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  • HumpyrtonHumpyrton800,716
    21 Feb 2015 21 Feb 2015
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    Ads, ads, ads and more ads unless you pay $9.99 plus tax

    That pretty much sums up this game. You will be "watching" over a thousand ads if you do not pay 9.99 to be able to complete or even play this game.

    While this may be a little too simplistic view of the game, if you can really call it that, it is a lot of what you will be doing. Which is a sad trend with all the Microsoft games done by Arkadium. On to the review portion.

    The game has five slot machines each with their own mini game, and theme. While they all have different mini games, the way to reach the mini game is getting three of the same icon, diamond, key, etc based on the board. Once you are in the machine you have the option to choose your bet, the max bet is dependant on your level, the only other options are spin, enabling fastplay and autoplay. Enabling autoplay makes spin useless since you just watch it play until you get one of the mini games, which depending on the minigame, first forces you watch an Ad, then either get to tap random objects or pick a bet amount and watch the slots spin.

    The biggest issue is the win loss ratio of the machines, some machines are better than others and others have payouts for winning that are 10% of your bet and to top it off getting more than your bet on those machines is a miracle.

    And that is it. There is not much else it is slots, with a few extra bells thrown in to keep you paying any attention to it.

    The game looks fine, the slots spin well, the mini cutscense are repeated every time you get that machines mini game, but they are at least done well.

    Also very standard, but you will probably have it muted due to not wanting to listen to the ads.

    Achievemnts(not counted in the score):
    Horrible, this list is worse than the get 8 gold 10 silver 12 bronze of the other arkadium games. Most of them come down to luck and some are glitchy and do not pop when they should, 1 million coins will pop between one million and two million for instance. As for the luck based ones, some are almost impossible due to the game having worse odds than a normal slot machine. You can get about 100 pts pretty quick, but if you want them all, be prepared for hours of watching ads, watching your bank decrease and waiting for thirty minutes to pass to get more money and clovers.

    -Little to no skill involved

    -Entirely luck based
    -Cloud saving issues

    I know the review is short, but there isnt much to say about this game other than unless you want a game where you can get achievements with doing little and probably do not want the full 200, if you just want to play slots, there has to be a game under 5$ that is better than this with no ads.
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    togethawiistandI think this is the worst of the M$ games that I've tried, since there's not much to do at all and it's best just to put the thing on automatic and fast spins. The irony is that I have to stay away from the computer and go do something, while my computer is the one actually playing a game. I don't think it's fun for him either.

    Another problem besides the low winning rate, it's the bubble rigged "choice" that you have to make on the deep sea theme. The majority of time you'll only get +1 spin, no matter which you choose. Really? Did they have to screw us that bad? Is that the price you pay for trying their games?

    My best advice: stay away from this game and its kind.
    Posted by togethawiistand on 24 Feb 15 at 20:27
    ALollzIt was such a big mistake to even start this game. Luckily, there's a glitch that allows you to rack up the coins fast. With it, I don't think anyone would ever be able to complete this game, short of spending $5,000-$10,000 of your own money, because that's how broken the payout ratio actually is.
    Posted by ALollz on 24 Aug 15 at 18:47
    RidiculousBoxI don't have ads for my Windows 8 when I started the game...
    Posted by RidiculousBox on 07 Dec 18 at 22:03
  • smirkdirksmirkdirk311,283
    15 Mar 2015 15 Mar 2015
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    The game is not that great. Totally skippable. A complete waste of your time. Full of ads.

    However, all that being said, this is the first game I've come across that will literally play itself. In fact, there's an achievement for letting it play itself. Which begs the philosophical question we've all asked ourselves, 'If a cheeve pops in a game and no one is there to see it, did the cheeve really pop?' This game answers that question. In short, yes.

    Now, you can finally play a game and pop achievements while you're doing something else. Gotta mow the lawn? Don't risk running over your own foot trying to game while mowing. Instead, let Microsoft Jackpot play itself and collect some achievements and live to walk another day. Gotta take a shower? No need to set up the tv in the bath and risk death by electrocution. Just let Microsoft Jackpot play itself while you wash and come out of the shower clean and alive. Gotta go to GranPaps funeral? No problem, just set Microsoft Jackpot stay at home tending to achievements while you mourn appropriately. This is especially important as there is no surer way for Grams to stop baking you cookies than to catch you gaming on your phone at the love of her life's final send off.

    Thank you, Microsoft Jackpot, for solving all my problems!

    (I did have to deduct half a star because, well, all the dang ads!)
  • Danny Dubs 86Danny Dubs 861,569,216
    16 May 2015
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    Originally posted (with pictures!) on my blog at

    You know how everybody's favorite gameplay mechanics are the ones that are totally random? Have you ever wondered how epic a game consisting entirely of random elements could be?

