2. Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8) General hints and tips

Microsoft Treasure Hunt is based on the Minesweeper theme. If you do not know how to play Minesweeper, play the tutorial or see the Help section.

You have 2 input methods: Touch control and Tap to Flag.
Touch control (PC)
* Left mouse click: uncovering squares.
* Right mouse click: Mark a flag

Touch control (surface tablet)
* Tap: uncovering squares.
* Press and hold: Mark a flag

Tap to Flag Mode (surface tablet)
* Tap: Mark a flag
* Press and hold: uncover a square

You can switch the input mode by pressing the "2 flags"-icon in the top right corner. (Only available on a surface tablet).

Similar to all Minesweeper games, you can make use of "Chords".
Chords: If all the mines touching a number are flagged, you can tap that number to uncover the remaining adjacent squares. After destroying 1000 dirt blocks in this way you will get this achievement.

King of Chording

Dig 1000 dirt tiles by "chording" (placing flags on nearby traps and tapping the adjacent tiles)

King of Chording
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Make sure you have always a revive amulet in possession. If you lose all your lives, it will be game over unless you have a revive amulet. You can use it to continue your adventure. The amulet will revive you at the latest shop. Immediately buy another amulet in the shop before exiting. Prices of the amulets will increase each time! After every 5 levels you will be able to enter a shop, the first shop appears before level 2.
In the Greedy Mummy Shop you always can buy 3 different usable items, an amulet and an upgrade. Those upgrades appear totally random, so you will need some patience before you fully upgraded everything.

When you find a gold mine in a level, enter it, watch the add and grab as much gold as you can within the time limit. As a bonus, you will keep the lucky clover until the end of the level. While the lucky clover is active, all gold is worth double its value.

Gold Mine

After a few times and 1000 gold you will have gotten enough gold for this achievement.

Bonus Level Bonanza

Collect 1000 gold in bonus levels

Bonus Level Bonanza
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When you do have a game over, you can restart the game at level 1, but all your upgrades you bought in a previous game, will be permanently obtained.

Your goal is to reach the exit while avoiding traps and monsters, and to collect gold along the way.

  • Hearts: You lose one heart every time you uncover a trap. Your game is over when you lose your last heart.
  • Shields: protect you from losing hearts. If you uncover a trap, you will lose a shield instead of losing a heart. You keep your shields when you exit the level.
  • Lucky Clover: If you find the lucky clover, all gold you pick up will be doubled. You will not keep the clover when you exit the level.
  • Amulet of Rebirth: If you lose your last heart, this Amulet will return you to the last Greedy Mummy Shop you visited. You will keep all of your gold and upgrades. Keeping an amulet on hand at all times will protect you from having to start over when you lose your last life.
  • Keys: If you have at least one key, you can click a door to open it. You will not take keys with you when you exit the level.
  • Maps: are used to reveal all traps around you by placing flags over squares with traps. You keep your maps when you exit the level.
  • Weapons: If you have at least one arrow or the machete, you can click on a monster to defeat it. Arrows are lost when you use them, but the machete is reusable. You will not take weapons with you when you exit the level.
  • Pickaxes: can be used to remove dirt and boulders, safely exposing whatever is underneath. You keep your pickaxes when you exit the level.
  • Dynamite: can be used to blow up anything on the map. It can remove dirt, stone walls, traps, monsters, and even doors but will not remove gold or items. You keep your dynamite when you exit the level.
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