Metro Redux Walkthrough

5. Metro 2033 Chapter 2

Level Riga

You start off this level drinking with your friends. After the third gulp of vodka you will be in control of Arytom. Walk to the bar and on the right side you'll find a diary. Look to the corner for the piano; play this. In the bar area there are 3 'military' ammo including the large amount your friend offers you for saving them. Don't take the ammo he offers, but feel free to pick the others up and then leave the bar area.

As you walk down the ramp you will see people arguing with the guard. Turn left and walk down the corridor until you see a homeless guy sat on the floor with his head bowed. Approach him and hand him some ammo. While you are facing this guy, turn right 90 degrees and walk forward and turn right. You will see the next diary on the bench.

Now return from where you came and at the end of the corridor you will see a kid who says "are you Arytom?". He offers to take you to someone for a bullet; give him the bullet for a moral point and you will also unlock:


Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.

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Follow the kid to a room where you will find Bourbon. While he is talking to you, look behind him and on the table is another diary. Sit on the chair at the table to continue the conversation with Bourbon, then say you are ready and follow him to the next level.

Level Lost Tunnel

Jump over the barrier and follow Bourbon. As you approach an area where you can turn left you will see Bourbon standing still. Approach the pipes on the left approximately 3 meters (9 feet) from Bourbon and listen to the pipes. Hopefully you will hear the pipes laughing for a moral point.

Now if you want a pneumatic weapon, instead of following Bourbon take the left and you will find a corpse in front of a grate and the gun is there. If you're not bothered by this just follow Bourbon along the sewers. Make your way through the train wreck and you will hear Bourbon say "shit, caravaners". You will see a key for a safe in front of you; pick this up. Take a right into the next area; be careful of the cans on strings. Walk into the next room, loot the knife and ammo and when the door is opened by Bourbon jump over the trip wire. The following room is filled with approximately 8 enemies. Either stealth or go full out attack. Once the enemies are disposed of look to the right and find a safe at the end of the room.

Head into the next small area with 3 soldiers; kill them. Bourbon will then open a red door and you will hear him say "the bridge is a nasty place, so here is the plan". As he does look to the left for a diary on top of an electricity box.

Now follow Bourbon and just copy him to get across the bridge, where you will have to fight a number of Nosalis. After a while Bourbon will tell you to stay still because of raiders. Crouch and stay still till Bourbon says it is ok to move for another moral point. Follow Bourbon again and prepare for more fighting.

You will eventually be led to a large blast door at the end of a bridge. Prepare to defend yourself against a large amount of Nosalis, and after a while you will get a helping hand. Once all of the Nosalis are killed you need to move quickly. If you are facing the blast door, turn around. You will see a ladder leading down into the radioactive area. Put on your gas mask. Hug to the left and walk till you see a broken ramp. To the right of this is a pillar and a diary is on this next to a corpse. To the left of this is a room with a safe key, and if you interact with a valve wheel you can find the safe.

Head back up the ladder and into the safety of the station.

Level Market

The level starts where you will be by yourself for a short time. Behind one of the guards on a bench is a diary. When you get the option start following Bourbon again. You will find a small bar just before the market area; make sure you buy a drink to work towards an achievement that is unlocked later.

Make your way into the first market area and on the left side you will see an old homeless guy sat on the floor speaking to a child. Approach him and give him some ammo for a moral point. Continue through the market into the next area where you can buy weapons and ammo. Look for the stall where a chap is grinding metal on some machinery for your next diary.

Return back towards the bar to speak to Bourbon. Just follow him to the next area, and once the blast doors are opened you will be on the next level.

Level Dead City

Ok so this is one of the longer levels as you have to scavenge a number of items for an achievement. I will try to describe this but you may find it easier to follow a video and a good one is produced by Maka91 who has kindly given me permission to link it:

Prepare yourself for a wall of text:

Firstly put your gas mask on and walk forward to see a corpse on the floor leaning against a box. To the left of this corpse is ammo; pick it up. Now make your way to a room to the right of you. Pick up the ammo on the floor and find a safe key hanging up on one of the walls; pick it up. Turn around and as you exit the room look diagonally to the right. Jump over the turn-styles and you will come across a room with a trip wire over the entrance; disarm this and enter. Make your way up the stairs, and as you get to the top, turn right and find bolts and a red ammo cache on the floor.

Turn around and walk forward, when you see a window to your left look out for a moral point. Carry on walking around the rubble on the upper floor and be wary for the trip wire which is almost immediately found after turning the corner. Disarm this and look for the door at the end. Open this up to find a moral point as you walk in. There is a safe on the table in front of you; open this and loot. Also to the right of the safe is a diary. Now head back down stairs and back to Bourbon.

After Bourbon kicks the door down you need to move fast, otherwise you'll get spotted by the flying Demon. To your right you will see two make-shift wooden ramps to a small ice island and to your destination. Walk over the ramps and head into the large building.