    Well, friend, you need not wonder any more - Microsoft Jackpot is the "game" that will fulfill all your mildest dreams!

    I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one. Microsoft Jackpot is a slot machine simulator. That's it. Unless you're looking for an outlet for your gambling addiction, there's absolutely no reason for you to "play" this "game."

    But that's no fun... Instead, let's talk about features: You can unlock five different skins for your slot machine, including one that resembles a spy thriller and one that turns the slots into a candy factory. Talk about purely aesthetic value!

    How do you unlock these superficially different machines? By spending imaginary money, of course! Your in-game "experience level" seems to be completely determined by the total bets you've made, and as it increases, you'll get access to the new machines and higher bet amounts. The more you sink into this "game," the more you'll be able to spend on a single spin of the slots.

    You may be thinking, "this game already sounds amazing; sign me up!" Well, hold on to your butts because there is even more!

    First of all, there's a convenient "autoplay" function. Yes, the game will even play itself, not forcing you to push the "Spin" button to sink Monopoly money into this simulator.

    Occasionally, if you're lucky, each of the slot machine skins will randomly send you to a unique interactive minigame. You'll get things like "pick a gem" or "choose a bubble." Even better, these minigames are usually rigged against you, just like real-life slot machines! It really is the full gambling experience right in your very own home!

    Now, you may have noticed a startling omission in my description of this "game." How do you get more coins to keep playing when you run out?

    It's simple, friend - you purchase some with real cash money! Alternatively, you can watch a commercial once every half hour, but then you may run out of coins and be forced to stop while you wait for your next advertisement. Definitely not a good way to "play."

    You can also get "lucky clovers" from the Jackpot Store. As far as I can tell, those clovers bestow the most marginal of benefits, but every tenth of a percent helps, right?

    And of course, as a user of TrueAchievements, you'll want to know about all the Gamerscore you can earn. What can I say? This "game" has achievements! And they're primarily tied to completely random outcomes of your completely random "gameplay!"

    To give some perspective, I've had the game running for a little over 50 hours (remember, this "game" can literally play itself) and about 35,000 spins, and I haven't unlocked all the cheevos. You want a "game" with replay value? Holy hell, man, this could be the one you're looking for!

    Seriously though, that's it. Watch commercials (or spend real-life monies) so you can click on things that provide totally random outcomes regardless your input. It's insulting to call this a "game."

    My Rating: 0/10 - totally worthless (TA won't let me give a zero-star rating, but that's what this monstrosity should get).

    (For more info on my rating system, including overall stats, see
  • thanatos8285thanatos8285585,084
    27 Apr 2018
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    Microsoft Jackpot is easily the least enjoyable game of the Microsoft Casual Games series, in my opinion. It's visually very nice with great graphics and fun animations, but this will only keep you entertained for a few hours. Once you've gotten used to the graphics and visuals, you're in for a long, frustrating, entirely luck-based slog. While there are probably many people who enjoy this game, if you're reading THIS review, on THIS website, you probably care about achievements and completion, and THAT'S where this game is truly terrible.

    Like all slots, this game is all luck if you play legitimately without using an exploit. Several of the achievements rely on not just 1 low-probability event breaking your way, but several low-probability events in a row. Some achievements are simple, like just leaving the game on autoplay for 10 spins. But to finish this game, you will have to do things like reaching a special bonus stage, which could take hours of play (without even factoring in the possibility of running out of coins). Once you've reached that stage, you need a series of 10-20 slot spins to all also go your way, which could realistically take a week or more. Once you've finally reached that point, you then need to essentially hit a true Vegas-style Jackpot, odds and all. So if you figure that you might only get a chance at playing this Vegas-style jackpot once a week (and truly, that's an optimistic estimate), the achievement could very realistically take months upon months to achieve.

    Adding to all this are frequent ads with no way to generate in-game currency beyond a pittance of 750 coins every half-hour (giving you 37 spins on the very lowest bet). So while playing this game non-stop could theoretically require months of your time to finish the achievements, that would sadly be the best case scenario, as playing legitimately (because PLEASE do not pay real cash for in-game currency) would likely only afford you 5-10 minutes of play at a time.

    Even using an expoit, this game is a dull slog. If you want something visually stimulating and you don't care about achievements, sure, maybe this is the game for you? Or perhaps if you like manipulating odds to "beat the system," you might enjoy exploiting one of the game's weaknesses to polish off the game at lightning speed relative to how long it is intended to be completed. But if you're an ordinary gamer who just enjoys playing a fun game and knocking out some achievements along the way, I cannot advise you to stay away from this game strongly enough.