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    25 Dec 2012 25 Dec 2012
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    Mahjong breaks new ground for Xbox LIVE by being the first game, as far as I’m aware, that comes with the rather odd figure of 25g worth of achievements.

    Like Minesweeper, it also includes a medals system but there is a lack of incentive to pursue them for the achievement-enthusiast and you would question the wisdom of only putting in three achievements for 25g when there are so many medals.

    A few more achievements, even for smaller values and fewer medals might have provided a better balance. It’s especially galling when one of the achievements is literally just for changing your theme, which frankly makes something of a mockery of the entire system.

    Achievement gripes aside, Mahjong is a polished version of, well, Mahjong. Tables are split into Easy, Medium and Hard and you gain access to more tables as you complete them. Like Minesweeper there are daily challenges to encourage return plays if the achievements and medals didn’t do that already.

    To linger on the achievements a little while longer however, it is especially frustrating considering that the Live Tile implementation is superb. Different boards pop up, challenging you to try them, while an array of stats crop up showing your progress. To implement one aspect of the new Windows ecosystem so well while doing achievements so badly is especially disappointing.

    If you’re not aware of what Mahjong is as a game, it’s basically a tile matching game where the tiles are stacked in a variety of interesting ways. You can only ‘use’ tiles with open sides (i.e. not surrounded by other tiles) so it becomes a game of strategy to ensure you don’t end up unable to make a move due to the necessary tiles being inaccessible.

    As with Minesweeper and Solitaire, if you don’t enjoy the game of Mahjong then obviously this game won’t appeal to you, but I think we’re aware by now that this is not exactly the point. Mahjong is a polished and enjoyable game that any fan of Mahjong should get, especially considering the price and the extra bells and whistles that will keep you going back for more.

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    Alright guys, it's time for MAHJONG! Really I don't even know how to pronounce that, asides from that it is similar to how it has always been. Just with a Metro Menu and what not.

    Some people like an actual review, so here I go.

    Well if you enjoy a nice puzzle then you should enjoy Mahjong. It's the same as it was on, Windows 98? (I think... only played it a couple times because I didn't know what I was doing) Now skip ahead about 14 years, I still have no clue. Mahjong is a game, I can tell you that much, but I am still confused with what pieces you can choose. I know you can choose ones that are on top... but you can't always, not sure how that works. It's fun to play if you just like clicking neat tiles and what not. I would recommend reading the instructions.
    This was less of a review and more of me just saying I am stupid. Nonetheless, there you have it.


    Great now that we're done with that, some of you may be asking how to get this crazy stuff.
    Well I was wondering for half a day.
    Let me explain it to you.

    I assume you have a program to Virtualize Windows 8... You know like Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare.... or HyperV (...Assuming you're running Windows Server...)
    Virtual Box is free, so download that if you need it.

    Then download the Windows 8 Enterprise Eval.

    You may need to sign in.

    Scroll down make sure you meet the system requirements

    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
    RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
    Hard disk space: 20 GB
    Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

    Then choose the version of Windows 8 Enterprise you want to download.
    32-Bit or 64-Bit

    Wait for the .iso to finish downloading.

    Then start up your Virtualization program.

    And create a new virtual machine for Windows 8.
    Just stick with the defaults for the most, up the RAM to 2GB if you picked the 64-bit version.

    When you turn it on for the first time it should ask you to select the image or drive you want to use. Find your .iso for Windows 8 and select it.

    Continue the install as normal, make sure you select your region to be the same as your GamerTag.

    Once all is said and done, assuming you followed the step by step brilliant instructions. You are going to have a great time adapting to Windows 8. If you get lost hover over the very bottom left corner and it should bring up the side task bar thing (not sure of the technical name). Choose the Start menu, 4 rectangles. Find the Games tab, and fool around with logging in and what not.

    Now I had issues with geting the games to work, I typically had to click the game tile and then click explore game, in order for the option of Play Game to come up. Hopefully this doesn't happen for you.

    Anyways, once installed and ready, click the different tiles until one of them allows you to play the game.

    And Boom! You're good to go!
    Anyways, I will post this up on the others, see how much people hate or love this.
    Just comment and let me know what needs work and what not or if something isn't clear.