Metropolis: Lux Obscura Reviews

  • Killian FraggleKillian Fraggle440,035
    18 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019
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    This is a fun game, but sadly, ultimately flawed. My biggest gripe is that the story is very short, and once you've completed the story, the game ends. You can't continue building up your character's stats. That's it. Finito. You can start again and try for one of the different endings, but you start from scratch. It would have been nice to have a simple non-campaign mode where you could just carry on with random battles, building up your character.

    Graphically, the game has a wonderful film noir comic book style. The voice acting is decent, and the music fits the atmosphere perfectly. (Being a pedant, there are too many typos and grammatical errors for my liking, but that's just me.) The plot itself was enjoyable enough to keep me interested and not skipping the cut-scenes each time I encountered new ones, although there were times where, due its choose-your-own-adventure nature, the tale felt a little disjointed, or even broken.

    This is, at its essence, a match-three game along the lines of Gems of War, Candy Crush, Bejewelled, etc. though unlike the aforementioned games, you're not limited to adjacent tiles when swapping pieces around the grid, instead being able to swap the full distance of the respective column or row. This felt a little weird, having played countless hours of Gems of War, but it's not exactly a difficult game mechanic for the brain to adapt to. Your opponents don't attack using the grid, but rather after a set number of turns, they get to take a swing at/bite out of you. There aren't any special moves as such, but after each fight, you get to increase your character's abilities.

    Technically, the game seems to suffer from quite a few glitchy achievements. It took numerous attempts for some of the achievements to pop for me, but even with having to redo some of the achievements, the game was still 100% complete in under 2h30m.

    Would I recommend this? Yes. Just don't expect it to have much longevity or replay value.

    As a final note, for any parents wondering if this would be suitable for their younger kids, the answer is probably not. I'm a little surprised that this made it past the MS censors with the adult content it depicts. I notice that TA has a warning that some users have reported having a temporary ban on their account after using Game DVR. Given the content of the game, if these videos were uploaded, then I'm not surprised that they could cause players to receive a ban.

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