Metro Redux Walkthrough

6. Metro 2033 Chapter 3

Level Dry

We start with Bourbon being captured, so make sure you loot his AK47. Make your way out of the right side of the vents, then turn left and left again into a small room. This is where you find the first diary on a table.

This level has a significant amount of human enemies, take your pick either attack or stealth, keeping in mind that killing humans can affect the morally good achievement at the end. If you can make it through the level without killing anyone you will get a moral point.

Anyway make your way to the room where you find Bourbon being held captive and watch the sequence. When Khan drops down look to the left of the room near the exit to find a diary.

When Khan gives you the option to stay or leave, leave the room to finish this level.

Level Ghost

You are now in company with Khan. He will guide you through this level and it is important to listen to his warnings about the ghosts and not letting them touch you otherwise they will kill you instantly.

So Khan will invite you to listen at the pipes. Make sure you move as close as you can and wait for children's laughter, getting you a moral point. Khan will unlock the gate; follow him closely and listen to him. Eventually you will be led into a train wreck. Look to the right on a seat is a diary.

Khan will be stood still. You can see spider webs in front of him. Use your lighter to burn these, then step back unless you want a ghost to touch you. Follow Khan out of the train and hug the right wall. Let the ghost train pass you. Keep hugging the right wall and follow Khan. Keep an eye out for a corpse on the right side laying on a diary.

Follow Khan very closely through some ghosts where he is chanting. Stick with him while he is talking to gain a moral point. Keep following Khan until he stops talking. He says "a harsh but not undeserved atonement for our sins, wouldn't you agree". You'll eventually end up in a room which is glowing green because of the large amount of radioactive mushrooms. Look for the body in the corner behind the barrels for a moral point as you approach it.

Continue to follow Khan and this leads to a room with Nosalis. Kill the Nosalis and continue on, leading you to the train lines. When Khan says "stop", stop. Don't move and doing so will earn you a moral point. You will see the anomaly again. When it is moving stop and stay still, this again earns you a moral point. Follow Khan and drop down next to a train. There are a number of bodies to loot if you need ammo or medikits. Time to fight a number of Nosalis again. This ends when the anomaly wipes them out.

Follow Khan again through the train. Instead of following Khan to the left after the train keep going forward to the end of that area to receive a moral point. Now turn around and catch up with Khan. However just before you get to Khan, hug the left side of the wall and look for a wicker hamper basket. Next to this basket is a decapitated arm, and underneath this is a diary. Now approach the rail cart and interact with it to jump in and finish the level.

Level Cursed

Different level, same approach of following Khan. Khan will lead you to some survivors that ask you to help them out. Stay with Khan and listen to his entire speech for a moral point. Behind this group is a cache of ammo if you need any. My advice for this level is basically run and shoot only if you need to, as you can pretty much complete this level without killing anything unnecessary if you are quick enough.

Once the speech is over get your compass up and this will lead you to some stairs. Either go up the left or right side. When you get to the top you will be met by at least two Nosalis. Kill them and you will see three pillars in the centre of the room. Head past the centre pillar and on the floor is a diary; pick this up. Now you want to aim for either the left or right pillar and interact with one to plant a bomb and then run. If you don't move quick enough you'll die in the explosion. That is the first part complete. Now get your compass up again and follow it to a fuel can type bomb at the end of the tunnel. Interact with this to pick it up. Kill the one Nosalis there or he will just annoy you.

Get your compass up again and follow this to the tunnel on the opposite side. As you approach it ensure all of your guns are fully loaded and watch 3 Nosalis approach. Kill them quickly using all of your guns and then run up to the end of this tunnel where the Nosalis came from to plant the bomb. Run back down the tunnel and when it explodes you will unlock:


Blow up the tunnel and airlock at CURSED STATION.

2 guides

Start walking back to where Khan is and he will lead you to a passage. Heading down this will lead to the next level.

Level Armory

As you start this level you will hear someone arguing. Follow the voices till you get captured for a short time. Follow the directions of the man you are following, and once you get this sequence done you will be pulled into a room by Khan's friend.

In this room is a diary situated next to Khan's friend. If you haven't found a Helsing gun from scavenging you can purchase one off the weapon vendor, which will help towards killing an enemy with every weapon. I would advise not purchasing yet and save your 'military' ammo as you can always return to this via chapter select after you complete the game.

Once you are happy you have everything, make your way to the end where you will find 3 people talking. They tell you to get into the hole. Climb down and you will find a diary in the floor. The railcar should now be moved over you. If not just move slightly in the hole. You will then be told to climb into luggage area; do this by interacting with the car. Listen to the dialog for a few minutes to end the level.

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