger interact with it and kill the Nosalis that will attack you from behind. Return to Khan, taking out the 2 Nosalis waiting for you in the corridor.

Khan will tell you 'That's not quite enough'. Look to the left to see another door; go through this. After entering this area, look for the red door and in here is a Nosalis to kill. Use the battery charger on the wall and return to Khan. Prepare for a Nosalis to jump at you from the left. After returning to Khan, stay still until the Anomaly has passed and follow Khan to the stairs. Head up and open the door.

Follow Khan, leading to a cutscene with two guys around a fire. After this cutscente you have a firefight with Nosalis. Survive the first wave and then after a short conversation follow another chap to another area of the Metro. After your friend is killed, walk forward with the train on your left side. At the end of the train turn left and left again and the head forward. At the table on the left side at the end of this area is a bomb, pick it up and follow your compass. When you approach your destination be prepared to defend against a large ambush of Nosalis.

Go into the open doorway and look for the tire hanging. Approach this tire and interact to place the bomb. Now run to avoid the explosion. Watch the cutscene which will return you back to Ulhman and you will get the achievement.

No Way Out

Complete the KHAN level.

No Way Out
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Credit to Kicknazz Games

This is one of the shorter bonus levels. Start off by climbing the rubble for a vantage and move forward to overlook the level. Look down to the left and look at Artyom. This is a repeat of the 2nd mission within the main campaign so be ready to cover Arytom and take out the Nosalis.

Once you have cleared the waves zoom in on Arytom and you will climb another piece of rubble. Move to the end near the zip line for a better view.

Now zoom in on the right side to find the baby Dark One; it will have some kind of weird barrier effect to indicate where it is within the level. Arytom will try to shoot it and the baby will run to the left. Now try to shoot at the baby and you will miss him. The baby will move just below his previous position. Keep following him around until Anna says 'You're going down you little F@**er'. Now line up the shot and shoot him.

After watching for a while Anna will say 'You freak you're going down' turn to the left and interact with the zip line. Once down in this area turn around and look for the car at the back; use this for cover. Now look to the bridge in front of you, there are three snipers. Take out the right one first, the centre and then the left one. The ground troops will approach you but as they are a good distance away you can easily pick these off.

If you are struggling with this Warboy925 has suggested instead of interacting with the zip line wait next to it. Look for the enemies using their lights to locate them. You can pick them off easily and if they start shooting at you just back off a little and they can't hit you.

Once the enemies are defeated make your way through the cars and into the swamp type area, use your compass till you get to an area with more guards. I found it easier to sneak around picking off the guards one by one, but this could easily be done by going loud. Move past the double bus and into the water. Climb up the other side to see Arytom in the back of a Nazi wagon to unlock the achievement.

The Sunset of Hope

Complete the ANNA level.

The Sunset of Hope
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Developer Pack

The last one is to spend an hour playing the Developer level. You can either do this or just use a wired controller to keep your controller alive. Either way after an hour you will unlock:


Spend 1 hour on the DEVELOPER level.

1 guide

You will now have 2000 gamer score. I hope the walk-through has been of some assistance. This walk-through was based around my own experiences as well as using the already great solutions on TA. If you feel I have used your solution without permission please PM me and I will credit you, alter or remove it.

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