As soon as you enter you will see a corpse leaning against a wall in front of you to the right. Ignore this to start of with. Instead to left of this is an atm leaning against the wall. Climb up this and jump in. This room is extremely radioactive and whilst in here you will take damage. Stay in this room and keep healing yourself up to work toward:

Manhattan Project

Spend 60 seconds in a Radiation Hotspot.

Manhattan Project
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When you run out of medikits simply reload checkpoint. You should just have to run across the gap and rinse and repeat till the achievement is unlocked. When the achievement is unlocked, reload one last time this is to save your resources, back to scavenging.

Loot the corpse of ammo that is leaning to the right of the atm, then jump back into the room via the atm and pick up the safe key. Jump out of the room as quickly as you can.

To the right of the corpse you just looted is a corridor; start walking down this and you will find a Nosalis hunter. Feel free to either kill it, which will cause another 4 or 5 to attack, or wait 5 or so seconds and he will scurry off. Walk to the end of the corridor where the Nosalis was and turn left to find a corpse in the corner; loot it.

Turn around; walk to the end of the corridor. Turn right and hug the left side. You will see a small box room containing a safe; open it up and loot. Turn around and as you leave the room turn left and left again. You should see stairs in front of you. Don't walk up them yet. Instead walk to the right so you can access under the stairs for ammo; loot this and return back to the stairs. If you didn't attack the Nosalis earlier prepare to fight a few. Kill these and head to the top of the stairs.

Now at the top of the stairs, you will hear a voice saying "safe". Look to the end of the corridor to see a corpse to loot. Turn around and walk into the offices on your right. Go through this room and the toilets and as you approach the next area you will see a shadowy figure in front of an elevator. When he disappears head into the elevator and jump down to the next secret cache area. You also get a moral point here. Make sure to loot all the ammo and open the ammo box on the floor. These are all found in the same area at the end of the room.

Walk back to the elevator, causing you to drop back into the ground floor. Kill the Nosalis waiting for you and head back up to the stairs and to the elevator doors where you just jumped down.

Now with the elevator door to your right walk forward a few steps and turn right through the entrance into the office area. Look to the desks in the far right corner and crouch down to find ammo concealed under the desk. Return the way you came and look to the right to find a corpse, loot this and then jump down into the open area.

Turn left and walk forward to find rubble on you left and in the far left corner is some pneumatic ammo. Turn around and head back towards the broken wall. Move around this and head right toward the building. You find a corpse at the top with ammo.

Make your way down the slope and you will see two Nosalis, one stood on a wall and one on a small van. Kill both; you may get attacked by a few more or not depending on how quick you were. Once they are killed look in the back of the van for some 'military' ammo. Turn around and see the blue dumpster; open this up and loot the contents. Head to the door to your right and open it up to to get attacked by a Nosalis; spam cn_X and kill him.

As you enter this next room immediately on the floor is a filter; pick it up. As you walk around the corner on your left is a corpse; loot it. At this point you may need to use a few bits of ammo to allow room for looting.

Leaving this building you will see a large white van with the back open. Jump into this and look behind the crates to find a hidden ammo cache. Jump out of the van, turn left, and follow the iron fence. As you follow the iron fence you can see a building in front of you with an open window. Climb into this room and to your left is more ammo.

Exit the building from the open window and head into the play park. You will have a flash back. If you stand still during the vision you will get a moral point. Once the vision is over keep walking through the park. In front of you will be a lone Nosalis; leave it alone to run off. If you kill it you will get a negative moral point. Walk towards where this Nosalis was and you will see a red car. Turn left and walk forward past the red car to find a corpse leaning against a large semi truck wreck.

Turn around and walk towards the building, but before carrying on look to the right where there is a white container. Enter this to find a corpse with ammo. Exit the container and turn to the right to enter the building.

Once you walk into the building follow the corridors and find a corpse on the floor to your left. Enter the room directly in front of you and keep walking straight until you see some shelves that are leaning over. (This has also been described as some rubble, similar to a fallen wall or ceiling) Behind these is some ammo to loot. Turn around and hug the wall to the right. Keep going forward till you can't walk anymore and to the right should be an entrance to a small room. Enter this for a moral point and on the floor in the corner is an ammo box; open this and loot.

After triggering the moral point, run to the window and shoot at the Watchman on the left to aggro them. Ran back to the room and chuck a fire grenade at the doorway, the previously aggro'd enemies should run though the fire - killing them in the process. Fast reload the checkpoint to easily work towards:


Kill 30 enemies with flame grenades.

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Watchman hunter

Kill 50 Watchmen.

