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Posted on 04 May 11 at 23:47, Edited on 23 May 11 at 18:14
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Michael Jackson: The Experience

This is a half dance game half a karaoke (singing) game... its literally split in to two you are never doing both simultaneously but stop start dance and singing though out each song is somewhat new.

As of writing this review a little shy of a month after the game hit the shelves I can say its a little glitchy with noticeable lag for some dance movements. The vocals are static with no pitch indicators so you better know your MJ songs... compared with Lips/Karaoke Revolution its pretty forgiving and it lets you improvise a little here and there... however the dancing is NOT and with tiny flash cards (compared to Dance Central) and less than clear back ground dancers it take a bit of trial and error to figure out what the games wants from you.

Obviously a Kinect is needed to play this game, but its advised to have a USB mic (or better yet a wireless "Lips" Mic) the sound picked up from the Kinect for your singing portion is less than stellar, no point in making a hard game even harder

Graphics, Sound and Camera/Control:
The music are all Michael Jackson songs (no covers here) but most are condensed or shortened versions. The thing I found very jarring is the background dancers especially the videos in tutorial (school) mode.... they are not very ascetically pleasing perhaps even strange looking at times, the dancers also seem to have an assortment of odd accents.

In performance mode each song has its own stage environment, and it really lends to the mood of each song, some are quite visually stunning. There are moments where you glimpse Michael in the background or he is transposed over your dancing image... I can imagine a die hard fan being disappointed that there is visually not very much Michael Jackson.

Your image is dancing center stage in "Ubi's Fitness your shape evolved" fashion which ends up looking like a glittery mess most of the time.
There are backup dancers either side of you, helping you with the moves (as the flash cards are tiny and not nearly as well designed as dance central) but they are just as translucent and glittery as you are and its hard to tell exactly what the move is.... I hate this aspect of the game the most, I really clearly want to to see what they are doing so I can understand why I am being penalized.

This is not something I usually write about, but I felt the need to point out some of the dance moves (and lyrics) are somewhat "risque" and I wouldn't want my kids (if I had any) learning these moves nor would I want to be seen doing them in public or even by my friends in the privacy in my own home... this is a game that's best enjoyed alone by adults... I am not a prude by any means and I swear like a sailor but this is best compared with an interactive learn to pole/lap dance DVD hosted by Richard Simmons.

Local Multiplayer is available but do not fear if you have no other warm bodies happy to partake in your MJathon... no achievements here to be had with friends, and its probably better for it... MJ is best kept as one of those guilty pleasures you partake in alone.... there are also no live leaderboards (as far as I can tell?)

Replay Value
Well enjoy doing upwards of 300 dance/sings but better than that this game is hard... harder than Dance central, WAY harder than Dance paradise, I would say its the same level as Dance masters/Evolution without the recognition accuracy.

So far with no patch it takes many many MANY run thoughs of a song to get five stars
I feel like I'm very competent as a dancer and singer (with a gamercard to show for it) and I find upwards of 6 retakes of a song for the middle of the road songs and anywhere from 30+ for the hard ones is necessary before getting to a five star level... the learning curve is non-existent, its just plain and simple hard.

The majority of achievements are earned though "performance mode" which as mentioned is a combination of dancing and singing in each song, coupled with a video tutorial in school mode (the video is about as useful as a screen-door on a submarine)
Good news you get to pick and choose which songs you like and work on them until you five star the bugger.
Bad news if your a completionist you'd best move along this is not the game your looking for

If your looking for a singing and dancing game and you LOVE Michael then by all means get this but don't expect an easy 1000
This is not recommended as a rental or loaner this is something you either grind the crap out of and learn every note and move or something that will gather dust while you weep about not being able to five star beat it.
If your here for cheap gamerscore go get Dance Paradise (its even stackable)
If you want to learn to dance go get Dance Central
If you want a grindy challenge and can put up with J-pop music then Dancemasters/evolution
but if you love to sing and LOVE MJ and want a grind, and don't mind a challenge and you are prepared to put up with a buggy game then okay.. get this... but you've been warned there are better games out there for the kinect.
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Posted on 28 October 11 at 15:43
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Best game ever. I wish there was some kind of more efficient practice mode for both Master Performance and Performance but it made it that much more challenging. I had so much fun completing this game. i got so into the singing and dancing, i loved seeing myself on the screen on stage. it took me awhile to complete this game. i started in March 2011 and finally completed it the end of September 2011. the singing seems to do better with a microphone, depending on your surroundings i guess. i had to watch a lot of gamer videos online to get the achievements but it was totally worth it. this is by far my favorite game.
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