Metro Redux Walkthrough

9. Metro 2033 Chapter 6

Level Dark Star

You will be on a railcar listening to the others and then collapse causing a vision. Walk to the Dark Ones for a moral point. When you wake, the railcar will come to a stop and you'll be asked to protect the rear. Use this as an opportunity to rack up the kill achievements with the flame grenades, explosions (use both sticky and normal grenade), Hellbreath and flamethrower. Basically keep killing them until the anomaly turns up and reload the checkpoint. It shouldn't take more that 15 minutes to get all of the kill related achievements for those weapons. You may already have done this, but you should also easily kill 10 enemies without being hurt to unlock:


Kill 10 Enemies in a row without taking any damage.

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After you have got those achievements carry on through the level and when the railcar comes to its final stop don't forget to replace the flamethrower with your other weapon, found on the table in the car. When you leave the car head to the right, and in a small room on the floor at the end of the platform is a diary. Walk back to the group to end the level.

Level Caves

Follow the group into a room where you are asked by Miller to get the breaker sorted. Head through the door next to the corpse and interact with the generator. Now go back to Miller and to his right is a breaker to interact with. This opens the blast door. When the doors open walk through and head to the opposite side of the room. In the left corner is a corpse holding a diary.

You now have to survive several waves of Nosalis moving room to room. Eventually a Nosalis will kill Boris; do not pick up his weapon as otherwise you'll get a negative moral point. Where Boris' body is, turn left and look for the diary on a box.

Continue to follow the group until you get to a room where you will have to sneak under a blast door that shuts behind you. This is where you find the spiders. As you kill them keep count and once you kill 6, reload the checkpoint. You will now easily get 10 kills and in the process unlock Spider Hunter. As you progress past this area you will end up in a cave area with wooden planks acting as ramps. Look down into the crevice to see your next diary.

Now follow your compass which will lead you to the end of the level.

Level D6

Immediately at the start is a diary to pick up. Look along the train you are riding to find it on one of the seats. This level is pretty linear, so just follow your compass and the instructions by Miller. Thanks to TA user Aradeen he has identified three easy military grade ammo locations within this level to allow you to collect nearly 700 ammo, this should be more than enough to get you over the 1000 required for the achievement. These are listed with images which were kindly created by Aradeen.

After travelling on the big central lift, power up the generator on the wall to let the yellow vehicle open the big door. In the next room, there is a ammo cache with 228 rounds on the right side.

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Now turn left and enter the little room, pick up the safe key. Go to the back left side of the computer room to open the safe with 228 rounds.

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In this computer room your team will check to see which missiles are still active. Look to a computer desk near to the group to find a diary.

After your team finishes talking about the missles you will leave the room. You will then see pods open up and orange orbs landing. These are amoebas. Make sure when you are given the opportunity you kill these before Miller. Destroying 5 will unlock Pathoanatomist. You will only have this area and the next area after taking the lift to get these amoebas:


Kill 5 amoebas.

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Miller will say "If anything happens I will send Artyom" take the lift with him. Once this lift stops, check the yellow vehicle in front of you to find another ammo cache with 228 rounds.

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In this area Miller will approach a lift and say "this is the lift, I hope it still works". Look to the dark tunnel, left of the lift to see a yellow railcar for a diary.

After getting the power back to 100% you will follow Miller down a tunnel to an elevator. Look to the left to see a diary in a box on the wall. Head up the elevator and follow Miller to end the level.

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