Watchman hunter
1 guide

(Thanks to Warboy925 for the tip)

Leave the room and hug the right wall. Head out of the window in front of you and turn immediately right. You will see a large white lorry that has crashed into a ditch. Jump into this ditch to find a corpse with ammo; use the pipe to climb out. Now it's time to fight a lot of Nosalis. It is entirely possible you could die here, so don't forget to re loot the items if you die. I have also seen videos where people sneak past them, but this method can fail. Either way make your way along the building and you will see some wooden ramps to help you get over gaps in the water. Instead of going up, head down and hug the wall to the left to find a corpse with ammo. Return back and jump up to continue.

As you continue forward you will see stairs that lead down. Don't go that way yet. Instead make your way past the stairs so they are on your right and move forward turning slightly to the left. You will drop down into a derelict building. Walk into the open door and turn immediately right to see a opening gap you need to crouch through. Move through the gap and find 3 separate bolts; loot these. Turn around and jump back through the gap. As you get back into this area turn right and look for another open doorway. Walk into this open doorway where you find a room with a chair. Sparks and noise of electricity will sound and you will see a blue door to open. Progress through this door into a corridor. Go into the 2nd room on the right to find a diary on a table.

Turn around, exit the building and head back to the stairs (use the compass if you need help finding this). At the bottom of the stairs is a corpse to loot. You will see a wooden path to cross the river. Before crossing look to the left to see and open truck. You need to walk across the wooden path some way and turn around to allow you to sprint jump to make it. Open the red ammo cache and jump back. Now turn to the left and head up the stairs. You will see a Demon land. Don't worry about him yet. Instead turn to your right and loot the red ammo cache in the middle portion of the white minivan that has crashed into the wall surrounding the top of the stairs you just walked up.

Turn to your left and walk along the side of the building (this building will be on your left and the river to your right). Keep going until you find a window you can sneak through. Enter the building and head to the right. You will be able to loot some ammo off a dead body in the middle of the floor. If you now turn left you will see a Nosalis protecting 3 baby Nosalis. Ensure that you don't kill them, as if you do you will get a negative moral point. Instead slowly approach them crouched and loot the 3 bodies (one is on the left and two to the right, you shouldn't have to go any further than the top of the small steps). Now head back to where you saw the flying Demon.

Sneak up to the Demon and he should fly off, so you can loot the corpse he was munching on. Head down the stairs in front of you and hug the wall to the right. As you approach the end you can jump over a small wall and you will see in the dark a corpse to loot. Be quick this is a high radioactivity area. After looting the body, turn around and see a metal pipe at an angle. Walk up this, turn around and sprint jump the gap. Head forward and enter the open doorway to find another corpse to loot.

Turn around and jump down to the wooden ramps. Climb the first one, turn left and jump up. Walk forward a little and turn left, then make your way up the slope aiming for the left side. Look to the entrance. There is a trip wire in front of it; disarm this. Before moving into the building, turn right and head forward. Be careful for the tripwire halfway down the corridor and the one at the end of the corridor before turning left. Turn left and open the blue door on the right. Upon entering the room turn left and play the tape recorder on the table for a moral point. Also on the table is a large amount of ammo to loot.

Now return back to the doorway where you initially disarmed the trap and head on through. Make your way down several stairs to find a corpse to loot after a broken stair. Go through the open door and turn right through a large break in the wall. Look in front of you to see a corpse being eaten by rats; loot it. Go into the next room, turn left and then right. Walk forward slightly and on the left is a staircase. On the bottom of the stairs are some shotgun shells. Head up the stairs to find a corpse to loot. Make your way down the stairs; turn left and enter the room. Look immediately to your left to see water running into a break in the wall. Head into this to see a wire trap on the floor. Disarm this wire trap and open the red ammo cache.

Return through the gap in the wall and walk forward to find some wooden planks on the floor. Go across these to see a corpse on the floor; loot it. Head up the wooden planks, then jump across the fridge and hug the left side. Look down the crevice to see a wrecked car. Jump down onto this and you will see a corpse to loot. Jump back up and walk towards some iron fencing. This is a courtyard where you meet up with Bourbon again. Before meeting him, hug the right wall and walk down a small alley to find a corpse leaning against a dumpster. Turn around and you will get hit by a Nosalis in the rear; don't worry about this.

Turn to the right and see Bourbon. He will start talking to you, so try and loot the body next to him, then head to the end of the alley where Bourbon is to loot a corpse in the left corner. There is also ammo on the floor in front of this corpse; shoot your guns a little if needed to loot it.

Now follow Bourbon past the first building on your right. There will be two dumpsters adjacent to the building. Let Bourbon run off to your left. Peel off to the right where you will see a building with a stair way leading down to a doorway. Head down this stair way to find a corpse with ammo and a safe key. Head back up the stairs and turn around look for a building with a gas mask poster next to the entrance; head into this. If you have followed everything you will now unlock:


Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City.

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Look to the desk to find a diary. If you walk through and look in this room you will find a safe. Now return back to Bourbon to fight a number of Nosalis. When the Demons appear follow Bourbon and you will jump into a building ending the level.

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