Metro Redux Walkthrough

4. Metro 2033 Chapter 1

Before you go any further if you don't like spoilers, don't use this walk-through as it is unavoidable for me not to mention them. I will try my best to skim around this but you have been warned.

It is important to note that I will not always mention where the 'military' ammo or other items specifically are. I will mention moral point locations and diary locations, but you will need to search and scavenge yourself. It is important to collect 'military' ammo as previously mentioned as it is essential for 3 achievements.

When you start pick Spartan and normal for your first play-through.

Level Prologue

You start off climbing a ladder. You will see a large blast door in front of you, with your team mate Miller waiting. Don't open the door yet, instead go into the small room to the left of the door and find the only diary in this level on the shelf.

Whilst in this room activate the computer on the desk and make your way to the blast door. To the right is a small switch next to the valve wheel. Approach the switch and interact with it. This will raise the door slightly. Return to the valve wheel, interact with it to access the next area.

Once you've crouched under the door look for a fuse box on the wall and interact with this to switch on the lights. Search the area for ammo and other essential bits and pieces then jump the gap when you are happy to progress.

You are now prompted to put on your gas mask. Once it is on and safe to do so tap cn_LB to wipe the mask, repeat this 20 times to unlock:

Who goes there?

Wipe your Gas Mask 20 times.

Who goes there?
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Move forward to have a small fight with Nosalis hunters. As with all parts of this game feel free to let your AI partner kill the Nosalis if you want to save your ammo. However there is an achievement for killing a specific number of mutants. Anyway once these are cleared you can search the room and then assist Miller with opening the door, leading to the wasteland and eventually a firefight with more Nosalis hunters and flying Demons. Once the Demons knock over the armoured truck you will black out and the game regresses back to 8 days previously.

Level Hunter

The level starts with Arytom looking at postcards in his room. Arytom's father will come in and speak to you. Leave the room and walk past your father, head up the stairs past a doctor and a guard will say "Hello Arytom". Walk up to him and face him he will tell about a patrol being attacked. When he sits down move back and walk towards him again to start another conversation. This will net you a moral point; you can move on after this.

Turn to the left and walk into the next room. You will see a queue of people. Walk up to the man and woman at the front to prompt a conversation. The man will say "doctor hasn't said anything". This gets you a moral point.

Look to the left a women will be sat on the floor; crouch and approach her. Let her finish the first conversation and then approach her again. After the second conversation where she says "leave me alone" walk away as this gets you another moral point. Turn around and follow your father into the other room. The guard will say "Hello Arytom". Wait till he sits down and approach him to listen to him talk, getting you another moral point.

Enter the next room and on the table immediately to the right is the next diary. Walk towards the door and look to the right just before the door. You will see a cloth acting as a curtain walk through this and into the next makeshift bay to unlock the next moral point. Turn around and follow your father to a sequence where some guards open the door to allow Hunter in.

Hunter will sit next to the fire and offer you a postcard for your collection. Make sure you take this for another moral point. Someone will then inform you that the Dark Ones are attacking. Make sure you collect the revolver from the red box on the wall and this is the area for the achievement:

Quick Draw

On the level HUNTER kill the nosalises before they break through the ventilation grilles.

Quick Draw
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To get this achievement you must kill the Nosalis before they break through the four vents found just below the ceiling, two on either side of the room. You will find a couple Nosalis will drop down from the ceiling. Just ignore these and solely concentrate on the ones in the vents. They should be one shot kills if you hit the head, or two shots otherwise. There are approximately 12 to deal with, so just make sure you are constantly looking at the vents and kill the Nosalis quickly. If one does break through just reload checkpoint. This took me 6 attempts but is not that tough when you get into the rhythm.

When completed follow your father and Hunter, and listen to the rest of the conversation. Hunter will hand his Emblem to you, asking you to deliver it to Polis.

Level Exhibition

Before you leave the room, turn around and find the guitar; play this for a moral point. Turn around and find a diary on top of a radio.

Walk out of your room and follow the corridor until you see a dad speaking to his child who is drawing a picture. Next to them is a small blue guitar type instrument;, play this for a moral point.

Carry on through the level till you come to a room with a lot of people chatting. You will see a man sat on a bench next to a distraught woman and a teddy. Approach the man and give him a bullet for his kid. This is essential for a separate achievement, Generous, which concludes in the level Riga. You will also get a moral point for doing this.

Continue through the level to the armory; pick up your equipment and leave this area. You will enter a room where a man is playing a guitar, quickly walk towards the red door and open it before the guard does to get a moral point. Listen to your father until he says "Goodbye my boy" for another moral point. Before leaving the room, turn to your right to find a diary.

Leave the room and make your way to the railcar; approach the guard and tell him you are ready.

Level Chase

This level does not have much to do other than shooting Nosalis. You will be sat chatting to your friends on the railcar, when you will come to a station. The guard will tell you that you cannot go your planned route and you have to go via an alternate route.

Eventually you will black out and when you come around you will need to kill a number of Nosalis and you will finally fall off the cart. Run towards the light and gun fire and this will begin the next level.

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