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Posted on 02 July 17 at 13:56
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I was so looking forward to this game. Sadly it is going to be one of those that I put in once get some early achievements then look to p/x sale quickly with a air of gloom around me and some rose tinted memories of past games.

It looks great in terms of presentation, lovely intro when race starts and a Brian Blessed alike (if not him!) announcer but doubts start to sink in when you realise most everything is online and you have a limited number of vehicles to choose from. I remember previous versions with lots and lots of cars to collect. That was the whole idea behind the series.

A simple race can only be played online to count towards ranking etc. Which seems a shame. Especially as the A.I. is good.

The doubt I get worse when you play Battle Mode and it is very confusing. Unless I am just easily confused. I could not work out who was on whose side.

It would have been so nice is this was more like the Micro Machines of old and some nice touches are included, see the gamer pics for AI characters for example, but sadly this was one that could have been so much more. It seems limited in cars and confusing in aspects of game play.
Compare this with Rocket League and its options and the difference is stark.
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