1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough overview

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Hello, my name is wellingtonbalbo and I’ll be guiding you through earning all 74 achievements in this great game, inspired by the universe of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings; using the gameplay mechanics of the Batman Arkham series with some elements of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, in an open world full of things to do and kill.

Achievement roadmap and breakdown

- Estimated difficulty: 6/10 (medium, with some difficult parts along the way, but once you dominate the nemesis system and upgrade your abilities and attributes the game will be pretty manageable).

- 73 achievements are offline/single player, and only 1 achievement requires an internet connection and is fairly easy to earn, if you have at least one friend that plays/played this game (if you don't have any friends with this game feel free to add me as a friend).

- 17 achievements are tied to story progression, and are earn just for completing the main campaign and the two DLCs campaigns.

- 5 achievements are linked to collectibles.

- 6 achievements are earned by leveling up your character and unlocking specific abilities, all of which are explained by specific achievement description, in the General hints and tips page.

- Approximate time for 1680G: 50 to 60 hours.

- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 for main story and 2 more for each DLC, but certainly you will need to explore more after completing the campaign to earn miscellaneous achievements and collectibles left behind, besides completing all side missions, challenges and DLC missions.

- Missable achievements: 2, one from each DLC, explained in their respective pages.

- Buggy achievements: 1 (but is Buggy+, this achievement may unlock before the requirements have been met), explained in the Miscellaneous page.

To earn all achievements in this game including the two DLCs you will need:

  • Complete all 20 main story missions and gather all 74 collectibles
  • Complete all 54 side missions
  • Complete all miscellaneous achievements related to abilities gained during the progression of the story and levelling of your character
  • Complete all missions for the Lord of the Hunt DLC and the challenge for Test of the Wild, in Trials of War menu
  • Complete all missions for The Bright Lord DLC and the challenge for Test of the Ring, in Trials of War menu

On the following pages you will encounter:

General hints and tips – Introductory explanation of game mechanics, like the innovative Nemesis System, best perks for initial hours of game and more.

Story walkthrough – Detailed guide with helpful tips along the way, with each of 20 main missions explained, without spoilers.

Survival and hunting challenges – Detailed guide with tips for all challenges for hunting and collecting herbs.

Side missions – Detailed guide with tips for all 54 side missions.

Miscellaneous – List of miscellaneous achievements and some tips and videos explaining how to obtain them.

Lord of the Hunt (first DLC) – Detailed guide with tips and strategies for obtaining all achievements from this dlc but one, which will be explained in the last page.

The Bright Lord (second DLC) – Detailed guide with tips and strategies for obtaining all achievements from this dlc but one, which will be explained in the last page.

Trials of war / Challenge mode - A specific and detailed page for all 7 challenges for Trials of War mode, including the two challenges from the DLC which have achievements, called Test of the Wild and Test of the Ring, with strategies and videos.

All collectibles are marked in your map, once you discover the specific portion unlocking Forge Towers, and hopefully is not so much to worry and really help you upgrade faster, so I recommend playing the game, progressing through the story and collecting, at the same time.

This game doesn’t have a difficulty option to start, neither a difficulty achievement to earn, as expected. In the next page I will suggest some of best initial perks available in game and runes to use in your weapons for help you in the start, but after this, how you progress it’s up to you.

If you have any doubts, suggestions or corrections please post in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough Discussion that I will be glad to answer, when me or my overseer Shh I am Batman can.

So let’s start explore this world and kill (or be killed by) many Uruks and some Caragors, Graugs, maybe even some Ghouls too....

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