Metro Redux Walkthrough

8. Metro 2033 Chapter 5

Level Polis

You start the level following Ulman. When he is chatting to the captain look to the right and in a bookshelf is a diary.

This is the last area you can purchase items using your "military" ammo. Hopefully by this point you should have 1000 or very close to this of the "military" ammo resulting in unlocking:


Save 1000 military-grade rounds.

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If you don't quite have 1000 don't panic as you have plenty of levels left to scavenge. You can also sell a weapon or ammo to help you get some more.

When you get to the ammo vendor sell all of your shotgun ammo, purchase it till you are full and sell it again. Keep repeating till you either run out of "military" ammo or eventually unlock:


Exchange 500 Military-Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.

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Now reload the checkpoint reinstating your ammo and head to the weapon vendor. Customise your weapon and upgrade and remove this upgrade 30 times to unlock:

Metro Trader

Make 30 deals in weapon shops.

Metro Trader
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You may need to reload the checkpoint to be able to afford this, but once it is unlocked make sure to reload the checkpoint so you keep your "military" ammo to keep working towards Scrooge.

Time to follow Miller and listen to the cutscene. As you get escorted out turn left and head to the bar. Purchase two drinks to unlock:


Drink at every occasion.

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Walk towards the guard escorting you and he will open the doors to the council meeting, resulting in some dialog with Miller. While Miller is talking look behind him and to the right for another diary. Just keep listening and eventually you will finish this level.

Level Alley

Begin by putting on your gas mask. Leave the building and turn left to find a corpse laying on the floor with a diary next to him. Look to the right of the corpse to see an opening. Walk through this and aim for the truck in the distance. To the left of this truck is a crevice with cars and pipes. Jump down here and loot the corpse. There is a safe key as well. Now put up your compass and continue through the level till you get to the square where you are ambushed by Nosalis and have to survive. Look for the turned over van for a safe and open it to get 'military' ammo. Look around the van for corpses to loot.

Survive this ambush and you will be joined by two colleagues, leading you into the great library. As you walk into the first hallway you are led into a large room. Turn right and walk through a cobweb to find a diary on top of a broken table. You will be asked to find a way through. Look for the tentacles on the roof. Shoot these one time and they will retract. You will drop down into a room with a broken door. If you look closely through this you will see a piece of wood propped up against another door. When this starts flashing shoot it to let your colleagues in.

Next you will find yourself in a room with your colleagues stuck on the other side. Shoot the chandelier on the ceiling and this will open the door. Follow the level through till you come up against a Librarian. This one cannot be killed. Just follow the instructions you're told by your colleague and the level will end.

Level Depository

This level starts with a Librarian right in front of you. Using two grenades or your weapon of choice kill it to unlock Heavy Reader.

Heavy Reader

Kill a librarian.

Heavy Reader
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Once killed reload the checkpoint. Now a word of wisdom these Librarians are solid and my tip is to avoid them like the plague, but feel free to take them on if you fancy using all of your ammo.

So we start the level again; sneak to the right and you will see a broken door. Use melee to break down the door. As you walk into the next area move to the left and a Librarian will appear. If you stand still and stare him down hopefully he will leave you alone. If not you need to either kill him or run.

Head back out to the corridor from the door you just broke down. Move forward and to the left. You should see a room filled with bookshelves that have been pushed over. To the left in the room on the bottom shelf behind a dead Librarian is a diary. Keep going forward and look to the right for another door to break down. Melee it open. You will see a Librarian break a door open and jump across the room. Make your way into the doorway he broke down.

In front of you will be another door to break down, leading to a toilet. If you head through the toilet area on the right, in the last cubicle is a corpse to loot. Go back to the toilet and walk towards the hole in the wall. You are grabbed by a Librarian that will let you go. Follow the wall around and follow the Librarian up some stairs. At the top of the stairs turn right edge into the room to see a Librarian sprinting. Let him go past you and head in the direction he came from. Look to the right to see a small opening in the wall. Head in there and open the metal gate.

After opening the gate, turn left and left again to see two Librarians. Try to stare them down. If not be prepared to kill or run. Walk past the hole in the floor on your right and walk into the doorway on your left. In this room make your way past the hole in the floor and move round to get to the right, leading to another room. Look to the far end of the room for an elevator and run to it to watch a small cut scene. The elevator drops down and you will see another Librarian. Sprint straight past it and look for a door to open in front of you slightly to the right to end the level.

Level Archives

There isn't much to write about on this level. At the beginning you will see a cage where two Librarians will be. Sneak to the left of this and look in front of you for a bookshelf which will contain a diary.

Use your compass and night vision goggles to navigate through the level. Iif you sneak you can avoid nearly all confrontation. There is one part where a Librarian will be chasing you around. Just follow the compass quickly and you'll end up through some vents and the panic is over.

This level ends when you get to the archives and watch a cutscene.

Level Church

Finding yourself outside, you be rescued by some colleagues who will take you to the Church, a ranger base.

When you get into the Church, head forward and look to a red barrel for a diary. To the left of this is the weapon vendor. Make sure to pick up the Abzat, Bigun and Hellbreath. Ensure that the Hellbreath is not your middle weapon so you can work towards achievements on the next area. Pick up the ammo around this area.

Turn around and make your way upstairs by some stairs on the right side. As you get to the top, turn right to see Khan. To the right of him on a box of books is another diary. Listen to the entire speech by Khan for a moral point. Head to Miller; listen to him and say you are ready. Now follow the others at the end of his speech to end the level.

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