Microsoft Minesweeper (WP)

Windows Phone

Microsoft Minesweeper (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Room to Breathe
Room to Breathe30 (30)Uncovered 20 tiles in one move. No ''Play same board" or custom board allowed.
Happens to Everybody
Happens to Everybody10 (10)Triggered your first mine on your phone.
Good Start
Good Start11 (10)Completed a minefield for the first time on your phone.
Good Memory
Good Memory13 (10)Completed a minefield on your phone without using any flags.

Least Earned

Path to Perfection
Path to Perfection32 (10)Played 1,000 boards.
Decorated Sweeper
Decorated Sweeper31 (10)Earned 20 Medals across a Windows 8 device and your phone.
Got the Stats to Prove it
Got the Stats to Prove it28 (10)Won 100 boards on Easy, Medium or Expert.
No Stone Unturned
No Stone Unturned14 (5)Safely uncovered 100,000 tiles.
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